Carl's Pickup

by Baron Rod

Copyright© 2011 by Baron Rod

Science Fiction Sex Story: A Swarm Cycle story. Carl Tolland is picked up by the Confederation at a local watering hole.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Harem   Oral Sex   .

A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe started by The Thinking Horndog

I had stopped into my favorite watering hole after work for some good dark beer and a snack before going to an Italian joint I liked for dinner. Gail was behind the bar and spotted me as I walked in. By the time I sat down she had pulled me a draft and made sure the free peanuts were near me. She was a good waitress and I loved the attention.

After getting comfortable I looked around saw the place was a little more crowded than usual. Most of the regulars were there and it looked like three separate parties were going on. There was a late business age group with a sprinkling of younger business types toasting an older lady who might be the retiree who had three tables and a booth. There was a group of mostly ladies surrounding a very pregnant mid-twenties girl and the guy who adored her and probably got her that way. Baby shower. Then there was the late teenaged group obviously celebrating an eighteenth birthday.

When the aliens had convinced most of the world governments to make the age of consent fourteen there had been a ripple of lowering alcohol age limits also. It hadn't followed the age of consent all the way down, but it had allowed people who could vote to be able to drink. There were some bars here in the US that had decided that they would be European and if you could see over the bar you could drink. This bar wasn't one of them and Gail ran a tight ship. The birthday boy looked to be getting hammered.

As was usual these days the eye candy was plentiful. Even most of the moms at the baby shower were showing some skin and those that weren't in body paint were in see through blouses. I sat there drinking my beer and eating the free peanuts enjoying the floorshow. Gail didn't have time to stop by for a chat, but she made sure to keep me supplied.

I had nearly finished my second beer when the light from outside changed.

Four guys at a table jumped up and had started to bring guns out when there was a series of quick evil sounding zaps and they were down. These two young girls in body paint and micro-minis with what looked like brass knuckles with a spike didn't even watch them fall, but were quickly and intently scanning their half of the room.

That's when two big dudes appeared from a dark blue circle on the floor and split right and left adding their eyes to the scan. Then a very tall woman with officer tabs on her collar appeared and stepped straight into the room followed by two more giants. I didn't need my genius level IQ to figure out what this was about. I was going to the stars.

The officer fiddled with her collar for a moment, the muzak stopped and she said "Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain where you are for a moment while I explain what is going on here. My name is Lieutenant Kira Goodson and I'm in the Confederacy Space Marines. I and my team are here to carry out the extraction of those volunteers who wish to serve the Confederacy. As I'm sure you are aware they will be given the opportunity to take a certain number of individuals along with them."

She allowed the crowd murmur to crest a bit and then said "Quiet! What I want done right now is that anyone with a weapon ... that means knives, guns, chem sprays, whatever... slowly produce these and put them on the table in front of you. Moving quickly will get you knocked out. We will bag and tag these items and if you are still here when we leave you may reclaim them."

I slowly reached behind my back and produced a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm and placed it near the peanuts.

Gail put a FN FNP 9mm beside it.

I smiled at her and said, "Hey Gail, what's your CAP score?"

"It's 6.1" she said. "What's yours?"

"Wanna go to the stars?" I smiled at her and lay my CAP card next to my pistol. It showed a big 8.1.

"Oh hell yeah!" she said. "What do I have to do?"

I replied "When they tell us to start gathering in clumps be nude on this side of the bar."

She didn't wait for the marine to get things started. Clothes started hitting the floor.

One of the marines came by and started to pick up my pistol, saw my card and stopped. There was a momentary division of attention and he said "The AI says you won't be needing that anymore, sir. You want to pass it to someone?"

"No," I said, "the only person I'm familiar with here is Gail and she's going with me. Gail, do you want someone to have your pistol?"

"John McDaniels." she said "He's the manager here. I know he's a 5.5 and he's lusted after both me and my piece for months. That's him by the cash register."

"Write his name on the tag for these two" I said "and I'll let him know before we leave."

The marine bagged and tagged the weapons and continued on. I noticed that a couple marines had collected the guys who had jumped up and dragged them into the kitchen. There were another series of muted zaps and the marines came back.

I turned and watched Gail O'Malley finish stripping. She was a 5'10", 24 year old, redhead. Very pale creamy skin with freckles all over her face running right down to the start of her 36B tits. Trim athletic figure. The trimmed rug matched the curtains. From talking with her over a four month period I knew she was unmarried, no kids and had a degree in sociology. She had been training in T'ai chi for about twelve years. I had watched her frog march a drunk football hero who out weighed her by a bunch right out of the bar. I hadn't gotten around to asking her out, but it would have been soon.

