The Subway Horror

by winkastheywill

Copyright© 2011 by winkastheywill

Erotica Sex Story: Strange things happen in the Underground

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Horror   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Enema   Workplace   .

"Miss Frost, I want to see you in my office. Right now."

Something in her boss's voice chilled her. Had he--found out? Clutching her arms to her chest, she scurried to Mr. Leahy's office.

"Miss Frost, I show you this voucher and this cancelled check. Do you recognize them?"

Oh, God, she thought. It was the voucher she had fraudulently created for a thousand dollars.

"I-I..." she began.

"They are yours, then," said Mr. Leahy in a voice of thunder.

"Please, I can explain," she said. "I was desperate. Mother--my mother--she was very ill, and the medical bills were just too much for me. I just didn't know what to do. I'm sorry."

"You are going to be even more desperate now," he told her. He put his hand on the telephone. "I could have you put in prison for embezzlement. I could call the police now."

"Oh, please," Miss Frost begged. "I-I'll pay it back. I'll do anything."

"I don't see how you could possibly pay it back," said her boss, "if you were forced to steal the money in the first place. But you said that you would do anything. Did you really mean that?"

She saw the steely glint in his eyes. Suddenly she realized the range of possibilities that "doing anything" might entail. But she had committed herself. "Yes," she said in a strangled voice.

Her boss eyed her up and down. She was a trim woman in her middle twenties, with a nice figure that was always hidden behind sweaters and loose garments. She was too shy to meet people, thus had never married nor even had a serious relationship.

"All right," said her boss finally. "I will forget the $1000. For now. But starting tomorrow, you must do exactly as I say. Exactly! Do you agree?"

"Yes, sir," she replied in a meek voice.

"What's that? I didn't hear you," Mr. Leahy bellowed suddenly.

"YES, SIR!" she squeaked, as loudly as she could.

"Good. First, I want you to sign this confession, just in case you try to back out of our little agreement. Miss Holliday," he spoke into the intercom, "Please step into my office. I need a witness."

Miss Holliday was as sleek as Miss Frost was drab. She entered the office wearing a knit dress that hugged each curve.

"Miss Frost, you are signing this of your own free will, is that not true?" asked her boss.

"Yes sir," she said in a meek voice.

"Please sign above your name. And Miss Holliday, sign and date just below."

"Right, Chief," said Miss Holliday, who grinned as she quickly scanned the document. Both women signed as instructed.

"Good. Report to me tomorrow at 8 AM and we will get started," he ordered Miss Frost.

Get started? She dared not ask what they would start doing. She bit her lip and backed out of Mr. Leahy's office.

"Off with your clothes, Miss Frost," ordered her boss at 8 AM next morning.

"But," began Miss Frost.

"You are not backing out of our agreement?" asked Mr. Leahy. "You know what that would mean," he added in a menacing tone.

"Still," tried Miss Frost.

"Still nothing. Get those clothes off and now. Surely you understood what our agreement might entail?"

Miss Frost started fumbling with the buttons on her sweater. Impatiently, Mr. Leahy strode forward and ripped the sweater off her body with one savage pull. Buttons clattered onto the floor. Mr. Leahy threw the garment into the wastebasket.

"My sweater!" cried Miss Frost in alarm.

"You won't need your sweater again," stated Mr. Leahy. "I suggest you take off that blouse and skirt before I have to rip it off you."

Miss Frost began to cry. But she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she undid the little pearl buttons on her blouse. After removing it, she stood weeping in her slip, looking at Mr. Leahy in anguish.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Mr. Leahy.

"Something?" echoed Miss Frost.

"You still have your slip on," pointed out Mr. Leahy.

"Oh," exclaimed Miss Frost. And she lifted her slip over her head and stood there miserably in brassiere, panties, and stockings.

"I think we need some help," said Mr. Leahy, and spoke into the intercom. "Miss Holliday, will you step in here, please?"

Miss Holliday was all smirking attention as she spied the half-naked Miss Frost. "Yes, Chief?" she asked, never taking her eyes off poor Miss Frost.

"Miss Frost needs help taking her clothes off. If you would assist?" asked Mr. Leahy.

"Gladly," said Miss Holliday, who deftly unhooked Miss Frost's sturdy cotton brassiere and pulled her serviceable panties and stockings down around her feet. Then she examined Miss Frost. "Chief!" she exclaimed. "She is a darling! Just look at those boobies!"

