I Dont Like Pets

by Twisted Tiger Prince

Copyright© 2011 by Twisted Tiger Prince

Sex Story: Our character finds a young girl dressed as a dog at his door step. She has followed him home, she has his address on her collar. Will he make her his pet?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Furry   Rough   White Male   Oriental Female   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

It had started out like any other day. Woke up excited, open the blinds, and went into the kitchen to start the coffee.

I decided to take the trash out while the coffee brewed. So I took the long stroll to my apartments compactor.

It was a leisurely stroll, but I kept feeling like someone was watching me. I looked about, but I didnt see anyone.

Back at my apartment I washed my hands at the kitchen sink. Got out my ingredients and began to make one of my special mocha lattes.

I heard some scratching sounds at the door.

Looking threw the peephole I could find nothing so I took my coffee to the living room and turned the stereo on to some classical music.

After a few minutes I heard the scratching again.

Back at the door I listened carefully. When I heard it sound like movement behind the door and still no one could be seen threw the spy hole, I opened the door.

Falling backwards in surprise as a small girl scampered into my apartment.

"woof-woof" she sounded.

I landed hard on my ass and stared in dis-belief. She wore a cap with floppy dog ears, a furry tube top, furry boy shorts, and she had on a matching tail. Her entire body seemed to be air brushed to look like fur. She had on furry gloves and shoes.

"woof-woof" she continued.

"W-where did you come from ... are you lost honey?" I stammered.

She ripped off her tube top and boy shorts, and revealed that indeed her entire body was air brushed with golden retriever colored fur.

"Holy shit!" I shouted.

"woof-woof" She answered sitting back on her ass.

"How old are you?" I asked her. "Are you lost?"

She frowned and made a loud sigh. Then she used her teeth to pull off her left glove. Using her newly freed hand she unzipped a hidden pocket in her right glove. She removed a card and gave it to me.

I took the card and saw it was her drivers license.

Trinh was her first name ... Vietnamese ... that may explain her small stature. I did the math ... almost 19 years old according to her birth date.

"Ok ... Trinh ... where do you live?" I asked handing her ID back to her.

She rolled her eyes in annoyed frustration. After zipping her ID back in the pocket and putting her left glove back on she flicked her dog tag on her collar.

"woof-woof" She insisted.

I crawled forward and checked the tag. Shockingly it had my address on it. The name was Miss Bliss.

I looked into her eyes and frowned.

She made a soft whimper and cocked her head to the side.

Then she put her tongue out and acted like she was panting.

By now my head was swimming with excitement, surprise, shock, and arousal.

I stood up and patted her head.

"Good girl, Miss Bliss." I said.

She smiled at this and crawled a circle around me then placed her 'paws' up on my waist.


I stroked her chin and she licked my hand.

Locking the door I led her into the living room and sat on the couch. She sat in front of me and laid her chin on my knee.

She made another whimpering sound.

I motioned for her to sit on the couch with me and she leaped up and curled herself into a ball to my left. Burying her head under my left arm.

I noticed then that her 'tail' was coming out of her anus.

I rubbed her back as she stretched out over my lap. She had the most wonderful soft skin and she quivered at my touch.

After a few minutes she rolled over on her back in my lap. So I began to rub her belly. She stretched again and put her arms in the up.

She watched me intently as I stroked her belly. From her neck down between her small breasts and ending at her waist. Every stroke longer I inched my way to her pussy.

When my stroke finally reached her bare pussy she spread her legs wide. But left her arms up folded like a begging dog.

Mostly I felt strange and weird about this scene, but she was so exquisite I couldnt help myself. I mean she is an adult, and she came here on her own, not to mention she went through the trouble of having my address written on her dog tag.

I may be crazy, but Im not an idiot. When a beautiful girl is literally giving herself to you, you go for it.

I cupped her mound and she pleaded with her eyes for me to continue. I slowly caressed her inner thigh and she stifled a giggle.

I stroked her face and she smiled. I traced my fingers lightly down her abdomen again. She quivered at my touch and gasped as I reached her pooch cooch again. I traced my finger around her slit ever so slightly and watched her face as she pleaded for more.

I smiled and ran my, now moist fingers along her thigh and repeated the routine.

She grabbed my arm with her 'paw'. And gave me the most serious and frustrated looking frown I had ever seen.

I smiled back at her again, but just continued my game.

After a few times she was starting to drip on my couch so I cupped her pussy with my hand to catch it. Ran my fingers through her lips to scoop out the honey. Big mistake. She shivered and began to cum.

I marveled at this. I kept my fingers inside and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb.

She closed her eyes and rolled her hips as I finger fucked her.

I felt for her spot ... when I found it I used two fingers to massage the inside of her dripping cunt.

Now I used my other hand to caress her body. Following the same route I had before.

When I felt her orgasm began I stopped and pulled my hands away. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a disappointed and frustrated stare.

Lifting her with me as I stood up I flopped her over the arm rest and dropped my pants.

Pushing her face down into the cushions I entered her fuck hole from behind.

She was so small her feet didnt reach the floor and she kicked them franticly as I held her down with my right hand and played with her 'tail'. I could feel that the ass plug attached to the tail was rather long. I felt it rubbing my cock with each penetrating stroke.

She was screaming now, but it was muffled by the cushions.

I lifted her face to be sure she could breath.

"OH MY GOD! ... YES, YES, FUCK ME!" She screamed.

I pushed her head back into the couch to shut her up.

Her legs spread wide and her entire body went ridged as I felt her cunt muscles spasm, and her liquids flow.

I placed my hands on her hips and rode her orgasm. Her head came up arching her back and she howled like a wolf at the moon.

Her legs straight out her toes not touching the floor, hips supported by the arm rest. She had her back arched, arms pushing up off the couch, head back as she continued to howl.

Her juices flowed down my legs and splashed about as I fucked her harder.

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