Bach and Chocolate

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Marissa runs the company; she meets, by accident, Christian in a difficult situation and decides to help him out but Bach interrupts and sets the relationship on a new course.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

Marissa decided that it was her day to run a bit of an inspection. This was always John's way of dealing with the place, especially as it got bigger and bigger. He would walk random inspections, after work hours and the place was at rest, to see how it looked, and how it felt. He always insisted that it gave him a good sense of the place. And as with other practices, Marissa continued John's habits long after he was gone. She was completely aware that it was because he had let her grow into the business, with his patient and kind help, that she could run it so successfully now.

It caused her to sigh. She knew that time had certainly gone on, it was maybe five years, but in ways she still missed her older, cuddly John, and she was all the more determined to do well with their company, his company.

It's what Marissa Meers did at age 33; she ran the company. She was, had become, a company woman, so to speak. She knew they all respected her, and that some of them were inordinately fond of her. She also knew that some held closely loved, closely cherished prejudices and called her, they thought behind her back, 'the black bitch' and worse.

Her secretary, Sally, had heard one such remark and told Marissa about it. Sally had been really upset by it but it caused Marissa to just laugh:

"Oh, Sally, Sally, you can always tell the shape of someone's soul by the evil names that they call others. I know that they call me 'the black bitch' but who cares? They work for me, and they know that."

Marissa was half way into her reverie, when she heard voices. She'd entered the warehouse, storage, shipping area of the works now and stopped to listen. She knew that no one was supposed to be here at this time.

"You do it now, or you lose your happy home here, boy!" a rough voice said.

Marissa recognized the voice as Herb Smith's. He ran this part of the operation. He was older and certainly one of the 'black bitch' crowd, as she called him.

She was holding a recorder that she habitually used to give herself messages and simply turned it on, as she got to the storage room door.

Herb was there with one of the new guys, a Christian Arenson, she believed. They were having an argument of sorts. Marissa was just about to intervene when Herb went on:

"Look at it this way, pretty boy; you're living here and the black bitch won't have that. So what, you lost your digs. This is my area and you'll pay the tariff or you'll lose this happy home. So that, if you're not on your knees in one minute with my cock in your mouth, you're out of here totally: no home, no job, no place to play your fuckin' fiddle!"

Christian, who couldn't see Marissa either, had a look of murder on his face. It was obvious from her reading of the situation that Herb had gotten himself in over his head and didn't even know it yet. It was then that she spoke up:

"Hey, Herb!" she said quietly.

Herb's face was ashen, as he saw Marissa in the doorway:

"Marissa, uh, Ms. Meers," he stammered, "I didn't see you there."

"No, I guess not, Herb," she said, "But shouldn't it be 'black bitch?'"

"Sorry about that," Herb continued to stammer, "Didn't see you there."

"Obviously," she said, and smiled. "But you know, Herb, I'm going to show you that there are no hard feelings. I'm going to offer you an early retirement package that will allow you to begin to collect on your 401K instead of firing your ass, instead of turning you into the police for attempted sodomy."

Here she held up the recorder for him to see; he blanched.

"But..." he began, trembling a bit now.

"No, no, Herb," she went on, "You've had your say, and I've had mine. We'll leave it go at that. I'll get the paper work started. You don't need to come in anymore."

In an instant it was clear that he was defeated. Herb was that kind of bully that deflated once his bluff was called.

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

"And, Herb," she continued, "Don't even think of revenge; you don't want to screw with me or my family, right?"

"Yes, Melisssa, uh, Ms Meer!" he said.

"Go ahead," she went on, "Say it to my face one time, Herb; it'll make you feel better."

He looked at her with a strange look and then growled at her:

"You black bitch!"

The next few minutes were extremely confusing, so much happened so quickly.

Marissa simply laughed at what Herb had called her and the total ineffectiveness of his undisguised racial and gender hate.

At the very same time, Herb, self satisfied, turned to grin at Christian, and Christian, having waited for Herb to be looking, hit the pot bellied man in the stomach. Herb blanched terribly and went to his knees. Christian stood back and just watched at that point and Marissa let out a surprised "Ohhh".

