A Family Affair

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Being a single, older guy, I went online and hooked-up with a couple for sex and got quite a surprise. But it was a pleasant one, for sure.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

It was fairly easy in high school, even easier in college, but now that I'm fifty and divorced, finding a willing sex partner hasn't always been that easy. So, yes, I was back to mostly jacking-off like I did back in middle school. Not good.

So, I decided to get into the modern age and looked around for some hook-up and swinger websites. I was surprised how many there were. So, I posted on the one that I thought was the best, one that covered the geographic area I lived in and wasn't too surprised that I didn't get much interest from women under thirty or so.

But there was one answer I got which I didn't expect; it was from a guy, Bill, who lived just about forty miles away in a neighboring small city.

Now before you think I was getting a gay come-on, it wasn't that at all. He was interested in sharing his wife with another man and she preferred someone a bit older who knew how to appreciate a woman more fully.

I hadn't thought of screwing a guy's wife as he watched but I did know there were couples who enjoyed such trysts. So, I sent him back a picture of me naked and got one of his wife the same way.

Well, she was pretty nice. It was a shot on a nude beach in Mexico where they had vacationed and she was laying on a chaise lounge in the sun. He said she was thirty-eight and five-five, one hundred eighteen pounds and measured 34C-25-36. Her breasts stood up pretty nicely and were crowned with small, reddish nipples.

The picture showed her with her legs splayed baring her plump pussy lips perfectly shaved clean. She looked delicious.

Well, it wasn't what I started out looking for but I emailed back that I was interested and wanted to get together. I was horny and my cock needed some attention.

So we exchanged a few more emails and set up to both book rooms at a hotel about equidistant from each of us for Saturday night. A final email had a pic attachment of Amanda sucking Bill, her husband, that was bound to keep me hard until I could put mine in her mouth.

Amanda would have been really cute back in high school or college, now a quite pretty woman who would be considered a MILF by any male of any age group. She looked quite nice. I was ready.

We were to meet in the indoor pool at the hotel at five in the afternoon.

It wasn't easy to keep my hands off my lonely cock that Friday night or during the day on Saturday. I left home in plenty of time and arrived at the hotel at four and checked-in.

I changed into my trunks and waited nervously until five, then went down the elevator to the pool level and went in. Taking a quick look around, there was a hot tub with a girl in it and, in the pool, a large, older man with a young girl, perhaps seven or eight in the shallow area, and a couple looking to be upper thirties swimming around the deep end,

As I got into the water, I wondered if they weren't here yet.

"Lou?" the woman asked me from about a dozen feet away.

"Yes, Amanda? Amanda and Bill?" I asked back as they made their way closer. Yes, I could see it was them now for certain.

"Well, right on time, it's nice to meet you," Amanda said as she leaned her cheek over for me to kiss. About then, the girl got out of the hot tub and came over and dove in the pool surfacing quite near the three of us. As she shook her head sideways getting the water off her hair, she asked, "Are you Lou?"

I was speechless for a second while I tried to process the possibilities.

Then Amanda said, "This is our daughter, Megan, yes, this is Lou," she said as Megan put out her hand to shake. "Nice to meet you, Lou."

Well, now I was thinking that they couldn't get a sitter for their daughter and so the real action of the weekend is now off, no sex.

"How about a dip in the hot tub?", Bill suggested and we all made our way to the hot tub. Now somewhat unsure of what was going on, I waited until they were all situated in the water before I got in the only remaining spot which was between Amanda and her daughter.

They were obviously mother and daughter, both pretty, Amanda's figure more full, though not at all overweight.

The bubbling water was somewhat warmer than the pool and I was getting used to it as we chatted about where we each lived.

"Oh, we're way out in the middle of nowhere. I'm surprised we even get mail," Megan said, laughing.

"Oh, dear, it's not quite that bad. We are out, it's nice not having neighbors right up against you, we have room to be ourselves," Amanda added.

"Yeah, that and a little light farming, not much, mostly for us, you know," Bill put in.

"The school I go to is small, too, each grade level is only about twenty kids. They've talked for years about combining us into the regional high school but I'm hoping I can graduate before they do that. The regional has over a thousand kids in it, just way too big."

Just as she was saying this, her mother looked back toward to pool, then bent forward a bit, reached around and untied her bikini top and took it off, laying it on the tub's edge. The water was just lapping her nipples as she asked me, "Do you like them, Lou?" smiling at me as she leaned back bringing them up out of the water.

