Jaime's Plan

by Connor

Copyright© 2011 by Connor

Romantic Sex Story: The story of a girl who plans a way to win her uncle over.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Oral Sex   .

It had been awhile since I had seen my niece Jaime and when I ran into her, it certainly wasn't how I expected.

Work had been keeping me pretty busy lately and it had been awhile since I had gone out on the town. Truth be told, my recent break up had me feeling anti-social. Finally, one evening I decided to get out of the house. In my younger days I had been a bit of a partier, and used to frequent strip clubs. I had even dated a dancer for a couple of years.

In a yearn to recapture my younger days I decided to hit a strip club. The only problem was the ones I used to go to had all closed, so I had to settle for one I had never been to before. I ended up at a place I had heard of called the Lumber Yard.

The Lumber Yard was what we called a juice bar. They don't serve alcohol, just soda and juice. You could however bring in your own alcohol. This allowed them to have full nudity as opposed to the girls having to wear bikini bottoms and pasties. So armed with my own bottle of Bacardi I pulled in.

The place was actually pretty nice inside. I found a table off in a corner and ordered a Coke. True to what I had heard the girls on stage were stripping and dancing completely nude. There was also a second floor where they had a shower stage with girls dancing under the shower.

What happened next took me completely by surprise. I looked up as a new girl took the stage and to my shock I was looking at the face of my own niece. At first I sat like a deer caught in headlights. We hadn't seen each other in a couple of years but there was no doubt it was her. I had heard she was working as an exotic dancer but was told she only worked weekends and as this was a weeknight I hadn't expected to see her here.

As Jaime began moving and dancing on stage I debated quietly getting up and leaving. It didn't appear as though she had noticed me yet and I worried that if I got up and left at that moment, she certainly would. I didn't want to cause her embarrassment so I reasoned that if I waited until she was done with her set I could sneak out before she came down to the floor.

I tried to remain hidden behind other people and not to look at her directly. I was keeping my fingers crossed that she wouldn't see me in the corner. Still, I couldn't keep myself from stealing glances at her. I had to admit she was a pretty good dancer and a very attractive woman.

I knew Jaime was a pretty girl with bright blue eyes like her mother but that was where the similarities ended. Where her mom ;my sister; had dark hair Jaime had long blonde hair and while here mom was fuller figured with an hour glass figure Jaime had a more lithe body. She was slender in the hips with smaller breasts and a firm little butt. Even though she had a 3 year old son she definitely still had a tight 24 year old body.

There was something seductive about the way she moved gracefully around and I couldn't help but be a little aroused. I tried not to watch, but my eyes kept getting drawn back to her. Finally she finished her three song set and left the stage. I knew she was probably getting ready to work the floor for lap dances so I figure this was my chance to escape unnoticed.

What I didn't know was that I had been seen. Jaime quickly slipped on a t-back and quickly made her way to my table before I had made it out.

"Leaving already," I heard a voice behind me ask?

I turned around and was face to face with my niece, "Sorry, I didn't expect to run into you Jaime. I thought I would go rather than make you uncomfortable," I explained.

"That's OK," Jaime replied with a shrug," I'm not bothered. I haven't seen you in like forever. Sit and talk for awhile".

"If your sure I won't cramp your style," I replied though I was the one who was feeling self-conscious about her bare breasts being right in front of me.

We sat down at the table and I ordered a couple of Cokes for the both of us.

"Bacardi? Can I get a shot of that," Jaime asked?

"Sure, you're old enough," I answered with a chuckle.

"So what have you been up to," Jaime asked?

"Work mostly. It's been keeping me pretty busy".

"I hear you and Samantha split up".


"What happened if you don't mind me asking"?

"We had different ideas on how things should go".

"Well mom said she was a bitch anyway," Jaime said with a smile.

"Yeah, I know your mom didn't like her very well," I replied with a shake of my head.

"Has mom liked any woman you've dated," Jaime asked.

"No, not really".

"I've noticed," Jaime said casually.

Her comment made me raise my eyebrows, but Jaime said nothing further and I didn't press.

The whole time we talked I was trying very hard not to stare at Jaime's perky, apple sized tits. It was actually tougher than I would have imagined. Apparently Jaime noticed my concerted efforts, much to my chagrin.

"I could go throw on some clothes and tell them I can't finish the night if it would make you fell better," Jaime told me matter- of- fact.