"Now, Herb," Christian said evenly, "I hit you in the stomach for a few reasons, and I want you to hear them and understand them. If you're with me, shake your head, pal."

Herb, still clutching his stomach, shook his head 'yes', and Christian continued:

"First, you don't address a lady that way! Second, if you have tiny minded racial hatreds, then you keep them to yourself. Remember what Thumper's mom said: 'If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all!' You hearing me, Herb?"

Herb shook his head 'yes' again and Christian went on:

"Third, she's the boss and deserves respect from you, and finally, Herb, I did it as a favor, so that there won't be a mark and you don't have to explain a black eye, or damaged face to anyone."

He hesitated for a moment, and Marissa simply looked on with a smile. Then Christian spoke again.

"I seriously don't know what was going on in your mind that made you think that you could extort a blow job out of me, Herb! And I'm going to let that one pass. I imagine that you'd better go now."

Marissa spoke up at that point:

"Herb, you don't need to come back in until I contact you to sign your papers. I'll make sure that your early retirement settlement is a nice one. Now, you just do what Christian told you to do and leave now."

Herb simply nodded his head and, rubbing his stomach still, stalked out.

"Trouble?" Christian asked of Marissa.

"Our Herb is a biggot, bully and a coward. We're pretty much quits with him now."

"Ma'am," Christian began, embarrassed, "I'm sorry about..."

She never let him get far into his statement:

"We'll just leave it go, Christian, as it is. And I think that tomorrow morning you should come to my office and we'll talk about you having Herb's position."

"Thank you, ma'am," Christian said softly.

"It's Marissa," she answered him. "Well, I need to get on my way, Christian. You have a pleasant evening."

He smiled, nodded and turned away. She made no further inquiry about his living situation and was determined to talk to Sally about it, so that no fuss would be raised. She went back to her office and sat to think about the whole incident. After a while, she decided to go and ask Christian if he'd like a drink. He did intrigue her and gave her a sense of wanting to know him better. When she got to the warehouse, shipping area things suddenly changed, unexpectedly changed.

As soon as she was in the building it happened. The whole building was filled with a soft and glorious sound. She recognized immediately one of Bach's unaccompanied cello suites. It reverberated around the building and filled the whole space.

"Of course," Marissa said to herself, "Herb had mentioned his 'fiddle'; he plays the cello."

Just then he made a mistake and she could hear him curse. She just barely covered her mouth and suppressed her giggle. He started again and this time, it was flawless. She sat and listened until he was finished with it and began to play scales. She slipped out quietly at that point, murmuring to herself:

"So, Christian's 'fiddle'!" She was slowly shaking her head as she said it. The loveliness of the music was almost a spiritual experience for Marissa, moving her greatly. It caused her to think a great deal. By the next morning, she had already, characteristically for her, formulated a number of plans.

She was early in the office, which caused her secretary/assistant, Sally, to shake her head and say:

"Oh, no, something is up if the wicked witch of the west is here early!"

"Watch your tongue, girl!" Marissa quipped at Sally, as she collected a hug from the totally devoted secretary. "And, if it's any of your business, I do have a number of items that need tending this morning."

"Yes, like sorting Herb Smith out!" Sally answered.

"You have a nose as long as an elephant's," Marissa said with a smile. "So, you know about that little incident."

"Yes, but I'm keeping it quiet," Sally said, "And I say 'good riddance' to him. I'll get his paper work ready for you to look over. I assume you want the usual early retirement arrangement put into writing?"

"Yes, let's just get rid of him," Marissa answered, nodding.

"And?" Sally prompted.

"And I have a meeting coming with Mike Robson but that's personal stuff," Marissa said pointedly, and was ignored by Sally.

"Mike?" she said.

Marissa sighed and said: "Yes, I'm going to ask Mike to rehab the apartment above the carriage house, garage at home."

"What a lovely idea," Sally said and stopped herself cold. She shook her finger at Marissa and said: "Calculating! Scheming! You're going to offer that apartment to Christian Arenson!"