The marines had completed the circuit of the room and they turned to the lieutenant. She said through the sound system "If anyone forgot a weapon you have thirty seconds to surrender it. After that point if we find it you are dead. Thirty seconds from now."

About half the time went by and suddenly a lady at the baby shower said "Oh, shit!" and raised one hand while lifting her purse with the other. "I forgot. I have a gun in my purse. Don't shoot me."

A marine drifted over and dug into the purse and came out with an itty bitty gun. I couldn't tell what it was, but it must have been either a .22 or .25 caliber toy.

When that was taken care of the Lt. Goodson said "Now here's what we're going to do. For Step One anyone who does not want to take part in this pickup go to the far side of the bar from me. Anyone on that side of the bar who wants to be considered for pickup get on this side staying to my left." Waving her left hand she continued, "This is my left. Sgt Matthews..." one of the marines to her right waved his hand... "has a list of the volunteers who are present. Those people with a CAP score of 6.5 and higher please see him."

There was a three way drift. As I was fairly near Sgt. Matthews I continued to watch Gail disrobe while he was busy with the seven people who had descended on him. When he had gone through more than half of them I picked up my card, told Gail to not forget hers, and went over to him. When I handed over my card he looked me over and then glanced at the card again.

I get that reaction every time I show the card ... which is why I don't usually. I'm Carl Tolland, thirty-seven years old, six foot three and weigh one-sixty-five. Yeah, I'm very thin. Beanpole. I turn sideways and I effectively disappear. While I work out twice a week in the gym, the muscles don't really show. Brown hair, a red beard and moustache that are starting to go grey, with hazel eyes behind rimless glasses complete the picture. I use a cane because of arthritis in my knees. Toss in that I'm smarter than most, a computer networking wizard with a Phd to back it up, and a love of sci-fi and you have your archetypical nerd.

But this geek has fangs. My cane is rock maple with a bronze knob as a handle and I know how to use it. I have Black belt in aikido, and can hit what I aim at with any bow or firearm. I had never volunteered for military service here on Earth because when I had the chance I didn't believe that we should be in the conflict in the first place. The Sa'arm was different. Anything that wanted to eat humans needed stomping. I had volunteered for the Navy with a request for a R&D position. I figured I'd probably get made a comm or sensor officer or maybe the mess officer, knowing the military.

The sergeant checked me off and said to the eight of us "OK. You should know the routine by now. As qualifying sixes Ms Cathgard, Mr. Jezek (the birthday boy), Mr. Lieberman, Mr. Packard, and Mr Quan you each get two concubines.

Mr. Patel and Ms Wagner you are sevens and get four concubines. Mr. Tolland you need to pick six people. I've been to a lot of these things and I'd like to remind you that if the ugliest person in this building has sub-scores that match your needs pick it. Darjee medical tech means that in a short while that five foot tall, five foot wide, five hundred pound blob can be the person of your wet dreams. I advise the sevens and eights to get at least one other person of your sex for balance, and Ms Wagner I'd advise getting at least two women. Ms Cathgard you should get one of each sex. Remember that you, and your concubines, must procreate and you'll need someone at home to watch your kids while you're on duty."

Lt. Goodson came up on the PA saying, "Now for Step Two. To save time and confusion anyone on this side of the bar, except for the volunteers, strip. Yes, that's right. Take your clothes off. You men, too. Keep your CAP card with you. If you aren't picked you can get back into your clothes later. If you are picked you might be issued smocks if your sponsor wants you in clothes. In order to try to thin the fearful hopefuls a bit listen up. If you are picked your sponsor has absolute control over you. Do something the sponsor doesn't like and your sponsor can kill you at whim. Now either strip down or get to the other side of the bar. If you've been hit several times with an ugly stick, but have a great personality, Darjee med tech can change your appearance to whatever pleases your sponsor. Also, if you have medical problems Darjee technology can cure you. So just because you have a heart condition or AIDS don't hang back ... but do tell potential sponsors if you have something contagious."

Sgt. Matthews said "Here are CAP card readers. They are fairly simple to use. You can see all the sub-scores and even get explanations of what they mean. We're getting the potential concubines naked to save time. It means YOU don't have to ask. I recommend test drives. You want someone who isn't a dead fuck. Go get'em people."

I hung back a bit and softly said to the sergeant "Might have someone watch the Jezek kid. He was belting back beers like there was no tomorrow."

He gave a sigh, rolled his eyes and said "I hate bar pickups."

