New Life

by Hambone Jones

Copyright© 2011 by Hambone Jones

Romantic Sex Story: Tom at 35 has decided to go a different with his sex life and Jackie seems to fill the bill.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   True Story   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Size   Slow   .

He should have reached it by now. In this damn rain he may have driven past the street. He would go down a few more blocks before he backtracked. He was sure St John's place was here in the museum district. He had gotten the address from Jackie but hadn't bothered with directions being sure he knew how to get there.

Was this an omen that he shouldn't go through with it? He was opening a new door in his life, one he couldn't be sure he was ready to step through. It was going to be something totally different for him. He had been nervous about it ever since he had set up the appointment.

This was something he'd been considering for some time. He was now thirty-five and was convinced he should do something now. He hadn't discussed it with his wife Anne for obvious reasons. He had never been unfaithful to her. At his age he was healthy, still considered good looking, and he was still fit. He didn't want to wait until he was over the hill.

He met Jackie online at one of the friends with benefits type sites about three months ago. He had been surfing these sites for about six months. They had messaged back and forth steadily during that period exchanging pictures and talked of things which led to this planned meeting. They had both been circumspect and careful. Neither wanted anything public and Jackie didn't want anything to arouse the suspicions of the neighbors. Jackie knew he was married but it didn't present a problem.

"Ah, there it is," he said to himself as he turned right off of Cofer Avenue onto St John's Place. "Let's see where we are here. It should be two blocks down on the right about the middle of the block," He said to himself.

It was a nice neighborhood of old, mostly renovated early twentieth century Victorian homes. It was mid-day and on street parking was abundant.

As he got out of the car he thought, "Well, here goes," and proceeded up the short walkway to the door where he pushed the buzzer. "Hi, Jackie I'm Tom." "Nice to meet you Tom come on in. Can I fix you a drink? I'm having a Margarita. If that's all right with you I have a pitcher already made up."

"A Margarita will be fine," Tom said as he looked around the room they were in. A wall from an old sitting room had been knocked out opening up the kitchen. The back wall of the kitchen was all glass now giving it an open airy look and feeling. There was a fire burning in an upgraded fireplace creating a cozy room. A large oval braided rug covered the floor and there was a couch and soft inviting chairs.

Jackie's drink was sitting on the wood accented glass topped coffee table in front of the couch at the end nearest the fireplace. The coffee table was covered with home decorating magazines and Time and People. Tom took a seat on the couch next to Jackie's place.

"Here you go. See if that is all right?" Jackie said sitting next to Tom.

"Delicious and the fire is a welcome site on such a miserable day"

"Yes isn't it. I love sitting in here on rainy days with the fire going. It makes me feel like I'm in a cabin in the mountains. Hmmm, I seem to be out of drink. Let me just bring the pitcher to the table. Jackie returned with the pitcher and a trivet for it to rest on and refilled both their glasses.

"I see you have a spiral staircase in that corner. I hadn't noticed it before," observed Tom.

"Yes it has worked out real well. It goes up to my bedroom. I'll show you that later. It's so convenient in the morning and at night too. It also goes downstairs. These old houses all have basements and I have fixed up part of mine as a TV room. I think TV in the room when you have guest, as with you now, kills the natural intercourse between people.

"Anyway, most of the homes have tunnels in the basements running toward the back, Some of the tunnels even run as far as the river. I think they were used during the War of Northern Aggression for escaping confederate soldiers," Jackie said.

"Fascinating. I really like your house. This room is wonderful," Tom said haltingly as he felt Jackie's hands working the zipper on his fly. "Well here it is," he thought, "I am about to step through that door into a new world one that I have been thinking about for years." Jackie leaned over and tentatively they kissed and Tom was gone. The door was still open behind him but for now he was in this new world.

Jackie moved a hand to Tom's stiffening cock and gripped it gently with a slight stroking motion that matched that of Jackie's tongue motion in and out of Tom's mouth. The other hand was inside Tom's shirt massaging his nipple. As Tom sucked Jackie's tongue in he placed a hand on Jackie's thigh and started the slow incline to Jackie's crotch. He had been thinking about this moment ever since they had agreed to meet.

Thinking that the only way to do it was just do it Tom took the big plunge and reaching in Jackie's crotch grabbed Jackie's not fully erect cock in his hand. God, he had never felt anything this good in his life. He had often thought about other men's cocks and how they would feel in his hand. He had discovered watching porn that he was more fascinated by the cocks than by the women

His only experience, except that one time in the army, was jerking off his friends when they were from ten to thirteen and some maybe fourteen he thought. One of them once asked him if he would suck his cock. He had never given it any thought until then and wondered what it would be like but decided not to.

He had subscribed to every big dick site he could find. When he was alone he would jack off while watching them showing off their huge cocks. This had happened in the last couple of years and made him know he had to try a real cock and here it was. In the pictures Jackie had sent it had looked really nice and big erect and sizable when soft but you could never tell, people could do funny things to pictures? From what he could tell what he had in his hand was the real deal and he couldn't wait to get a look at it and hold it unadorned. To do so he fumbled around trying to get Jackie's zipper down but he couldn't find it.

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