Marissa grinned at her: "I'm surprised that it took you so long to work it out." Then she sat down and said:

"Sally, someone has to help him a bit. I wandered back into the warehouse last night and heard him play that cello."

"I heard that he was a musician," Sally said softly.

"It was way beyond wonderful!" Marisssa said, "So, someone needs to step in and help him out just a bit."

"And eventually jump on his bones!" Sally said with a broad grin.

"You evil minded sprite!" Marissa shot back at Sally's retreating back.

"'Sticks and stones'," Sally said over her shoulder, grinning at her equally grinning boss all the while. "I'll send Mike in as soon as he gets here."

"And, I am expecting Christian Arenson too," Marissa said, turning to go.

Sally hooted!: "I was waiting for that one!"

"Don't you start with me, missy!" Marissa said, trying to give Sally a truly withering look and only collapsing into grins again.

"Mike first," Sally said, "Then Christian, when the pad work is all set up. After all if the spider is going to invite the fly into her parlor, the parlor has to be ready!"

"Go!" Marissa shouted.

"I'm going," Sally said, curtseying to the boss before leaving.

Sally popped her head back around the door frame for another second and said:

"By the way, Marissa, I do love you!"

Marissa smiled a beatific smile and said: "I know that, you bad girl!"

"My best quality!" Sally said before she disappeared again.

Mike was there in just a few minutes. Marissa greeted him cordially, since he'd been with the company for such a time.

"Mike, thanks for coming," Marissa said.

They were indeed old friends, for Mike had began working for John, when he was only developing the company.

"So, what's up," Mike asked.

"How are we doing, in terms of the projects in house?" Marissa wanted to know.

"Very well, actually," Mike said and went into details with her. She was totally satisfied, once he was done.

"Well, I have a kind of favor to ask," Marissa went on.

"You well know," he said evenly, "Anything for you."

"It's my carriage house at home. It's the garage and it has a large apartment above it, which needs to be rehabbed. Can you look at it for me? I will do the usual, Mike, your regular salary here and whatever construction fee would be right."

"You don't have to do that," Mike protested, but she held up her hand and went on:

"No, you're good enough to help me out often with these projects and I want to show that I appreciate it!"

"Fine," he said, "I can go look it over this morning. I'll take Denny with me, and we'll have estimates for you later today."

"As usual," she said, "The greatest!" giving him an appreciative hug.

Sally came in after Mike left and Marissa told her about Mike and Denny going to the house to look over the carriage house apartment for rehabbing.

"Sounds like 'the games afoot'!" Sally quipped.

"Yes, Sherlock, it is!" Marissa answered.

"And Christian Arenson is waiting on your pleasure!" Sally said then.

"Fine, send him in next, I want to talk to him about Herb's job."

"Great idea!" Sally said, going out to fetch Christian.

He began by being grateful and apologetic to her for the 'living in the warehouse' issue. He went on quickly to explain that it was temporary because he needed a place to practice, and his old place was going condo and he wasn't interested in buying it, so the residency permit had been ended rather abruptly.

But she held up her hand and silenced him and said:

"No, we don't have to talk about that right now. You just do what you need, and we're fine."

She took the time then to talk to him about Herb's position, which she was hoping that he could fill. Christian seemed interested in the proposition and spoke about some of the observations that he had about the way that the warehouse worked.

Marissa was impressed by his insights and they came to an agreement for the position.

"And I will look for a new place to live," he said, "It's just that places are so hard to find these days, especially places where I would be able to practice."

"Oh, yes," she said, "Your 'fiddle'," and she grinned.

"Yes," he said, shaking his head and smiling, "My fiddle!"

"And," she went on then," I haven't been able to properly thank you for your reaction to my being called 'the black bitch'," she said softly. "I appreciated that, Christian."

He only smiled and nodded. And they seemed to be set; he would start the overseer's job in the warehouse the next day. She asked him to be sure to come to her frequently so that she was aware of what was happening, what he was doing and what he needed.

"It's a kind of 'need to know' thing," she said. "I am interested in knowing pretty much what's happening in all the departments."

"Yes," he said, "I admire that style very much."

It made her smile.

