After the Honeymoon

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2011 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: A sequel to 'A Different Honeymoon' with life changing consequences for the young married couple

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Wife Watching   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

[This is a sequel to 'A Different Honeymoon'. This new story will make more sense if you read that story first.]

Was it really ten months since we came back from our honeymoon, I asked myself? Certainly it had been a wonderful ten months, even if it had been a bit of a struggle financially. Shirley was working hard to complete her final year at university and within two weeks she should be finished and able to get a full time job, which would ease our financial difficulties.

In two weeks she would be turning 21, while it had been nearly three months since I turned 22.

My job didn't pay a lot, even though I had a good degree, but there was a good future if I could hang in there long enough. There wasn't much demand for my computer project management skills obtained through my degree. In fact, I also worried about Shirley being able to get a job here in Newcastle in her slightly different computer discipline when she finished her degree

It was a little tough, with us both living on one not very big wage, but we were both so in love. We lived very frugally; didn't buy the newspaper, had rarely gone out and library books were our main source of relaxation, apart from making love and strolling along the beach. Even the computer was mostly restricted to being used for Shirley's studies to save money by having a minimal plan.

We'd been together now for almost seven years, always poor, but always happy. Our honeymoon had turned out to be an incredible experience, albeit not something we could discuss with others as it had been somewhat out of the ordinary. We both felt we had been lucky to have met and become so close to Greg during that time. Some of the things we'd done during that week, especially the last few days, had featured as fantasies a number of times during our sexual activities, giving us both extremely intense climaxes when we relived, at least in our shared imagination, one of our threesomes. We had a very trusty 'friend' to assist us, but it often needed new batteries!

Nevertheless, neither of us had suggested getting in touch with him again. He had given me his email address, but not wanted ours, leaving the decision to contact him purely up to us, because we had made it fairly clear at the time, that as much as we had enjoyed what had happened during that week, we wanted to live a more conventional life.

Then one day, Shirley had to go to the doctors to get a new script for the pill, because having a baby had to be at least several years away if possible. Of course as always, the doctor was running behind schedule so she'd read one of those out-of-date news magazines in the waiting room.

"Terry, you won't believe it, but I read about Greg today while I was waiting to see the doctor" she told me in a surprisingly subdued tone.

"What? What's wrong? Is he alright?" I asked immediately sensing something wasn't right.

"He's OK I think, but his parents were both killed in a light aircraft crash about six months ago. He was only mentioned briefly in the article, being their only surviving child" she replied.

"Oh, how sad. I feel bad now that we haven't contacted him. Do you think I should write him an email? I've still got his address, but what do you think I should say to him?"

"Yes, I think you should write. Tell him the truth that we only found out today about his parents and hope he's alright and that we are thinking of him. If he doesn't reply then we can at least know we've tried to do the right thing" she suggested.

So I used her computer to write as she had suggested, but also filling him in briefly about how we were, mentioning that Shirley had her final exams over the next ten days.

It was a couple of days before I checked our emails again and was pleased to see there was a response from Greg. I quickly called out to Shirley, who joined me as we read his reply.

'It was so good to get your email: I always hoped to hear from you again. Thanks for your sentiments and yes, it was very sad what happened to my parents, but I guess it has made me grow up very quickly. When your exams are over (and I wish you all the best with them, Shirley) I would love to catch up with you both again. Let me know if you can come down on a Saturday night as soon after you finish uni as you wish, so that I can take you out for a celebratory dinner. There's plenty of bedrooms here as I'm living by myself in the family mansion, which is beside the beach, so I hope you'll stay the night. LoL Greg'

"Wow, what do you think?" was Shirley's immediate reaction.

"Well I for one would like to catch up with Greg and the offer sounds too good to refuse" I replied instantly, without thought, before adding "but what about you?"

