Big Sister's Wedding

by SamSlam

Copyright© 2011 by SamSlam

Erotica Sex Story: Sylvia is intent on one last fling with her dad before her wedding day but when her brother finds out, he wants his share. She hates giving into his demands but doesn't want her incestuous relationship with dad exposed. Her brother surprises her by fulfilling her secret triple penetration fantasy with a bizarre twist.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Father   Daughter   Aunt   Light Bond   Oral Sex   .

What the fuck? Randy sees his older sister come out of her room wearing nothing but a pair of bikini panties. He couldn't sleep and decided to text message a friend of his but remembered he'd left his phone in the living room. He got up and was sitting on the couch, messaging, when out of the corner of his eye he saw his sister's bedroom door open. It's about one o'clock in the morning and his sister is standing very still outside her door, like she's listening for something. Randy assumes she's going to the bathroom as he watches her move down the hallway.

Sylvia is twenty-two years old and Randy can't help but admire her firm, panty-clad ass, even if she is his sister. He watches her stop just before his doorway, with her back against the wall, listening again. The light they always leave on in the bathroom bathes Sylvia's naked torso with a cool soft glow that gives Randy a great view of her tits. Randy's cock stirs involuntarily as he savors the view of her perfectly round globes with their pointed tips jutting out as if they're aroused. Randy has stolen peeks at his sister's tits a couple of times but nothing like this. He's careful not to make a sound as he watches her scoot past his bedroom toward the bathroom.

Sylvia moves past the bathroom and continues down the hall toward their parent's bedroom. Where could she be going, he wonders. His parent's bedroom door is slightly ajar and Sylvia opens it, disappears inside and closes the door tightly behind her. Maybe she needs something from his Mom and Dad's bathroom. Maybe she's unexpectedly started her period and is hoping Mom has some tampons. Whatever. Randy adjusts his semi-erect cock and goes back to his messaging.

Sylvia stands inside her parents' bedroom, letting her eyes adjust to the light. She knows her daddy's waiting for her. Her mom is out of town and her dad couldn't take his eyes off of her all evening. It's her first day home in over four months and she and her dad have a lot of catching up to do. She moves closer to the bed, taking her panties off and leaving them on the floor. Slipping under the covers, she slides her naked body close to the center of the bed. Her lips find his at about the same time as her hand closes around his erect penis.

"Hi Daddy," she whispers, kissing all over his face. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, too, Sylvie," her father sighs as her hand, encircling his rigid cock, starts sliding up and down his shaft.

"I've really missed your fat cock," she says, laying her head against his shoulder, while she gently cups his balls, rolling them around in her hand. "This is going to be our last time, Daddy," Sylvia says, almost regretfully. "I don't want to keep doing this after I'm married," she says as she sucks his nipple into her mouth, biting it between her teeth.

"I understand, Sylvie," her father tells her as her nibbling on his nipple sends pleasure waves all the way to his cock. "I'll miss it terribly, but I'd do anything to make you happy, you know that." God knows he'll really miss it. He and Sylvia have been fucking for almost four years now. She's an exciting, adventurous lover, willing to do things he'd only fantasized about. Unlike his unadventurous wife, who willingly engages in sex, but never initiates it, his daughter is always up for anything. They've fucked in every position imaginable, experimented with mild forms of bondage, and tried dildos, vibrators and even vegetables on her insatiable pussy. Now she's getting married and it's going to end, but not yet. They still have a few days.

"When does Mom get home?" Sylvia asks as she kisses and licks her way down his stomach.

"Tomorrow night," her dad answers her. "Which gives us the rest of tonight and tomorrow during the day, while your brother's in school," he tells her as her mouth reaches his cock and she flicks her tongue across the head. "God, Sylvie," her dad moans.

"Since it's our last time, Daddy. Let's make it memorable," Sylvia says, sucking his cockhead into her mouth. "I want you to cum in my mouth," she says, licking the sides of his dick. "In my pussy," she adds, licking down to his balls. "In my ass," she's licking up the length of his throbbing cock. "On my tits, all over my face, in my hair. Make me your slut for the next two days, Daddy," she stops talking and sucks his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she pumps his shaft with her hand.

