Revenge Gone Bad
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Her revenge backfired on her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating  

"That brings me to the favors I mentioned last night."

The first was for him to call Chad and Jerry and tell them what a great time he'd had and tell them that I was looking forward to seeing them over the weekend.

Frank came home Thursday night and I did my level best to fuck his brains out. Actually I did it for me because after Sunday Frank was going to be too disgusted with me to ever look at me again and I wanted to get as much out of the man I loved as I could before he ended things with me. Friday was a repeat of Thursday night and I may have overdone it a bit because I was afraid that I didn't leave him enough to go again Saturday night.

Saturday when Chad knocked on the motel room door I opened it and greeted him in nothing but high heels. I stepped aside and told him to hurry up and get naked and on the bed. Once he was on his back I sucked his cock until it was as hard as an iron bar. When I had him pointing straight up at the ceiling I reached under the bed and brought out my little surprise.

He screamed in agony when the pepper spray hit his eyes and he clawed at his eyes as I stuffed my panties in his mouth to deaden his screams some. I reached under the bed for the half inch drive ratchet handle that I'd gotten out of Frank's tool box in the garage and proceeded to beat the shit out of Chad's cock and balls.

I don't know if he heard a word I said through the pain, but as I beat him I called him every thing I could think of except a friend of Jesus. He lay there crying and clutching his groin as I dressed and before I left I said:

"You wanted a taste so I hope you enjoyed it you fucking sack of shit!"

I left and drove home. I'd paid cash for the room and had registered under a false name and address so if the police got involved they wouldn't know who did it to Chad until he recovered enough to tell them. Hopefully I would have one more night with Frank before the shit hit the fan. If I was really lucky I would get Sunday morning too, but after that the chickens would be coming home to roost.

Frank left for golf and I waited to see if Jerry was going to show up. I'd called and set him up for Sunday after leaving Chad a quivering wreck in the motel room. I was hoping that Jerry wouldn't have heard about Chad and would show up for a hot time. Luck was with me and he showed up at nine-fifteen.

I met him the same way I'd met Chad and things moved to the bedroom where I gave Jerry the best sexual day of his life. I sucked him and I fucked him and I just kept repeating it until it was time for him to leave and then I did the pepper spray and ratchet number on him.

I left him a bloody mess on the bed and then I got in my car which I'd already loaded with what I would need for the next couple of weeks and drove around the block and parked on the corner where I could watch the house.

I saw Frank arrive and four minutes later my cell phone went off and I saw that it was Frank. I turned the phone off and waited. Six minutes later the ambulance with the EMTs arrived and maybe five minutes later Jerry was carried out of the house on a gurney, loaded into the ambulance and then they drove off. I started up the car and went looking for a motel for the night.

Having killed my marriage I didn't sleep all that well. In fact I doubted that I got as much as an hour as I relived in my mind what I had done. For the first time I saw how stupid I'd been. Ever since I was twelve and attracting boys I'd seen that a good many men were led by what their dicks thought and wanted and Frank was a man. A man yes, but an idiot no! If he was cheating the first pair of panties might have been a slip up, but something every trip? No way! If he were cheating he would have been a lot more careful. I should have known that. I really should have known that.

Frank was smart enough to be more careful than that. It was a set up and I'd been too stupid to realize it and what did that say about me? Maybe I didn't want to believe it so that I'd have an excuse to play? God knows that I didn't waste anytime in giving it up to Chad and the rest of them. No, it couldn't have been that. I wasn't that way or at least I didn't think of myself that way. I did know that I was the type to get even. I thought that I needed to and it seems I was willing to do it blindly. What made it even worse was that I truly loved Frank and my marriage and I knew Frank well enough that I should have trusted him. But I didn't so there I was in a cheap motel room.

When I finally did drag myself out of bed and turn on my phone I saw that I had nine messages from Frank. I cleared the phone, took a shower and headed for the IHOP on Federal. As I was working on my bacon and eggs the phone rang and I saw that it was Frank. I was going to have to talk with him sometime so I decided to get it over with.


"Where the hell are you?"

"Hiding from you."

"What the hell is going on? Why was Jerry lying on our bed all bloody and crying?"

"The fact that he was in our bedroom naked should tell you something."

"Damn it Shirl..."

"Go to work Frank. I'll call you at four and if you still want to talk to me we will set a time and place" and I disconnected and turned off the phone.

Before the end of the day the word should be out about what happened to Chad and Jerry. The second favor that I had asked of Jack was that as soon as he heard about what had happened to Chad and Jerry he should tell Gloria, Mike and Stan that they were next.

"Hear what?"

"You will know when you hear it. Don't worry about it. You are out of it as far as I'm concerned. Just please do me the favor."

