The Rise & Fall of Vantessa

by Mike S

Copyright© 2011 by Mike S

Erotica Sex Story: An Army Counter Intelligence agent gets her discharge and is recruited by a secret government agency called SLUT

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Humiliation   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Part 1 - The Meeting

SSG Vanessa Clark awoke to the clanging of her alarm at 0530. She threw the covers off of her and swinging her legs over the side, sat on the edge of the bed. The white nylon baby doll top was quickly pulled up over her head and lay beside her. With a stretch and yawn she stood to her full height of five eleven. With the white thong bottoms still on, she headed for the bathroom.

She turned the shower on and then admired herself in the mirror. She had 145 lbs packed onto that tall frame with a nice 36C-26-38.5 figure. Mid-back length black hair, brown eyes and a light black skin tone greeted her gaze.

"I need to stop thinking of myself as SSG Clark," she thought. "In several hours it will be unemployed Ms Vanessa Clark. I guess if push comes to shove, I'm a good dancer and could go to erotic dancing for a living."

Removing her thong she stepped into the shower and began to wet herself down as she considered the last 8 years of her life. She had enlisted in the Army straight out of High School and scored high enough on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and with IQ test results of 151, that she was placed in Military Intelligence. Four years later, as a Sgt, she had re-enlisted and been transferred to Counter-Intelligence. Two years later, making SSG, she had applied for Special Forces training. She was an expert with both rifle and pistol, had shown a cool head while under cover in Africa, and had been the State Champ in Long Distance Running the last two years of High School and received maximum scores on all Physical Fitness Tests (PFT).

For the past two years she had applied every six months and after four rejections had decided to leave the service. She had been offered Sergeant First Class (SFC-E7) to re-enlist but after seeing Demi Moore in GI Jane become a Navy SEAL, she had set her heart on the Army's Green Berets. Now she felt "Fuck 'em, I'm out of here."

Finished drying off after her shower, Vanessa began to wind her long hair into a ball to fasten at the back of her head. One of the advantages of getting out was she would no longer have to do this for work, and then wear a hat 3 sizes too big to cover it all.

Finishing her hair and makeup she decided on a pale blue bra and thong with garter belt and nude nylons for under her class A's. She then climbed into her blue PT Cruiser, stopped at McDonald's Drive-Thru for coffee and a couple sausage biscuits and had finished her breakfast as she arrived at the Separation Center at Ft Belvoir, VA at 0755.

At 0900 Vanessa exited the building, Honorable Discharge and DD 214 in hand. Then she noticed a man standing beside her car. Her training kicked in and she gave him a quick once over. Six-One, 200 lbs, salt and pepper hair, about 48-52 years old and dressed in Black suit and tie, white shirt, black shades. She smiled to herself as she placed him in the MIB organization with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

"SSG Vanessa Clark," the man asked as he held up a wallet with badge and ID. Vanessa looked at the ID and saw the American Flag as the upper background and S.L.U.T. in black on white at the bottom. Earl Jones was just above the S.L.U.T.

"Yes, I'm SSG, no that's Ms Clark," Vanessa answered. "What can I do for you Mr. Jones," she added after looking at his ID again.

"I would like you to come to 600 G Street in Washington at 8AM tomorrow for a job interview with the Agency," Mr. Jones replied, "and I prefer SSA Jones." Vanessa looked at the badge and saw Supervisory Special Agent on it.

"OK, SSA Jones, and why would I want a job interview with something called SLUT?" she asked.

"We know of your work in Counter-Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism, and we are the civilian equivalent, although we also cover Organized Crime," he replied.

"So, what does SLUT stand for?" Vanessa asked as she couldn't figure it out. With all the acronyms in the military she was good at figuring out what they stood for but SLUT, she couldn't get a handle on.

"Special Law Unit Tactics," SSA Jones replied. "We're kind of the bastard child of Homeland Security and the FBI. Hence we work foreign and domestic terrorists as well as the Mob." Vanessa considered this for a minute and made her decision.

"OK, I'll be there" she said.