"Well, yes, I think under the circumstances I think it would be appropriate. He was so nice to us on our honeymoon, and I don't just mean the sex, and well I guess he does sound like he could use a bit of a cheering up, so yes, I think we should go if it's alright with you" she eventually got out after some hesitation.

So, after exchanging a few emails, it was agreed that we would catch the train down to Sydney on the Saturday after she finished her exams. We let Greg know what time we were due at Central Station as he had offered to pick us up there.

It was quite hot for mid November, around 30 degrees Celsius, but then it was almost summer. Shirley and I were both dressed for the warm day; I was wearing longish shorts, short sleeve shirt and my joggers, while she was in a summery, floral cotton dress with sandals. Actually she looked rather good, but then again she always did.

As we walked along the platform at Central Station just after midday, me carrying two overnight bags and Shirley just her purse, we both saw Greg at the same time.

"Greg!" she squealed and ran straight to him, allowing him to sweep her into his arms and kiss her on the lips, albeit briefly. He then turned to me, as I put the bags down and we went straight into a manly hug.

"So good to see you both again. You both look pretty good for an old married couple. The vehicle's waiting just outside" he said as he picked up one of our bags and led us out of the station.

'Vehicle' was a bit of an understatement – it was a stretch limo complete with chauffeur.

"Too hard to find parking here, so I used the hire car and driver" Greg explained, adding "besides, there's no way I could talk to you and drive through this traffic."

The drive didn't seem to take too long, probably 45 minutes, and the closer we got to the beach, the bigger the houses seemed to get. We chatted non-stop, but not before we'd expressed our sincere sympathy about his parents. But there was no reference by any of us to what we'd enjoyed on our honeymoon.

Greg explained a bit more about the tragic accident that killed both his parents and how busy he'd been since, trying to run the family company as the sole heir, working virtually seven long days a week. But he quickly assured us that he had taken 24 hours off so that he could spend some quality time with us.

His description of his house as a mansion scarcely did it justice. Sure it was huge, but it was wonderfully decorated with everything imaginable. Greg took us upstairs to a guest room, with its king size bed and a huge private bathroom, just one of three bedroom suites in the guest wing we saw shortly. After we dropped our bags, he took us to see the rest of the house: the other two bedrooms in the guest wing, both equally as big and with their own bathrooms, then across a hall to the other wing to his master bedroom with its unbelievably big walk-in clothes closet, a bathroom complete with a spa and Jacuzzi and a private sitting room with its own balcony looking out over the beach.

Next we went downstairs where he showed us the spacious lounge room, a full size billiard room complete with a bar that would have done a hotel proud, a media room with its home theatre, his study, the dining room where the long table had 12 chairs and lots of room and finally a huge kitchen that would not have been out of place in a good restaurant.

Here we were introduced to an older lady, Madge, who apparently was the housekeeper, cook and maid rolled into one. There were, he told us, two other ladies who came in twice a week to clean and do the washing and ironing, as well as one of their husbands who came at the same time to do the garden and pool maintenance.

"A better cook I'm sure you couldn't find" he told us with a smile as we greeted Madge.

"You know that flattery will do you no good, young Master Greg" she said, pretending to be gruff, but I could see the twinkle in her eye as she beamed with pride, before adding "well I'll be off then. I've set your lunch up by the pool as you requested. If there's nothing else, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. I didn't leave you any dinner because you said you were going out tonight."

After assuring her he didn't need her to do anything else, she left. He explained that she generally had 24 hours off once a week often from Saturday afternoon to Sunday lunch depending on what his parents needed, but since their death she had been very flexible looking after him more as a surrogate mother than an employee. Besides, he added, she had been with the family since he was born.

Greg suggested we freshen up and then join him by the pool for lunch, so we traipsed back upstairs.

The view from our bedroom window we found as we went back there to use the bathroom was unbelievable – across the beach and out to sea. Mind you, the view from beside the pool was rather beautiful as well, but no beach. The pool was very secluded and private with gardens and shrubs around it and lots of tubs full of gorgeous flowers. It sure made it a great place to laze.