So, for the next few days it became a habit for her. She 'invaded' his space late to listen to the lovely music that he made, before she went home. She'd invariably sit quietly to listen to his music, his practicing. It became a source of wondrous pleasure for her.

It was only after about a week that she once again called Christian into her office for a chat. By then Mike and Denny had done their usual quick and thorough job.

When he was there with her, she began:

"It's about your living arrangement, Christian,"

He held up a hand and said: "Yes, I know and I do apologize. I have some places to look at this week and I will get it settled, I totally promise."

She smiled and said: "Thank you but what I want to tell you is that I have a rather large carriage house at my place that doubles as a garage. It has a fairly large sized apartment above it, about 2400 square feet and I was wondering if you'd like to have a look at it to maybe take it.

He was dumb struck immediately.

I ... uh ... I don't know what to say," he stammered. "That's such a nice, uh, gesture ... uh, sure!" He shook his head in wonder for another minute and then, smiling said: "I'd love to look at it."

He was grinning from ear to ear by the time that he was finished saying that much.

"Could you look at it today?" she asked. "It's been recently rehabbed and is in good shape."

"Wonderful!" he said, "Uh, how much is the rent, if I could ask."

"Oh," She hesitated, "I haven't really thought about that. Maybe whatever you were paying at the other place, I guess. I didn't really have any intention to be a 'landlord' so much as to maybe help out a friend."

He smiled at her and said softly: "Yes, yes, thank you, 'help out a friend'."

"So, after work?" she asked.

"Great!" he answered. "After work!"

Before she left the office, she spoke to Sally.

"How's the garage project coming, Amazing One?" Sally asked, suspicion in her voice.

"Well, " Marissa said and hesitated.

"Tell!" Sally demanded, and they both grinned.

Marissa told Sally about the rehabbing of the carriage house apartment being finally finished.

"Haven't used it in an age," she concluded, "And it's so big. I am going to offer it to Christian, seeing that he doesn't have a place."

"Schemer!" Sally said softly and exchanged a grin with Marissa before beginning to dance in a circle and chant: "Boss is going hunting! Boss is going hunting!"

"Stop it or I'll spank your fanny!" Marissa said with all the authority that she could muster.

Sally laughed and said: "I'm thinking, Boss, that if anyone here is going to be the spankee, it'll be the lovely, lovely chocolate brown babe who's angling for old Christian!"

Marissa laughed and said: "Stop it! Even if you're right! Oh, why do I put up with you?"

Then, with an enquiring look on her face, she asked: "Do we have information on Christian? His cell phone number?"

"Schemer!" Sally sang out as she got the number for Marissa.

"Friendly gesture!" Marissa replied.

"Good, tell me all about your friendly gesture and what you and he were wearing tomorrow!"

They both broke into giggles at that and Mariss went to Sally, put her arms around her for a hug and kissed her cheek.

"I'm out of here!" she said to Sally, as Sally began to make the musical 'shark' noises from 'Jaws'.

"Stop!" Marissa said, as she walked out the door.

She found Christian waiting in the parking lot and they drove separately to her place.

Her home was one that she and John had lavished care upon. It was a large, old brick home that was modernized inside very tastefully and had the extra charm of that outside carriage house/garage.

She left her car outside of the garage and went to a side door, opening it and walking ahead of Christian up the stairs to the apartment.

Christian was mesmerized, as he walked behind her, watching the swish of her butt cheeks under the fabric of her business suit.

(He had, he mused, never been one to be attracted to afro-american women but he found his personal lust-meter on high alert with Marissa. He suppressed the notion, immediately reminding himself that she was the 'Boss' and he wasn't going to go screwing up his present job situation, which, he hoped, would see him through the present time, as he awaited the symphony auditions. But he was grinning with the sight, as he got to the top of the stairs.) Marissa looked at him, a question showing on her face.

"Oh," he said, realizing that he'd been caught. "It all looks so lovely."

He couldn't read her face at all as she nodded, with an ever so slight smile around her mouth, and said a word of 'thanks', leading him into and around the apartment.

His next comment was an audible "Wow!", as they went through the newly worked on apartment.

