Visiting the Foreign Guest

by Pappyok

Copyright© 2011 by Pappyok

Erotica Sex Story: Six months after 'Entertaining a Foreign Guest' in Sydney, the young couple win a trip to LA and reunite with the US sailor and meet his wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   Size   .

A sequel to Entertaining a Foreign Guest

This is a sequel to 'Entertaining a Foreign Guest' and will make more sense if it is read after the initial story.

It has been written at the request of a few fans, although the result might not necessarily be how some of them might have envisaged.

"Guess what, Grant" an excited Jan asked me as I came through the front door at the end of a busy day at work.

Kissing my wife first and then our two young children, I asked tiredly "can't, so why don't you just tell me."

"You remember that coupon to win one of several holiday packages I filled out from the weekend paper a few months ago?" she asked, seemingly even more agitated than before.

"Not really, but don't tell me we've won a night down the coast" I responded without a lot of enthusiasm.

Not to be deterred from her husband's tired responses, Jan told me "no darling, we've just won two return tickets from Sydney to LA on a Qantas A380 with five nights in the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza."

Suddenly feeling a lot less tired, I cried out "we won what?"

Reassuring me that they had actually won this trip, I excitedly exclaimed "when do we have to go and what do we do with our two little terrors?"

"Well I've already spoken to my parents and they were excited at the prospect of looking after our two little darlings. I suggested two weeks, as they agreed it was silly to fly over 15 hours each way and only stay five days. It shouldn't cost us too much extra. By the way, we can go anytime in the next twelve months, but I was hoping that we could go in about three months as that suits mum and dad and you should be due for holidays by then" she replied.

"Sounds good to me. I'll see what I can organise. What a wonderful surprise, darling" I told my wife as I swept her up in my arms and spun her around before planting a big, passionate kiss on her welcoming lips.

After dinner, I came out from the study where I had been doing some research on our computer.

"Your turn to guess what" I told Jan with a big smile on my face.


"Guess who lives only two hours away from LA?"

"I guess several million Americans, but I don't know any personally" she replied cheekily.

"What about Sam! Wouldn't you like to see him again?" I asked her tenderly.

"Are you serious? Would you really want me to see him again?" she replied a little incredulously. After all, it had been over six months since she had entertained the visiting sailor and we had ended up having a threesome with him. It had been some time since his name had been mentioned, although when it was mentioned during our love making, it never seemed to fail to bring us both to massive conclusions.

"Yes, actually I would. You know how turned on I was that last night he came for dinner and we both made love to you. He left me his email address, so I can write to him if you want me to and see if he's going to be back at San Diego when we are there. Besides, I'd like to spend a few days down there. From what I've read it seems to be an interesting place to visit" I told her.

"So where exactly is it?" Jan enquired.

"Well, unless it's moved since I last looked at a map" I replied facetiously, "San Diego is about two hours drive south of Los Angles and about half an hour north of the Mexican border. It's supposed to be a very beautiful city with quite a large military presence, especially Navy, which is why Sam is stationed there. In fact, I wouldn't mind visiting there even if Sam isn't at home, but would you like me to contact him?"

"Only if you are really sure you want to share me with him, because I don't think I could see him again and not want to enjoy his body" she replied softly, almost wistfully, clearly remembering her time with him.

"Then that's settled. I'll go and send an email to him straight away" I told her as I turned, strode off to the computer and set about composing an email to Sam, telling him about our good fortune and proposing to meet him in San Diego if he was in town when we would be there.

"Sam's replied" I called out excitedly to Jan as I sat at the computer checking for emails a week later, "and yes, he'll be in San Diego when we go to America. What's more, he's offered to meet us in Beverly Hills and show us around for a day and then take us down to San Diego."

"Wow, that sounds great" was Jan's happy response, immediately envisaging the pleasures she hoped to experience again from having the pleasure of two special men making love to her.