Miss Frost was embarrassed, but also puzzled. No one had ever told her she had nice boobies.

Miss Holliday ran her hands over Miss Frost's magnificent breasts and began stroking and pulling at her nipples. "Look at those nips," she cried. "Doesn't it make your mouth water? And that ass! I could eat it up!"

Mr. Leahy indulged himself in a smile. "You'll get your chance later, Miss Holliday, I promise. But now, she needs some new clothes. Then take her downstairs to the platform office and show her the workstation. You can have her at 1 o'clock. She needs the usual work-up."

"Great, Chief," said Miss Holliday. "I have just the thing in my closet." She returned with a leather wraparound miniskirt and a bolero jacket. "I have these for when I want to make a splash," she grinned. She wrapped the miniskirt around Miss Frost's luscious hips, where it barely covered the poor girl's crotch. The bolero jacket was a little tight, but Miss Holliday yanked it closed and strapped it up, so that Miss Frost's nice boobies made a pleasant valley down the opening of the vest. "There!" she said.

"But my panties!" cried Miss Frost.

"We don't wear panties here, darling," said Miss Holliday. "Look!" And she pulled up her miniskirt to display a very neatly trimmed pussy. "Now, come with me and I'll show you your new office."

Miss Frost worked in the Accounting Department of MetroSub, as it was now called. The office was located immediately over a major subway station, but few staffers knew of the hidden route that led from the back office down to the north-bound platform. Miss Holliday knew, and guided Miss Frost through a maze of dimly lit corridors and dank stairwells until finally they emerged on the subway platform through an inconspicuous doorway. Finally they stopped in front of the white-tiled entrance labeled MEN. A rank odor drifted out.

"Here is your new office," said Miss Holliday.

"But," began Miss Frost.

"No buts," chuckled Miss Holliday. "Look inside and to your right."

Timidly Miss Frost leaned forward, keeping as much of herself out of MEN as she could. There was an opening, guarded by an expanding metal gate. Behind it was a small white-tiled enclosure. To the left, a tiled corridor led to the men's facilities. Miss Frost could see several men standing in front of urinals.

Miss Holliday led Miss Frost to the gate, unlocked it, and pushed it back. She located a switch on the wall and a light in the ceiling illuminated the small room. It had evidently once been a janitor's closet, but the pipes were capped and the deep sink had been removed. A metal desk and a wooden straight chair had been installed, together with a metal filing cabinet. Overhead, big and small pipes criss-crossed the grimy ceiling. A grating on the floor covered an ominous drain.

"I can't work here," whimpered Miss Frost. "It's horrible."

"Of course you can," said Miss Holliday. "You can stand anything, if you have to. Sit down."

Miss Frost gingerly sat on the wooden chair.

"Here," said Miss Holliday. "Reconcile these accounts." And she placed a stack of forms in Miss Frost's wooden In-basket. "You have a desk, a chair, light to work by, and work to do. Now get busy."

"But the smell," said Miss Frost. "It's making me ill. And those men," she pointed at one man who had turned away from a urinal, openly tucking his penis into his pants.

"Men have pricks, darling," explained Miss Holliday. "And they frequently need to piss with them."

Miss Frost blushed at the crude language. "But why do I have to be here? Why not an office upstairs?"

"You are being punished, is why!" snapped Miss Holliday. "Do you want me to tell Mr. Leahy that you refuse the assignment?"

"No--no, please don't," squeaked Miss Frost. "I-I'll try."

"Good. I'll pick you up at noon." And Miss Holliday left.

The morning was a slow horror. Trains would disgorge a knot of men who would rush to the urinals. Whiffs of urine would drift down the corridor. Occasionally men would use the stalls opposite the urinals and a fecal odor would follow. If too many men flushed at the same time, a deadly stench of sewer gas would rise from the floor drain.

Most men ignored or never noticed Miss Frost sitting in the tiny cubicle. A few noticed and did a double take. Several men actually waggled their penises at Miss Frost, inducing a twinge of fear in her. But no one actually accosted her except one respectable businessman who told her with a smile, "I can see your pussy right up your skirt, know that?"

Miss Frost suddenly realized that the modesty panel that was supposed to close off the back of her desk was missing. They could indeed see her--her pubic hair. She tried to turn the desk so that it was facing away from the corridor to the urinals, but it was bolted to the floor. So she kept her knees pressed together tightly until noon, when finally Miss Holliday breezed in.

