She Took It All

by happyhugo

Copyright© 2011 by happyhugo

Romantic Story: John, feeling smothered by a rich wife, is finally divorced. This gives him a chance to spread his wings and after a couple of years, gets custody of his son. A new woman with two little girls become part of his life. This is the story of his family and his life over the next ten years.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual  

I met her. She asked for a date. I gave it to her. We had the date, she wanted sex. I was willing. She had to be engaged. I gave her the ring. Marriage was indicated, I gave her my vows. It was time for a baby. I gave her a boy. Happiness for a while. I gave her my best. It was not enough, I'll give her that. She asked for freedom. I gave that as well. She took it all– and it left me drained– until now. It has all come back. The respect that had eroded away.

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