The Meeting

by Pope Perv

Copyright© 2011 by Pope Perv

Erotica Sex Story: I wrote this for a friend of mine. I hope she likes it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

Jason sat nervously at a table in the truck stop restaurant and thought back to the night he had logged into an adult chat room. He didn't like to chat so much as he liked to watch women on their web cams. It didn't matter to him too much if the woman was dressed or not, as long as she showed enough to keep his interest and was not totally repulsive. It surprised him one night, when he got a private message from one of the ladies he was viewing. As they chatted, more clothes came off until they were both naked and playing with themselves. In the coming days and weeks, an online friendship ensued until they were trading emails to get to know each other better. It was Joyce that first broached the subject of meeting. At first Jason was reluctant but after a few more emails, gave in to her requests.

Jason had been an over the road truck driver for many years and had many opportunities to step out on his wife but he never took them. He was lost in thought when he noticed a woman enter the restaurant. He saw that she was wearing a yellow sundress with thin white jacket covering her shoulders. A large smile was on her face as she walked to his table and sat down.

"Hi!" she said, excitedly.

"Hello," he responded, holding out his hand to shake hers.

"Have you been waiting long?" she asked, her smile dimming only slightly.

"A few minutes," he said.

"So?" she asked, looking at him.

"Do you want to order?" he asked her.

"No thank you. I'm good."

Jason nodded his head.

"Jason? Like I told you, I would really like to see the inside of your truck."

Jason took a deep breath and took one last drink of water. "I think I should show it to you then," he said, allowing himself to smile for the first time.

As Jason guided her through the truck stop store she could not help but admire the man's body. He was tall and although not fat, was not slim either. What caught her attention when they sat at the table were his incredibly blue eyes. A grin came to her lips as she remembered the package he carried between his legs.

The heat and the smell of running diesel trucks assaulted their senses as they made their way across the parking lot toward his truck. They held hands until they arrived at his truck; Jason opened the door and held it open for his companion, his eyes staying on her legs as her dress rode up when she climbed into the cab of the truck. Then he climbed in behind her and locked the doors.

"There's more room in here than I thought," she said, as she stood in front of bunk.

Jason smiled at her as he pulled the curtains around the side windows and windshield. "It gives us all the privacy we need."

Joyce stood close to the storage cabinets that sat behind the driver's seat as Jason stepped in front of her. She could feel the tension in his nerves as he put his hands on her hips and leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips. She raised her hands and wrapped them around his neck. She didn't realize how nervous she was until she felt her lips quivering against his.

He pulled away from her and looked down the top of her sundress. "You are beautiful," he breathed.

"Thank you," she whispered, kissing his forehead tenderly.

Jason lay on the bunk and watched as Joyce pulled her jacket off her shoulders and laid it on the front seat. He saw her smiling at him as she reached behind her and pulled the zipper down. His eyes did not leave her bust as Joyce slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor of the truck.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned, as he took in her beauty. She was not wearing a bra and now stood in only a pair of pale yellow panties. As his eyes traveled down her body, he noticed a visible wet spot in the front of them.

"So, I take it you like my boobs?" she teased, as she leaned forward and squeezed them together.

Jason stood up and Joyce lay on the bunk. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor. He smiled at her as he quickly opened his belt, opened the front of his pants and pushed both his pants and his boxers down his legs.

"I most certainly love your cock," she said, seductively.

Jason lay beside her and kissed her. As his hand went to her bare breast and his fingers played with her hardening nipple, he felt her open her mouth so he pushed his tongue inside. Their passions rose as they let go of their reservations.

"Oh Jason," Joyce sighed, as he rolled on top of her and started kissing her breasts. She felt his hard member pressing into her thigh and rolled her hips to an attempt to position it on your panty clad pussy.

"Patience, my dear," he said, raising his head and smiling at her.

"Please don't make me wait."

Jason slid down her body, kissing as he went. He brought her legs straight up, as his fingers curled into the waistband of her panties. He pulled them over her hips and then slid his hands up her thighs, bringing the silky garment with them. As Joyce spread her legs around his body, Jason brought the panties to his nose and inhaled.

"You have no idea how much I love that smell," he told her, dropping them to the floor and getting to his feet.

Joyce did not respond but allowed him to reposition her as that her ass was on the edge of the mattress. She smiled as he pushed her legs wide apart as he knelt between them. His hands felt soft yet strong, capable of being tender or being firm as they rubbed the skin of her inner thighs. She closed her eyes as she felt him lower his body and felt his breath on her skin. She loved the anticipation of knowing his lips and tongue were going to be giving her pleasure.

Jason kissed the woman's thighs. He kissed the outer edges of her pussy. He kissed above her pussy. His hands roamed up her tummy and cupped her tits as he felt her passion rise. Then bringing his hands to her pussy, he gently pulled it open and ran his tongue through the gooey groove. He flicked it in her opening, tasting her essence. He lowered his tongue to the bottom of her slit and pulled his hands away and ran his tongue all the way up her wet slit until he found her clit at the top. Then he circled it with his tongue, flicking it lightly.

"Ohhhhhhh Yesssssssssss," Joyce moaned, as she put her hands on his head, holding him in place.

Jason sucked her clit into his mouth before running his tongue back down the groove. Pulling her lips apart with his fingers, he then drove his tongue as deep as he could into her love canal. Thrusting it in and out for several moments.

"I need your cock," Joyce groaned. "Please fuck me, now!"

Jason rose from his knees and waited until Joyce positioned herself lengthwise on the mattress. He then got between her legs and looked at her lovely body. He saw her tits rising and falling with her deep breaths and saw the look of lust in her eyes. He looked between her legs and saw how wet she was. He knew some of the wetness was his saliva but knew most of it was her juice.

"Say it again," he told her.

"Fuck me," she groaned. "Please don't make me wait."

Jason smiled lewdly at her as he rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit. He felt her raise her hips, trying to get him to push it inside.

"Please!" she wailed.

Jason aimed his cock at her opening and pushed slightly, letting the tip of his cock slide between her lips. It always amazed him how good it felt to have a wet pussy surround his manhood. He slowly pushed until another inch disappeared.

"Is that what you wanted?" he asked, his voice sounding strained.

"I want it all," she said, as she put her hands on his ass and pulled him down and at the same time raised her hips. She felt his cock buried deep inside her as her head rolled back to the pillow. "Oh fuck yes!"

Jason pulled his cock back and then slid it back in. It didn't take long before his pace quickened. He nuzzled his lips against her neck as he drove his cock in and out of her.

"Yes, yes, yessssss," she screamed, as her own hips rose and fall, matching his rhythm. "Oh god, yessssss."

Jason wanted to last longer but knew he could not. It only took a few more hard thrusts and he was blasting his cum deep inside her quivering cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh, Yesssssssssss," Joyce moaned, as his orgasm sparked her own. "Ohhhhhhh fuuuuucccccckkkk."

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