Greg might have been right about Madge's culinary skills, though, because the lunch, although light, was very delicious and just right for the weather. We shared a delightful bottle of Chardonnay and then opened a second as we moved to the very comfortable lounges next to the pool, Shirley taking the second lounge, so that Greg and I could be either side of her.

He stripped off his shirt before laying down saying "I want to get some sun on my back as I haven't had much opportunity lately. You can change into your bikini if you want, Shirley or just lie here topless. It's very private, so no one will see you."

She looked at me as I took my shirt off and I smiled and whispered "it's up to you. It's not as if he hasn't seen you topless before."

After hesitating for a few more moments, Shirley turned her back to Greg and removed her dress, leaving her just in a brief pair of lace panties, as she hadn't been wearing and didn't need a bra. She quickly lay down on her tummy and let the sun warm her back.

I saw Greg smile at me as she did so and I returned his smile as he said impishly "want some sunscreen on your back, sweetie?"

We all instantly flashed back to those days on the beach during our honeymoon when Greg had applied sunscreen to her, and not just her back either.

"Mmmmh thanks, Greg" she sighed as she took another sip of her Chardy.

Greg quickly got to his feet and grabbed a tube from the side table before applying it sensuously to her back and legs.

"Want me to do your front while I've got the stuff?" he asked her once he'd finished her back.

"Thanks, but that's my husband's job" she replied, looking right at me.

"But I don't feel like getting up, besides I'd have to get the cream all over my hands. After all, Greg's hands already have the stuff on them" I replied, smiling straight at her.

"Your loss" was all she said as she rolled over and smiled her acceptance at Greg.

He didn't waste any time and was soon applying the sunscreen to all her uncovered skin, being very careful to ensure that her nipples didn't get burnt. At first Shirley lay with her eyes closed as her breasts were massaged under the guise of being protected from sunburn, but as her nipples were rubbed and then pulled she opened her eyes, gasped as she experienced a small orgasm and then looked at me, with a slightly worried but definitely aroused look.

I smiled at her, realising that this is what I really wanted. I knew that I felt a strong bond with Greg and that while I was confident that I did not want my darling wife with any other man, for some reason with him it was different. I hoped that this would go further.

Standing up, I moved over so that I could kiss her mouth, gently at first but then a second, more intense kiss, which ended with me telling her that I loved her and hoped that she was happy. She smiled back at me and reassured me that she was very happy as long as I was sure that this is what I wanted, because she would do nothing that might upset the man she loved above all else.

Withdrawing from her mouth, I moved down to rain kisses on her panty covered sex as Greg took my place at her head, engaging her mouth for a big passionate kiss. My hands moved to the waist of her undies and slowly pulled them down. Shirley lifted her hips slightly to assist me remove them completely, so I was able to use my fingers and tongue to ensure that waves of pleasure washed over her whole body. Then I moved back to my lounge and watched as Greg slowly moved his kisses to her neck, then breasts and then all the way down to her feet, before moving back up to her thighs, all the while telling her how beautiful and desirable she was and how he had never stopped thinking about the week of our honeymoon.

Finally, his tongue slid up and down the outside of her nether lips before plunging inside her and as his probing fingers replaced his tongue, his lips clasped onto her small, hard nub.

"I want you so much, Shirley dear. I've not been with a girl since my parents died and in fact there has been only one brief interlude since I was last with you. I'll understand if you don't want this to go any further, but I hope you do" Greg told her sincerely, as he lifted his face from her sex to look up at her face, before turning to glance at me as well.

She looked at me, saw the love and arousal on my face then turned to Greg and held her arms out to him, pulling him up on top of her, helping him pull his shorts off and then guiding him inside her. I thought it was beautiful to watch.