"There's an underground garage below the building. Grab a Visitor spot near the elevator and it will bring you up to the first floor and reception. They will be waiting for you with further instructions." SSA Jones turned to leave and then turned back.

"If you still have your service 9mm, most agents take it from service with them, leave it at home tomorrow. There's an X-Ray scanner that will check your car as you enter the garage and you'll be patted down, don't have a weapon."

Vanessa watched him walk to a black Government Issue looking four door sedan, get in and drive away.

"Well, depending on the job and if I'm interested and offered it, I guess I won't be unemployed long. So I guess the trip to the Unemployment office isn't needed after all and since it's a government job, I should keep my 8 years for retirement purposes," she thought as she climbed in her Cruiser. "Guess I'll go home, pack my uniforms for storage, and then relax and go to bed early so I don't miss my appointment to become a SLUT."

Part 2: The Interview

Vanessa parked her car in the visitor spot next to the elevator at 0750, got in and looked at the buttons, there was only 1. She pushed it and the elevator rose to the first floor, the doors opened and she stepped out. Another MIB type stood there without the shades. Six Two, 220, 28-30, she thought as she saw him.

The man looked at the possible recruit exiting the elevator, long black hair wearing a mid thigh white dress with low scooped neck line that showed plenty of cleavage, black stockings, white 4" heels.

"Ms Clark?" he queried. Upon her nod he continued, "Please step to the desk, bend over and place your hands on it so that I can pat you down."

Vanessa complied and the man stepped behind her. Vanessa looked at the receptionist across the desk from her, a blue eyed blonde with a smirk on her face. The man behind her looked down and saw her skirt had rose when she bent over and he could see that Vanessa had a fire engine red thong on and matching garter belt holding the black nylons up.

He moved up and ran his hands down her sides from her arm pits to ankles, then a hand up the inside of each leg and Vanessa gave a little jump, which widened the receptionists smirk, as the frisking officer cupped her cunt and rubbed a finger over her thong covered crotch. He then straightened and leaned forward over her, pressing his crotch against her ass as he reached around her and cupped her breasts and felt around them as Vanessa resisted the urge to grind back on the rather large feeling erection in his pants. It had been awhile since she'd had any cock.

"OK Ms Clark, you can stand," the man said as he backed away from her. "Please take the VISITOR Badge from Mrs. Voss and come with me." Vanessa saw the blonde holding out a clip on badge, took it and clipped it to her neckline, between her breasts. She followed the man onto the elevator.

"Where the fuck is he taking me?" she thought. "B and 1 are the only buttons on this thing." The man removed a credit card looking object and slid it through a slit Vanessa hadn't noticed, a door slid aside above the two buttons, and there were buttons for floors 2-6.

"My name is Bill Adams, Special Agent for SLUT. I'm taking you to SSA Jones for your interview. If you don't mind, I'd like to sit in and find out more about you as I'll probably be your contact with the agency. I manage the Ho Club for them."

Vanessa flashed back to her work on a traitor case; she had worked the Ho Club as a stripper while undercover on that.

"If SSA Jones has no problem with it, I have no problem, fine with me" Vanessa replied as the doors opened on the 5th floor. SA Adams led her to a door with SSA Jones on the nameplate, knocked once and on hearing "Come In, opened the door and motioned Vanessa through.

SSA Jones rose from the chair behind his desk as Vanessa entered and motioned her to a chair facing his desk.

"Please Ms Clark, have a seat," he said. "Would you mind if SA Adams stayed for this, the reasoning will become clear during the course of the interview."

"No, of course not," Vanessa said as she sat and gave a quick panty glimpse as she crossed her legs demurely. "Just a tease, more brazen if needed later," she thought. Vanessa had decided she wanted this job on her way there and had also decided she didn't care what she had to do to get it. SSA Jones wasn't bad looking so if she had to fuck or suck her way into the job, why not be a slut to become a SLUT agent.

Vanessa watched SA Adams go to a couch on the wall to her right and sit. There was another chair, correction arm chair, there facing the couch. SSA Jones sat back down and pulled a file out of a drawer. When he placed it on his desk Vanessa saw the big red capital letters, TOP SECRET.

