Daddy's Lil' Bratt

by Twisted Tiger Prince

Copyright© 2011 by Twisted Tiger Prince

Sex Story: Daddy's little girl needs punished. Will she enjoy her just deserts?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .

I was sitting on the couch watching another stupid episode of Two and A Half Men when my roommate came home.

She stood there staring at me for a moment. "It Saturday, you know." She said annoyed.

"Really? What tipped you off?" I replied.

She rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen. I ignored her as she went about making her snack or drink or what ever the hell she was up to.

Later as I was shuffling through the channels she approached me with a plate.

"Here ... sorry. Its just ... its been three weeks. I think its time for you to get out of the house." She said.

Then she added quickly. "But it isnt my business. So Im sorry."

I accepted the plate. It was my favorite, a Reuben like only someone from NYC could do it. Damn I love this girl I thought.

"Im sorry too. And thanks, your the best." I replied.

She sat down beside me and we finished a few minutes of a Simpsons re-run as I enjoyed her close company and my sandwich.

After awhile she walked out of the room to make a phone call, and I found an episode of Man VS Wild on cable.

During the commercial break I went into the kitchen cleaned my plate and poured myself some iced green tea. Linda found me there and smiled.

"Look Im going out with some friends in half an hour. Your welcome to join us." She said.

"Im good, thanks though." I replied.

She frowned and then went to her room to get ready.

A few minutes later my cell rang.

"Daddy?" a familiar voice asked.

"Who is this?" I replied as an unknown phone number was showing on the screen and I couldnt quite place the voice.

"What do you mean ... Who is this?" The voice challenged.

"Well I dont know this number. And I recognize your voice, but I dont remember giving you my number."

"You didnt. I got it from someone else ... listen I turned 18 last week. I havent seen you in awhile and Im free tonight."

I recognized her now. Tamika from the sandwich shop down the street from work. But how did she get my number?

She has been calling me Daddy for about a year now when I stop by for lunch occasionally, but I havent ever thought of taking her seriously because she was so young. We talk while she worked. She sat and ate with me a few times when I happened by during her shift end. Once I stayed over after closing and chatted with her while she cleaned up.

I even met her mother once about a month ago. I was surprised then, because she introduced me as her Daddy. Her mother had smiled warmly and given me a hug, telling me how much Tamika had told her about me, and thanking me for being supportive for her.

I guess I had been thinking for too long because she seemed to fidget with the phone.

"Hello ... are you there?" She asked.

"Yeah, Tamika Im here. You just surprised me is all." I answered.

"Oh I know. But its a good surprise right Daddy?"

"Yes it really is." I said truthfully. "I'll tell you what Princess ... How about I come around and pick you up. We can go shopping and get some food to take back to my place and we can cook dinner together and watch a movie ... What do you say?"

"I'd love to Daddy!" She said gleefully. "But can we make the dinner at my place instead?"

I agreed and after getting her address I hung up. I took a shower, got dressed in slack, button shirt, but no tie. Then I headed out.

About an hour and a half had passed by the time I found her address and pulled into the drive.

Tamika's mother met me at the door.

"Hello Jason. Its so nice to see you again." She said inviting me in and showing me to the family room.

"Tamika is almost ready." She said and I swore she winked at me before leaving the room.

While I waited I surveyed the room. Suede leather couch and love seat. Grayish blue color with matching recliner. A solid looking wood Ottoman in the center doubling as a coffee table. It appeared to be one of those convertibles. The top being either a table or seat, and the inside could be used for storage.

Fireplace with mason mantle. Family pictures everywhere. Tamika and her mother are black, but I could see from the pictures that many of her family was white and hispanic.

Im 35 years old and Im white. Patricia, Tamika's mother is around 40 years old.

"I have to go to work now. Did you want something to drink while you wait?" Patricia asked me.

I Turned to see her dressed in a nurses outfit.

She smiled at my obvious approval. " I work at Duke Hospital as an RN"she explained.

I nodded. "Thanks, but we are going to go out as soon as she is ready anyway."

"Well you welcome to anything you want in the fridge. You guys have a great night." She said as she left. Was that another wink?

"Daddy!" Tamika exclaimed from behind me. "Im ready."