"No don't worry about it, I'm acting silly. I know this is your job and I understand about needing to make money. Hell, your mom and I were never shy about nudity with each other when we were younger. This is no different," I told her.

"I've heard," Jaime replied. "So it wouldn't bother you if I worked the room and did some lap dances"?

Again, Jaime's cryptic reply made so casually made me wonder exactly what my sister had told her.

"No, go ahead baby girl".

"Will you hang around," Jaime asked?


"So what did you think, anyway"?

"Think," I asked a bit confused?

"About my dancing, goofball".

"Oh, you're really good," I answered with a small blush

"Thank you," Jaime said with a big grin.

"I'm gonna have a friend keep you company and I'll be back," Jaime continued as she motioned to another girl to come over.

"This is Amber," Jaime said as an introduction, "This is my uncle Mark".

"Uncle? So this is the hot uncle I've heard about. Kinky," Amber said salaciously.

"Be nice," Jaime told her.

"No worries, I like kinky," Amber shot back.

"I'll be back," Jaime said with a roll of her eyes.

I spent a good while talking with Jaime's friend and feeding her dollars, which I didn't really mind. When Jaime and Amber had to go back on stage I stayed at my table and briefly chatted with a couple of the other girls. Finally Jaime and Amber made their way back to my table.

"I saw a couple of my co-workers were trying to play you," Jaime said with a knowing smile as she sat down next to me.

I just shrugged and shook my head.

"Remember, you're my uncle so your money only goes to me or Amber," Jaime proclaimed with an innocent doe eyed look.

"Since Jaime and I are like sisters, that makes you like my uncle too," Amber added.

"I got it," I said with a laugh.

"So are you still doing the computer thing," Jaime asked?

"Yep. still my own boss," I answered her.

"What computer thing," Amber asked?

"I set up networks, test for bugs, test security, and do repairs," I replied.

"Our uncle is a computer guru," Jaime told Amber," He made my system for me".

"Really, that's pretty cool," Amber said impressed.

"That was for your 21st birthday," It's probably time for an upgrade," I reminded her.

"It does great, but far be it from me to say no if you think that's best," Jaime said grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, I'll take the she has now if you do," Amber exclaimed with excitement.

"OK, I'll get on it." I promised with a laugh.

"So you still live in the same house," Jaime asked.


"Still have your pool"?


"Still have the hot tub and pool table"?

"You know I do, where is this going," I asked?

"How long has it been since I was over there," Jaime asked further?

"It's been a few years. Your graduation I believe".

"How would you feel if we came over some night and just hung out," Jaime asked sweetly.

I could see amber was watching me expectantly, "Just you two"?

"Yeah, no big party, just us".

"Well, the little curtain climber is OK too," I amended, meaning Jaime's son.

"So it would be OK"?

"I suppose so," I said with a mock sigh.

"Actually, I was thinking just us adults this time. A little R and R," Jaime replied to me.

"What night did you have in mind," I asked?

"How about Thursday, mom will baby-sit for me."

"That'd be fine".

"Oh, cool," Amber exclaimed, "we'll come up with something special"!

"No one drives home drunk," I warned.

"We wouldn't want to anyway," Jaime promised.

"Well, my bar is well stocked and little used," I told them.

"About 6 then," Jaime asked.

"Sounds good. All right ladies, it's time to call it a night and I'll see you Thursday," I said standing up to leave.

Jaime and Amber both stood up and somewhat to my surprise, Jaime gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. This wasn't something new for us but considering she was topless I didn't expect it. Her breasts and warmth of her body felt good against me. Amber followed suit and also gave me a quick hug and peck on my cheek.

As I was walking out I gave a backward glance and saw the girl giggling with each other. Jaime gave me a look and a smile as I walked out the door. I wondered what Amber had meant by something special as I climbed into my car. I figured I'd find out.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed quick enough. I had plenty of work to keep me busy. I worked hard to keep the image of Jaime dancing nude out of my mind. Thursday came and I had hardly given that evening a thought until my phone rang.

"Hello," I answered?

"Hey uncle, it's your favorite niece," I heard Jaime's voice say. She wasn't wrong, she was my favorite niece and though we didn't see each other as often as I would like I still spoiled her on every occasion.

"What can I do you for," I asked, expecting that she was calling to cancel.

"Amber has a plan for us all tonight, though I'm not sure you're gonna go for it. I just wanted to warn you and to tell you to keep an open mind. tonight might be fun," Jaime said in a rush.