"You have a Top Secret with SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) from your counter-intelligence work. That's good enough for now but will have to be upgraded later," SSA Jones said as he opened the file. "Let's see, your first assignment was the embassy bombing in Zanadu Africa. You managed to find and pass on to higher HQ's the names and location of the 4 men responsible. A Special Forces team snatched the 4, brought them to the US and they were tied, found guilty, and sentenced to death in Federal Court. They are appealing those death sentences now. Let's discuss that." He looked up at Vanessa, "How were you able to go undercover in an African nation, find the necessary Intel to locate the men and have enough evidence to assure their conviction?"

Vanessa thought about her answer as she uncrossed and slowly re-crossed her legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. The move was not unnoticed by SSA Jones, who enjoyed the view of her red panties covered crotch.

"There were two Strip clubs in Nirvana" she said, meaning the capital of Zanadu. "One was in the diplomatic/European/American sector of the city and it employed mostly locals. The other was in the native sector and employed mostly foreigners. A 4 man HUMINT (Human Intelligence) team was sent to Zanadu to find information and somehow came across the information that a man named Tomas might know something about the bombing and he frequented the strip club. I guess, because I'm black and have won several amateur exotic dancing, no nudity, contests, I was sent to Nirvana, under an English passport, to attempt to get a job, attempt to meet and befriend Tomas.

When I arrived and went to the club to apply, I was informed that topless was required and that some local wealthy men had VIP rooms with one way glass on the mirrored wall. An invitation to go into one of them for a private show, guaranteed a girl a 500 gul tip. At that time, that was equal to $100. However, in the VIP rooms, nudity was required. We knew Tomas owned one of those rooms so I had gone in with the full knowledge that stripping nude, and possibly more, would be required. Two hundred people, including 23 Americans were killed in that bombing and I was prepared to do whatever it took to find those responsible."

"What do you mean by anything?" SSA Jones asked and looked down to her crotch. Vanessa smiled to herself; she knew where this was going. She uncrossed her legs and left her knees about three inches apart, giving a tiny crotch peek.

"I mean anything, whatever it took. If I had to suck cock or fuck, I was prepared to do that if it got me the terrorists." Vanessa said. SSA Jones couldn't seem to take his eyes from her crotch and a glance at SA Adams gave her an idea. "This chair is a little uncomfortable and that chair before the couch is padded. How about you join SA Adams on the couch and I'll sit in that chair?" she asked.

SSA Jones caught her meaning and grabbing the file went to the couch and sat beside SA Adams as Vanessa sat in the armchair and planted her feet about six inches apart, giving a better upskirt shot for the two men.

"I had worked in the club for five months, had been in about thirty different VIP rooms, but had not been invited to Tomas's. Then one night, just as I arrived for work and before I could get on stage, I was told to go to a different VIP guest. Putting on a white Arabian belly dancer costume I went to the room and recognized the man there as Tomas. He looked at me a minute, said I looked very beautiful and picked up a remote control. The loud, thumping, rock music from the club ended and I realized this room was soundproof. A more gentle music began and he motioned me to begin." Vanessa said.

"Wait a minute please," SA Adams said. SSA Jones looked at him and started to say something but Adams managed to get a question out first and Jones relaxed, he wanted to know more also. "You say you had been there five months and been in thirty VIP rooms. What did you have to do there? I'd like to know because as I told you, I manage the Ho Club for the Agency and I have VIP rooms." Vanessa looked him straight in the eye as she allowed her knees to fall further apart, exposing more to their view.

"As I recall, I gave 15 blowjobs for 250 gul and fucked 19 times for 500 gul," she replied. "Yes, I acted like a prostitute but it increased my popularity and I was invited into wealthier rooms as my fame increased. Those $50 and $100 tips were all documented to the military and I donated it to the relief fund for the embassy employees and their families, as was my salary and other tips from the club. In all I donated almost $8,000 to the fund in my eight months there, anything else you'd like to know about those first five months?"

"No, that's all, thank you" SA Adams said as both men adjusted their pants to attempt to conceal their arousal from her story.