"Yes," she said, "Mike Robson and Danny Watts did it. They do good work!"

"I guess," he said.

"Uh, Ms. Meers," he went on, a bit chagrined by the generosity of all of this, "I really..."

"Please, here at home can't it be Merissa?" she asked softly.

"Exactly!" he said, "Marissa, it's so lovely and this is a wonderful gesture."

She smiled, "Well, I will leave you to wander around and try it out, so to speak. Excuse me for a bit; I need to go and change."

"Of course, and thank you again!" he said.

Next came a significant turn of events for Christian. He was wandering the apartment and mentally arranging his few things, when he casually glanced out of the window, that pointed toward the big house. The room that he faced had a window with curtains two-thirds of the way closed. Just then, if by design, or mere accident is hard to tell, Christian saw Marissa walk by the curtain gap. She now had her suit jacket and her blouse off and was wearing a skirt and a beige bra. Her breasts, he realized immediately, were quite large.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" he said involuntarily, standing and staring right in the light of the window.

It was the position that he was in, when she came back across the curtain divide and, glancing, saw him standing and looking. He took one involuntary, defensive step backwards but realized that he had indeed been caught. She disappeared from sight.

His phone rang. He automatically picked it up and said a soft, almost strangled 'hello'. It was Marissa.

"I'm sooooooo, sooooo sorry..." he began. "I don't know what to say; I just, uh, looked and you were..."

But she cut across what he was saying"

"You were watching!" she said. It wasn't an accusation; it wasn't nasty or upset, it was just a statement.

"Yes, I'm sorry ... it wasn't even voluntary..." his began again but his voice trailed off, not completely sure of what to say.

"Yes, I know," she said, and hung up the phone.

What she did next took a huge amount of courage on her part. She knew she'd tell Sally about it the next day, and either get in trouble with her bossy secretary or get a medal, she wasn't sure which. It was a hasty decision but one that she, with a giggle, felt was right, and she had him even more transfixed in his spot by the window.

The curtains were opened all the way, and she calmly, casually walked over to the bed, where, it was obvious, she'd already deposited her suit jacket and blouse. With her back to him, but clearly in the range of his sight, she reached back and unzipped the zipper of her skirt.

Christian's breathing was becoming more and more labored as he watched, fascinated, his boss stripping next door.

The zipper down now, she pushed the skirt down and stepped out of it, folding it and putting it on the bed also, bending ever so slightly from the waist as she did so, and showing him the dark brown cheeks of her ass, encased, as they were, in the shimmering fabric of the beige panties. She stood with her back to him.

"Ohhhh!" he said to himself, as he watched stand there folding her skirt, wearing heels, thigh highs, panties and a bra.

He was rooted to the spot, as he watched her remove next her bra, folding it also. She straightened then, glancing at him and nodding only slightly. She turned, showing her almost naked ass to him, barely hidden by the beige panties that she wore, bent from the waist and picked up her clothes, striding off to the closet with them.

Christian didn't move at all.

When she came back, her breasts swaying back and forth from the effort of walking, she was wearing only the panties. He stared at her as she picked up the phone.

He was still startled by the ringing of his cell phone.

"Yes?" he said in a totally strangled voice.

"Talk to me, Christian," she said softly.

"I've never, ever seen a woman as beautiful!" he said without pausing to think at all.

"Flatterer!" she said with a low laugh.

"Truth teller!" he replied.

"And, I've never, ever seen an ... an afro american woman naked!" he went on.

"Like?" she asked softly.

"Love," he answered.

"Maybe the curtains won't be closed much," she said then, after screwing up all her courage.

"Oh dear!" was his comment.

"Christian," she said next, "I want to be very careful here but this is a lovely beginning!"

"Yes," he answered, "A lovely beginning."

"Shower now," she said.

"Shower," he answered, and then, after a few seconds thought: "Keep your panties on in the shower at first!"

"Yes, yes," she said, her own breathing sounding in the phone, "I'll do that."

"I'm going to try the acoustics out here," he said.

"That'll be lovely; shower time," she answered softly. "Thank you, Christian."

"No," he responded, "Thank you."

