Delicious Cake

by Twisted Tiger Prince

Copyright© 2011 by Twisted Tiger Prince

Sex Story: Another short. Our "Daddy" gets to make a cake with his "little girl" Daddy makes a mess... how will his Princess react? This was written as a first draft. Later re-written with a co-writer and posted elsewhere.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

He was running late, but he was able to get almost everything on the list from Whole Foods. Apparently they didnt have any all natural or organic fondant.

No one likes the taste of it anyway he thought. But it sure helps make a neat looking cake.

He made one more stop at a local bakery before heading home.

Just as he was pulling into his community his cell rang.

"Hey princess Im just pulling in now." He said as his blutooth came on.

"~Oh Daddy ... I was gonna ask you to pick up one more thing!"

"Well what is it? ... Do we need it?" He asked.

"~No ... not really ... I just thought maybe some strawberries would look nice sitting on top." She sounded disappointed.

"Well good news! I thought you'd think so, and I picked some up." He declared quite proudly.

"OH DADDY! YOUR THE GREATEST!" She exclaimed. "See you in a minute. muah!"

He already had the car parked, groceries out, and was headed up the stairs to his condo.

Rose opened the door as he approached and helped him with the bags.

"Welcome home Daddy!" She said kissing his cheek. "Im so excited to try this new recipe. I sure hope your gonna like it."

"I like everything you make sweetie." He answered.

He walked behind her watching her ass wiggle in her jean cut offs. She was wearing her favorite Hello Kitty shirt. It was pink and it had the Dad and littles kink heart symbol on the back.

Rose is 5 and a half feet tall, shoulder length hair. Her father had been from Jamaica and her mother Irish. So her hair is naturally curly with beautiful reds, browns, and blond colors.

She is 24 years old she is athletic, but she isnt slim. She is curvy everywhere it matters most, and he adores every bit of her soft mocha caramel skin.

He is 38 years old. 6 feet tall. He is also athletic with a little extra weight around his mid section, but nothing you could notice with his clothes on. He is white and Native American (Cherokee) but he mostly looks European. No tan but he is not pale.

She looked back over her shoulder to confirm he was watching her ass. And smiled. It always made her so hot to know her Daddy lusted after her plump body.

They placed the bags together on the center island in the kitchen. Rose took her Daddy by his hand and led him into his sun room where she had lunch ready.

They relaxed and ate as they talked about their day.

When they had finished Rose collected the dishes while Ryan went to the bar and fixed them both a drink.

They met in the kitchen. He gave her a fruity cocktail.

"Thank you Daddy." She cooed and ran her hand along his chest.

"Your welcome, baby." He replied as he grabbed her ass.

"Mmmmm ... thats gonna distract me, Daddy." She said with a wink.

"It better not ... I want my cake." He said with a light smack on her ass.

She giggled and they embraced.

She set the oven to 325 degrees as he took out the stand mixer and set it on the counter for her.

"Can you sift 6 cups of flour with 2 tablespoons of baking powder for me please?" She asked.

"Sure thing, baby."

Rose set to work creaming the butter and sugar in the mixer while completed the task.

"Im ready here ... will you add the flour for me? ... I need to whisk these egg whites."

He stepped over to the mixer and started it up and dumped the flour in.

Rose shrieked as the floor mixture exploded all over them.

She made a pouting face at him which he absolutely loved.

"Now we have to start all over!" She said flinging buttery sugar at him.

It hit Daddy right on the cheek.

"Oh your gonna get it now!" He said rushing at her.

"No! ... stop ... Im sorry." She said between giggles as she ran around the kitchen trying to dodge him.

"Oh no ... your not getting away that easily!" He announced as he grabbed her and pinned her against the refrigerator.

"You caught me Daddy." She breathed. "Now what will you do?"

She licked the sugar mixture off his cheek.

Her hands moved to release his belt as he lifted off his shirt.

She fell to her knees and lowered his pants and trunks together releasing his cock.

He pulled her shirt off and removed her bra as she began to clean his cock hungrily.

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