He took his time, slowly stroking in and out of her, despite his stated lack of recent sex, clearly wanting to last as long as possible and ensure that my darling wife enjoyed it as much as possible. It was obvious that his objective was being achieved because soon she was moaning with delight, telling him she missed him and was so glad we had got back together. She was just enjoying her third climax when I saw his bottom clench when he drove as deep inside her as he could get, held still and pulsed his conclusion into her.

After gently kissing her, he slowly withdrew from her, telling her just how wonderful she was. I quickly took his place between her legs and, for the first time in almost a year, enjoyed feeling myself sliding into a damp, sticky and welcoming vagina, made that way by another man.

"Oh darling, I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have let it go so far" Shirley cried softly to me.

But it was something I had really enjoyed and I told her, repeatedly reassuring her of my love and how glad I was that she had not only pleasured Greg, but also given me immense joy, both from watching him and the special feeling I was getting from being able to make love to her immediately after.

Clearly, she was concerned that she had gone further than she intended when she let Greg have her, but her worry soon turned to delight as I made sure she realised that what happened was exactly what I wanted, even though we hadn't discussed it before hand. I guess we both realised that subconsciously we were both hoping that this visit would lead to the result it had.

Greg had gone inside as we started to make love; ostensibly to open another bottle of wine and get a few nibbles, but really it was to give us a little privacy to talk about what had just happened.

"It might have been the first time since our honeymoon, but I hope it won't be the last" I reassured her, adding "I know we said it would never happen again, but there's something special about Greg, isn't there?"

"Yes, you're right, sweetheart. I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else, but I still hope you realise that Greg could never take your place; it's you I love with all my heart."

All the while I was slowly sliding in and out of her, feeling her gradually responding to my thrusts, which, as our conversation finished, started getting harder and deeper. Soon she was gripping me tightly with her thighs and arms, her fingers digging into my back as she reached her pinnacle and I wasn't far behind her as I stiffened and clasped her tightly against me.

Eventually, as our throbbing subsided, our muscles relaxed and we kissed gently, smiled at each other and mouthed our love, before slowly separating and sitting up to cuddle each other.

"So you two lovebirds OK?" a concerned Greg asked.

"Well I certainly am" I instantly responded.

"And so am I" a smiling Shirley endorsed, happily displaying her naked charms to him.

"Well, why don't we have a swim, then we can get cleaned up and don't forget that I'm taking you both out for dinner tonight" Greg suggested/told us, adding "seeing we're all naked, and the pool's very private, let's go in as we are. I just love skinny dipping."

While that was something neither Shirley nor I had experienced before, we sound found how pleasurable it was to swim naked. After initially doing a few laps for exercise, we soon started 'horsing' around, with both men concentrating their attacks on poor Shirley, who, as well as being dunked numerous times, had her breasts and bottom frequently squeezed, while more than one finger found its way between her legs at different times. Strangely, she didn't seem to object over much and somehow managed to somewhat stretch two penises.

Laughing, kissing, giggling, splashing, touching; it was fun for all until Greg suggested it was time to get ready.

"Hope you brought something posh with you, because we're going out to an upmarket restaurant" he told us as we climbed out of the pool, dripping then shaking our bodies and limbs to get the excess water off. Shirley didn't say anything, because I knew she wanted to surprise him. She had brought the lovely, sexy dress he had bought her on our honeymoon when he took us to a dinner dance.

After towelling down, we went to our respective rooms to shower and get ready. I'd brought a sports coat and a reasonable pair of slacks, which was as good as I owned, but I was hoping he didn't mean black tie when he said posh. Fortunately he didn't and he was dressed much as I was (although I was certain wearing a much more expensive set of clothes), but when he saw my beautiful wife slowly descend the staircase, I'd already joined him downstairs, he seemed almost overwhelmed.

"Wow! You look unbelievably fantastic. I remember now just how good you looked last time you wore that and now you look even better. Terry must be doing something right" he exclaimed.