Frank is in seventh heaven; his daughter is the best cocksucker he's ever experienced. She can do things with her mouth that can make your toes curl. He's bucking his hips up against her mouth while she cups his balls with her hand, gently massaging them, while she continues pumping his thick cock in and out of her warm mouth.

Sylvia's pussy is soaking wet and she can't wait to impale herself on her daddy's substantial cock, but she knows how much he loves a blowjob. She also knows that he'll last longer, giving her pussy a better workout, if she sucks him off first. She's so fucking horny. She and Chris decided that to make their wedding night more exciting, they would stop having sex a month before the wedding. The wedding is this coming Saturday, and it's been over three weeks since she's gotten laid. She couldn't wait to get home and then, was ecstatic to learn her mother had an overnight business trip.

"Oh, Sylvie," her father moans. "That's so fucking good!" Frank is bouncing his ass off the bed, shoving his cock as deep into his daughter's mouth as he can. Sylvia is pumping his hard cock, teasing his balls, and flicking her tongue across the underside of his shaft as she feels him get close to his release. As his balls tighten, she slides her lips along his rigid pole, until just the head is inside her mouth. Sucking and licking his cock while gently massaging his balls has the desired effect and her daddy's cock erupts in spasmodic jerks, spurting loads of hot cum into her mouth. She swallows his precious seed while she continues to pump his cock until it is completely drained.

"Jesus, Daddy," Sylvia laughs. "Nobody cums as much as you do!" she tells him as she continues to lick and suck his softening cock.

"Nobody makes me cum as much as you do, sweetie," her dad pants. It's true. The built up anticipation, coupled with her expert machinations, makes him shoot twice as much cum into his daughter as he ever does with his wife. He never recovers this fast, either. Lying back on the bed, Frank feels his cock starting to recover already from his daughter's gentle licking and sucking.

Sylvia knows exactly what to do to get her daddy hard again. After four years, she knows exactly where to lick, how much pressure to put and how to nibble a little just under the head of his cock. She's not surprised at all when he starts to recover and her pussy is literally dripping by the time his cock is ready again. Sylvia glides her body against his until her lips meet his and her pussy is positioned over his fully recovered cock. Slipping her tongue in his mouth, while simultaneously impaling her pussy on his shaft sends a shiver through her body and she moans into his mouth.

"Oh Daddy," she says, breaking the kiss. "You feel so fucking good," she whispers, clenching her pussy around his cock and just holding him inside her.

"So do you, Sylvie," her daddy answers her. Her hot, velvety pussy conforms to his cock, sending waves of pleasure pulsating through his whole body. Having already cum in her mouth, he easily resists the urge to start pumping his cock into her, letting her control the pace. She lays her head on his chest, savoring the feeling of his husky cock, filling her, stretching her as she clenches and unclenches her pussy muscles. Slowly she starts rocking back and forth, sliding his cock in and out between her moist pussy lips. She wants this to last, but her aching pussy is taking over and picking up the pace.

Randy is starting to wonder what happened to his sister. He's been sitting in the living room rubbing his hard cock, waiting for a full front view of her tits as she comes back down the hall. When she doesn't return, he walks down the hall and listens at his parent's door. Hearing nothing, he grips the doorknob, pulling the door toward him to hide the sound of the lock as he slowly turns it and pushes it open about three inches. Oh my god! He can't believe what he's hearing. His sister is fucking their father. Pushing the door open a little more, he can see her on top of him, her tits mesmerizing him as they bounce up and down.

"Oh Daddy," Sylvia moans as she rides his hard cock. "It feels so good, my pussy is on fire!" Frank doesn't need her to tell him. He can feel how hot and slippery her pussy is as she bounces up and down on him, gushing her juices down over his balls. Her tits look like they have a life of their own as they slam repeatedly against her chest. Reaching up, he catches her firm, round tits in his hands and massages her taut nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index finger.

"Oh fuck!" Sylvia moans again. "I'm cumming, Daddy! Keep playing with my tits. I'm cumming!" Sylvia starts moving faster, almost bouncing off the end of his cock before slamming her pussy back down around it. Frank is bucking up against her, matching her rhythm and getting close to his second climax of the night.