"I began a belly dance for Tomas and when fully nude he motioned me to join him on the couch. He removed his wallet and counted out 1250 gul, stood and asked me to strip him and I did. I then sucked his cock into my mouth and deep throated that big black eleven inch monster. I swallowed his first load and then played with his cock as we sat and watched the girls onstage. He informed me that he had hired me for the night so when he got back up in climbed into his lap, eased his cock into my cunt and rode him for all I was worth. I must admit that I creamed his cock with 3 orgasms before I felt him pumping his cum deep inside me. We fucked 3 more times that night before my shift was over and I refused his offer to return with him to his villa."

Vanessa paused and checked out the two men facing her. Both had large tents in their pants and she inwardly smiled. Yes, she'd have this job before she left this office. She could feel her own panties were wet as her cunt leaked her own juice at the story and her remembrance of the events and she moved her feet and knees further apart.

"I made contact with the HUMINT team to file a report and the next afternoon received the order to go with Tomas if he asked again. The order further said to do anything he wanted because further Intel had been developed; he was definitely involved or knew who was involved in the bombing. It was another two weeks before I saw Tomas again, not in his room; he came to the dressing room after I had finished a shift. I was again invited to his house and agreed this time and three days later I moved in at his request. About eight weeks later he told me to go to an address on the outskirts of the city, to dance and do whatever was asked by the men there. I arrived in a white sundress with matching bra, thong, garter belt and stockings. I had brought a CD with me of burlesque music, including David Roses' the Stripper. I performed an old fashioned burlesque striptease and then fucked and sucked the men senseless. I sucked one cock as another filled my cunt or ass and ended up with cocks in my ass, cunt and mouth simultaneously. The men had been drinking the local whiskey as I drank their cum and eventually three of them passed out. The fourth one, the youngest, seemed to have fallen for me and began telling me about himself and apparently in an attempt to impress me, told me about the bombing. He gave me the planning and execution of it, where they had gotten the explosives, everything. After he had passed out, his cock in my mouth, I searched the place, found receipts for the explosives, detonators and backpacks. I also found the Visitor passes they had apparently stolen and they were date/time stamped for an hour before the explosion. I carefully marked the location of everything and returned to Tomas's villa. Hoping nothing changed I stayed with Tomas another two weeks before telling him my work visa was up and I had to leave. He offered to get me another but I told him I had to return to England for a job at Suspenders & Hose, a strip club in London. Two weeks later Navy SEALS grabbed the four, the receipts and Visitor Passes and got them to the US. I was at the club in London at the time, covering my story, but then disappeared, returning to the states. British MI5 verified that I was asked about at the club by Tomas a week later and was told that I had failed to come to work two days after the grab, indicating someone else had taken care of me before he figured I might be involved and come looking because there had been a notice of a body, matching my description being found with a gunshot to the base of the skull, execution style, in the London Times."

Vanessa had watched the two men and noticed both had made involuntary movements toward their crotch as she had talked of the gangbang with the terrorists and knew both had wanted to free their cocks and stroke them. She also had to fight the desire to rub her cunt; she was so hot at her own recollections. Did they know about what she had done at the Ho Club? Would they want the details of the traitor's case?

Part 3 - Interview Continues

"OK Ms Clark, that covers your African mission, now tell us about the traitor you got," SSA Jones said as he again attempted to adjust his pants, finally crossing his leg in front of the tent, which SA Adams had already done. Smiling at the two men, Vanessa stood, pulled her skirt up to micro mini skirt length, just short of showing her panties, sat back down, slid her ass to the front of the chair and spread he legs as far as they'd go. She knew the men could not help noticing that her thong was soaked in cunt juice.

"I was at the Ho Club for an amateur, no nudity-thong bikinis max, and after finishing on stage I was circulating around the crowd, dancing for individuals. I turned my back to a customer and bent over to give him a nice view of my cunt and ass when I noticed Stinger missile on a cell phone text as I looked over a man's shoulder before he realized I was there and covered it up. I danced around in front of him, spread his legs apart and moved between them. Finally I turned my back and bent over, placing my hands flat on the floor before me. I rotated my ass at him for a moment and then sat in his lap and ground on his crotch until I felt his fully erect cock pushing into my ass. I told him it was too bad we weren't in a private dance booth because he was cute enough that I'd pull the crotch of my thong aside for him if he removed that log against my ass from his pants. I then got back on stage for another turn there and noticed he left while I was on stage. Probably home, maybe to the bathroom, to relieve the load I built for him.

