Moving Help

by wardog73

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Fiction Sex Story: John gets asked to help his neighbor pack up to move. He gets into more than he bargained for.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   BDSM   Oral Sex   BBW   .

John lived across the street from Mr. and Mrs. Smith for as long as he could remember. She and her husband had been nice enough people. He even mowed their lawn a few times for extra money during the summer. John always noticed how Mrs. Smith would go jogging every morning, in her jogging shorts and athletic top. So did every other guy in the neighborhood. After John turned 15 he had fantasies of having sex with her and would masturbate with those dreams.

After John turned 16, Mr. Smith had died of a heart attack. Mrs. Smith took it hard and quit running. She quickly gained weight and by the time he was 18, the only thing pretty about her, he thought, was her face and smile. She did have the biggest boobs in the neighborhood, with a matching ass, but he was kind of repelled by her. And at the same time, he felt sorry for her, considering the loss of her husband. John couldn't think of any time she had had a date since her husband died.

The summer before John headed to college, Mrs. Smith was planning to move. He had heard something about moving closer to her family and starting over with a new job and whatnot. One evening she had come over to ask John's father if it would be okay if John could come over and help her move some boxes and heavy stuff to prep for the movers coming the next day. She mentioned she would pay John for his time and efforts. John's father looked at John and said, "Well, son, I don't have any problems. What do you think?"

John thought about it for a moment. He didn't really want to spend time with her, but he could use the extra money and she did always pay well. So he replied, "That's fine, I didn't have anything planned. What time should be over?"

"8 o'clock would be fine thank you."

"Sure, I'll be there," and John started to reconsider, but his father wouldn't have let him. So, they all said their goodbyes and Mrs. Smith walked back across the street as John's father closed the door. He looked at John and said, "Better get some sleep, son. It may be a long day tomorrow."

"Sure, Dad. Alright then, good night."

John went through his clothes and pulled out a pair of work jeans and an old T-shirt, took a shower and went to bed. His dad was right. It would probably be a long day.

The next morning, John got up, grabbed breakfast and head over to Mrs. Smith's place and knocked on the door at exactly 8. Mrs. Smith opened the door in a pair of yoga pants and a sports top struggling to hold everything in, but showing everything off all at the same time.

Mrs. Smith looked John over too, and said, "Good morning, John. I'm so glad you could help."

"No problem, Mrs. Smith, where should I start."

"Please, call me Mary, you're 18 now. I feel older when you call me, misses."

John felt a little odd calling her "Mary" but if it would help get through the day, then so be it.

"Well, John, I'm going to start packing up the kitchen. I would be greatly, if you could drag stuff down from the attic and place it in the living room. You will probably need to open the windows up there as it can be stuffy and I don't want you to pass out from the heat."

"Ok, Mary, sounds good," and Mary showed John the way up to the attic. It was a ladder up on the second floor of the house, but it was close to the stairs so he didn't have to take it too far. He went up into the attic and opened all the windows. He didn't remember the weather man saying anything about rain, so leaving the windows open should be fine. He began moving boxes downstairs, one at a time. It took him most of the morning and had worked up a good sweat.

At one point while he was in the attic prepping the next box, Mary called up to him, "John? Why don't you come downstairs and get something to drink. You have been working hard."

"Thanks, Mary that would be great. I would like a glass of water or tea if you have some."

Mary replied, "I have some tea. Come meet me in the kitchen and I'll have it ready."

John quickly packed up the box he was working on, grabbed it up, took the box downstairs into the living room and added it to the growing pile of boxes. He headed into the kitchen where Mary had packed up some, but had a pitcher of iced tea and two glasses. She handed John a glass and he drank it down eagerly. It tasted a little weird he thought, but thought nothing of it. Mary offered to refill it and eagerly said yes, trying to get fluids into his system. They chit chatted about her moving and his going to college, what he was going to study, etc. His vision started blurring half way through his second glass of tea and was having problems sitting up.

"Mary, something's wrong. I don't feel right."

"I'm sorry, here let me help you lay down for a couple of minutes till you feel better."

"Thanks, Mary," and Mary led John to her bedroom. John couldn't tell where he was going, but once he lay down, he fell asleep.

When he woke up later, he noticed that he was tied up to her bed and wasn't wearing any clothes. He struggled to remember what had happened, but nothing in his mind lead to this. He finally screamed, "MARY!"

Mary came in the room in a black see through teddy and thong. "John? What's the matter?"

"I'm tied to your bed naked. That's what the matter."

"Oh yes, sorry about that. I'm very lonely, John. And I haven't been able to get a date since my husband died. I've been waiting until you were 18 so I could have you, but I didn't think you would mine, willingly."

John was confused and scared all in the same thought. He tried to work out different scenarios, but they all lead back to the same thing. He was going to have his fantasy fulfilled, but not the same as in his dream. His mind screamed out, "NOOOOOO!"

"Mary, surely some guy would go out with you and have sex with you?"

"No, they either say, I'm too fat, or I'm too old, or both. And my masturbating isn't doing it for me anymore either. So I'm going to explain how this is going to work. I'm going to fuck you till I'm happy. Then I'll let you go, promise."

John was very scared. He had only been with a couple of girls through high school, he wasn't sure how he was going to survive this. "Look Mary, I need to get going, we're supposed to be going out for dinner tonight."

"That's okay. I talked to your father and he said it was fine you missed dinner as I am going to make sure you get fed."

"Crap," he thought, "I'm really stuck now."

Mary smiled as she took her thong off. "Now, let's begin as I'm so horny."

Mary climbed up on the bed and stood over his face. He could see that she had shaved her pussy and it was staring right at him. He heard Mary say as began to squat down, "Let's see how talented your tongue is."

By the time John could ask "What?" she was sitting on his face. John could barely breathe. He wasn't sure what to do, but Mary had it figured out for him, as she began to grind her pussy on his face. As she moved, her love juices started flowing, and he had no choice but to swallow, rather than drown and choke on it. It tasted different but she kept going faster and faster until he thought he heard her screaming, and then suddenly, a gush of her juices barraged her face and mouth, forcing him to swallow in large gulps. She got up, looked down at him and said, "Not bad, but you could use some work."

John weakly replied, "I've never done that before."

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