"But there's more – he's offered for us to stay with him and his wife for a few days while he shows us around San Diego. He has assured us that his wife, Lorraine, is keen to have us stay with them. He even said that Lorraine was so pleased that we extended such great hospitality to her husband while he was staying in Sydney" Grant continued.

He watched his wife's face rapidly change expression from excited anticipation to disappointment as she cried "he ... he's married?"

"Well I'm not surprised. He was a rather good looking bloke and as a US Navy officer, I'm sure he's a good catch. He never actually told us he wasn't married" I reminded her.

"Maybe, but remember the last thing he said was that if I were single he would take me back to the States with him" Jan said wistfully.

"Still that didn't necessarily mean he wasn't married. Maybe he wanted a mistress or a plural marriage" I replied consolingly.

"Looks like our threesome is off the agenda though" Jan sighed.

"Not necessarily" I reassured her. "After all, we could spend the night with him in Las Angles before he takes us down to San Diego and who knows what might happen there."

"Perhaps, although I'm not so certain that he'd want to cheat on his wife so close to home and I'm not sure that I would want to do that either" Jan told me.

"Well let's just wait and see. I still like his offer of being shown around and accommodation in San Diego. Besides, from what he wrote his wife said, she may be a little more broadminded than you think."

"Not necessarily. He may have only told her we entertained him and gave him some home cooked meals" Jan negatively responded, before adding "but yes, I agree we should take up his offer as I'm sure we'll see a lot more than if we tried to do it by ourselves."

Three months later we were on our first overseas trip. It was a long flight, but the A380 was not only huge, but it was surprisingly quiet and comfortable. Nevertheless, we both only managed an hour or two of sleep, so were very tired when we entered the terminal.

One of the problems with such a large plane was that it had a lot of passengers and with several other international aircraft arriving around the same time, the queues to get through immigration seemed endless and this just made us tireder. In fact it was an hour before we were collecting our luggage and then we still had to go through customs.

We actually both dozed a little on the shuttle bus we had arranged to take us to the hotel so didn't see a lot on the journey which took us almost another hour before it finally stopped at the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza around 11 am.

Although we could check our bags in, we couldn't get a room until 2 pm, unless we paid for an extra night which we thought an unnecessary luxury. So, after checking with the concierge about what was within walking distance, we decided to stroll down to the Museum of Tolerance, which took us about a half hour to walk there.

We were told the museum was dedicated to challenging visitors to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts, but we found that it also confronted all forms of prejudice and discrimination in today's world.

We had a light lunch in the cafe there before spending over two hours wandering around the different floors. As we walked back to our hotel we reflected on what we had seen and we both agreed it had been a surprisingly good experience.

It was well after 3pm by this stage, but we were determined to try and stay awake until about 6pm. Then we hoped to sleep for at least 12 hours, so that we could try and get over the jet lag. After all, we had left home at 9am this morning (Wednesday) to go to Sydney airport, but landed at 9am and it was still Wednesday, having gained 17 hours. It had been a long day.

We surprised ourselves by not waking up until 9 am the next morning. After a shower and some breakfast we felt a little better, but still tired, so decided not to do too much today. We had arranged to spend four of our free nights here now and then the fifth free night as our last night in the USA.

We had arranged with Sam that he would drive down on Saturday morning, aiming to get here around 10am and he'd spend the rest of the day driving us around, showing us some of mansions and where the stars lived, as well as taking us to the J. Paul Getty Museum. He was going to spend the night with us in our hotel room and then take us down to San Diego after breakfast on Sunday morning. We said we would be waiting outside the hotel at 10am as we knew there was no where to park without paying astronomical parking fees.

This meant we had today to do some shopping, see Rodeo Drive and Hollywood, while tomorrow we planned to do the Universal Studios tour.

We had arranged to spend four nights in San Diego with Paul and his wife and then planned to catch a bus to Los Vegas, where we'd spend another four nights before returning to LA for our last night.

We found out that the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza is not actually in Beverly Hills, albeit very close to the Hills. Beverly Hills we discovered is a separate city, although it is not readily apparent where one ends and the other starts, but the Crowne Plaza is really in LA. Too confusing for us mere mortals.

