Roll in the Hay

by Lexi

Copyright© 2011 by Lexi

Romantic Sex Story: Two young people have a chance meeting, and decide after 3 encounters to go on a date. A romantic night in a rustic barn, and a young lover's first night of love and sexual exploration.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   First   Oral Sex   Size   .

Hearing the doorbell ring, I feel a surge of excitement and nerves rush through my body.

He's here! I can't believe I am actually going on a date with Erik!

It all happened so fast after all, living in a big city the odds of us bumping into each other several times over a week was just crazy.

The first time he almost stole my cab, next we bumped into each other, literally at a small hole-in-the-wall café, and finally at a large art exhibit opening at a museum. That's when he asked to bump into me on purpose.

I remember being instantly attracted to Erik. He had a bohemian-chic look to him-Beanie hats with designer skinny jeans. Oh and his eyes! A deep vibrant green. Everything about him was alluring. A charming smile, arms with veins in all the right places from being a drummer, and an ass that could make grown women weep.

I'm not too bad myself though. A runner's body, deep curly red hair and a face that turned heads. Still, there was something about him that made me feel out of his league.

Maybe because I hadn't dated in a year and I was focused on my new career since I was fresh out of uni.

The doorbell rang again as I put on the final dab of lip-gloss and opened the door.

My God, he's gorgeous. He smiles at me with equal enthusiasm, which again sends a surge of excitement though me.

"You look amazing." He says as he holds the car door open for me.

"Thanks" I say, my cheeks burning a deep red.

"I have a surprise planned for you tonight. Hope you don't mind but it's a bit of a drive."

"That's fine, where are we going?"

"It's a surprise remember." A cheeky grin creeps up in the corners of his perfect lips.

We drive out of the city and in half an hour we are in the middle of the country where only tractors and cows can be seen. We pull up to an old farm house.

"Right this way" he says while grinning.

I get out of the car and he gently takes my hand in his. Again my cheeks deepen. He leads me to the old barn behind the house. When we step inside, my breath is taken away. Twinkle lights surround us, and on the top level, a quaint dinner for two is waiting overlooking a gorgeous sunset. The giant barn window had candles on its ledge with a bouquet of flowers waiting for me.

"This is amazing! I can't believe you did all of this! It's beautiful."

"Well, I know the owner," smiling he leads me up to our table.

We eat, chatting about basic get to know you things. Tension of the good variety grows as we share stories. He reaches across the table several times and runs his fingers up and down my hand. If I was standing, this is where my knees would have given out there and then.

After dinner he brings me to the window and dances with me, slowly, holding me tight. Maybe a little tighter than a first date allows, but I just let myself melt into him.

God he smelt amazing! Our cheeks graze and I can feel his scruff tickle my face. Feeling his breath against my neck I will every ounce of my body to hold it together. He twirls me then brings me back into him, holding me tight against him.

His hands begin to roam, testing the waters for my reaction. I just pull my body closer to his. He gently brushes his lips against my neck, whispering into my each how enchanted he is by me.

I look into his eyes, seeing only passion and honesty in them.

And that's when it happened. His eyes flickered to my lips and presto!

Gently at first he is kissing me, running his hands up and down my back. Then passionately when he feels my kissing becoming more urgent.

I begin to loose myself in his kisses all the while my hands in his back pockets enjoying his perfect ass. I feel him smile in our kiss as I do this, his hands returning the gesture to my own ass.

I feel my temperature rising as I get drunk on his kisses. I feel him start to lean against me, my back now against the barn wall. His hands running though my hair as he urgently kisses my neck and lips.

I pull his hips closer, feeling the stirring in his jeans against my leg. I want him so bad.

His hand slides under my shirt and caresses my breast, making me pant with lust at his touch. Gentle but sure he cups my breast, kissing me harder. He pulls back and whispers, "is this okay?" in my ear. I respond by pulling him closer and pressing my hips against his now obviously hard cock.

He moans as I do this, will me to keep going. I push against him, freeing myself from the wall and spin us around. With him now pinned I run my hands down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as I go. His abs greet me and I work my way to his pants, releasing his throbbing cock from their hold.

I can feel myself blushing as his monster of a cock comes alive before my eyes. I had done a bit of sexual exploration in uni, but no guy was ever this big.

I took his cock in my hand and kiss the head of it while I locked eyes with him. Taking him into my mouth I begin to suck and lick his manhood as his hands gathered my hair. Pumping his shaft in my fist and sucking the head I hear him moan and feel his breaths become faster. He pulls me off his cock with such a fierce look in his eye. He kisses me passionately and begins to take my clothes off. As he peels the shirt off of me, he covers my body with kisses, urgently sucking and nibbling on my nipples, bringing them to attention. My heart racing as his hands make quick work of my clothes. Soon we are both naked and my body shakes with yearning for this man in front of me.

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