The Joys of a Good Marriage

by ozymadiaspoem

Copyright© 2011 by ozymadiaspoem

Sex Story: In which you and your darling wife spend an intimate time together.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   2nd POV   .

You and your wife return home after a nice long jog in the early morning on a warm spring day. You're feeling sweaty and confined as you step into the white corridor of the house. You look at your wife. She's five feet tall and weighs a hundred sixty pounds. The red shorts and white shirt she's wearing compliment her light skin and golden ponytail.

"Phew, that was a great jog," Cherie (your wife) says, as she takes off her clothes. "Need a hand, darling?"

You look down to find a bulge in your red pants. Cherie follows your gaze. With nothing but a smile on she pulls your pants down to your ankles. Her hands slide up your legs to your sweaty briefs. Cherie rubs her face in the bulge. She sniffs and licks your cock through the fabric.

"Mmmmm," your wife says, as she gives the bulge a big wet kiss. "Your dick is so musky."

It is also very wet, as your wife's saliva soaks through the fabric. Cherie digs her fingers into the seat of your underwear. She kneads your butt to the rhythm of her tongue licking up the length of your cock. You can tell she enjoys feeling your sweaty briefs in her hands. Cherie gives your cock another kiss, than slips her hands inside your underwear. Her fingers run along your buttocks.

"Oh, you're ready to play?" Cherie says, as she feels your muscles tighten. "I'm ready to play, darling."

Cherie pulls your briefs down to your knees. The smell of musk and semen hits your nose. You realize the odors must be much stronger for your wife. But she seems to enjoy it. With her hands on your hips, Cherie thrusts her hot wet mouth down your cock.

"Mmmm," Cherie says, as she makes yummy noises. "Mmm-mmm-mmm!"

She sucks you as hard as she can: Her lips twist and tug on your balls, making a lot of sucking noises, while her tongue sticks out to lick the nut sacs. The heat of her mouth makes you cum. Cherie keeps sucking on your balls while you cum, wanting you to fill her mouth with your seed. When you finish she slides off your cock to gulp down the semen. You see your shaft glistening with her saliva.

"Ahhhh," your wife says, as she feels your hot sticky seed hit her stomach. "I love your cum, darling."

With those words Cherie goes back down your cock. She's hungry like a horse. Her head bobs up and down your cock at neck-breaking speed. Her mouth is clicking like a dolphin as it slurps on your shaft as fast as possible. Cherie than rams her head into you – hard – and she squeezes your cock with her lips, sending you back two steps.

"Mmmmm," Cherie says, as she sucks on your cock, like a baby on a pacifier. "Mmm——"

You cum again. Cherie's cheeks suddenly bulge out, as a torrent of jizz shoots into her orifice. Cherie pulls from your cock. She coughs up some of your seed, but just gulps it down a second later. Thick lines of drool hang from her chin and from the underside of your shaft. More than a couple of lines go from your head to her bottom lip. Cherie licks the seed and saliva off her lips. She than takes your cock again into her hot wet mouth.

"So big and hard," Cherie says, as she slurps on your head. "And your sweat is delicious, darling."

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