She was breathing hard as she stepped into the shower with her beige panties on, as he'd told her and let them get wet and transparent. Part of her labored breathing was from the inner fright that she'd felt at the risk that she'd just taken.

"That's what he wanted!" she said to herself.

"Slow and easy, girl!" she admonished herself next. "Slow and easy it is!" was the answer that she gave herself.

Then she slipped her hand down inside her panties, seeking out the curly nest of her dark pubic hair, and played with herself. Her orgasm was a kind of a crashing event that left her breathless and leaning against the shower wall, panting.

"Oh, yes!" she said, going on with her shower.

She went to the carriage house, once she was showered and dressed, in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. The first thing that she noticed, as she approached the carriage house was the ringing sound of the cello playing, again this time, some Bach.

She stood and let the music simply sweep over her, kind of caress her and sighed. With a smile on her face, she mounted the stairs to the apartment, and stood in the doorway, watching him now as he played. When he was finished, she said:

"How lovely, Christian!"

"Thank you," he said.

"Sorry that I startled you before, I mean at the window," she said softly, and was smiling broadly as she said it.

"I shouldn't have been..." he began but she cut in:

"But it's lovely that you were!"

He was obviously upset by it a bit; so, she said:

"Please don't be upset; I, well, I kind of liked it."

She brightened then and said: "But how is the apartment? Beside, wonderful for Bach?"

"Just wonderful," was his answer, and he took a step toward her.

That's all that it took. Their kiss was electric to say the least.

"Christian," she said into his ear, "I need to tell you that I had ... had no great seduction planned here. I really did mean it only as a friendly gesture."

"Yes," he whispered back, "Friendly gesture and then you appeared in front of that damn window, taking your clothes off."

"Yes," she said and giggled.

He was a bit startled and said: "Gee, Marissa giggles."

She looked at him and grinned.

"I'm a bit out of my depth here, Marissa," he said softly.

"Isn't that the great beauty of this?" she asked, and he laughed softly with her.

"I don't know what to call you," he went on. Then quickly he injected: "I mean of course at work I know how to behave. That will never be a problem. But here, now in a situation like this, I don't even know what to call you."

Marissa laughed a kind of wicked laugh and said, her eyes twinkling:

"Herb could have told you all about what to call me!"

"I guess!" he answered.

"Maybe you should call me 'T.B.B'!" she said playfully.

He laughed with her and said: "Don't start now!"

But she plunged right on: "Maybe 'T.N.B.B'/The Naked Black Bitch!" was her next suggestion, grinning totally now.

"Maybe 'T.B.W.G.S!'" he said.

"What?" she was puzzled, but laughing.

"I mean 'The Boss Who Got Spanked'!" he said with fake exasperation.

"Ohhhhhhhh!' she said, giggling and laughing. "You really know how to get a girl's attention."

She turned away then and said: "This is exciting, Christian, but it needs to be slow and deliberate a bit, maybe. I mean, I know we began at an advanced state, with me taking my clothes off for you but maybe lovely and slowly."

"Maybe!" he answered.

"I'm going to fix some dinner now; may I cook for you, man at the window?" she asked, moving toward the door.

She thought a moment and said: "Christian, I promise that, that was the last time that I'll come up here and let myself in. I won't impose like that on you. Please know that."

"Yes, I understand," he said smiling. "And, yes, dinner sounds lovely. I'm going to play a bit longer, get some practice."

She was at the door then and said, looking over her shoulder at him: "Hmm, 'T.B.W.G.S'! Sounds exciting."

He was grinning at her, as she left, going down the stairs. Soon enough with the kitchen windows open, she could hear him playing and practicing. The sound drifted down to her, making the dinner preparation special.

Over dinner they became better acquainted. He told of his hopes for a symphony audition, while she talked a bit about John, the company and John's final illness. They lingered far into the evening with their talk.

He left her, after helping her to clean up, and thanking her profusely again:

"I really appreciate all of this, Marissa," he said earnestly; but then he got a twinkle in his eye and grinned.

"Say it or burst!" she responded.

"Especially the open curtain!" was his comment. They both laughed.

