John's Getaway

by wardog73

Copyright© 2011 by wardog73

Erotica Sex Story: Continuation of Moving Help. John was tied up by his neighbor. He had only one way out of this mess.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Oral Sex   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Mary left the room and he lay there, tired, mentally exhausted and confused. He didn't know what to think or what to do next, other than he was tied to this bed and was just used like a giant dildo. He could hear Mrs. Smith doing something in the kitchen, humming as she went. He could smell what he thought was steak cooking on a skillet, but wasn't sure. His mind still trying to comprehend what had just happened, or rather, what was going to happen next.

Mary came back in the room a short time later with a plate of steak and eggs, and a bottle of Gatorade. She looked at him slyly, "I'm thinking you're hungry, and I don't want you to lose your energy. But you probably need to use the bathroom as well. I'll untie you hold on."

John thought for a moment, "Maybe I can hit her and run out of here, might be my only chance." He hoped he would untie his hands first so maybe he could make an opportunity to escape this mad woman.

Mary reached into a bedside drawer and pulled out a spiked collar and a leash and put it around his neck first. "Don't want you to run off too far." John was set back by this, but still thought he could make an escape. Mary untied his feet first then attached a set of ankle chains to him. He untied his left hand, handcuffed it to his right hand, then untied his right hand. John was crushed by this point. "Damn," he thought, "She isn't going to let me go easy, need another plan."

Mary helped him up onto the floor so he can walk. "Go ahead and head into the bathroom and relieve yourself, I can't have you making a mess on our wonderful bed."

"Ok," he replied meekly. "What was she talking about?" he thought. He noticed the sun was starting to go down and he needed to get out of here soon. He went and used the bathroom, cleaned himself up and was lead back to the bed by Mary. She had him sit down on the bed and let him eat the meal she had prepared. The food was good, but he was still scared as what was going to happen next. After he was done eating, Mary lead him back to the bathroom to wash up and again. Mary also had him brush his teeth and use mouthwash. John couldn't even imagine the reasoning for this.

Mary lead him back to the bed and said, "Lay down on your stomach, John. I'm going to teach you how to eat pussy." With that she gave the leash a hard yank, about knocking him off his feet.

John did as he was instructed and lay down on the bed. She uncuffed his ankles first and tied them back to the bed. She uncuffed his hands and tied them close to the side of the bed, rather than the end, with enough slack to put his palms on the mattress. Once he was tied up, Mary looked at him and said, "You are all ready. I'll go clean up so we can do this properly."

Mary went into the bathroom and John could hear the shower running. While she was in the shower, John thought he heard Mary screaming, as if she had an orgasm in the shower. "This woman is in satiable. What am I going to do?" John thought still trying to figure out a plan. While he was laying there, John finally hit upon a thought, that might be just enough to allow him to escape, if it worked.

Mary came back in the room, smiling. "Ah a good shower always puts me in the mood." She got onto the bed and positioned herself so her pussy was right in John's face. "John, I'm going to teach you how to eat pussy. If you can do well with this, all the girls will come crawling to you. This is always best done before you fuck them, so they can get extra horny."

John wasn't sure what to think, but he figured it was his only way out, currently. He listened as she instructed. "Now, you will use your tongue and look for a bump towards the top of my pussy lips, here let me help," and she spread her lips apart so he could see a little bump sticking out. "Now run your tongue back and forth across that bump, and like your dick, the more I get excited, the larger it will get." John slowly worked his tongue up and down while Mary started moaning.

"Just like that John, very good. Keep that up and occasionally, have your tongue trace around it too." John did as he was told listening to her moans knowing when he was doing well and doing badly.

"Yes," Mary said, "That feels so good. Speed it up a little please." John sped up his tongue and she began squirming around him.

"Faster, John!" and John went faster.

"Faster, dammit!" and John went faster, but his jaw and tongue were starting to give out.

"Faster!!!" Mary screamed and grabbed the back of his head with both hands and grinded his face against her pussy.

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