I told Jan she could look in every shop on Rodeo Drive – just couldn't buy anything. She was happy just looking, fortunately, as everything we saw was way out of our price bracket. We did manage to get a few souvenirs for family and friends and a couple of little things for our two children and of course we bought a nice thankyou present for my in-laws for making this trip possible by looking after their grandkids.

But both of were really looking forward to Saturday morning and meeting up with Sam again.

At last it was 10am on Saturday and we were standing out the front of the hotel waiting for Sam. Five minutes later he drove into the front of the hotel and stepped out of his car. Jan went up to him and gave him a shy, gentle kiss on the mouth and then he shook my hand. He helped Jan get into the back seat, while I climbed into the passenger seat. For a moment I went to get in the driver's seat, as this was my first experience of a left hand drive car (other than the bus trip from the airport which didn't really count), but I soon realised that the passenger seat was the other side of the vehicle.

We chatted about everything except what we all hoped would be happening that night as he drove us around, carefully avoiding talking about Sam's family situation. We ended up at Venice Beach, where we had lunch and then at the Getty Museum. Here we were amazed by the fantastic views of the city as well as the gardens and of course the art work that was extraordinary from our point of view.

Finally, we got back to our hotel.

"Let's take your stuff up to our room and then we can freshen up before having a drink at the bar" I suggested to Sam. We had already agreed to have dinner in the hotel.

Our room had two double beds, rather than one king-size, which Jan and I thought would be good for sleeping and would avoid any embarrassment if Sam wasn't interested in any horizontal gymnastics.

We took turns using the bathroom and freshening up, agreeing that we wouldn't change for dinner. After all, we hadn't brought that many clothes with us.

When we got downstairs, we just had one cocktail each before dinner and shared a bottle of wine with our meal. I tried to put the dinner on our hotel tab, but Sam insisted on shouting, pointing out that we were paying for the hotel room, even though we weren't really as we had won the accommodation as well as the air tickets.

Just after 8:30 we were back in our room, having decided to skip coffee downstairs and have one in our room.

"I'm going to have a shower" Jan said as soon as we got into our room.

I put the jug on and then set the alarm for 7am, because Sam wanted to be on the road at 9am. As soon as the jug boiled, I made coffee while Sam and I sat and talked. We were sipping our coffee when Jan came out wearing a hotel bathrobe, looking oh so sexy and appealing.

"Why don't you have your shower, darling, while I have a coffee with Sam and then he can have his" Jan said shyly.

It didn't take me long to shower, put some deodorant on and get into the other robe. I joined Jan and Sam who were sitting quietly, chatting and finishing their coffee. Sam put his cup down and went into the bathroom.

"I told Sam how much we were both looking forward to tonight and he told me that he was hoping for a repeat of what happened in Sydney, so this is your last chance to change your mind, darling" she whispered to me.

"Do you want me to change my mind" I asked mischievously.

"No, no, heavens no! You know how much I'm looking forward to it, but I just want to make sure you are too" Jan passionately responded.

I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply as I whispered my reassurances, telling her that I, too, was looking forward to what I knew we both wanted to happen. My hand wandered into her robe and as I thought, she had no bra on underneath. I could just see a bit of lace further down, which indicated to me that she had probably put a sexy pair of undies on and nothing else.

Then Sam came out of the bathroom, just wearing a large towel wrapped around his waist; his chest exposed, his muscles rippling and his dark skin glistening.

"Sorry, no more robes and I left my clean clothes out here" he said apologetically, as he went to his overnight bag, which he had left sitting on one of the beds.

"No problems" I quickly interjected, adding "after all, we'll be in bed soon won't we? We won't need clothes then, will we?"

Sam smiled at me, before sitting on the bed next to Jan. She quickly turned to him and went into his arms, turning her face to his, inviting him to kiss her.

