Rape My Face Japan

by Twisted Tiger Prince

Copyright© 2011 by Twisted Tiger Prince

Sex Story: Our character who is excited to visit Japan for the first time has an exciting experience on a train. A very short stroke story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

It had been my first time on a plane, and I was extremely tired. I guess thats what they call "jet lag" as I felt like it was early morning, but the sun told me its late afternoon.

"Yokoso! Yokoso!" rang out in chorus as my group left baggage claim and proceeded to the exit.

I didnt have a bag as I opted to ship my luggage via UPS ahead to my hotel.

There was a shuttle bus waiting for our group, but I wanted to experience the Japanese train system, so my friend Dave and I headed to the station.

As we walked Dave explained that it was close to "rush hour" and we would be packed in some of the trains pretty tightly. He also told me to "mind my own business" about what ever I see going on about me, I dont really need to worry about pick-pockets or anything.

I got my "second wind" standing on the platform waiting for the train.

"I did it! Im here! IN JAPAN! I AM IN JAPAN!" I thought to myself with a renewed sense of accomplishment and joy. I wanted to scream "YAHOO!" but knew it would be just frightening to the locals and embarrassing for Dave.

Just then as if reading my thoughts, Dave punched me on my shoulder.

"We're here buddy. You finally get to experience your dreams." He said with a wink.

I was to over-joyed to respond, the big smile on my face said it all anyway.

When the first train came it was full, but not uncomfortable. I could see the sights easily from where I stood so I didnt even notice the 45 minutes or so it took to get to our stop.

I had been oblivious to everything and everyone as I marveled at the buildings and such passing by out the window.

I stepped off with Dave and we went shopping.

I purchased some strange condoms as novelty gifts for friends back home, and a body pillow with my favorite Idol on it for the otaku in me.

We went and ate Ramen, real ramen, and it was even better than I could ever imagine.

We sat around a small park and did some people watching for a few minutes then headed back to the train station.

The second train was really packed. Bodies against bodies like sardines, although later Dave would tell me it gets even worse.

To my right was a beautiful young black lady and directly in front of her a Japanese lady from the same work or school because they were wearing the same uniforms. Short red skirts, white stalkings, white shirts, with red vests that had an gold emblem on them.

Other than Dave every other body else was Japanese men. I have to admit it made me a little uncomfortable.

With in a few minutes I heard the Japanese girl began to whimper. I looked down to see an arm from somewhere to the right of us reaching under her skirt.

The black lady beside me was just watching with an obvious excited look on her face. I tried to meet her gaze, but she seemed hypnotized with the show.

Before long I heard her gasp, a look of surprise and excitement appeared on her face. She glanced in my direction and looked away immediately when our eyes met.

She seemed to be trying to fake shame, she began to join her friend in making discomforted whimpers and moans. Already her friend in front of her was getting the attention of at least 4 guys. I saw an arm come up with her torn panties in their hands.

I looked to my left and realized it was Dave who grabbed her panties. He smiled and winked.

To my right someone grabbed my hand. It was the young black girl. She was holding my little finger firmly between her thumb and first finger. I looked at her face to gauge what she wanted from me. She still had her eyes down, locked on the scene before her. But now she was biting her bottom lip. Her eyes welled up and her chin trembled.

Thats when I realized the guy behind her was fucking her. He kept his arms down holding his case in his right hand, but his hip movement and her timely jarring gave it away. Many arms and hands still groped and grabbed about her body even with his penis monopolizing her pussy.

The guy behind her seemed to finish, her eyes got real big as I realized he must have cum inside her. She pulled hard on my finger as he did it. I wondered if she was asking me to help.

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