"Care to elaborate," I asked?

"Not on the phone, you'll see. I just wanted to say ahead of time I hope you play along," Jaime replied.

"All right, we'll see. You now I rarely say no to you," I answered.

"See you tonight, love you uncle," Jaime finished.

"Love you too".

Now I was really perplexed as I hang the phone up. Jaime's mysterious call kept playing over in my head. I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on work.

Six came and surprisingly the girls showed up right on time. The girls were dressed simply enough in jeans and T-shirts which was good, I didn't feel underdressed. I noticed both were carrying overnight bags.

"I take it neither of you plan on staying sober," I said to them.

"Not really," Jaime replied.

"All right, you know where bedrooms are Jaime".

"Yep," Jaime answered as she started heading for my basement.

The basement was where I spent most of my time at home. I had my TV set up down there with a nice big sectional sofa, my wet bar was off to the side and behind the sofa was a pool table. Off to the other side was sliding glass doors that opened to an indoor pool and hot tub.

"Nice," Amber said, looking around.

"Thanks, make yourselves at home," I told the girls, "I thought we could order pizza if your hungry".

"Sounds good," Jaime answered.

By the time the pizza arrived we had already downed a couple drinks each. We settled down on the sofa while we ate and of course downed a couple more drinks. when we had finished, all three of us were feeling a buzz but thanks to the food we weren't silly drunk.

"OK. time for some fun," Amber said standing up.

"What are you girls up to," I asked?

"You just relax Uncle Mark, Jaime and I will be right back," Amber answered with a smile.

"Remember what I said," Jaime got up and patted my shoulder as she followed Amber up stairs.

I sat on the sofa not knowing what to expect next. Presently Jaime and Amber strolled back down. Both were wearing sexy outfits and high heels. Jaime sat down next to me and put her arm around me.

"Here's what we're going to do," Amber informed me, "We're going to have an all night, all naked party".

"What," I asked not believing what I heard?

"First I'm going to dance for you both, then Jaime will and after we're all nice and naked, it's your turn," Amber said to me.

"Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be doing a strip tease. I can't dance anyway," I explained nervously.

"You don't have to dance, we'll help you," Amber said with a laugh.

"I don't know if it's a good idea," I managed to say.

I felt Jaime gently squeeze my arm. I looked over at her and she looked as nervous as I felt. She gave me a small smile. I could tell that Amber had instigated this but there was something in Jaime's eyes that told me she hoped I would agree. The look of vulnerability she wore made my heart go out to her.

"You've seen both of us naked already, no big surprises there," Amber reasoned.

"That's true," Jaime agreed.

"Well, you have a point there, that ship has already sailed," I conceded, "but like I said, I'm not dancing".

"Awesome, it's going to be a great night. We don't get to cut loose just for the fun of it often. I'll get us all another drink then just sit back," Amber said with obvious glee.

Amber got us our drinks then turned on my stereo to music she approved of. I swore it felt like Jaime slid closer to me as Amber began dancing and swaying to the music. Jaime took my arm and placed it around her shoulder as we watched Amber and there was no mistaking that.

As nice as it was watching Amber seductively strip her clothes off, I felt a flutter in my stomach as I realized Jaime was next. Amber danced in front of me and before I knew it she was gyrating in my lap. She pressed her ample breasts to my face, and laughed at my embarrassment. Then she moved to Jaime and did the same.

When she finished dancing it was time for another round, then Amber sat down next to me on my other side. She placed her hand on my shoulder as Jaime got up, but I noticed she kept a little space between us.

"My turn," Jaime said with a smile.

"Just think, most guys have to pay good money for a private show from us but since we love you, you get it for free," Amber said with a pinch of my cheek.

I was riveted as Jaime did a sensual dance, her clothes slowly coming off. I felt myself involuntarily become erect in my jeans. It seemed Amber noticed but all she did was wink and smile at me.

I couldn't help but watch transfixed at my niece as she slowly swayed her now nude hips. I saw that she had shaved her previously trimmed pussy, clean. I had never seen anything more beautiful.

Jaime slowly moved up to me, then backed onto my lap. She slowly moved her tight ass up and down on me. Then in a quick and graceful move, she spun around and was sitting facing me. She slowly ground herself against my pelvis. Jaime leaned back so that her head was nearly on the floor, as she sat on me. My cock was positively throbbing and I knew she had to of known I had a raging hard on.

