Wrong Place, Wrong Time

by TheBigLove126

Copyright© 2011 by TheBigLove126

Fiction Sex Story: A late night craving leads to a night that Rachel Bilson will never forget.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Celebrity   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Violent   .

The following story takes place on the night of July 23rd, 2011 in Manhattan, NYC...

Rachel Bilson was sitting in her Manhattan apartment around 11:00pm on a hot summer night. The sound of the faulty window air conditioning unit and the television playing a re-run of 'Law & Order' filled the room. She had kept the apartment for seven years, ensuring a place of her own whenever she was in New York. It was rare that she would be in the city during the summer since she enjoyed her time in Los Angeles much more. However with her new fashion line coming out, along with her new television show coming out in the fall, she had to do a media tour to promote her projects.

Judging by how bad her A.C. unit was running, she hadn't planned on being there. The next day she was going to go out and buy and new one, but with it being so late at night she had to suffer through the heat. Not one to dress down often, Rachel had to relax around her apartment in a short white mini-skirt, loose white tank top and no underwear with her matted hair in a ponytail; trying to dress as light as possible to remain comfortable in the near 90 degree heat. The heat wasn't the main problem (she did live in Los Angeles and was used to it), what she wasn't used to was the humidity. It was extremely humid, which coupled with the heat, left her very uncomfortable.

She was sprawled out on the sofa, coated in sweat as she watched the television. The heat was getting to her so she got up and made her way to the freezer, hoping to find a cold snack to relax herself. She was disappointed when she flung open the freezer to find nothing. While she enjoyed the brief shot of cold air on her sweaty face, she still wasn't happy.

"Damn it, now I got to go out and get something!" She yelled out to herself.

She made her way to her bedroom and changed her clothes. Off came the tank top; on went a bra and a light t-shirt. She also pulled a pair of white cotton panties on under her skirt. She used a towel to wipe the dripping sweat from her face before grabbing her purse and heading downstairs. Luckily there was a convenience store around the corner, so it wouldn't be too far of a walk for her. When she stepped outside, a nice breeze hit her and led to a smile from the young actress. She took the time to enjoy the breeze by taking a nice slow stroll around the corner to 'Jack's', a small store on the corner of East 77th and Madison.

When she walked in the store, the relaxing breeze was replaced once again with disgusting humidity. The lights were surging in and out, causing her to wonder how long the power was going to last. She smiled waved at the teen boy standing behind the counter before making her way to the freezer section. She looked through each door, looking for the perfect treat to cool her down and make her happy. She narrowed her choices down to two, a box of popsicles or a half-pint of ice cream. She couldn't decide which she wanted, so she opened the door and grabbed both as another power surge hit and caused the power to go out for a few seconds.

She moved over to the refrigerated area to grab a bottle of water when she heard the bell above the door ring. She saw a large man walk into the store and head towards the section she was in, also there to grab a bottle of water.

"Excuse me miss." He politely said before reaching for the water. She moved out of his way and he thanked her.

She took her water and followed the man to the counter. The magazine stand next to her caught her attention and she scanned over the covers, waiting for the man to finish his purchase. The power surged again, this time knocking the power out and the backup system to go in effect. Two lights, the freezer and the register were the only electronics still running as the remaining lights, refrigeration system and security system all went down. She went back to looking at the magazine when she heard the man yell.

"Give me all the fucking money!" He yelled at the teenager.

She looked and saw that he had a silenced pistol in his hand pointed at the kid's head. She slowly began to back away, hoping to leave without drawing attention. The man instantly noticed and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her close to him. She screamed as he aimed the gun at her head and again yelled at the kid.

"Give me the money or I'm gonna blow this bitch's brains all over the place!" She froze in fear as the words hit her ears.

The kid opened the register and took all the money out, placing it in a bag and handing it to the man. As he took the bag, he whacked the kid in the neck with the gun, instantly knocking him out.

"Let's go you little bitch!" He yelled at Rachel, pulling her out of the store. "I know a hot little bitch like you wouldn't walk far to get to this piece of shit store. We're going to your place now, lead the way."

He placed the gun under her shirt, aiming it directly at her spine as she led him back to her apartment while shaking in fear. As they turned the corner, they spotted a group of teenagers sitting on the porch of the building next to Rachel's. She hoped they would notice something was wrong and help her, but the smell that surrounded them indicated to her that they were too stoned to even notice. They entered the building and made their way upstairs to her hot apartment. After she unlocked and opened the door, he shoved her forward causing her to fall down over a chair.

"I'm gonna lay low here for the night and disappear tomorrow." He told her, or himself, she couldn't tell since the man wasn't looking at her.

She crawled her way back to her feet as the man sat down on the couch, placing his gun in his pocket. She was still shaking in fear as this stranger with a gun occupied her apartment.