The next morning I reported the incident and an hour later was called to Col Klink's office. After telling him what had happened he asked if the Stingers were being bought or sold. I told him I couldn't tell, just that Stinger missile was in the text, and when I checked the suspect out while in front of him, noticed he had a military style haircut, so I'd say he's probably trying to sell them. Col Klink thought for a moment and asked how I'd done in the contest, had I won again and did I get a job offer. After saying yes to both questions he ordered me to take the job and go undercover to see what else I could find on the missiles. He also informed me he had read my mission debrief from Africa and knew I'd fucked my way to the terrorists. I was asked to do that again if needed to get to the bottom of this also. I agreed as I didn't want Stinger missiles in the wrong hands any more than he did and if it took fucking and sucking my way through the Ho Club clientele, I was prepared to do so."

Vanessa noticed both men were red in the face and realized they might be in real pain from their erections so she slid back in the chair and did what she had planned since seeing the armchair. Her ass lifted she pulled her skirt up further and placed her legs up on the arms, her panties and crotch on full display.

"I know I've acted like a slut in the service of my country, to resolve my cases, fucking and sucking my way to the bottom of the case, so no reason to stop now. Especially since I want this job, I'm a slut that wants to be a SLUT," Vanessa said as she began running her finger up and down her panty covered crotch.

"I went back to the Ho Club and told the owner I wanted the job he had offered, I was willing to strip naked as the regular girls did, and ready to do whatever customers wanted in the private booths, as long as the money was right. I then had to strip, sit on his desk, and let him fuck me for my audition." With this Vanessa pulled her crotch aside and sank her middle finger as far as possible up her cunt and began fucking it in and out.

"Why don't you guys get comfortable and set those cocks of yours free," she said. Both men stood, dropped their pants and underwear and sat back down, legs spread, cocks erect and pointed at the ceiling. "You can stroke them if you want, I'll provide a receptacle, my mouth, for your cum. Now back to the mission." Both men's right hand was grasping his cock and slowly pumping up and down as Vanessa found herself drooling, thinking about swallowing their cum when they were ready.

"The suspect took a week but finally returned to the club and I got as picture of him with my cell phone and sent it in. Have you ever seen Criminal Minds on TV? The BAU have a tech analyst named Penelope Garcia that does wonders with a computer. Well we have real life Garcia's, and one ran the face through facial recognition hardware and found SSG Ben White. He was assigned to the ammo dump at Ft AP Hill and had access to Stingers, so we knew he was selling not buying. His next visit, after his identification, I did a repeat of my first encounter, except topless. I pulled his hands up on my breasts and let him feel them as I ground on him."

Vanessa's free hand began to rub her breast and pinch her nipples as a second finger slipped into her cunt. Both men began running their fists faster up and down their cocks as the slut before them was panting and acting like she was about to bust a nut over her fingers.

"I stood up and bent over again and pulled the crotch of my thong over to the side and ran a finger up my slit, dipping into my cunt to get it wet and then slipped my first joint into my ass. I then sat back on his lap and put his right hand inside my thong. I asked him what he was waiting for, a private booth awaited and $20 would get him sucked off, $50 would get him in my cunt and $100 got my ass. I got off his lap and headed for the private booths and he followed. Two twenties and a ten later and his cock was free and buried in my cunt as I again sat on his lap and ground onto him as I gave little up and down movements and milked his 8 inch cock with my cunt muscles.

"OH FUCK!!" Vanessa exclaimed as her head went back, her back arched, her legs lifted her ass of the chair seat and into the air and her hands held her cunt lips spread wide. The two men found Ms Clark was a squirter, something they had heard of but never seen, as her first ejaculation of juices flew at least a foot from her cunt and towards them. The second jet went about six inches and each grew more feeble until there was just a trickle running out her cunt hole, down the crack of her ass, and dripped onto the floor.