Still, she kept giving me the sexiest lap dance I had ever had. Sitting back up, Jaime leaned forward and pressed her breasts to my face and moved them back and forth. I could feel her hard nipples brush against my lips. I had to fight the urge to part my lips and let her nipples slide into my mouth.

Jaime spent a lot more time on my lap dance than Amber did, still it seemed it was over much to quickly. With regret on my part, I watched as Jaime slid over to Amber and proceed to giver her a lap dance that turned out to be much shorter than the one I had gotten. Then she sat down next to me on the sofa.

"Whew, I think I need a cigarette now," Amber exclaimed!

"A beer for me, anyone else," I asked?

"Please," Jaime replied.

"Here also," Amber agreed.

I noticed when I turned to ask them Amber gave Jaime a wink and smile. I felt somewhat bewildered. I really wasn't sure what all was going on, all I knew was that I had gotten a serious woody from my niece that I was trying to hide.

I brought back the beers and sat down between the two very sexy, naked women. I almost choked on my first swallow at what came next.

"Your turn to get naked, "Amber informed me.

"Give me a moment to finish my beer," I managed to stammer.

Amber let out a loud laugh, "It's OK uncle. We're all adults here. Lay back, close your eyes and relax. A deal is a deal".

I sucked my breath in and did as Amber asked. I felt my shoes and socks coming off as soon as my eyes closed. Next I felt hands pulling off my shirt. At the same time, I felt another pair of hands undoing my belt, then my jeans. Both girls took a hold of the legs of my jeans and pulled them off. I wasn't sure whose hands I felt take the waistband of my boxer-briefs, but next they were off too. Before I knew it I was also naked.

"Let's shoot some pool," Amber said as she jumped up off the sofa, "I'll play Jaime first, you get winner".

We got up and headed to the pool table. If either girl noticed my raging erection, neither let on. I sat back on a bar stool and watched as Jaime and Amber began shooting pool. Between shots Jaime walked next to me and stood, her bare hip touching mine.

Jaime won her game and next it was my turn. I marveled at the fact that most men would have loved to be me, shooting pool with two gorgeous and naked women. By this time we were all feeling pretty good after a few mixed drinks earlier and a couple of beers since.

I loved watching Jaime play. I watched every ripple of her leg muscles as she walked and the way her taught stomach flexed. I was no slouch, constant swimming and taking care of myself kept me trim and fit, but Jaime had muscles that were very sexy. My erection was raging again but alcohol had loosened me up and it didn't seem like a deal anymore. We were all laughing it up and having a good time. When Jaime bent over the table in front of me to shoo, my breath caught in my throat.

"Nice view," Amber exclaimed!

"Shut up bitch," Jaime responded.

"Mark thinks so too," Amber added with a giggle.

"Shut up," Jaime yelled!

I did agree, but I was still mortified by the comment. As things progressed I noticed Jaime initiated more and more physical contact between us. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. At times she almost acted like a girlfriend. Amber seemed to encourage the behavior in my niece.

After shooting pool, we took our beers out to the enclosed patio and went for a swim. We splashed around like free spirited kids. At one point while I was standing against the side of the pool, Jaime backed into me as Amber splashed her and I felt the tight ass press against my hard cock. Not only did Jaime not move, she actually pressed back against me a little harder.

My head was swimming. I didn't know how much was really happening and how much was my imagination running wild. When we moved to the hot tub, it was made very clear to me.

Jaime sat next to me, very close. Amber sat across from us. We continued drinking and talking when without a word I felt Jaime's arm brush my cock as she laid her hand on my thigh. My skin felt like it was burning where she touched me. Even more, she reached under the water and took my hand in hers. I was thankful that with the jets on full, Amber probably couldn't see.

Slowly Jaime slid my hand between her legs and onto her warm pussy. My whole body was tingling and butterflies filled my stomach. I sat the cupping her mound in my palm, afraid to move. Then I felt Jaime's hand move to my erect cock and she wrapped her slender fingers around my shaft. She did this without a word to me or even a glance.

We sat there for what seemed an eternerity like that, though it probably had only been a few minutes. Amber suddenly stood up and informed us that she was going to get some sleep. I was relieved when Jaime let go of my very hard member as I had begun to fear I might blow my wad at any moment.

Amber gave Jaime a hug, then turned and hugged me. She got out and dried herself off with a towel.

"Goodnight all, it was a blast tonight," She said as she headed upstairs to one of my bedrooms.

"Jaime," I began when Amber was out of earshot.