"I've done everything you asked," said Miss Frost, handing her the reconciled forms. "Can I go, now?" she pleaded.

"Stand up!" ordered Miss Holliday in a voice of iron. "Now, walk around to the front of the desk and lean over it."

Trembling, Miss Frost obeyed her orders. Then to her astonishment, Miss Holliday lifted up the back of her miniskirt, exposing Miss Frost's plump white buns.

"Everyone can see me!" she moaned, and attempted to rise.

But Miss Holliday pushed her firmly back down. From somewhere she produced a thin whippy stick. "You must learn obedience," stated Miss Holliday, and slashed the stick across Miss Frost's buttocks. It left a red streak.

"Ow!" cried Miss Frost, attracting the attention of some men passing by.

"None of that!" shouted Miss Holliday, whipping her furiously. "Hold your tongue!"

"Look at that lady getting whipped on her BTM," said a small boy standing in front of the metal gate.

"She must have been really naughty," said a man standing next to the boy. "Just look at those red marks!" And the man began stroking the boy's genitals.

"That sure is one hairy pussy!" exclaimed another man, unbuttoning his fly as he headed toward the restroom.

Poor Miss Frost did not know what was worse, being whipped or being exposed to the passersby. But she clenched her teeth to keep from screaming, and after a while Miss Holliday stopped whipping her.

"We are not done yet," said Miss Holliday. She produced a tube of ointment and began massaging it into Miss Frost's buttocks. The watching men and boys all moaned at the sight, especially as Miss Holliday began rubbing the ointment inside Miss Frost's crotch.

"Oh, you nasty thing, your pussy is sopping wet," said Miss Holliday, and smacked her right buttock with her open palm.

"Need any help, lady?" asked the man stroking the young boy. By this time he had extracted the lad's stiff little penis from his short pants and was rubbing saliva onto the head of it. The lad's eyes had lost focus.

"Mind your own business," snapped Miss Holliday. "Show's over!" and she pulled Miss Frost's skirt down, barely covering the white globes of her behind. The man was leading the young boy into one of the stalls.

Miss Frost was still stunned by the knowledge that her pussy had begun to ooze. But her behind was no longer quite so sore, and the pain had faded to a sort of warmth. She mindlessly let Miss Holliday lead her back up to the office suite.

Mr.Leahy was behind his huge mahogany desk. Miss Holliday spun Miss Frost around and raised her miniskirt to show him the fresh stripes on her soft white posterior.

"Good work," said Mr. Leahy. "Did she freshen?"

"She was sopping," said Miss Holliday. "Do you mind if I clean her up?"

"Sure. I want to watch this." And Mr.Leahy leaned back in his leather executive armchair. Miss Frost could not be certain, but it looked like he was loosening his clothing behind the desk.

With two quick touches, Miss Frost's miniskirt and bolero jacket were removed and she found herself lying supine on the office sofa. To her surprise, Miss Holliday had also stripped naked and was fondling and stroking Miss Frost's breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples. Miss Frost again began to feel a certain dampness in her genital area.

"Chief," said Miss Holliday, "She would be easier to work with if we shaved her."

"Good thinking," said Mr. Leahy.

Miss Holliday opened a drawer in the table next to the sofa and extracted an electric shaver.

"Wha--what are you going to do?" quavered Miss Frost.

"We are going to shave your pussy," stated Miss Holliday. "And every morning after this we expect you to come to work freshly shaved. Slick." So saying, she thumbed the shaver switch and quickly reduced poor Miss Frost's pubic hair to a stubble. "Grab your legs and pull them up so I can get to your asshole," ordered Miss Holliday.

Miss Frost looked stricken, but she did as ordered. Miss Holliday ran the shaver around the anal region, removing the sparse hairs. Next she seized a can of shaving foam and a razor and removed even the stubble. Finally she toweled Miss Frost clean. When she was finished, Miss Frost's crotch was baby smooth.

"Here," said Miss Holliday, holding up a hand mirror, "Look at yourself. See how smooth and slick you are now. Why, you look perfectly scrumptious."

Indeed, Miss Frost could see for the first time in many years her plump outer labia. She was embarrassed to see that there was a slowly oozing stream of thick, sticky liquid descending from them.

"Taste her," ordered Mr. Leahy. He looked like he was stroking something behind his desk.