"Oh Sam, I missed you" she sighed as his lips met hers and they embraced. Gently at first but then with increased fervour, the two kissed, their arms wrapped around each other. When the kiss ended, Jan turned to look at me and I just smiled at her. Smiling right back at me, she returned her lips to Sam's and, with mouths clearly opened, their tongues intertwined as they kissed even more passionately.

As they broke apart, Sam looked at me seeking reassurance and I smiled at him as well. Needing no more encouragement, Sam turned back to Jan and reached for the tie on her robe, slowly pulling it until the bow was undone. The robe opened, revealing her cleavage and confirming that all she had on underneath was a pair of brief, white, lacy undies. She looked so sexy and so very desirable. Having no pubic hair, the whole shape of her sex was clearly visible through the transparent lace, with her other lips protruding.

Sam's head dipped and I could see his lips kissing then sucking first one nipple then the other, as Jan slipped her arms out of the robe, allowing it to drop on the bed. I could feel myself getting harder and more aroused as I watched my darling wife moaning with pleasure and anticipation.

It seemed like only seconds later, but I'm sure it was more like ten minutes, when Sam slid his lips down her torso, pausing briefly to dip his tongue into her belly button, before going all the way to the tops of her thighs, kissing her on the inside of each leg. He moved back up to kiss her other lips through the filmy lace, before grasping the edges of her panties at either side of her waist and slowly pulling them down, revealing her moist, aroused pussy.

Jan lifted her bottom, allowing Sam to completely remove her panties, leaving her totally naked and vulnerable to his endeavours. She spread her legs wider, allowing him total access, which his tongue and fingers soon took advantage of.

I decided I had had enough of being solely a spectator; rising up from the other bed and moving to her head so that I could kiss her, our tongues quickly duelled with passion.

"I love you so much, my darling" I whispered in her ear before probing it with my tongue and blowing into her canal.

"And I love you more than anything in this world" she breathlessly replied, moaning from the dual attention of two tongues arousing her; of two men worshiping her body.

Jan moaned but it was a disappointed sound and I realised why, as Sam had withdrawn his attentions from her nether regions and stood up. But his absence was short lived, as he removed his towel and, holding his very stiff erection, rubbed it up and down her wetness, ensuring it was lubricated, then brought it to the opening of her sex.

Slowly, oh so slowly, Sam eased his monstrous erection into her tight but welcoming vagina, Jan moaned with pleasure as each centimetre was gradually eased into her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his torso, using them and her hands which she had placed on his bottom to pull him as far inside her as it was possible for him to go.

Groaning, moaning, sighing with tears of pleasure running down her cheeks, Jan was clearly ecstatic from the pleasure she was receiving. My penis was throbbing and I was careful to avoid touching it, fearful that I would ejaculate all too soon. I wanted to be inside her as soon as Sam had climaxed so that I could enjoy what I had taken so much pleasure from nearly nine months ago; the feeling of entering her aroused, wet and sticky sex immediately after Sam had been inside her.

We never considered trying to replicate what had happened then. We both had enjoyed it, but it was something special, not something we wanted to do with others. Somehow, the bond between Jan and Sam made it possible for us to try it again.

I could see Sam's bottom clench tightly and his body stiffen as he clearly exploded inside her. Jan cried out as she too experienced yet another orgasm, telling Sam how good it felt and how she loved him.

Sam, almost a little nervously, withdrew from her and moved over to the other bed, as I threw my robe off, knelt between her legs and in one motion thrust all the way inside her. It was easy to do as she was stretched wide open, Sam's conclusion allowing my erect penis to glide smoothly into her slippery canal.

"Oh Jan, I love you so much. You were wonderful" I whispered in her ear and I could feel the tension leave her body as she was clearly worried that her words spoken in the height of her sexual arousal and pleasure may have angered or disappointed me.

"I'm so aroused from watching you" I added "that I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to last too long."

Unfortunately I was right, as moments later I was spurting my conclusion into her, moaning with pleasure as I kept telling her how wonderful she was and how much I loved her. After kissing her deeply, I withdrew from her and went into the bathroom to grab a wash cloth and came back to clean up one very damp lady.