They were all looking at me, smiling as I tried to answer.

"Um, yes, you're quite pretty, Amanda," I managed to get out as I felt a hand settle on my bulging cock and squeeze. It had to be Amanda as Megan leaned forward turning to me to ask," Would you help me off with mine?"

I looked over at her mother who nodded as I pulled the tie open and she slipped her top off and put it on the edge as well. Turning a bit to me and raising up so I could see them fully, she asked, "Like mine, too? They're not as big as Mom's but I hope you like them anyway. They're still growing," she said as she lifted them with her hands.

"I've got two lovely ladies for you, Lou, I hope you're ready for some fun?" Bill asked and my head spun just trying to process this whole situation.

By now, Bill's wife was rubbing her palm over my erection as his daughter was stroking my leg. Perhaps she knew her mother already had claimed my cock.

I couldn't imagine how the evening was going to progress, it just seemed too bizarre. So, I decided to ask Megan more about school, that would give me a better idea of her age.

"So, Megan, what year are you in?"

"I'll be a Junior in the fall, can't wait to get high school over with and go to college. My friend Barb's older sister has told me that it's wall-to-wall sex, just all the time, everybody's doing it twenty-four-seven. I can't wait," she said as she squeezed my thigh and rubbed it further.

"Well, we'd better go up to our room, I think my ladies are wanting some privacy with our guest for the evening," Bill said as they all stood up, the women holding towels over their boobs as we made our way to the elevator up to the eleventh floor where the towels dropped for the ride up, then held back in place as we went down the hall.

Bill slid the card in the slot and opened the door for us to all go inside.

As soon as we were inside, Megan and her mother dropped their towels again and pulled off the bottoms of their bikinis.

"Why don't you help Lou out of his trunks, Megan?" her father suggested as his now naked daughter crouched down in front of me and pulled my wet trunks to the floor, springing my damp cock up almost hitting her nose.

"Oooh, look, nice," she said as she bent forward, lips apart surrounding my cock to begin sucking me as I stood there simply amazed that they were so nonchalant about their teenaged daughter engaging in sex with them like this. They both stood there watching her suck me as they fondled one another.

"We didn't want to scare you off, Lou, so we kept Megan a little secret until you showed up. We've been including her in our sex for a few years now and she's hard to keep satisfied, if you know what I mean. You're in for a good time. Both my ladies are horny ones, all the time," he told me as his daughter sucked me as she looked up as my happy face knowing she was giving me the greatest pleasure.

"She loves to suck a man's cock, Lou, you're finding that out, aren't you,? Amanda, the girl's mother said, "She's always sucking Bill's cock, I hardly get a chance anymore so I'm gonna do him while she's busy," and I watched as Bill lay down on the bed and his wife got over him and started taking long sucks up and down on him as her breasts swayed back and forth.

Meanwhile, I was being energetically tended to by her daughter, Megan, who was certainly skilled in the sexual arts for someone so young. I figured she had had lots of practice.

"Mmm, oh, Megan, oh, honey, you are so good, oh, you suck me so good, I'm not gonna last ... oh, UUH, UUH, umm, uuh, uhh," I moaned as she sucked and sucked away all my spurting cum as it left me into her mouth. She sucked a minute more, then pulled off and opened her mouth proudly showing me my stringy strands of semen inside her mouth.

Then she closed her mouth as I saw her swallowing it all down. She stood up and I hugged her to me as we kissed and our hands explored one another while her mother sucked off her dad on the bed.

She turned and said, "I love to see her sucking my dad. It makes me so horny. Are you ready to fuck me? Would you like a Viagra pill? My Dad brought some."

I had used it a few times and while I can always get it up, it did make me harder and longer-lasting even through multiple ejaculations. I had a friend at work who used it all the time and he's twenty-eight and has never had an erection problem; he swears by it. So, I told her I would and she got me one with a glass of water.

As I swallowed it, she was standing there rubbing my cock.

"Dad has to take it when I'm feeling really horny these days. He can keep up with Mom but when I want him to fuck me all the time, he just runs out of steam. So, like the commercial says, he went to see his doctor and now he can take care of Mom and me, even when I make him fuck me three, four times a day. So, you ready for a little fun?" she asked as she pulled me to the bed by my cock.