"Gladly," said Miss Holliday, and ran her tongue right up Miss Frost's crack. "Oh, Chief, she's just like honey," she reported. A shudder ran through Miss Frost's body. More liquid oozed from her pussy.

"Clean her up good," said Mr. Leahy.

"Right-oh, Chief" said Miss Holliday, and began slurping away at Miss Frost's plump pussy.

Miss Frost's mind was in a whirl. She had never felt anything like the sensation of a pointed tongue running through her vaginal lips. This awful Miss Holliday was making her feel--her feel--Oh, God, what was happening? Her hips began to convulse all on their own, and a wave of warmth swept over her, threatening to wash her away like a raging flood.

"She's about to come," reported Miss Holliday.

"Hold her on the edge," ordered Mr. Leahy and stood up. Miss Frost could see that he had taken off his trousers and his underwear, and a fat prick was sticking out between his shirttails. He walked over to stand beside Miss Holliday, watching her gently run her little cat tongue up between the folds in Miss Frost's plump cunt.

"I think she's ready," said Mr. Leahy. Miss Holliday reluctantly lifted herself off of Miss Frost and Mr. Leahy moved in, to stand between Miss Frost's legs. "Position me," Mr.Leahy told Miss Holliday, who guided his prick unerringly into Miss Frost's opening.

"You mustn't!" cried Miss Frost. "I'm a virgin!" But all of a sudden she wasn't. With just a slight twinge, Mr. Leahy's fat cock had sunk to the bottom of Miss Frost's shaft.

"God, she's tight!" muttered Mr. Leahy. "Twist her tits and get her juicier."

Miss Holiday fastened her mouth on the nearest of Miss Frost's titties and began stroking and twisting the other. Soon Miss Frost's vagina was running with slippery fluid, and her hips were beginning to quiver.

"Shit, she's a natural fuck," cried Mr. Leahy. And he redoubled his efforts, working his thick cock in and around her hole.

Miss Frost didn't know what was happening. All she could sense was that her hips wanted to snap up and down, and the muscles in her--her--down there--wanted to grab Mr. Leahy's stout prick and pull it even further into her body. How could this be happening? But she felt herself surrendering to her urge to fuck back at Mr. Leahy, to get even more of that thick cock. Soon she could feel her hips vibrating up and down.

"She's got a God-damn snapping pussy," exclaimed Mr. Leahy. And he held his prick rigidly so that Miss Frost could flutter her pussy around it. And soon she felt an overwhelming sensation like a dawn breaking inside her. It grew and grew until it consumed her with a glorious burning sensation. She gave one last desperate thrust. And then she fainted dead away.

"My goodness," was all Mr. Leahy could say. He withdrew his prick, which was still stiff.

"You have a real gem here," said Miss Holliday, who began stroking Miss Frost as one might calm a spooky horse.

"I know," he replied. "Needs a little work, though. Now I want to see if she will eat pussy."

They managed to lift Miss Frost up and then draped her over the arm of the sofa, so her plump white hiney stuck up in the air.

"Lie on the sofa and put your pussy under her mouth," ordered Mr. Leahy.

Soon he had everything arranged to his satisfaction, so that when Miss Frost gained consciousness she became aware that her face was buried in a warm, wet nest. She lifted her head and saw that her nose had been stuck right inside Miss Holliday's--her--well, her nether parts.

"Glad to see you're back with us," said Mr. Leahy. "Now I want you to do for Miss Holliday what she so cheerfully did for you."

"Wha--what?" stammered Miss Frost.

"Lick her pussy, dammit!" shouted Mr. Leahy.

Timidly, Miss Frost stuck out her tongue and took a swipe at Miss Holliday's outer lips.

"You can do better than that!" cried Mr. Leahy. He seized a wooden ruler from his desk and gave Miss Frost a sharp whack on her exposed white buttocks.

Miss Frost now began licking in earnest. To her surprise, Miss Holliday's outer lips opened like a flower, disclosing the inner lips and the vaginal opening. There was a musky taste, vaguely sweet. A viscous fluid began to flow. Unconsciously, she began sucking and swallowing the fluid, even sticking her tongue right into Miss Holliday's vagina to get more of it. Miss Frost's own vagina began running in sympathy, and Miss Holliday began to emit throaty cries.