Sam opened a bottle of white wine and poured us each a glass as we sat on the two beds naked, total unselfconsciously as we sipped our wine and smiled at each other. No words were said or needed as we each reflected on the sexual pleasure we had enjoyed.

"Do you want to watch more" Jan asked me shyly when her glass was empty.

"You know I do and you know what I want to see don't you?" I whispered back.

She looked at me for a few moments, then remembering what I had told her the next day after the last time we had enjoyed Sam's company, she stood up and walked over to the bed where Sam was sitting. She gently pushed him onto his back and climbed up onto the bed the other side of him. She took his still large but soft penis between her hands and rubbed gently for a moment before bring her tongue down to lick up and down the entire length, which rapidly took her longer to do as it stiffened to its gigantic maximum.

After adding kisses to the tongue bath she had been giving his erection, she took the head into her mouth and sucked as much as she could until she could feel it throbbing in its full glory.

Straddling him, but facing towards me, she lowered her thighs down, guiding his member into her. She slowly sank down until the entire thing had disappeared inside her before slowly rising until it was only just inside her. Then she sank down again, all the while gazing with love at me, ensuring that I was enjoying this as well.

She continued rising and falling, but her motions gradually got faster and faster until she cried out with rapturous joy when she experienced yet another orgasm.

Jan fell back onto Sam's chest as his arms came around her and clasped her breasts with his hands, his fingers rolling and pulling her nipples while she continued expressing her happiness.

Sam rolled her onto her side facing me, staying buried deep inside her. He grasped her top leg behind the knee, lifting it, exposing her even more to my euphoric gaze. I could see his massive erection, coated in her secretions, as it slid in and out of her perfect sex.

While he thrust vigorously into her, I could also see him pulling harder on her nipples, causing her to cry out with blissful ecstasy. She was clearly experiencing wave after rapturous wave of pleasure as she grabbed a pillow to try and dull the noises emanating from her mouth.

Soon after, I could see Sam reaching his pinnacle but I forced myself not to touch the thing that was throbbing between my legs, hoping that I would not be too aroused because I wanted to enjoy another experience of going second.

I moved closer to their junction and could see his enormous member as it pulsated inside my darling's vagina, spurting copious quantities of his seed into her safely protected sex. No babies from this action; just lots of pleasure to all three of us.

Fascinated, I watched as he slowly withdrew from her, leaving her open, gaping, waiting for me to fill her. And quick as a flash I was all the way inside her, enjoying her warm and receptive sex as we made passionate love to each other.

While I was occupied, Sam had used the bathroom then climbed into the other bed. As I withdrew, I too used the bathroom and when I came back, Jan told me she was going for a shower. I climbed into the other bed and waited for her to come back out.

As she exited the bathroom, I was pleased to see that she had remained naked. She walked between the beds and started to get in with me, but I said "why not spend the night in the other bed, darling? I'm sure you like to, wouldn't you?"

"Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly.

"Of course. Give me a good night kiss and I'll see you in the morning.

After kissing me and wished me a good night, she quickly climbed into bed with Sam. I was pleased to see he took her into his arms and cuddled her, before kissing her gently and saying good night to us both. I lay awake for a few minutes watching them lay there together as they drifted off to sleep. I was a very contented man.

I woke to the sounds of pleasure coming from the other bed. As I glanced at the clock I saw it was 6:55am, so reached over and turned the alarm off, then proceeded to watch Sam and Jan enjoy each other's bodies. Soon after Jan cried out in pleasure, it was Sam's turn to experience release. I watched as he kissed her gently before getting out of bed, then quickly took his place, both in his bed and between Jan's legs.

"Good morning, darling, I hoped you slept well – I did. And I hoped you enjoyed waking up as much as I did too" I told her after entering her and then kissing her.

'Mmmh, sure did and you can't beat having two beautiful men make love to you first thing in the morning either" she whispered to me after she had kissed me again.