Randy, staying in the shadows, watches his sister ride their father's cock to an explosive orgasm. His own cock, straining against the material of his shorts, wishing it could take his father's place. Randy closes the bedroom door, returning to his own bedroom to jack off and think about how to use this information to his advantage.

Sylvia is collapsed on her father's chest. Their labored breathing and the pounding in their chests all indicators of the intensity of their mutual climaxes.

"That's my pussy and my mouth," Sylvia smiles. "Let's save something for tomorrow, shall we?" she asks.

"Good idea," her father laughs. "I'll set the alarm so you can get back into your room before your brother wakes up." As her breathing returns to normal and she thinks about her impending wedding, Sylvia's thoughts drift back four years to when she first became enamored with her father's body.

She was eighteen, recently graduated from High School when her dad fell from a scaffold and broke both of his ankles. He was bedridden for six weeks, with both ankles in casts and a three-foot bar between them to keep his legs immobile. Since her brother was in summer school and her mom works, she was elected to take care of him. He was on some heavy pain medication and slept most of the time, so mainly she just read and was there in case he needed something. She made his lunch, gave him his medicine and visited with him when he was coherent, which wasn't very often during the first two weeks.

At the end of the first week, after giving him his pain medication, the one that puts him completely under for about two hours, she noticed the sheets were tented over his crotch. She smiled assuming he must be dreaming about something that's giving him an erection. She just sat in the chair, reading her book, glancing up periodically at the sheet to see if it went down. It sure looked big. She wasn't a virgin, but the high school boys she had been with wouldn't have tented a sheet like that. After a while, she found it too distracting and went out to the living room to read. A couple of hours later, her dad woke up and called out to her to bring him some water. When she did, the tent was gone and the sheet was relatively smooth.

The next day, the same thing happened and she again went into the living room, to avoid the distraction. But the distraction didn't leave her. After a couple more days of this, her thoughts were consumed with speculation about how large her dad's cock had to be to create a tent like that in the sheet. By the middle of the second week, she was so preoccupied with the size of her daddy's cock that she got up the nerve to look at it.

After giving him his medication, she waited a few minutes to make sure he was completely out.

"Daddy," she called to him. "Daddy!" she said louder, shaking his shoulder as she said it. He just lay there, unconscious. She timidly lifted the side of the sheet, exposing his hip and then peeking under it, she got her first look at his fully erect cock. It was massive. She gasped, dropping the sheet back in place and leaving the room.

In her bedroom, she wondered how her mother could get that big thing inside of her. It was long, but what was more startling, was how thick it was. She wondered if her mother ever gave her daddy head and if she did, how she got her lips around such a thick cock. As she sat there pondering, she was shocked to find her pussy getting wet. Oh my god! I can't be getting aroused, thinking about my father! But that night when she went to bed, after kissing her mom and dad goodnight, her hand slipped down inside her panties, to her sopping pussy. As she slid her fingers in and out between her lips, she rubbed her clit and thought about her daddy's massive cock.

The next day after her daddy took his medicine, and making sure he was asleep, she pulled the sheet all the way down to his knees. She had seen him without a shirt before, but never thought about how sexy his hairy chest was. Her dad always worked construction and was in great physical shape. He was tan and muscular and she ran her hands lightly through his chest hair, then down over his stomach. As her hand moved toward his erect cock, she told herself she was just going to measure how big around it was. Gently she circled her fingers around it. It twitched and she yanked her hand away. She looked at her dad's face to make sure he was still out and then once again wrapped her fingers around his massive cock. She almost couldn't get her fingers all the way around it.

Standing next to the bed, with her hand wrapped around her daddy's hard cock, she unconsciously began stroking up and down. She couldn't believe that it would get bigger, but it did. Fascinated, she pumped a little more to see how big it would actually get. Sylvia wasn't completely inexperienced; having given past boyfriends hand jobs and blowjobs. She'd even been fucked a few times, but she wasn't prepared for her father to cum all over her hand while he was unconscious. She had been looking at his chest when it happened. She'd been stroking up and down his cock, pumping him up to see how big he'd get, when she felt the hot, sticky liquid run down over her fingers. Jerking her hand away, she ran to the bathroom for a washcloth. After cleaning his cum off his flaccid cock, Sylvia held his cock up with one hand while she wiped the cum from the base of it and around his balls. She hadn't really looked at his balls before; they were huge too. No wonder there was so much cum to clean up. When he was cleaned up, she went to her room, removed her soaked panties and masturbated to an intense orgasm.