"He does a lot right and I love him very much, but thanks for the compliment and the dress. It's the only good one I've got as I'm still a poor uni student married to a poor clerk" she replied cheekily but with a warm smile for each of us.

"Come our chariot awaits" he commanded as he took her arm and led us both outside to where the limo and driver were waiting.

"I'm not driving tonight as I'm planning on having some very good wine with dinner. Hope you both like Italian," he added as he helped Shirley into the limo, the door being held open by the chauffeur.

"Italian sounds good" she replied before asking "so where are you taking us?"

"To my favourite restaurant, Buon Ricordo in Paddington."

The drive there was enjoyable, seeing the sights of Sydney by night, made even more pleasant by the bottle of vintage Dom Perignon that Greg opened and served us together with a plate of exquisite hors d'oeuvres, which included some real caviar, smoked salmon and prawns.

We were all in a happy mood by the time we arrived at the very impressive restaurant. I remembered the last night on our honeymoon when Greg took us out for an upmarket dinner. It was like comparing a pizza with fillet mignon, to think of that restaurant with Buon Ricordo.

Greg organised for us to have their six course degustation menu, each with an appropriate glass of good Italian wine specially chosen by the sommelier. It was the sort of experience that I hoped we might be able to have afforded for our tenth anniversary, although more likely our 20th. It was simply fantastic.

During the dinner we talked of many things, reminisced about our honeymoon week, learned more about Greg's family, now only himself and how hard he was working, but how pleased he was that he had taken 24 hours off to entertain us.

He explained that he just didn't have enough time in the week to get everything done and how it was too hard to get the right staff.

By the time we clamoured back into the rear of the limo, we were feeling no pain, but Greg insisted on pouring us a generous cognac. It was a Hennessy Paradis, he told us, explaining that it is significantly better than even the XO and it was so smooth. But, not for the first time, Shirley surprised me.

"Are you trying to get me drunk, Greg? You don't have to, you know. You're on a sure thing tonight anyway" she blushed and giggled before turning to me and said "sorry darling, hope you don't mind."

After Greg and I recovered from laughing, I quickly assured her I was looking forward to her delivering on her promise.

As soon as we were inside Greg's home, he asked if anyone wanted a nightcap.

"Not for me, dear, I'm going to bed" Shirley half drunkenly replied then added as she started climbing the stairs "are you two men going to continue drinking or come and join me?"

We looked at each other and with a wink and a nod, followed right behind her. As soon as she was in our bedroom, she slipped out of the slinky, sexy dress, revealing what she wore beneath – nothing.

After climbing into bed she whispered "are you going first Greg?"

He didn't hesitate, apart from a brief look at me to see me nodding at him. He quickly got out of his clothes and joined her on the bed, kissing her mouth, clearly using lots of tongue, before moving his head so that his lips could trail over her cheek, across to her right ear, which he licked momentarily then down to her neck, before slowly dragging his tongue further down to her right breast. Here he spent some time licking and sucking her nipple before proving he believed in equal opportunity by spending the same amount of time slaving over her left breast.

By this time I had slowly removed my clothes, neatly hanging them up, but scarcely taking my eyes off the other two, enjoying vicariously what Greg was doing. I moved onto the bed on her other side so I could kiss her, our tongues duelling with delight while she wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me hard against her face.

As soon as our kiss ended another one started and I could feel her moaning in my mouth as wave after wave of sensation coursed through her body. I looked down to see that Greg's head was now between her legs, using his fingers and tongue to delve into her secret area.

The waves of pleasure must have felt so good to her because she cried out and then told me she loved me and begged me to tell Greg to make love to her. I obeyed, but not before I told her that I loved her too and this was just what I wanted to happen.

Greg responded immediately to my request, moving up so that he could rub his erection against the moisture outside her sex before slowly entering her, his penis seeming to glide easily all the way inside her. Clearly she was very aroused.