"Okay; you got it."

By four that afternoon Frank should have a pretty good idea of what had gone on and if he wasn't too disgusted with me and still wanted to talk I'd meet him. I owed him that much.

After breakfast I hit the gym and worked out for an hour. After my work out I got the morning paper and started looking for both a job and a place to live. At four I called Frank.

"Where are you?"

"In a motel."

"Why? What the hell is going on Shirley?"

"You haven't figured it out yet?"

"Will you stop beating around the bush and tell me what this is all about?"

"I guess I'll have to. Meet me at Bud's Bar when you get off work."

"Why not just talk at home?"

"I need a public place Frank. I need people around to pull you off me if you come across the table after me and go for my throat."

"My God Shirl; I'd never do something like that and you know it."

"You haven't heard what I have to say Frank. It could change you drastically. See you at Bud's."

I was in a booth when Frank got there. He stopped at the bar and got a drink and then came over to the booth and sat down opposite me.

"What the hell is going on Shirl? Why was Jerry in our bedroom and what happened to him?"

"Oh come on Frank. You know damned well why a naked Jerry was in our bedroom. As for what happened to him and why I guess that's the story. Please don't interrupt me until I'm done. This is going to be hard enough as it is and I'm not sure I can get through it if I have to keep stopping and restarting."

I told him the entire story from start to finish only leaving out Jack. If Frank learned about Jack's participation it wouldn't be from me. Yes Jack did take advantage just as the others had, but he had come clean and apologized. He had also given me the full story about what had happened and I'd have never known otherwise.

"In my defense I did confront you and you denied it, but when Chad told me that you had cheated on every trip and Jerry backed him up I believed that your denial was a lie. Why wouldn't I? Physical evidence and two eye witnesses? Why wouldn't I believe that you were lying when you denied it? Anyway it is water under the bridge. I did what I did to Jerry and left him there for you to find because I had to confess and I didn't have the nerve to do it face to face. A naked Jerry in the bedroom should have told you enough. Enough to set the mood so I'd be able to face you and tell you about what had gone on."

Frank was silent for several seconds and then he said, "Your story does clear up some of the things that happened today. Chad wasn't at work and no one seemed to know why. Jerry wasn't there either, but I'm sure that I'm the only one who knew where he was. Mike asked for a transfer to Atlanta and stayed clear of me all day and Stan just up and quit without giving notice. Gloria quit too, but she gave two weeks notice. Half an hour before quitting time she came up to me and said she was sorry, but took off before she could tell me why. Now I know why, but I don't understand how they could have found out."

"Maybe Chad recovered enough from what I did to him to call them and warn them."

"The only thing you haven't told me is how you found out."

"I can't tell you that. I promised them I would keep them out of it."


"Let it go Frank. I'm not saying. I will say that I'm sorry for what I've done to you and to us. I love you and I had planned to spend my life with you. You will never know how sorry I am that I screwed it up for us."

I got up to leave and Frank asked where I was going.

"I've got a lot to do. I need to find an apartment and a job."

"I've got more I want to talk about. Meet me at home in half an hour. I'll stop and get some take out. You okay with Chinese?"

"Not tonight Frank. I'm emotionally exhausted. We can do it tomorrow night."

"Chinese good for tomorrow?"

"Chinese will be fine."

It was another bad night for sleeping and in the morning after an IHOP breakfast and an hour at the gym I got back to the morning paper. I made some calls and set up two job interviews for the next day and then I went looking at apartments. I found a couple that I thought I could afford, but couldn't make up my mind which one to take. I decided to sleep on it and make a decision the next day.

As I drove to the house I wondered what Frank could want to talk about. I thought I'd covered all except for the details of what I'd done with the guys and as up front as I was with Frank I wasn't going to go there.

When I got to the house I opened a bottle of wine to go with whatever Frank brought home with him, poured myself a glass and sat down at the kitchen table to wait for Frank. When I heard the garage door opener start to run I poured a glass for Frank and refilled mine. When he walked into the kitchen he wasn't alone. With him was a very attractive redhead.

"Shirley, this is Alice. Alice, this is my wife Shirley."

He pulled out a chair for Alice and when she sat down he pushed the glass of wine I'd poured for him over to Alice, got another glass out of the cupboard and filled it. He took a sip and then sat down. He took a deep breath and then said:

"There are probably a hundred ways I could have used to slide into this a little easier, but after last nights talk at Bud's I thought it best to jump in feet first. I don't know if you can understand or even believe it, but it is possible that a man can love more than one woman and I'm sure that there are women who can love more than one man. I have been in that position for over a year now. I love Alice, but I also love you and as you said at Bud's that you intended to spend your whole life with me I intended to spend my whole life with you.

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