Sylvia soon found she couldn't wait for her daddy's mid-day medicine time. Sitting in the chair next to his bed, her pussy would ache in anticipation. At night she would dream up what she wanted to do the next day. She was shocked at how wet she would get just thinking about touching her daddy's cock. She wanted to masturbate in his bedroom, while holding his hard cock in her hand. She got ready, foregoing panties under her skirt, to give her easy access to her pussy. When her dad was knocked out from his drugs, she pulled back the sheet and wrapped her hand around his thick cock, while she pushed her other hand up under her skirt. She ended up stroking his cock in rhythm with her own fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, shooting his cum in the air, almost at the same time as she gushed through her orgasm.

Sylvia had mixed feelings about what she was doing with her father's cock. She knew it wasn't right, but she was having the most intense orgasms she'd ever had. That night she laid awake reflecting about what had happened. She wanted to do it again, but she didn't want to clean up another mess. She fell asleep wondering if she could get her lips around his thick cock.

The next day, she was determined to try. Pulling back the sheet, she surveyed the size of his erect cock and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She couldn't imagine that it was wide enough. Holding his cock in her hand, she lowered her wide-open mouth down toward it. It was a stretch, but she got her lips around his cock and pushed the head inside her mouth. When she started pumping it with her hand, she found there was too much friction. She pulled her mouth off his cock and started licking all over his the head and down the sides. Fully coated with her saliva, her daddy's cock slid much more easily in and out of her mouth. So intent on sucking and pumping, she forgot all about masturbating and just sucked him off until he came in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and some still spilled out around her mouth and ran down the sides of his cock. Another mess to clean up!

Having enjoyed the taste of his cum, Sylvia decided to forget the washcloth and clean up the spilled cum with her tongue. Licking all around his cock and his balls, she was pleasantly surprised that by the time he was cleaned up, his cock was hard again. Her pussy was soaking wet and his cock was hard. She checked her watch and guessed that she had another hour before he would begin to wake up. Oh my god! She thought. What am I doing? She pulled the sheet back over his recovered cock and ran to her bedroom.

Had she actually been considering whether she had enough time to fuck her own father? What kind of slut was she, she wondered. She had thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob and her pussy was still on fire, but this was her father! She couldn't believe she was actually considering trying to ride his hard cock. She probably couldn't get it inside her pussy, anyway. She pulled up her skirt and started stroking her moist pussy lips. Slipping two fingers between her slick, puffy lips, she started bucking against her hand while she pumped her fingers in and out of her burning pussy.

Unbeknownst to Sylvia, the doctor had recently reduced the dosage of her father's pain medication. He was still pretty drugged, but not as completely out as he had been. He had just dosed off after his mid-day dosage, when his daughter pulled his sheet off. He was about to ask her what she was doing, when she wrapped her hand around his erect cock. Oh fuck! I must be dreaming, he thought. His daughter was sexy as hell and was primarily responsible for his cock being erect anyway. Staring at her round tits and firm ass everyday, while she moved around his bed, had given him erotic fantasies that kept his cock almost perpetually hard. He blamed it on the drugs; he'd never had erotic fantasies about his daughter before. Now, here she was stroking his hard cock, he should feel guilty, but it felt so damn good! She was so fucking sexy and she thought he was asleep. He kept his eyes shut and just enjoyed her gentle touch. Opening his eyes just enough to peek through slits, he watched her opening her mouth and trying to gage the fit. Oh fuck! She was contemplating a blowjob. His cock was throbbing by the time she slid her lips over the tip it. It took all of his restraint to keep from moaning out loud. Then when she licked all around and up and down his shaft, he wanted to buck his ass off the bed and push his cock into her sweet young mouth. She finally got her lips around it and gave him a blowjob he's not likely to forget, swallowing his cum and even cleaning him up with her tongue! Then what happened? She ran out of the room, like it was on fire.

