Some Things Are Worth Waiting For

by Jerry

Copyright© 2011 by Jerry

True Sex Story: After 10 years of 'pillow-talk' about a MFM, it finally happened, unplanned!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Black Female   White Male   First   Voyeurism   .

Saturday, Independence Day Weekend, 2011 marked a milestone for us. After ten years of fantasizing pillow-talk, we enjoyed our first MFM! This is the story:

As we do once a month or so, we got a motel room for the night and took a nice nap from about 4 till 7pm with some delicious cuddling before and after.

Refreshed, we dressed and drove 25 miles to our favorite watering hole for a bite and a drink. It was getting dark on our return and the honey, Debra, gave us a great 'trucker show' on the way back to the motel. Traffic was very light so I had time to pace a good looking driver for several erotic miles. He was most appreciative of her charms and mouthed a 'thank you' as I sped up. Deb blew him a kiss and buttoned up her dress almost covering those luscious thighs.

Back in the room, Debra relaxed on the bed as I turned on the TV for a bit. Except for shoes, she was fully dressed. Maybe 20 minutes later I exited the back door, poolside, to grab a smoke. Four doors down was a young, nice looking guy enjoying a beer and the cooling sunset. He greeted me. I walked over to him and asked, "Could I borrow your phonebook please, mine seems to be missing?"

"Sure." came a warm, smiling reply. "Let me get it."

I followed him to his door and stayed outside while he went in. I noticed an older gentleman laying on the further of two beds. We waved. The young man handed me the phonebook. I told him the wife and I wanted to find a place for breakfast in the morning. Now, this is not true as we have been going to that same motel for over 10 years and live in the town so we know all the eateries in the area.

Had he been alone, I would have suggested to Deb that we play the 'phonebook' game wherein we go into a guy's room (or return the book) and she shows off to him as I look through his phonebook. We have never actually done this but have talked it many times. I was not impressed with the looks of the older man so rejected doing our game later when we would have returned the book.

Back in our room, I told Deb about the young man and showed her the book. I also told her about the other one. She said, "Too bad, eh?"

An hour later, I went out for another smoke and the young one was standing 8 feet from our back door, at the pool gate just looking at the water. I went back in the room telling Deb about him being there and she came over to the window to have a look. "Hummmmmm," she whispered, "Cute."

I told her to go get into her sexy black slip. It is cut up the leg on one side and low in the front at the top. As she did so in the bathroom, I invited the young man in asking him whether he would like to join us in a glass of wine as that was all we had available. He accepted with thanks and came in. It was dark out by then and the room was lit only by a muted TV and a scented candle.

Debra came out of the bathroom wearing the slip, nothing else. Introductions were made and Ryan stood as a gentleman must to make her acquaintance. She took a place at the foot of the king bed, sitting with her legs closed and dangling off the edge. Ryan resat.

We exchanged pleasantries learning that the 'other man' in his room was his dad and they were returning to Ft. Worth from a trip to San Antonio. He asked after us and was told we were from the area just out for some fun for the weekend. He glanced over at the phonebook on the table but did not say anything. Deb asked his age to which he replied 19. Well, we are in our mid and late 40s!

She lay over on her side, the slip moving up to mid-thigh. I moved my chair close to the bed and started caressing that velvet leg. After a minute or two I invited Ryan to move closer then to come and touch the softest skin in Texas.

He came over to stand at the foot and began gently feeling her leg. Deb took it for maybe 2 minutes then rolled over on her back spreading her legs a little. Ryan moved his hand up to her hip and I reached over taking his hand, guiding it to her pussy hair. He felt it still being very slow and gentle. I put my hand over his and moved it lower, pushing his middle finger into her lovely crevice.

Deb gave a quiet moan and, taking the cue, Ryan inserted a finger in her. He finger-fucked her beautiful cunt slowly, her wetness making those wonderful squishy sounds. His fingering became two and he increased the speed and depth moving his hand in circles then holding the fingers shallow but vibrating them quickly. Debra was getting into it.

I was enthralled and had to take my dick out. When Ryan saw this, he used his free hand to drop his shorts revealing an absolutely beautiful circumcised cock of about 6.5in and very nice girth. He was my length and maybe a quarter inch thicker, just very very nice.

Deb reached over and took his dick in hand remarking on its size and attractiveness. She lightly felt his tiny balls. He was virtually hairless and hard as a railroad spike. I backed off to enjoy watching their play and exploration.

She jacked him slowly then rapidly as he continued fingering her. His other hand found her breasts and she reached up taking down the shoulder straps to give him access. Her tits are beautiful, soft and erotic. Her nipples were twin peaks of hardness, the areolas darkening with excitement.

Ten minutes later, I backed him up, laid Deb on her back, mounted her and fucked her slowly as Ryan watched and felt her tits. I enjoyed his close observation as he lowered his head over her belly to better see my dick going in her. She reached up and took his dick in hand jacking him fast as my speed increased. I came much too quick and did so silently which is unusual for me as I like to let her know when I cum. I did not want to intrude on the moment and held my vocal pleasure.

Just before dismounting, I whispered, "Would you like to fuck him?"

"NO!" she whispered back.

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