Holding his still-erect prick, Mr. Leahy viewed all this with great satisfaction. Then he moved around behind Miss Frost and drove his prick deep into her pussy with one solid blow. He could feel Miss Frost's vaginal muscles convulse around his prick. They were involuntarily grabbing and pulling at his horse cock as though her vagina wanted to eat it. Meanwhile her oral activity became frantic. Somehow she managed to move up to Miss Holliday's clit and was sucking away at it for dear life.

"She's milking my dick," cried Mr. Leahy, who began thrusting heavily into Miss Frost in synch with her vaginal spasms.

"She's got my entire cunt in her mouth," cried Miss Holliday. "And I'm going to come--God! Am I!"

But Miss Frost wasn't hearing any of this. Her entire world was filled with juicy cunt--Miss Holliday's at one end, and her own pulsing, throbbing channel at the other. It didn't take long--warm pulses of semen began to fill her pussy and she felt herself convulse mightily. This caused her to suck with great force on Miss Holliday's clit, as if she were trying to pull it right out of Miss Holliday's body. This in turn caused Miss Holliday to groan loudly and come in buckets.

It took them all a few minutes to recover. Finally, Mr. Leahy and Miss Holliday recollected themselves and sat Miss Frost upright on the sofa. The poor lady was dazed, but not so dazed that she couldn't return a grateful kiss that Miss Holliday bestowed on her. Then Miss Holliday sat down beside her and embraced her. Even Mr. Leahy complimented her. "Fine work, Frost," he harrumphed, pulling on his undershorts. "Take her upstairs, Miss Holliday. She's going to be one of us, now."

There was a private elevator leading from Mr. Leahy's office up to a suite of rooms that few knew about. Holding onto Miss Holliday was all that Miss Frost could do as she was led to the elevator and whisked up to the suite. Here, she was seated at a small table. Miss Holliday went into the suite's kitchenette and reappeared with a thermos of hot soup and two bowls. Soon Miss Frost felt much better, but also very sleepy.

Miss Holliday now led Miss Frost into the bathroom. "Do your business," she ordered, placing Miss Frost on the toilet.

Miss Frost strained but could do nothing. "I can't do anything with you watching me," she moaned.

"We'll soon fix that," said Miss Holliday, pulling an enema bag out of a drawer. "Kneel!" she ordered. She attached a rather large nozzle to the enema tubing and rubbed Vaseline all over it. Then she slowly inserted the nozzle into Miss Frost's tiny anus. There was a bulb at the end of the nozzle, and Miss Frost shivered as it popped through her anal ring.

Soon Miss Frost's large intestine was filling with a warm soapy solution. And soon Miss Frost was expelling a mixture of brown water and turds. She was intensely humiliated.

But Miss Holliday was cheerful. "We'll soon have you cleaned out," she said, and gave her a second enema. That one ran slightly brown, so she gave her a third. It ran clear, and Miss Holliday announced her satisfaction.

"Time for a bath," announced Miss Holliday. She ran a foamy bath and ordered Miss Frost into it. Miss Frost was not familiar with bubble baths. And she had not been bathed by anyone else since she was a small child.

"You must get used to being handled by others," explained Miss Holliday, running a soapy washcloth over Miss Holliday's tender breasts. "Now, up, so I can get your bottom."

"What is your first name?" asked Miss Holliday, toweling Miss Frost dry.

"Abigail," answered Miss Frost, who was barely holding her eyes open.

"Just between us girls, I'll call you Abbie, then. And you can call me Frieda. Now kneel down." And Miss Holliday worked a butt plug into Abbie's anus. "Under the circumstances, I think first names are appropriate in private."

"What is that thing in my ... my behind?" asked poor Abbie.

"That's a butt plug," replied Frieda. "Mr. Leahy's orders. He wants to get you ready for some back door action, as he calls it. He's just so bad," and she shook her head in rueful admiration at Mr. Leahy's badness.

Now she led Abbie to a bedroom. "Here is your room," she said, and tucked her into bed. This took very little time, since Abbie was already quite naked. And then, surprisingly, Frieda leaned down and kissed Abbie sweetly and soundly. "Sleepy-sleep, deep sleep," she said, turned out the lights, and left. The butt plug troubled Abbie for a moment. Back door action? The question faded slowly.

When Miss Frost awoke, she became aware that there was a warm body next to her in the bed. Quite instinctively, she put her arm over the warm body and was drifting back to sleep when she realized that her hand was resting on a breast.

"Feels nice, don't move," mumbled the form. It had to be Miss Holliday--Frieda, and it was. "You can stroke me," she said.

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