"Shhh," Jaime said, placing a finger on my lips, "Come on".

Jaime stood up taking my hand for me to follow. We dried each other off and she led me to the sofa, my knees feeling week and shaky. Sitting down Jaime cupped my face in her hands and looked me directly in the eyes. Damn she looked even more beautiful.

Pulling my face to hers, Jaime pressed her lips tight against mine. Her tongue parted my lips and slid into my mouth. Any thought of resistance was destroyed and I kissed her back fervently.

A small moan escaped her as I softly kissed her slender throat. Jaime hooked one of her legs over me and wrapped me tightly in her arms as she pulled me tighter to her. Her body felt hot, yet soft and smooth against my skin.

Jaime reached down and positioned my cock against her wet, eager vagina. My head parted her lips. I couldn't believe this was happening but I was past control. She gasped as I pushed my cock deep inside of her.

"Oh god yes," Jaime groaned as my hard cock penetrated her

Having her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my stiff manhood was more incredible than I could have imagined. I began to slowly move my shaft in and out, relishing every split second of the feeling.

Jaime began breathing hard against my skin as she matched my rhythm. I felt her nails digging in my back as we fucked with slowly increasing speed and intensity.

"Fuck me good baby," Jaime breathed into my open mouth.

Our tongues probed each others mouths as we continued grinding against each other. I hate to say it but we were screwing more than making love. There was an urgency and an almost desperation in us. Maybe it was pent up sexual frustration. We had reached a fevered pitch, thrusting in and out fast and hard now. It seemed we couldn't get out bodies close enough.

Jaime was letting out a gasp each time I drove my cock deep into her. Her hips bucked against me with the same energy. There was a demanding in our bodies. I would have been embarrassed by my selfish fuck except that she was doing the same with me.

"I'm going to cum," I exclaimed in almost a growl! We continued to fuck each other fast and hard, in unison.

"Yes, cum in me hard," Jaime exclaimed back at me!

"Oh god Jaime," I moaned against her.

"Yesssss, now Mark," Jaime answered as she wrapped both of her legs around my waist.

I pressed my cock in her hard as I felt my seed explode deep inside of her.

"Ohhhhh," Jaime moaned as she gave into her own orgasm

I collapsed on top of my niece and she held onto me tight. Slowly our breathing settled down. My body trembled against hers. I looked up at her and she met my eyes with a smile. Our lips found each others again in what became a long, sweet kiss.

"Want a shower," Jaime asked in a voice still husky from passion.

"Good idea," I answered, though I was entirely sure my legs would work yet.

"My legs are shaky," Jaime said with a small laugh as we got up, echoing my own thoughts.

We silently walked into my bathroom and started a shower. the water felt good and it dawned on me that we hadn't even bothered to wash off the chlorine yet. I felt Jaime move up behind me and she wrapped her arms around me.

"I really needed that," She said to me breathlessly

"Jaime," I said, turning in her arms to face her.

"I know. We'll talk about it in the morning," she said, sounding more mature than her years, "We got that fuck we both needed out of the way. Now I want to get cleaned up, then go to bed and this time make love".

I looked into her lovely eyes and saw something I hadn't noticed before. There was a love there that was unconditional and all accepting. Still, a wave of guilt started to flow into me. this was my niece who was also 20 years younger than me.

We've crossed that line once, the rest of the night together isn't going to change anything," Jaime said sensing my hesitation.

I looked into her pretty face that was silently emploring me and I knew at that moment I wouldn't deny her, no matter how much I told myself I could. She leaned into me and again we kissed like lovers.

Jaime and I washed each other, which turned out to be erotic in itself. After we showered and dried off, we walked upstairs my bedroom. We walked to my bed, holding hands the whole way.

I picked Jaime up and laid her down in bed, taking a moment to mentally file away the image of her lying there. I laid down next to her and studied her face with her bright blue eyes and full, pouty lips. Those lips begged to be kissed, so that's what I did.

Slowly I let my mouth slide down her throat, down her chest to one of her lovely breasts. I took her hard, pink button of a nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it.

"Mmmmmm," Jaime murmured as my tongue traced circles around her nipple.

My hand slid down to her soft pussy and she parted her legs for me. I could feel her wetness building as I gently massaged her lips. Jaime gasped as I slid a finger into her and found her clit. Her hips slowly gyrated as I rubbed inside of her. Again we kissed a long, passionate kiss, then I slid my body down hers.

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