Her parents moved over to make room for us as she had me lay down while she got up over me backwards and crouched down over me as I watched her reach under to grip my cock as she lowered herself, then wiggled and squirmed pushing herself onto me, letting out a little gasp then began rocking back and forth as my hands slid underneath her rubbing along the sides of her pussy as she moved up and down.

Amanda was kneeling between her husband's legs bent over sucking him when we got on the bed with them.

"You look hot fucking our new friend, honey. When you're full of his cum, I'll eat out that pretty little pussy of your's while Mom fucks him, okay?" her father said.

"Yes, Daddy, whatever my Daddy wants, you know that," she said as her hips rocked up and down moving my cock in and out of her.

"Mmm, Megan, you are some hot, girl. I just didn't expect a girl like you, you know, your age, to be here tonight," I told her.

"This is the third time my folks have taken me with them to meet a guy for sex. The first time I was just so nervous and then, well, as soon as it all started I was just loving every second of it. I think I'm really made for swinging and I just love older guys. So, you're lucky, Lou, Mom and I'll just fuck you silly. Dad loves it when we fuck a new guy."

"Sure makes me happy," I told her as she rocked back and forth over me as my hands caressed her slickened, wet pussy lips.

"Well, save some for my mom, she's busy right now but, I'll tell you now, she loves it doggie-style. And she loves to suck cock even more than I do. That's a lot. You'll see."

I lay there arching my hips up while she so wonderfully fucked me. I kept sliding my hands up under her and she was just covered in slippery juices which I was gliding my hands through rubbing up under her alongside her pussy as she rocked back and forth.

"Mmm, oh, that feels awesome. No guy has ever rubbed my pussy like that before while I fucked him. Mmm, don't stop, that's gonna really get me off big time," she groaned.

Well, this young woman was going to get me off big time as well. She was really so hot. I was still in shock at having a high school girl fucking me and doing it in front of her parents, though it was obvious that their family relationship was distinctly out of the mainstream.

"Mmm, oh, rub me, Lou, rub me, god, that's good. OH, OOH, OOH, AYYE, AYYE, UUNH, UMMM, mmm, mmm," she cried out making me wonder if we had anyone in the rooms adjacent to ours. Well, if there were, they must have some idea of what was occupying the guests in Room 1106.

She began fucking me faster as she was getting off and now her pussy was just going up and down on me as fast as she could. There was no way I could resist that and, in truth, I didn't want to.

"Oh, oh, oh, yeah, Megan, oh, OH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uuh, umm, mmm," I groaned as she pushed down on me grinding herself on my cock.

"Mmm, god, Mom, you're gonna like Lou, he's fun to fuck for sure," she told her mother.

"She's just about finished, Megan, then she can fuck our guest. You ready for her, Lou? Everything Megan knows, she got from her mother."

Well, that was enticing. Megan certainly was far more skilled at sex that I ever remember girls being when I was her age but, I guess, that's the way of the world now. I was just happy that I was able to unexpectedly sample what the current young generation was doing.

"Oh, hon, mmm, oh, uh, UH, UH, UH, mmm, mmm," Bill groaned as his wife sucked and sucked kneeling over him, her pink pussy visible between her legs covered with juices ready for my cock when she finished.

Amanda pulled up off her husband and turned to me.

"You ready to eat my pussy? Do it good and you can eat Megan's next. She just loves it. But I'll bet she wants her daddy to fuck her right now. So, we can have some fun, okay?" she said as she stretched open for me.

Chapter 2

I crouched down between her legs and began tracing my tongue widely around underneath her. I decided to tease her a bit and stayed away from her pussy, just concentrating on all the smooth, sensitive skin on her inner thighs.

"Mmm, that's hot, ooh, yes, mmm," she moaned as the bed began to rock as Megan began fucking her dad next to us. All we needed was a film crew and we'd have a hell of a porn flick.

"Mmm, Lou, you're making me feel really good. Oh, I'm gonna fuck you hard when you get me off. Megan doing you good, hon?" this last directed at her husband stretched out next to us with their daughter on top of him scissoring up and down. Me, I was busy on a very juicy pussy enjoying myself thoroughly.

"Oh, Meg is doing her usual, just outstanding, the girl's the best fuck there is. Lou already knows, right Lou?"

"He's busy, Daddy, taking care of Mom," Megan panted.

Yes, I was and she seemed to be liking it the way her hands were rubbing in my hair and the soft moans I was hearing. I was still good and hard, even after a fabulous suck and fuck from daughter, Megan.

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