Vanessa's orgasm finally subside and her ass went back onto the seat and her eyes opened and looked at the two men. She got up from her chair and crossed to them and knelt on the couch straddling SSA Jones's lap. She pulled the crotch of her thong aside, grabbed his cock, raised up and sank back, burying its length into her. A half dozen rides up and down the shaft and she stood back up.

"OK SA Adams, lie back" she said as she straddled the younger agent. Slipping his cock balls deep into her cunt she leaned forward over him.

"I guess this seals my getting a job here," she said. "SSA Jones, my ass is yours." Vanessa reached back and spread her ass cheeks and the older man looked at that rosebud. He carefully squatted, lined his cock up, and pressed forward. It took a second but the sphincter expanded and the head of his cock popped into her rectum.

"Now ram it home," she exclaimed as she pushed back against his cock. SSA Jones obliged and his cock went balls deep up the slut's Hershey highway. The threesome soon got a rhythm going.

"It took six weeks to get him to invite me to his place for the night," she continued as she panted from the two cocks working her holes. "He wouldn't come to my place, but finally invited me to come home with him. A close eye was kept on him during this time and the Stinger missiles were inventoried every time he left the area. That's when the stockpiling of classified documents was discovered and we realized it was a weapons and secrets sale, the man was definitely a traitor. I drugged his drink at his place and then went through his text messages on the cell phone, nothing. I tried his computer but was locked out so got a message to Ft Belvoir and an analyst quickly hacked into it, once I could give them the physical address and they identified the ip address. We found his contact was an Al-Qaida member and set up surveillance on him. I continued to date SSG White but never got invited back to his apartment; he finally began coming to mine to spend the night when he wanted to get fucked."

Suddenly Vanessa felt SSA Jones speed up and his cock begin twitching in her ass.

"Come on, cum in my ass. Fill my bowels with your spunk old man, just CUM!" she cried as she felt jet after jet of hot cum erupt into her bowels. "OH FUCK, I'm GONNA ... GONNA ... I'm CUUUMMMIIINNNGG!!" SA Adams felt her juices exploding, covering his cock and he began firing rope after rope of his juice into her cunt.

"Damn, I want more of this and if she is assigned to the club, I'll have more of this slut's ass" he vowed to himself as his cock began to soften.

"That mission lasted six months before there was a transfer of Stingers. An Al-Qaida cell attempted to ambush the convoy with the missiles and other arms as SSG White attempted to leave with the documents. He's in Ft Leavenworth Military prison for life and the terrorists are at the Federal Correctional Facility in Pekin IL."

SSA Jones finally pulled his limp cock from her ass and sat back down on the couch. Vanessa rose off SA Adams limp dick then knelt on the floor between the two, took a cock into each hand and recounted her lesser cases as she stroked both cocks. The story was interrupted once as she engulfed the older man's throbbing cock swallowed his cum as it erupted down her throat and sucked him clean. She then concentrated on the younger and was interrupted when she swallowed his second load and sucked him clean.

Returning to the arm chair she again placed her legs over the arms and finished up the narration of her career as she vigorously finger fucked herself to another orgasm, which SA Adams hurriedly jumping from the coach, managed to fasten his mouth on her cunt and drink her juices and then tongue her clean which caused her fourth orgasm.

At 1400, newly appointed SLUT Agent Vanessa Clark left the building with her own card to open the button door in the elevator, a temporary ID, her new badge and an appointment for 0900 the next morning to be briefed on her new mission. She had not had to admit to the abortion she had gotten a month after returning from Africa.

Part 4 - First Day on the Job

The next morning Vanessa considered her actions of the day before. Maybe she had gone too far, but she had been horny and wanted the job and it had been awhile since she had been so thoroughly fucked. She considered wearing a pants suit to be more conservative but ended up in white thigh high boots with six inch heels, white thong, no bra and a short maroon mini dress that barely covered her crotch in front and ass in back. Pulling her hair back into a pony tail she left her apartment. Getting into and out of her car would put her crotch on display, as would sitting. As for bending, that was totally out unless she wanted to display her ass.