"Oh Daddy, Daddy," Sylvia moaned in a quiet whisper as she lay back on her bed, catching her breath from her orgasm. Her skirt was bunched around her waist and her fingers were still in her pussy as she imagined her daddy's hard cock filling her juicy love hole.

The next day, Frank again faked unconsciousness, waiting anxiously to see what his daughter would do. Sylvia didn't disappoint him. Pulling the sheet back, she leaned over and licked up and down his hard cock, coating it with her saliva. Frank watched her through nearly closed eyelids, anticipating another blowjob. Instead, he saw her pull her head back, unfasten her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Looking again at her daddy's face, she pulled her tank top over her head and stood next to his bed, completely naked. His cock twitched, but he didn't think she noticed. Her tits were perfect and her nipples were erect, poking straight out from her large, pink areolas. Jesus, she was a sight to behold as she climbed up on the bed, keeping her eyes on his face. Gently sliding her legs over his, she positioned her pussy lips over his hard cock. Holy shit, she's going to fuck me, Frank thought. My own sweet daughter, my sexy, motherfucking daughter is going to sit on my hard cock. Drugs or not, Frank's cock was on fire.

Sylvia decided she had to ride her father's cock. She was obsessed with whether it would fit inside her pussy. There was only one way to find out. She wasn't really going to fuck him, just push him up inside of her to see if he would fit. Straddling him and nestling his cock between her slippery pussy lips, she rubbed up and down his hard cock, lubricating him from top to bottom. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed the swollen head against her hot, dripping pussy. Easing down, she pushed the head between her lips, stretching them wide-open. It was so fucking big! But it felt so fucking good! Looking between her legs, she saw a lot of cock left and she pushed down a little harder. It was about half way in when she stopped to catch her breath. Jesus Christ, she felt so full! Leaning forward, brushing her hard nipples against the hair on her daddy's chest, she started rocking back and forth, trying to work more of his hard cock into her stretched out pussy.

Frank was having an agonizing time trying not to move, or to let on that he was awake. His daughter's tight, young pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock that he wanted to buck his hips up and ram it home. When she climbed up on the bed and he got his first look at her sweet little snatch, he thought he was going to shoot his load right then. Her neatly trimmed bush made an almost perfect black triangle on her pussy mound. He caught a glimpse of her swollen pussy lips before she started pushing them down around his throbbing cock. It appeared that she might have trimmed her hair completely away from her pussy lips, leaving them fully exposed. As if that wouldn't be enough to make any guy fire his cannon, then she started pushing down, wiggling around, pushing some more, pulling back, and then rocking back and forth. She's going so excruciatingly slowly, that he's not sure he can keep up the charade. Christ! Why can't she just move a little faster?

Sylvia's pussy is quivering! She's never had anything this big inside it before. She can already feel her orgasm building and there is still over an inch of cock to go. She's determined to get it all in. She's gone too far to give up now. She doesn't know where it's all going, she feels so full already! Sitting up straight, and pushing down hard, she feels her clit hit her daddy's pelvic bone. That's all it takes to ignite her release! She lets out a low moan; shivers run up her spine and her pussy pulsates around the huge intrusion.

As soon as it starts, she panics. What if Daddy cums in her? She's not on the pill! She could get pregnant! She abruptly pulls her pussy off his cock. Sitting on the bed next to him, she begins examining his cock for signs of having cum. It's coated with her juices, but it doesn't appear to her that he's cum. Oh fuck! She definitely did though, and now there's a pool of her juices on the bed next to him. She has to get everything cleaned up before he wakes up. Sylvia runs to the bathroom for a washcloth.

Why the fuck did she stop! Frank wants to know. And why was she staring at his cock like that? What the fuck happened? He was so close to cumming in his little girl's tight cunt, he could already feel his balls tightening in anticipation of a big release. Then, she jumped off! And disappeared. Where did she go? She can't leave him like this, can she? What does she think it is; a fucking toy? A warm washcloth envelops his cock causing an involuntary tremble. What's she doing now?