I turned to face her and nearly fell over with excitement. Tamika had on a blue pleated skirt with matching vest, a white blouse which was open to show her modest cleavage. Black knee high boots and black belt. Her hair was up in 3 afro puffs, two at the sides and one in back all tied with blue ribbons.

Very sexy, but also very cos-play looking.

"How do I look?" She asked as my eyes wondered about her body.

"Very cute, sweetie." I said.

She smiled, but looked slightly disappointed.

"And very sexy." I added.

"Thanks Daddy!" She said suddenly and rushed me for a hug.

Her arms around my shoulders mine around her waist. I could smell her wonderful perfume, something Victoria Secret kinda like strawberries. Her hair also smelled very nice. She is much shorter than me around 5feet 4 inches to my 6 feet height. She is slim with wide hips and a perfect round ass.

I am rather slim also with a runners build short hair and I keep a beard.

"You always look nice too Daddy. " She said hand on my chest as she back away to look into my eyes.

I met her gaze for a moment. "Lets go kiddo." I said with a light slap on her rump.

She giggled at that and we headed for the car.

I opened the car door for her, and leaned over to fasten her safety belt for her once she was seated. Her hand stroked my chin and her eyes met mine again as I stood up and closed her door.

Later at the Whole Foods market, Tamika was getting quite a lot of stares in her direction from the other customers.

Her cos-play type outfit was even drawing attention from the staff with their faces full of piercings and their fun colored hair styles. In the snacks aisle a small group had gathered at the far end to admire her outfit and so Tamika thought she would give them a show and lifted up her skirt a little as she bent over to put some chips and salsa into the cart.

"I saw that." I told her sternly.

"Well Daddy they are staring at me ... they should just take a stupid picture it will last longer." She said stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

I had to admit her pouting face was turning me on.

"Even so ... thats not how a Princess behaves." I scolded her.

"Keep it up and you'll be punished." I warned her.

I caught her giving the other customers a show 3 more times before we got to the check out. Even bending over seductively at the hot food bar to give the elderly lady working there a peek down her blouse.

This of course got some very hostile expressions and comments aimed at me.

"Thats enough." I warned her again. Dont get us thrown out.

She folded her arms again in defiance.

In the car later she was biting her lip and tapping her foot.

"You were very naughty in the store Tamika. You had people angry with me for your behavior, did you know that?"

"I dont care Daddy. They are all just mean anyway. Stupid assholes!" She exclaimed.

"Stop being a little brat. You decided to wear that outfit. So you cant be angry at people who wanted to look." I said firmly.

"But you didnt even stop them!" She cried. "I didnt want everyone's eye ogling me. I wore this outfit for you Daddy! Just for you!"

"And I already told you I like it very much, but that doesnt mean you had to mis-behave and embarrass me the way you did!" I returned. "Daddy's Lil Princess was Daddy Lil' Brat tonight!"

I was angry of course, but I was also turned on by her sulking temper tantrum.

I could feel my dick swelling against my pants, aching to teach her some manners. I wondered how far this would go tonight as I drove the rest of the way back to her house in silence.

I should spank her for her behavior. She needed at least that. But I knew I wouldnt be satisfied with that. She had got me too excited I need release.

She led me to the kitchen to prepare dinner then excused herself to change into something more comfortable. I had to admit the outfit she was wearing would be a major distraction. I wouldnt want to loose any fingers so I agreed.

I found my way around the kitchen pretty easily and had nearly finished all the prep work when I realized she hadnt returned. How long had it been? At least 20 minutes I was sure.

I washed my hands and headed back through the house to see what had been keeping her.

I saw a light coming from the room at the end of the hallway.

"Tamika?" I called out.

No answer so I turned the light on and ventured down the hall. I could hear music from the otherside of the door so I knocked softly.

"Go away." Tamika said from behind the door.

"I could really use your help in the kitchen." I said feeling myself get angry again.

No answer.

"Dont be like this." I said. "Im not going to raise my voice, but if you dont come out here..." I paused.

"I'll spank your ass young lady." I said after a few minutes.

"What?" she answered. From directly behind the door.

"You heard me."

"Your kidding right ... you wouldnt do that." She said hesitantly.

"Try me."

"B-but Im your little girl..." She stammered.

"And your being a little brat. Now come out here this instant." I replied.

I heard her fiddle with the door knob.

"Right now." I warned.

She opened the door suddenly. "You wouldnt dare!" she shouted.

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