"Well that's not something I want to experience" I told her with a laugh, as I settled down to concentrate on the wondrous feelings of making love to my darling. All too soon I was once again reaching fulfilment.

After Sam came out from his shower, Jan quickly jumped up and told me it was her turn, so I languished in bed for another few minutes, before joining her in the bathroom to shave, shower and whatever.

Breakfast was delivered to our room at 8am and by 8:55 we were at the front desk checking out.

Although I had offered the front passenger seat to Jan, she insisted that I sit up front with Sam as she ensconced herself in the back. We were quiet at first as Sam negotiated the rather hectic LA traffic until he was comfortably on freeway 5 down the east coast.

"What's your wife like?" Jan suddenly asked, breaking the silence as she leaned forward to hear Sam's answer.

"Well as far as looks are concerned, she's not as dark as me, more honey brown. She's a lot smaller too, being only 5 foot 4 and quite slim. Her breasts would be slightly smaller than yours and she has a tiny waist with slim, well toned legs. Her very pretty face is topped off with fairly short curly black hair.

"As for her personality, I really got the jackpot: not only is she an intelligent, good looking lady, but she's also a loving, caring and sharing wife and I use the word sharing deliberately. In case you're concerned about her reaction to what we've done, don't be. I told her all about what happened in Sydney and she was very happy for me and I'm sure she's looking forward to hearing about last night as well.

"She knows that I am a high maintenance man when it comes to sex: I need it often, which makes being a sailor hard sometimes or rather leaves me very hard sometimes. She's happy for me to enjoy some female company, especially in a loving environment like we three shared in Sydney. She knows I don't use prostitutes. At the same time, she's not worried about me leaving her for another woman, as she knows how much I love and adore her.

"Finally, although not often and definitely not with any work colleagues, we have enjoyed a few foursomes. We've only swapped partners for the night a couple of times, as both of us prefer and enjoy watching the other getting pleasure and that way she can occasionally experiment with a little bisexual action, which I really love to watch" was Sam's surprising response.

I could tell that Jan was speechless, wondering just what we had let ourselves in for. On the other hand, my immediate reaction was envisaging watching Jan and Sam pleasure each other while I was enjoying another woman, who sounded rather sexy. But then my mind quickly considered the possibility of watching Jan with another woman for the first time. My only concern was whether Sam would expect similar action from me, which I was definitely not interested in.

After a pregnant pause, Jan asked "any children?"

"Unfortunately no, Lorraine is unable to have children due to a medical problem that I won't go into, but fortunately that does not affect her desire for and love of sex" he said with a grin as her turned around to look quickly as Jan and me, before adding "but I hope I haven't upset you with what I just told you both."

"No, I'm really looking forward to meeting your wife actually" Jan quickly responded, and naturally I concurred.

We were fairly quiet for the rest of the drive, except for when Sam pointed out things of interest. We were fascinated by the queue of cars on the other side of the road at one point and Sam explained that it was a check point looking for illegal immigrants, being as how close San Diego was to the Mexican border.

It was just a little after midday when Sam turned off the freeway into a nice, middle class suburb. We were impressed at how neat and tidy the verges were and how well maintained all the houses and yards were. It was less than five minutes more before we were pulling into the driveway of a nice looking house with a double garage in front. The garage door open automatically and we drove in, then able to use the internal access to go inside.

Immediately we went inside, a beautiful woman, just how Sam had described her, flew into his arms as if he'd been away for a month rather than just overnight, kissing him soundly. After she had thoroughly kissed him, she pulled back and turned to us and made us welcome, telling us how much she had been looking forward to meeting us both.

After exchanging pleasantries and assuring her we were both very happy to be there, Lorraine showed us to the guest bedroom, explaining where everything was and, after leaving us to use the bathroom, invited us to join them for lunch.