Sylvia returned to her daddy's hard cock with a warm washcloth, but as she's washing it, she realizes she probably should finish him off. It doesn't seem right to leave his cock so big and swollen. Wrapping the washcloth around his balls, she leans over and sucks the head of his cock into her mouth. Like most girls, she's tasted her own juices by licking her fingers, but she's surprised by how different it tastes when it's licked off a cock that's been inside her pussy. Massaging his balls with the warm washcloth, Sylvia bobs her head up and down, using her tongue to lick her juices from her daddy's cock.

Oh fuck! That's more like it, Frank almost moans. His sexy, naked daughter is sucking him off and running a warm washcloth over his balls. Through his barely open eyes, he watches her perfect tits jiggle around as her lips slide up and down his aching cock. He fights the urge to push his cock farther into her mouth. It takes all of his willpower to lie completely still while his balls tighten and he shoots what feels like a gallon of cum into his little girl's mouth. He swallows a sigh that nearly escapes his lips when he finally gets his release.

Sylvia can't believe how much cum her daddy shot into her mouth. She kept sucking and swallowing forever and it just kept coming. Finally, she'd sucked him dry and finished cleaning him up. She hurriedly changed his sheets before he woke up, removing the evidence of her incestuous escapade. Back in her room, lying on her bed, she relives the feeling of her pussy stretched around her daddy's massive cock. Rubbing her still engorged clit, she cums again by just thinking about how good it felt. She wishes he could have really fucked her, but she's pretty sure he would freak out if he knew what she's been doing.

Sylvia isn't the only one reliving what just happened. Frank is pretty sure his cock has never been that hard before. The erotic sight of his naked teenage daughter, impaling her tight young pussy on his rigid cock, is etched in his mind forever. He hasn't seen her naked since she was a little girl and he wasn't quite prepared for how fucking sexy she's become. My god, her tits; so perfectly round with huge pink areolas that must be two inches across, and thick nipples that stick out over half an inch. It was all he could do to keep from reaching up and grabbing a handful. And her pussy! So fucking tight! And so incredibly hot! The heat emanating off her velvety pussy walls was almost enough to get him off, if she never moved at all. Christ! He wants to fuck her so badly. He wants to be on top, slamming his cock into that tight, young cunt, making her cum so many times she loses count! He wonders what's in store for tomorrow. He can hardly wait.

Sylvia is horny. It's been two days since she had her daddy's thick cock inside her pussy and she's been craving it ever since. It was Friday when she'd jumped off his hard cock; afraid he'd cum inside of her. With her mother and brother home all weekend she's had no chance to experiment again. She's still been taking care of her daddy, giving him his medicine and visiting with him when he's awake, but what she really wants is to push his hard cock back up inside her anxious pussy. She's taken the chance a couple of times to lift the covers and look at his erection, but that just made it worse. She can't wait until tomorrow when she'll be alone with him again.

Frank forgot it was the weekend. With his wife and son around, Sylvia hasn't done anymore than peek at his cock a couple of times. She has been around a lot; straightening his bed and helping him get comfortable. Every time she leans over his bed, he envisions her perfect tits hanging down over his chest and his cock responds accordingly. He's never been so fucking horny and his wife has made it clear that she is not going to take any chances of delaying his recovery by bouncing around on the bed. All weekend he keeps up the pretense of being knocked out when he takes his medication.

Sylvia can hardly sleep Sunday night in anticipation of what she has planned for her daddy tomorrow. She's thought it through and decided that if she sucks him off before she mounts him, there is less chance he'll cum inside of her. While she lies in bed stroking her wet pussy, she tries to rationalize her decision to fuck her own father. She looks at it more as sexual experimentation. A woman needs to know how big of a cock she can handle and this is the largest one she's ever seen. With her father not really involved, and no one knowing about it, it's just an impersonal exercise; it's not really incest.

Frank would be tossing and turning if he could move his legs around. He keeps hoping that with everyone out of the house tomorrow, Sylvia will continue her exploration of her sexuality. If his wife weren't lying two feet away, he'd be stroking his throbbing cock right now, trying to get some release. Of course, he can't get up to clean up afterward, so it isn't a very realistic option anyway.