After one more kiss, I pulled back to the edge of the bed to allow them both to concentrate on what they were doing and they seemed to be doing it very well. Shirley had wrapped her legs and arms around his torso, clasping him tightly to her body as she endeavoured to get him deeper inside her. He moved his head so that he could kiss her mouth and let their tongues engage while he continued his assault on her lower body. His hands grasped a breast each, squeezing them hard then pinching her nipples as his thrusts increased their intensity.

Once more Shirley cried out in ecstasy, experiencing yet another blissful explosion of delight. She cried out to him, telling him how much she loved him and wanted him, which just seemed to drive him to greater efforts, because shortly after I could tell he was driving even deeper into her, holding still as his back arched and his bottom clenched. He too groaned, but it wasn't in agony, just bliss, clearly climaxing deep inside her.

After holding still for a few more moments, he kissed her once more and then slowly withdrew, rolling off her. Shirley continued to lay with her legs in exactly the same position, her damp sex showing the evidence of what she had just experience, but as much as I was enjoying seeing how beautiful she looked to me, I didn't waste any time in taking Greg's place between her legs and plunging inside her.

It was a feeling I knew I wanted to experience again as I slid into her moist and open sex, both the pleasure of sharing and watching her with Greg and how it felt to enter immediately after.

"I'm sorry, darling; I got a bit carried away. I know I shouldn't have said what I did, but I hope you realise that it is you I really love" she whispered to me with agonising concern.

I reassured her yet again how much I loved her and how much I had enjoyed what she'd just done with Greg, making sure that she knew that hearing her enjoy herself made my pleasure even greater.

Unfortunately I was so aroused by everything that I had watched that I couldn't hold back and all too soon was spurting my love into her. Realising that I had not even brought her to another climax, I slid down her body and used my tongue and fingers to ensure she had a happy ending, enjoying the unusual taste of her, Greg and myself.

The three of us lay there side by side with Shirley of course in the middle. She put her arms around each of us, dragging us over until we each had our chest pressing on a breast with our lips on either cheek, lightly kissing her.

We must have dozed off because I suddenly realised as I woke up and glanced at the clock that it was after midnight. My movement must have woken the other two, because Greg sat up then leaned back down to gently kiss Shirley.

"Goodnight, sweet thing; thank you for a wonderful day" he whispered as he stood up.

"Thank you for everything, Greg dear, it has been a most enjoyable day and night" she responded as he walked out the room closing the door behind him, and then she turned to me and asked "are you alright, my darling?"

I took her into my arms, kissed her softly and reassured her that I had enjoyed a fantastic day and hoped that she enjoyed it as much as me as I told her once more I loved her and was happy with everything she had said and done.

After she responded with her love for me and how glad she was that she hadn't done anything to upset me, we rolled over into our favourite spoon position with one of my hands cupping a glorious breast while we drifted off into a contented sleep.

"You said something last night that surprised me, Shirley. You mention that Terry's just a poor clerk. I would have thought with your degree you told me about last year, Terry, that you'd have a well paying job by now" Greg stated as we were sipping on our coffee after breakfast the next morning, while we sat outside by the pool enjoying the morning sunshine.

When we had woken up, Shirley had turned to me, wished me good morning and asked if I was OK. Once I had yet again reassured her and told her of my reciprocated love, we kissed, but by mutual consent, got up and showered together in the wonderful double shower.

We both simply put robes on over our otherwise naked bodies and went downstairs where we found Greg, dressed in just his shorts, making us all breakfast. After we had a glass of orange juice and enjoyed the lovely omelette he had made, we decided to take our coffees outside.

"Yes unfortunately what she said was right. Although I got an honours degree majoring in computer project management, there are precious little job opportunities in that discipline available in Newcastle. In fact I'm bit worried about whether Shirley will be able to get a job that can utilise her computer programming degree either. We've only just started to look, seeing as how she just finished her degree this week" I replied, adding "we may have to consider moving to Sydney or Canberra to get better jobs, but we wanted Shirley to finish uni before we started considering that."