"I have an errand to run and then I need to go and pack my essentials. May I please leave my cello here with you?"

"Oh," she said, impressed by his gesture. "Yes, yes you may. I'll take good care of it for you."

"I'll see you at work tomorrow?" he asked.

"Of course," she said, then softly to him she said: "Kiss and hug before you go, Christian?"

They kissed at the door and he left.

The next day was a fairly easy one at work. In the later morning Marissa was interrupted by Sally, who came in carrying a box.

"Boss," Sally began, "This came for you; don't know who it's from though."

"Hmm," Marissa said, "Is it ticking?"

Marissa reached for the box but Sally withheld it and said: "No gifties until I get a report on last night."

Marissa involuntarily put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"Oho!" Sally said, "Tell Sally now."

Marissa gave her a sketchy outline of the previous night, leaving out the esssentials and it ended with Sally dancing a kind of ring around Marissa and singing 'Ding Dong the witch is dead!'

"Stop it," Marissa said, "And give me my package."

"Spoil sport!" Sally said showing a pout and handing over the package.

They laughed and Marissa began to open the box. When she had it open, she began to simply hoot, as she pulled a tee shirt out of the box that had the initials 'T.B.W.G.S' emblazoned on it. Then the hooting got louder as she pulled out a pair of white bikini panties with the same initials emblazoned on the seat of the panties."

"Well, well," Sally said, "We have more of a story to tell?"

"We do," Marissa said. "Coffee and I'll talk without the usual torture, fill you in on the rest of it!"

"You're no fun!" Sally said.

"On the contrary, to the right people I'm all sorts of fun!" was her answer, getting a stuck out tongue from Sally who went to fetch the coffee.

When Sally came back, they settled down and Marissa told her the full story of the previous night.

"Fantastic!" was Sally's comment, when the story was told. "So, what's next?"

"I don't really know," Marissa said, "And that's kind of cool. He intends to move in tonight."

"And I guess you'll be taking your curtains down this evening!" Sally said, sending them both into gales of laughter.

"Probably!" Marissa said.

"Just be careful, honey," Sally said, hugging her boss. "This is so unlike you, is all that has me concerned."

"I know that. It does worry me but I'm trying to be just as natural as possible about it. I'm trying to be careful," Marissa answered, giving Sally a hug.

They had arrived separately that evening, and Marissa could see that he was carrying an array of stuff into the apartment from his SUV. She allowed herself a glass of wine after work, having, normally a later dinner hour, and relaxed. The more she sat and sipped her wine, the more she thought about Christian working next door. She came to the decision that she was determined to help him but there was something else on her mind first.

Christian stopped a moment and looked around with great satisfaction. He didn't have a super abundance of stuff, probably this trip and one more might get most of it, but he was just already in love with the apartment, and that much grateful to Marissa for having offered it.

He looked over at her window, at that point, since her name was coursing through his mind. It was what she'd been waiting for, sitting in her bedroom and sipping the wine. She saw him pause and look her way, and she simply stepped up to the window.

He gawked! There was no other proper name for his standing and staring at her. She stood at her window and was wearing a tee shirt and panties, both white. The contrast between her white underwear and the lovely chocolate color of her skin was an enchanting sight indeed.

The tee shirt, he then realized, as he broke into a huge smile, was emblazoned with the red letters 'T.B.W.G.S'. He started laughing and then she was turning around and bent over from the waist, sure enough, her panties bore the same letters stretched right across her covered butt cheeks. She turned then and wiggled her fingers in a smile. He was laughing.

She made a motion with her hand asking if she could come over and he shook his head a quick 'yes'. Then he waited, and she arrived right away.

He was grinning, when he let her in, dressed now in her jeans; she knocked first. He liked that. She grinned back at him and swooped into his arms, which were waiting for her. They kissed for minutes and she was sighing, when they broke up the kiss.

"Oh, yes," she said, "That's kissing!"

"I guess!" he agreed breathlessly.

"I'm here to help," she said brightly.

"Good," he replied, "I need it."

"Then, maybe, out for a burger?" she asked.

"Yes, lovely," was his response, "I can do my practicing later."