During lunch, a nice, healthy chicken salad, we talked about our plans for the rest of our time in the States. We told them we were hoping to be able to stay with them for four nights, leaving on Thursday to go to Las Vegas for four nights and then our last night, Monday week, would be back at the Beverly Hills Crowne Plaza. That was the only thing booked at this stage as we'd been told it was better to book the transport and accommodation for Las Vegas from here.

"Look, Las Vegas is cheap Monday to Thursday, but gets expensive at the weekend, especially on Saturday" Lorraine told us, adding "why don't you fly there as the bus takes a long time and is not much cheaper, but go on Tuesday morning and stay three nights, then fly back here and stay three more nights with us. I could then drive you to LA on Monday morning, which will enable me to get back in the daylight. You'll save a lot of money that way and we're more than happy to have you for five nights instead of four."

"Are you sure, because that sounds like a great offer?" the ever practical Jan enthusiastically replied.

"Of course" Lorraine told us, before suggesting "we should go to Balboa Park this afternoon and if we're lucky we might catch a live outdoor pipe organ recital. Then tomorrow I'll take you to Hotel del Coronado, which is one of America's largest wooden buildings and where the movie Some Like It Hot staring Marilyn Monroe was made in 1958 and then we can go shopping. Next Saturday I'm sure Sam will want to take you for a tour of his base and then to the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that is now a museum and we'll sort out Sunday later."

Sam quickly agreed with his wife's plans and we were more than happy to go along with whatever they suggested, as they were the locals. First though we booked return flights to Las Vegas and then booked very cheap rooms in what we were assured would be excellent accommodation right in the heart of the strip – Bills Gambling Hall and Saloon. We also booked a Grand Canyon flight.

"Make sure you try their 99 cent Margaritas" Sam told us before adding "oh and don't forget to tip. I know you Australians are not used to the tipping culture we Americans have, but the difference here is our waiters, taxi drivers, bar tenders, etc don't get a decent wage and rely on the tips to make it worthwhile working, while in Australia you usually only tip where there has been really good service because the workers are paid properly. Must say I agree with your system, but what w've got, we've got."

As soon as we had finished cleaning up from lunch we piled into their car with the guys in the front and the girls chatting away like old friends in the back and set off for Balboa Park, where we not only watched a pipe organ recital, but were fascinated by the many and varied things to see. The orchid house was especially pretty and the buskers just added to the whole ambience.

Once we were back at their home, first Jan then I had showers and changed what we were told was acceptable wear – shorts and T-shirts. Sam had done the same, while Lorraine started dinner and then had her shower. When she joined us, I had to force myself not to stare at her beautiful body that was now fairly well displayed through her thin top and brief shorts. While Jan as always looked beautiful her body wasn't quite as much on display.

Sam made us all pre dinner cocktails and by the time I started on my third, I realised they were fairly potent and guessed that Jan would be feeling no pain. We had a glass of wine with dinner and then at Lorraine's suggested we made ourselves comfortable in the lounge with another potent offering from Sam. I was a little surprised to see Lorraine sit down next to Jan while the two boys sat on the lounge chairs.

"Alright, Jan, now we're settled, I want a blow by blow description of last night," Lorraine said to her, before adding with a laugh "or perhaps it should be a thrust by thrust description."

Jan blushed and managed to stammer "wha ... what do you mean?"

"I want all the salacious details of what you and Sam in particular got up to last night" Lorraine explained with a twinkle in her eye.

Hesitantly, but gradually with more confidence once she sensed that Sam's wife just wanted to enjoy the experience vicariously, she told everything, including sleeping with Sam while I was in the other bed. She even admitted enjoying Sam's attentions in the middle of the night and then how I'd woken in the morning in time to watch them once more, before I took Sam's place while he had a shower.

During Jan's narrative, Lorraine's arm, which had been resting on the back of the lounge, had fallen to Jan's shoulders and by the time she finished her hand had slipped to Jan's breast, lightly cupping it. Jan didn't seem to object, so Lorraine pulled her a little closer and, once Jan had finished, put her other hand on Jan's face, slowly pulling it towards hers and gently kissing her on the lips.