"You do realise that I am anxiously trying to get people with your skills for long term projects I've got?" Greg cried almost desperately. "Would you consider moving down here and working for me? I could offer you, Shirley, a three month trial as a computer programmer on $80,000 per annum and assuming we're both happy, you'd be on at least $100,000 a year after that. For your three months probation I'd have you working with my most experienced team leader, who I'm sure you'll get on with and he's a good manager. You should learn heaps from him. He's been with the company since my father started it."

"Sounds too good to be true, but I couldn't accept it unless Terry found something here in Sydney as well" she replied excitedly but obviously concerned to make sure we weren't separated, at least accommodation wise, before adding jokingly "unless you want to become a kept man, darling, after all that's twice what you get now."

"Before you bother answering that obviously jocular retort, Terry, let me tell you that I'd love you to start work as an assistant project manager working with a man who was my father's best friend and who is my best manager and 2IC of the company, Jason Smith. My idea is that you would work with him for three months trying to learn all you can from him and then take over a new project we've got coming up that I haven't been able to recruit the right person for. You'd be on $100,000 as an assistant, but that would increase to $150,000 as soon as you become a manager" Greg stated enthusiastically.

"Wow, you are kidding, aren't you, because it sounds almost perfect?" I responded with disbelief.

"No, I'm certainly not. The only problem is that I need you to start almost immediately" he came back with.

"My only problem" Shirley suddenly interjected wistfully, "is I don't know whether I want the fantastic job offer or the new relationship we have rekindled this weekend. Obviously we can't have both. We couldn't work for you and then sleep with you."

"Yes, I take your point" Greg said, pausing briefly before adding "Terry, have you got two lots of $5 on you?"

I dug into my wallet and pulled out a five dollar note and found the same value in coins, showing them to him.

"Give the note to Shirley" he ordered, which I duly did, not understanding why or what he was doing.

"Now both of you give me $5" he told us and as soon as we somewhat bemusedly handed over the money, knowing there was no way on earth that he needed $10, he continued "congratulations, you now both own 5% of my company. You therefore don't work for me, but as shareholders you will be able to work on the same terms I've outlined but with the added incentive of getting 5% each of the company profits. Jason is on a similar arrangement, as he is the only other shareholder. He has a 10% incentive stake. So are you on board?"

Shirley and I looked at each other in total amazement and disbelief, grinning like two Cheshire cats, both wildly nodding our heads in agreement.

"So how soon can you both start?" he asked, reminding us of his urgency.

"Well Shirley could start tomorrow, but I guess I will have to give a week's notice" I stammered out.

"I think you should both start tomorrow week then, giving Shirley an opportunity to say her goodbyes and pack up, while you work out your notice. Plus you'll be busy at night because I'd like to give you both, but especially you, Terry, a fair bit of material to read before you start.

"As far as accommodation is concerned, you're both welcome to stay here and you can have the whole guest wing to yourselves. I really want you to treat it as your home, which means if you want someone to stay with you, you don't have to ask. You've got a spare bedroom. The third bedrooms I will make into an office for you both, equipping it with desks, computers, printer, the works. While my head office where you'll be working, Shirley, is not far away, Terry you'll be a lot more mobile and will probably end up doing some of your work from home.

"Certainly you can stay here at least until your probation period is finished so that you don't have to make long term accommodation commitments before you're sure you both want the jobs. By that I don't mean you should leave after the three months either, because I hope you'll stay here for much longer than that.

"Of course, while you are staying here, Madge will feed us and you won't need to worry about housekeeping. It may seem like that's a bit generous, but I can assure you that I'll be getting my pound of flesh as you'll both be working long hours, especially in the immediate future and I'm sure you will be pleased not to have to worry about cooking, cleaning and washing at the end of your long days.