"I don't want to get in the way of that!" she said softly.

"I appreciate that, Marissa!" he said, kissing his way up the side of her face.

"I know it's important to you and it's so beautiful!"she said. Then she grinned at him and thrust out her chest at him, the whole thing being made more impressive by the fact that she wore no bra. "See!" she said proudly, still a bit nervous but also by now determined.

"A challenge?" he asked.

She barked a laugh and said: "Maybe, maybe!"

"We'll file that one away for use later!" he said.

"Eeeek!" was her only immediate response, and she kissed him again.

Then they went about the business of getting his stuff in and around. They followed that up by making one more trip to the plant to pick things up. She was surprised at how little he actually had, and she told him so.

"I've kind of considered my life to be on hold until I get things settled," he explained.

"Settled?" she said, then went on quickly: "Forgive me for being so nosy."

"No problem," he answered. "Settled has always meant for me getting a cello job."He hesitated then for a moment and went on: "Now it's beginning to share the spotlight." He kissed her, when he said that.

"Her 'ohhhh' comment was drowned in the intensity of the kiss, and she, once the kiss was broken, lay her head against his shoulder."

"Yes, so nice!" she said. "But I have to admit that it's scary." She went on quickly: "I don't mean the racial thing; believe it or not, I'm not into that very much, but it seems to be really everything. I can feel myself being drawn into this, into you--you the music, all of it, and it's a bit frightening." Then she looked up brightly and said: "Burgers? Out?"

"I want you to know that I've heard your concern and those concerns are mine as well! And a direct answer is 'Yes, ' burgers, if I get to pay," he said, "Because, like you, I always take care of my workers!"

"Is that what I am?" she asked with a pixieish grin on her face.

"For now, yes!" he said.

"What next?" she asked.

"T.B.W.G.S.!" he said and she hooted with laughter.

She lay her face against his shoulder once more and said: "I get kind of warm just thinking about that. Oh, Christian, my head is swirling!"

She stepped back then and gave him a big smile and winked: "Bra on or off?" she wanted to know.

It seemed to sober him a bit and he began: "Marissa, I have to say..." here he interrupted himself and said, "Let's sit a minute."

"Oh, dear," she said, a distraught look on her face, "Here comes the 'I like you like a sister' speech!"

"No, you've had your honesty time and now comes mine," he went on then, holding onto her hand, "So, here comes the 'you are two wonderful for words, ' 'you are beautiful and exotic and exciting and I don't know what you're doing with me' speech."

She had a broad grin on her face by the time that he was finished with that.

"Ohhhh," she cooed at him.

"I never thought or supposed or imagined, or even fantasized about dating for such a long time, let alone dating, caring for a ... but what do I call you without insulting you? Black, Afro-American? What? I am certainly in lust with you and can hardly keep my mind on Bach these days."

Marissa had a twinkle in her eye and said: "You can call me 'Blackie', when I'm bad and you're gonna do what this tee shirt says! And you can call me..."

Here he jumped in with a look of decision or inspiration on his face and finished her sentence:

"My woman! My lovely woman, all brown and shiny and lovely and chocolate!"

She was off of the seat immediately and on his lap, her arms around his neck, still speaking to him almost into his shoulder:

"From the first time that I heard it, I wanted the Bach! Just wanted it, and the more I associate with you, and hear you, and talk to you, I know that I want you and the Bach both!"

They kissed then. It started as a soft kiss. He reveled in her full lips and the softness of them. Then he snaked his tongue along the bottom lip and had it caught in her mouth, and she began to suck on his tongue. His eyes popped open and she was staring into his eyes and sucking on his tongue.

He broke away from the kiss for a moment and said softly:

"Oh, yes! Kisses like that are what the music is all about!"

She smiled and leaned in for another kiss but he said:

"And no bra for you tonight!"

"Yes, sir!" she said brightly.

"Don't get sassy with me or the spanking comes now!" he quipped back at her.

"Gotta come sometime because this black girl is gonna be as bad with her musician as she wants to be," she answered and resumed the kiss and the sucking of his tongue.

"You do that so well!" he said.

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