She made her usual stop at the Mickey D drive thru and was surprised at the boy at the window actions as he handed her the sack and coffee. He almost crawled out the window and his eyes stayed looking down so that he almost dropped the coffee. Glancing down she saw her panties on display. Smiling at the boy she mimicked a big kiss for him and headed into Washington.

"I really don't want to make this drive every day so I guess I should look for a place in town," she thought as she got caught up in the morning commute. She had saved some money from her pay, and the prize money from some dance competitions and wet T Shirt contests so could afford a one bedroom in DC.

Finding a parking spot with VC on the wall plaque, she parked her car and entered the elevator. Her new card opened the door to the buttons and she pressed 5. When the elevator stopped, she prepared to get out but SSA Jones was at the door and got in with her.

"Push BB," he said. Vanessa looked at the panel and noticed the BB button which she had missed before and pushed it.

"I'm taking you to the lab," he said. "A technician there has developed an amazing new product and I want you to try it out and you'll be issued it, if it works."

"What's that sir," Vanessa asked as she felt his hand cup her ass. "Damn, I did go too far yesterday," she thought. "He thinks he owns my ass now." Unknown to Vanessa, SSA Jones did own her ass as she would find out before she left that day.

When the doors opened SSA Jones stepped out but tossed his pen back into the elevator on the floor.

"Could you get that please," he asked and held the door open and feasted on the view as Vanessa bent and picked the pen up.

The dress rose so that the whale's tail of the thong was visible, as was the crotch. The string between the two pieces of cloth was visible in her ass crack.

"Very nice," he said referring to her ass. "Thank you" he added as she handed him the pen. He led her down the corridor and through the double doors into a large room. A young man, probably her age, 26, to maybe 28 was there with a pair of thigh high red boots and a red bra and G-Sting on a hanger.

"Agent Clark this is Dr. Clark. I won't ask if you're related as he's white and you're black" SSA Jones said and then laughed at his little joke. "I want you to strip and put that outfit on, Vanessa" he said. Vanessa took the hanger and boots from Dr. Clark and held the hanger up to closer inspect the outfit. Her raising her arm drew her dress up and showed the men her white panty covered pubic region. Realizing she was again on display, Vanessa quickly dropped her arm.

"Where should I change?" she asked looking between the two men. Dr. Clark started to raise his arm to point out the bathroom but SSA Jones stopped him.

"Just lay it on the table there, strip off your clothes and boots and put the new outfit and boots on," he said. At Vanessa's look he continued, "You weren't shy yesterday, don't start now." Vanessa, regretting her actions of yesterday but afraid to refuse, did as ordered. The two men's cocks were tenting their trousers and they made no effort to hide the effect she was having on them as she stripped and dressed in the issued outfit. SSA Jones actually rubbed his crotch for a minute as he eyed her body.

"Ok Dr. Clark, tell Vanessa about the outfit and what she has to do" he ordered as Vanessa straightened from pulling the boots on. Surprisingly to her, they were a perfect fit for her size 10W feet.

"Well Agent Clark, the bikini and boots are covered with a special solution I've developed. If you'll rub your hands together very fast and briskly to build up heat, you'll see what happens," Dr. Clark said. Vanessa did as ordered while looking at the man like he was crazy.

"Okay Agent Clark, please turn around and look at yourself in the mirror behind you," Dr. Clark said. Turning, Vanessa saw a full length mirror and stopped rubbing her hands in surprise. The red boots, G-string and bra were all pale, almost transparent. There was a mask barely noticeable on her face and her hair was lighter than usual.

"Keep rubbing," SSA Jones ordered. Vanessa did as ordered and watched the formerly red items turn snow white, the mask darken to white, and her hair lighten until it was white.

"Turn to your left," Dr. Clark told her. "See that mannequin? Clench your fists and thrust your hips at it." Vanessa did so and two bolts of what, lightning, flew from her breasts and struck the mannequin.

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed. "What the hell just happened?" She looked at the two men for an answer. She looked back at the mirror and she was still in white.