"Oh, and one other thing, I assume you don't have a car yet?" Greg finally concluded his long, but oh so appealing, speech.

"No, we haven't been able to afford one yet, but have you really thought through your exceedingly generous offer?" I quickly replied, realising I wouldn't make a good negotiator.

"Don't worry, I don't think it's too generous at all – you haven't seen how hard you'll be working. But back to the car situation, Terry your job comes with a company car that you can use for private purposes as well and for the moment, Shirley, you won't need one yet as the office is so close and there will always be transport available for you. Besides there are plenty of cars in the garage. I've still got that sports car we used in Nelson's Bay, but I wouldn't be game to drive it with the three of us in it down here. We'd soon get booked.

"Oh, and one other thing, have you got much that you want to bring down with you from Newcastle? You can store anything you need to bring here because there's plenty of storage space in the back of the huge garage, but if it's all old stuff, why not give it to the Salvation Army or leave it with your landlord. I should also ask how much notice you have to give on your lease?" Greg asked.

Once again I looked at Shirley in disbelief. Things were moving so fast, but without consulting with her I replied "basically we've got a second hand bed, a small fridge and washing machine, an old TV that's virtually unwatchable and a second hand lounge. We'd planned on replacing everything with some decent stuff once Shirley finished studying and got a job, so all that could be happily left behind. Of course we've got some wedding presents like kitchen utensils and crockery and glasses as well as linen and towels that we'd like to keep and then there are our books, some CDs and a small CD player and our old computer. Oh and some clothes of course but even there, while I've got some office type wear, we knew we'd have to buy Shirley some decent clothes for work as soon as she started. As for the lease, the initial six month lease has been up for a while and we're simply on a month's notice now."

"Well in that case, why don't you drive back this afternoon in your new car and you can take my trailer with you which between the two should fit all the stuff you mentioned. Give the landlord a month's rent in lieu of notice, as part of your $5,000 relocation allowance, which I'll give you before you leave and hopefully Shirley there'll be enough left over so that you can use some of the time this week to buy some suitable office clothes" he told us, beaming with pleasure at us.

We were still too shocked to say anything for a while. Shirley and I sat there holding hands. We couldn't stop smiling at each other, but then she surprised me once more.

"Does this mean that we can be more than just good friends at the weekends?" she asked, with a sexy smile spreading across her face.

"Well I sure hope so, but please be assured that the job arrangements don't depend on that. Your offer, providing it's from both of you, is unbelievably generous and more than welcome" Greg emotionally responded.

"Oh I can guarantee it's from both of us. I'm just so pleased that Shirley made the initial suggestion" I replied, smiling at her.

"Then I can assure you that it will make me inordinately happy to continue our more than close friendship, but I do think that the intention behind what you offered Shirley is very appropriate and we should keep it to weekends. Apart from the fact that we'll be working hard, first and foremost, your marriage should continue to have a strong foundation and I don't want to ever interfere with that" he emphasised.

"So can we celebrate our new relationship now, seeing it is, after all, the weekend?" Shirley asked in a cheeky, sexy voice with a big smile on her face, but looking at me for reassurance.

"Now that does sound like a good idea, darling. Why don't you start by taking off those clothes and reminding us how beautiful you look and then Greg, you should make sure that you really want Shirley around at weekends" I told them both.

"Well if you are both sure, I am definitely interested in your offer, although there is no doubt about me wanting to make love to your beautiful wife. Let's make ourselves more comfortable, though and we'll go up to my room. After all, yours probably got a bit messy last night" he said with a chuckle.

We all stood up, Shirley taking a hand of each of us and we walked side by side upstairs and into the master bedroom. I was surprised to see the bed made and the room tidy, realising that Greg didn't just rely on servants.

Greg pulled the bed cover off as Shirley removed her robe and gracefully lay down on the centre of the bed. We men quickly followed her lead, getting naked before positioning ourselves either side of her so that we could both kiss and tease her body.

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