I sat watching, fascinated by what was unfolding, knowing that Jan didn't have a bra on, so that Lorraine was able to fondle her nipples through the fairly thin cotton of her T-shirt.

But it wasn't much longer before Lorraine's hand was under the T-shirt, fondling the bare skin of those beautiful breasts. I could see that Jan was starting to get rather aroused, so I wasn't surprised when after Lorraine whispered to Jan "take it off" she didn't hesitate in removing her T-shirt, displaying her bare breasts to Sam & I as well.

We boys continued sipping our drinks, enjoying the display put on by the two girls, which I knew was a first for my darling. Jan and I had occasionally talked about her having a bi-sexual experience, but she had never been particularly keen on the idea.

It wasn't long before Lorraine had worked Jan's shorts and undies off as well and soon they were both lying on the plush pile rug, although Jan was the only one undressed.

"Sam get your but over here and show me how you made love to this beautiful girl" Lorraine demanded.

Sam quickly responded, stripping his clothes off and then crawling between Jan's legs so that he could use his tongue, lips and fingers on her sex. His wife continued kissing Jan on the mouth and playing with one breasts as I watched in fascination.

"Come on Grant, get over here and suck her other breast" Lorraine told me and I didn't hesitate for a second, lying down beside my darling and taking her nipple between my teeth, biting gently, while using my hand to cup the rest of that breast. Lorraine, meanwhile, had moved her mouth down to the other breast and was sucking on it, as Jan's head rolled from side to side, moaning from the intense pleasure the three of us were giving her.

Lorraine reached down between Sam's legs, and after rubbing his by now erect penis briefly, she guided it to Jan's junction, rubbing it against her moisture, before assisting him to slide inside her.

She and I sat back and watched Sam and Jan in action for a few moments before I realised that Lorraine had removed her clothes and moved over beside me.

"Why are you still dressed?" she asked me, undoing my shorts and pulling them down as I took my T-shirt off. She lay on her side facing the other two, while encouraging me to move behind her, where I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her breasts, my rapidly growing penis rubbing against her firm bottom as we watched Sam pound his huge erection deep into my darling wife.

I slid my top hand down her tummy over the tiny bit of dark curly pubic hair at the top of her sex, then allowed my fingers to rub up and down the outside of her nether lips before pushing first one then two fingers inside her as my thumb gentle caressed her hard little nub. A few minutes later, she reached down behind her, grasped my erection and guided it into her damp and welcoming crevice.

Although I was enjoying slowly thrusting in and out of only the second woman I had ever experienced making love to, I was deriving even more pleasure from watching my wife moaning and tossing her head from side to side as she experienced yet another wave of pleasure from Sam. When her orgasm finished, she looked over at me, saw what I was doing and smiled approvingly, clearly glad that she wasn't the only one experiencing sexual enjoyment.

I'd like to say that an hour later, but it was probably not much more than ten minutes, I watched Sam stiffen and deliver his climax into my darling and not too long after that, the speed of my thrusts having increased once I was concentrating solely on Lorraine, I too was enjoying sexual gratification.

"Sam, seeing you have to go to work in the morning, why don't you take Jan into our bed and I'll take Grant to the guest room. I'll still have breakfast ready for you at 7:30, OK?" Lorraine gently said, then turned to me and added "why don't you kiss your wife goodnight?"

As Sam kissed and cuddled Lorraine, I moved over to Jan, making sure she was happy with the arrangements. She smiled her pleasure at what had been suggested, telling me to make sure I enjoyed myself as well before adding "you are alright with this aren't? It is what you want?"

"Of course I am, and it's just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned that Lorraine wants to sleep with me. Is that truly OK with you?" I asked softly.

She reassured me that that was what she wanted, kissed me again then stood up, took Sam's hand and the two of them disappeared into the main bedroom, leaving Lorraine looking at me, waiting for me to take her to bed. I reached out to her and we held hands as we walked towards the guest room, until she left me to use the bathroom.

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