"My solution collects your body's static electricity," Dr. Clark said. "It gathers it and focuses in the beams of electricity that are forced from your breasts as you clench your fists to trigger it. I think you have 5 blasts like that; they'll stun a man, then 3 or 4 lesser blasts. As your suit powers up and powers down it becomes transparent. I changed the molecules in the boot & clothing material to get them to change color when electrified and it also creates your mask and changes your hair color to match the clothes." Vanessa thought this over as her bright mind filtered through the information, absorbing and understanding it.

"So I rub my hands, create friction to generate static electricity in my body and the suit collects it. OK, I understand that but how do I discharge the suit so it's red again? Since I have a mask and different color hair, I assume this is my disguise. Since the outfit is so skimpy, I'd guess it's my costume for the stage and floor while I'm dancing. It's all ingenious but, how to I go back to normal? Do I have to blast all the electricity from the suit?"

"No" Dr. Clark replied. "You charge the suit, watch your bra to tell when you're finished, and then lightly clench your fists. That arms the suit and then tighten your fists to fire your blasts and when you want to return to normal, simply unclench your fists and the power will drain, the outfit will become transparent and then color back up to red. I'm working on new solutions that while staying white when charged would be other colors than red when not charged. I'm working on blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. I tried buying different color suits and then washing in the solution but cannot get them to power up and change color. Dying a red bikini another color doesn't work either. That red suit and boots were white when I bought them and the solution dyed them red and that's the only combination that's worked so far. So I have 10 more white bikinis and boots and will try to get them the other colors so you have more than one outfit to work in."

"Yeah, we don't want you wearing regular lingerie while dancing. You need to be in this outfit, or another like it, while at work so that you can hide, change into your disguise, make your busts, and change back. We can't have you dancing with a 9mm on your body and stripper costumes wouldn't hide it anyway," SSA Jones said.

"OK, unclench your fists" Dr. Clark said. Vanessa realized she did still have her fists lightly clenched, keeping the suit armed. Looking in the mirror she opened her hands and watched everything fade until she looked to be nude, and then suddenly turn the bright red again as her hair returned to black.

"OK, I want you to power the suit up again and then fire bolt after bolt at the mannequin to drain it" SSA Jones said. Vanessa did as ordered and like Dr. Clark said, she got 5 good blasts then the strength faded as did her suit. The 9th blast was a crackle pop in front of her very visible nipples and then she was in red again.

"Dr. Clark, you said something about mind control for the suit?" SSA Jones asked.

"Yes, I want to try to get the suit to change to the color that the wearer wants. If Agent Clark wanted to wear a blue outfit, she'd concentrate on blue and picture herself in her mind as wearing blue, not red, and the suit would become so. Then she could wear the same outfit through several rotations on stage and just change the color mentally," Dr. Clark explained as he eyed Vanessa's body as she stripped and changed back into her clothes. "I have another red suit and if Agent Clark has the time, I have a machine I've built that I'd like to hook her up to. I can then channel her thoughts to the red suit and see if we can get it to change colors. I'd also like her to try with the solution we now have to see if she can control its color with her mind."

"How would that work?" SSA Jones asked, skeptically.

"You said her records show a 151 IQ. I think she's intelligent enough that if I can tap into her unused portion of her brain, we can get color changing suits or possibly even solution. I'd need her for an hour or two on any days she was available and not on a case or out of the country. I believe you and SA Adams said she'd be working at the club from 1800 till 0300, so any time after she got up or before she went to work would do. I'm here from 0800-1700."

"We'll see, right now I need to get Vanessa up to my office for her initial briefing so if you could give her the suit and boots, we'll be going," SSA Jones said. Dr. Clark placed the boots, 3 bras and G-Strings into a gym bag and handed it to Vanessa.

"Good luck Agent Clark, I hope to see you soon to work with your mind" he said. He though t to himself of the machine, he could put her under and use her without her knowledge once he hooked her up. His machine would help do what he had said he wanted to do, but it was also a powerful mind control machine and Vanessa Clark would be his little sex slave when he gave her the keyword, Whore.

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