"Why the fuck is it so hot in here!?" He yelled at her.

"The ... the air conditioner isn't working." She softly told him.

He was visibly pissed as he realized he picked a horrible hideout. He took a long look at Rachel and the anger slowly lifted as he saw the sweat glisten on her cute face. She avoided looking at him, hoping this whole thing was a bad dream.

"Damn, you are one hot piece of meat baby." She ignored him at stared into space. "Come over here and have a seat." She ignored his command again, wishing he would just leave her alone. "Hey! I said have a seat!" He yelled at her, again falling on deaf ears.

He stood up and charged towards her, backing her against the wall.

"Listen you little bitch, when I tell you to do something you will fucking do it." He pulled the gun back out of his pocket and held it to her chest. "If you don't, then I'll kill you. Now ... sit the fuck down!"

She was frozen in fear, but slowly started walking past him towards the couch. He shoved her in the back, launching her into the couch and causing her to hit her chin on the hard edge. He pulled her up under the arms and dragged her onto the couch as she started to cry from the pain in her jaw. He sat down next to her and ran his hands through her hair.

"What's your name!?" He yelled at her.

"Ra ... Rachel." She said through tears.

"Well Rachel, I hope your jaw doesn't hurt too much because you are probably going to need it." She was confused by what he said, not knowing what he meant.

Rachel closed her eyes and continued crying as he stopped running his hands through her hair. She felt him move around on the couch but kept her dripping wet eyes closed, wishing that he would just leave. The man stopped moving around and slapped her across the face. When she opened her eyes, the sight she saw horrified her. The man had removed his pants and sat on the couch with his six-inch cock standing up straight in front of him.

"Please no." She said, looking him in the eyes. "Please don't make me do this." She was shaking once again as he reached down and started stroking his cock. He grabbed her by the hair and brought her nose-to-nose with him.

"Open wide." He said, while laughing.

He pulled her head down to his cock, rubbing it against her cheek as she kept her mouth closed tight. The head of his cock forced its way onto her clenched lips, trying to find its way inside her mouth. He tried for several seconds but her jaw was clenched too tight to get inside her. He saw a small diamond in her ear and moved his hand to it. He twisted her earlobe, causing the diamond to dig into her skin and draw blood. She screamed out loud, giving him enough time to force his hard meat into her mouth.

"You bite down on it and you will fucking regret it!" He shouted at her.

He grabbed her head by both hands and violently mouth fucked her. He could feel his cock it the back of her throat and hear the slobber surround it. He pulled out to give her air, leaving a long thick strand of spit connecting his cock to her mouth. The blood from her ear had gotten on his hand when he fucked her mouth. He forced his bloody hand against the woman's mouth, making her lick his hand clean before he continued fucking her.

Rachel soon had her mouth filled with his meat once again. He shoved her head down on it, forcing her to deep throat his cock. Her eyes were watering and she was struggling to breathe her airway cut off. He pulled out again to let her breathe.

"You like the taste of my cock?" He asked her.

She closed her eyes and sobbed again. He slapped her face and asked again, still with no answer. He pulled her ponytail back and spit in her face before slapping her harder. She looked at him and gave him a small smile, which confused him. The smile quickly went away and she punched him in the balls. As he cried out in pain, she ran to the door and tried to escape. What she failed to realize was that he had locked the door. As Rachel fumbled around to unlock the door, she felt his elbow hit her in the back, causing her to drop to the ground in pain.

"Big fucking mistake!" He yelled at her.

He dragged her across the floor into the bedroom, locking that door behind him before throwing her on to the bed. The bedroom was much hotter than the main room, since there was only one window that was only opened slightly and a ceiling fan that was on low. He shut the window and turned the fan up before removing his shirt and shoes, now standing completely naked in front of the damaged woman.

"Let's get rid of these." He said before yanking her panties and skirt off, letting him get a look at her pussy with a small amount of hair above it.

She was crying hard as he tore the t-shirt from her back, leaving it in two pieces. He snapped the bra off of her and exposed her petite breasts. Her body glistened in the light with the sweat literally dripping down her hard body. He jumped on her and immediately took her left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard. His mouth popped as he released it before doing the same to her right nipple. She stared up at the fan swirling around as her breasts were abused.

He alternated back and forth from the left to right, sucking and biting on her hardening nipples. As he abused her chest, the head of his penis kept brushing against her clit; causing rushes of pleasure to shoot through her body. She hated the feeling but couldn't fight the urges. She closed her mouth as he tried to stick his tongue down her throat. Instead of fighting it, he kissed her all over her face and neck, including sticking his tongue in her nose. She was repulsed; not just because his tongue as in her nose but the stench of his sweaty body was making her gag. Rachel could have sworn he hadn't showered in a month.

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