I went over to Gail, got her card and popped it in the reader. No real surprises. Average scores in self-reliance, organizational ability, good intelligence, leadership and loyalty, and a great libido score. What dropped her was a really low nurturing score and a below average inventiveness. She always had struck me as a 'by the book' personality and that explained it.

I decided that I wasn't going for full test drives. I had planned to take five women and a guy. There was no way in hell ... until I got both younger and enhanced ... that I would last more than two or three shots. Testing blow jobs would give me some control and let me see how committed the ladies were. I could probably stop a blow job. I didn't think I could stop fucking. I'd rely on the libido sub-scores.

I looked at Gail and said "Blow me."

She was on her knees, unzipping me and fishing my meat out in seconds. I'm no super stud. I measure in at just over six inches. Another second and she wrapped me in her hot mouth. It was easy to tell that she'd done this before. No teeth, right amount of suck, good tongue action in all the right places. After a few head bobs she went deep. Oh! My! Gawd! She buried her nose in my pubic hair and gave a swallow. I almost lost it.

"Enough. Stop!" I pushed her head off of me and she got this hurt and worried look. I grinned at her and said

"You're going to be my head bitch." She grinned. "You'll run the group. I'll keep your card. What I want you to do is go over to the guys and pick two. I'm only going to take one. Besides someone to keep the distaff side happy while I'm on duty I'm looking for a daddy who can follow your orders. My parenting skills aren't as low as yours, but they could be a lot higher. I really don't want dumb. While you're doing that I'm going to pick a momma and three fuck bunnies. Let's go see the sergeant."

We went over to Sgt. Matthews and I asked if it was OK to allow my concubine to choose a couple of guys. He said that it was fine, handed Gail a card reader and told me that they'd watch out for her. She went off completely unconcerned at her nudity. Well, that was OK. I still had my dick hanging out.

I left and went over through the mob of youngsters at the front of the pack of hopefuls. I knew that the older ladies that had had children would be hanging back without much hope with all the sweet young things trying real hard to get picked. I saw Jezek with one of the girls from his table giving him a blow job. Patel was finger fucking two girls and was doggy fucking a third. I'd seen that in anime, but seeing it live was exciting.

I got to the back of the hopefuls and called out "Anyone mid thirties to low forties with kids under fourteen and who wants more kids come over here with your CAP card." A group of eight ladies started over to me. I had noticed them in the retirement and baby shower parties. One saw my dick and turned back. I told them to kneel and then I started reading their cards. I gave back five of the cards and asked the two most promising how many kids under fourteen they had. They both said three.

Mary MacKensie was a zaftig thirty-eight year-old, five foot five, brown eyed, brunette, weighing about one- fifty, but still had a nice, though padded, figure topped with D-cup tits with two inch dark areolas and large thumb tip sized nipples. She had a CAP score of 5.9, with two girls and a boy. Her and her husband had talked about pickups and both agreed that should either have the chance they should take it for the kids with no regrets.

Sarah Shulman was a tall thirty-nine year old, five foot ten, brown eyed, black haired woman with a olive skin and a nose straight from the Levent. She weighed maybe one-twenty-five and had C-cup breasts that also had two inch dark areolas with slightly smaller nipples than Mary. She had a CAP of 6.0, and had two boys and a girl. Sarah's husband was on a business trip and she really wanted her kids to live.

Their intellect scores were almost identical in the high average range. Their sex drives were only average, but their nurturing scores were almost maxed out. They also had good scores for organization and they had out-going, friendly personalities.

I wiggled my hips and told them to team up and blow me. Mary had my prong in her mouth almost before I finished the command. Sarah was slower, but joined right in. They somehow decided between them to do their best for about fifteen or twenty seconds and pass my cock head to the other while taking over jacking the lower part of the shaft.

As they did this I looked around. Jezek either had finished the blow job or had quit and had turned to another of the girls from his table. She was a young, raven haired, pudgy, Italian looking girl who looked scared, but determined. He bent her over and was about to plug it into her when a guy from his table roared, jumped up and swung on him. The swing had barely started when a marine pointed his arm and there was a zap and the guy fell over.

Lt. Goodson triggered her PA and said "He's just out for about an hour and he'll have a really bad headache when he wakes up. Let this be a warning. Everyone stay cool and nobody else gets a quick nap."

The girl had stood and moved to the downed dude and was holding him. Looks like she'd made her decision to stay. Jezek looked at her in disgust and turned to another girl.

I saw Quan leading two girls, one an oriental and the other a blonde cheerleader type toward the Lieutenant who had several other girls around her looking happy. Selectees, probably.

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