After giving her daddy his mid-day medication, Sylvia waits until she's sure he's out cold, and then pulls back his sheet and strips herself naked. Climbing on the bed, she settles gently between his legs, being careful not to hit the bar holding his ankles apart. His cock is fully erect as she starts licking up and down the thick sides. Flicking her tongue against the underside of his cock head as she's done with her boyfriends' cocks, she slides her lips over the head and down his long, thick shaft. Sylvia has given her share of blowjobs, but none of the high school boys she's been with have had a cock even close to this size. Holding his thick cock with her hand, she bobs her head up and down, while caressing his balls with her other hand. Setting a steady rhythm, she has him shooting into her mouth in no time.

Faking unconsciousness is pretty easy until he's ready to cum, then it's nearly impossible for Frank to maintain his composure. Watching his daughter through slit eyes, his cock responds to her luscious tits hanging between his legs as she leans down, taking his hard cock in her warm, wet mouth. Her nipples are hard and they brush his leg as she bobs her head up and down. It's obvious this isn't the first blowjob she's given and he wonders which of her boyfriends have had their hard cocks in her sweet mouth. After Friday, he's also certain she's not a virgin and the thought of her high school dates fucking her in the backseat of their car, makes him shoot his load in record time. God! How is he supposed to lie still, pretending to be asleep, when she's still sucking his cock long after he's already cum? Using all his willpower not to move, it dawns on him what she's doing. He's been so intent on convincing her he's asleep, that he didn't even think about her concerns. She doesn't want him to cum inside of her! She gave him the blowjob to delay his cumming when she fucks him. Well fuck that! She's in for a surprise!

Sylvia keeps sucking, licking and flicking her daddy's cock until she feels it hardening inside her mouth. When it's fully erect, she pulls her mouth back, wipes the saliva and cum from her cheeks, and carefully scoots forward, placing her legs on either side of him. Her juices are dripping down her legs as she straddles him; she's never been so wet and so ready for a cock before. Positioning her pussy lips around the head of his cock, she uses her body weight to push her slippery lips down around his massive pole. It's easier than it was on Friday, both because she's more ready and because she already knows it'll fit. Lifting herself slightly and sliding back down, she makes steady progress, shifting from side to side until she's completely filled. Sitting perfectly still, with her pussy stretched wide around her daddy's immense cock, she takes a minute to enjoy the bulk of him within her. For the first time in her life she feels like a complete woman. Unlike the boys she's been dating, this is a real man-sized cock filling her pussy and she wants to savor the feeling.

Oh fuck! Frank doesn't know how much longer he can stay still, pretending to be asleep. His daughter's hot pussy, pulsating around his hard cock, is almost more than he can stand. Why is she just sitting there? Why doesn't she move? He wants to buck his ass off the bed and pump his throbbing cock in and out of her tight, satiny pussy. Her eyes are closed and she's sitting down hard on his cock. Watching through clenched eyelids, Frank sees his daughter lean forward, her beautiful tits resting on his chest; she kisses him gently on the mouth. Oh baby! My baby! She's not just using his cock as a human dildo. She really wants to make love to her daddy! Ever so slowly she starts rocking her hips back and forth, sliding up and down his massive cock. Sitting up straight and increasing her speed, Sylvia starts bouncing up and down, her stretched pussy molded tightly against her daddy's hard shaft. Frank watches her pinch and pull at her own nipples as she rides him with ever increasing intensity.

Sylvia's pussy is ignited with pleasure as she rolls her hips and slams herself down, again and again, on her daddy's huge cock. She's never felt anything like this. Oh, how she wishes her daddy were awake, pulling on her nipples, kissing her lips and shoving his big cock deeper inside her burning pussy. No, if he were awake, he'd be horrified with what his little girl's doing. He'd be disgusted that she's unabashedly riding his hard cock, while he's drugged up on painkillers. She'll just absorb his pleasure and he'll never know. Oh god! Her orgasm is so close. Her pussy is stretched so implausibly wide around her daddy's mammoth cock, that her orgasm feels like it's building all through her stomach and her thighs. It's building! It's building! Almost there! She's jamming her pussy up and down as fast as she can, on his rigid cock. He's sliding in and out of her pussy with ease now, lubricated by the free flow of her juices.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh Daddy!" Sylvia calls out as her orgasm rips through her body. Shaking and shivering, she clamps her pussy down on her daddy's cock and rides out the tumultuous waves of pleasure that tremble through her body. Panting, she starts to ease herself off of her daddy's still rigid cock.

