Home Is the Sailor, Home From the Sea

by Jean D'Amour

Copyright© 2011 by Jean D'Amour

Sex Story: What price perfect obedience. The use of his wife by another was not to high a price to pay.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Swinging   .

The scene was somewhat surreal, at least to me. The surroundings were common enough, but the circumstances were very strange. I was in my bed, at home, naked, with my wife, Patty. I had just that very morning returned from a seven month deployment. Just before I got my nut in the cunt of the first American woman that I had seen naked in better than half a year, and it wasn't my wife's, I pulled out my still very stiff cock, snapped my fingers, and plunged it, still dripping with my best friend John's wife Susan's cunt sauce, into the waiting and willing mouth of my wife's mouth. She sucked me until I dumped my hot cum load right down her throat.

Two weeks earlier, my best friend John and I met in a little beer bar in Pearl Harbor. His ship had just deployed and was relieving my ship and we managed to arrange to have a liberty together before I headed back to CONUS.

"Steve, remember that conversation that we had a year ago about how you wished your wife was as unquestioningly obedient as mine?"

"Yeah, I remember, and I still wish it," I laughed but I was only half in jest.

"Do you remember me asking you what you would give to have your wish?"

"Well, yeah, not that it would make..."

"Don't jump to conclusions," John cut me off, "Now, tell me, and be honest, would you forgive Patty fucking some other guy if in return she learned to be obedient and subservient just like Susan?"

"Well, yeah, I guess..."

"No guessing, Steve. You have to be 100% dead certain – one way or the other."

"Yeah, I would forgive her if she were like Susan and stayed that way."

"Well, I've got good news and bad news, Steve. Susan and I have spent the last four months teaching your Patty how to be obedient without question. She was a very fast learner, I must say. The bad news is that I fucked her, lots of times and in all of her openings. I know I took a risk with our friendship, but when the opportunity presented itself, I had to go for it. Had we not had that earlier conversation, the one where you said you would do anything to turn your Patty into a sexual sycophant, I would never have done any of this."

"So, like, how obedient is she?" I asked.

"Let's say you get home from work after a hard day, and you sit down in your recliner. She brings you a beer, and you say something about being a little horny. As she starts to undress, you say something about wanting something different than just the same old cunt. She tells you she will be right back and in five minutes she returns with my Susan in tow. She lifts Susan's skirt and lets you look at my wife's cunt – Susan never wears panties, my orders. Then Patty helps you off with your pants and guides your prick head to Susan's wet hole. Then, if you want to finish in your own wife's mouth, you just pull out your cock, snap your fingers, and your Patty will suck Susan's cunt sauce off of you and your steamy cum load out of you. Is that obedient enough for you?"

"God Damn! I'm gonna get my nut right here in my pants inside of this seedy ass bar. Fuck! John, I think you are a better friend now than before you fucked my wife. You know, I never told you but I have always wondered what it would be like to knock off a piece of your Susan."

"Look, now that they have been properly trained, I figure it this way, Cunt plus Mouth plus Asshole = 3 openings. 3 openings times 2 women equals 6 available holes. That is plenty of variety for just two cocks, wouldn't you say?"

"Sure, I think so. Since we are both friends and gentlemen, I'm sure we could work out any slight conflicts that might arise, such as both of us wanting to fuck the exact same hole at the exact same time."

"Of course, in case of a disagreement, we settle it with a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

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