There is no way he can maintain his composure while his sexy, teenage daughter is riding his cock like this. Frank is using all his strength to remain still, while her tight, little pussy, slick with her steadily flowing juices, is burning up and down the sides of his cock. It's a good thing she is lost in the throes of her orgasm or she'd realize he's not asleep. He's moving around, almost moaning, while she quivers through her orgasm. As she starts to ease herself off of his cock, he makes his move. Gripping her thighs with his hands, he pulls her back down.

"Not yet, Sylvie." Frank pleads, opening his eyes and looking at her. "I need you to stay on there just a little bit longer." Frank says, pushing his throbbing cock farther up inside her soaking wet pussy.

"Daddy!" Sylvia screams, ludicrously trying to cover her breasts with her hands; her face turning a deep shade of crimson. "I ... um ... I ... saw your erection ... and I ... uh ... couldn't help ... oh Daddy!" She moans as Frank starts power pumping his cock up into her velvety pussy.

"I know, baby." Frank pants. "Don't say anything. Just ride it out," he whispers pulling her down to him. Squeezing her ass cheeks, while her plush tits are squished against his chest, he pushes his tongue against her lips. Sylvia opens her mouth, welcoming his tongue as her pussy begins aching for another release, even more intense than the last one.

"Daddy!" Sylvia shouts as her orgasm overtakes her. "I'm cumming again! Oh Daddy!" She tightens her stretched out pussy around his hard cock and pushes her tongue between his lips, moaning into his mouth.

"Me too, Sylvie!" Her dad says, breaking the kiss. His cock explodes inside his daughter's snug pussy and Frank's chest heaves against Sylvia's tits as they try to catch their breath.

"Oh Daddy," Sylvia coos. "Oh my god!" Then she adds quietly, "But you shouldn't have come inside me!" She snuggles her head up against his chest, while his cock is still inside her drenched pussy.

"You won't get pregnant, Sylvie," her daddy reassures her. "I had that taken care of a long time ago, right after Randy was born."

"Oh, thank god!" Sylvia breathes. "I wish I'd known that on Friday," she laughs. "How long have you... ?" Sylvia doesn't need to finish the sentence.

"Since last week when the doctor changed my medication," her daddy answers her. "At first, I thought you were a drug-induced wet dream," he says. "And then, I was afraid I'd scare you off, if I let you know too soon. My god! You feel so good!" He adds, running his hands over her firm, round ass cheeks. "I hope my being awake, doesn't keep you from what you've been doing," he laughs.

"Not a chance," Sylvia answers, brushing her tits back and forth across his chest. "I was so afraid you'd think I was sick or perverted. I wanted you to be awake, but I thought if you were, you'd be disgusted with me."

"Not a chance," he says, smiling. "I was surprised, yes, but not disgusted. I could never be disgusted with you, Sylvie. Especially, after how you've made me feel," he says, kissing her on the forehead and pulling her body against his. "I know what we've just done is considered wrong, but I can't imagine how anything that feels so good, can be anything but right."

"Oh Daddy!" Sylvia cries, kissing his face and rolling her hips around on his cock. "I feel the same way." Frank's cock is recovering inside Sylvia's saturated pussy as she kisses him and rubs her nubile body against him. "I wasn't a virgin, Daddy," Sylvia says. "But I feel like you've made me a woman." Her tits drag across his hairy chest as she starts rocking back and forth on her daddy's semi-erect cock.

From then on, she was addicted to his cock. She wanted him all the time; in her mouth, in her pussy, she couldn't get enough of her daddy's long, thick shaft. She remembers how the very next day her daddy pleaded with her to let him taste her pussy. Straddling his face and grinding her pussy so hard against his tongue he almost suffocated, she came several times, flooding his face with her juices.

The alarm clock wakes her, bringing her back to the present and the realization that she'd fallen asleep in her daddy's arms.

"Better get back to your own bed, Sylvie." Daddy whispers. "In a few hours your brother will be off to school and we'll have all day together," he says, running his hand over her ass cheeks and nibbling on her nipple.

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