Pounding Paris

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2011 by Micahe7l

Fan Fiction Sex Story: After wining the lottery 9 years ago I visit New York and meet a celebrity and a young hotel employee.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Celebrity   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Ever since I was 10 I'd always get a lottery ticket in my birthday card from my aunt. I never won much though a dollar maybe two or even a free ticket. I couldn't cash them in until I was 18 even though a lot or all of the people knew that I was the one with the winning tickets.

Around the time of my 18th Birthday all that changed my aunt sent me a ticket that would change my life forever. It was not one of those scratch off tickets. It was one of those with the ping pong balls. It wasn't a daily lottery like most are. You also have to match all the money to win the jackpot. The base jackpot was 12 million but if no one wins it rolls over until someone does. It also increases in value. This particular one was worth around 315 million dollars. Of course if anyone won it they'd lose some of the money to taxes. I had heard it be about this much in the past and a group won it and they won a total of 290 million. I had gotten way ahead of myself. I had already convinced myself I was gonna win. I had already started a list of things I would buy. As the lottery drawings a re on Tuesday's and Fridays I eagerly awaited the drawing of the numbers. Luckily my birthday was on Tuesday and then ticket was for the Friday drawing so I didn't have to wait long. That night I got out my ticket and watched the drawing. As the numbers came up I realized that my lottery wining dream was just that. They only ball that matched was the ball known as the mega ball so I won three dollar which is more than nothing. I was informed that no one had won it yet again so I bought a ticket for each of the days off until Tuesday. I spent my winnings from the original ticket and thought it was worth a try.

I was at a part time job that I enjoyed except one manager pissed me off to no end. I had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I had off and I spent the whole day waiting for the lottery tickets to be announced. I didn't get my hopes up too much but I did go out with friends and was way to active I got home and went to my room to watch the winning number announced but I fell asleep before they were drawn. I woke up around 2:30 and got on my laptop. I signed on to the internet and went to the lottery website. I grabbed my tickets and tried to see if my numbers matched the winning numbers. The first one was no luck the second was the same but the third had won. I couldn't believe it. I read it over and over and over. I couldn't get a grasp on reality. I figured I had to be dreaming. I did everything I could to wake myself up. I slapped myself across the face which hurt quite a bit. I stood up and jumped up and down and wasn't able to fly. In most my dreams I'm able to fly. Then I grabbed my water bottle and sprayed my face as that always wakes me up and I just ended up with a wet face and so I figured that I was awake and this wasn't some wonderful dream...

I immediately filled out the back of the ticket and sent it off I got a phone call from the lottery commission about 3 days later. They miss pronounced my last name but didn't really care. They were calling to congratulate me and said they'd send out representative with a check in a couple days. They just wanted to confirm my address. They also need to know if I wanted the money over several years or all at once. I thought about it and then asked for it in separate payments. I figured if at some point I needed more I could always change my mind but asked just to make sure that was the case. They assured me it was.

A couple days later the representative was at my house with a massive check for 320million dollars. It was one of those big novelty checks. I couldn't believe it. With him was a camera crew that took my picture while I accepted the check. I was asked if I wanted to appear on the news and let it be known that I won. I really didn't because if you win any money family and friends come out of the woodwork.

They asked me again to confirm whether or not I wanted the money all at once or in increments. I had been thinking about it t and decided that I wanted it all at once. They informed me that taking all the money at once would diminish my winnings significantly. I knew that but even half the winnings would give me well over 150 million dollars and no one can live on that LOL.

My doorbell rang and I went to the door to open it. A man was standing there. I figured he was some from else from the lottery commission but he just smiled and handed me a business card. I just stuck it in my pocket and figured I'd read it a bit after everyone left.

That actually happened shortly after that but when I finally got everyone out I forgotten about the card in my pocket. I went upstairs to take a shower I undressed and did all the stuff I usually do including shave in the shower Once I got out I grabbed my clean clothes and pulled them on. When I lifted up my jeans the card spilled out. I picked it up and read it. It read "Millionaires Clubs" It had a phone number. I picked up my cell phone and called it. I told the attractive sounded women who answered what had happened and she said well welcome t the Millionaires Club. She explained to me You had to be a millionaire to join it but otherwise it was only a $500 fee per year. There were monthly meetings in hotel in large US cities. The next one was about three days from then in NYC so I decided to go. I called a limo and was driven to the airport.

I was looking forward to going to New York. I ad never actually been to New York but I had been through it. In the summer of 1998 my family and I had planned on going to Niagara Falls. Before we went up in to Canada we were going to spend a couple days at Ohio Theme park King's Island. We were in King's Island when we got a message that my grandmother had been rushed to the hospital and was in the intensive care unit. As it was my moms mother she was in no condition to drive so my dad drove the whole way home. I would have taken to some of the responsibilities but I was only 14 and the oldest kid.

Later that day I landed at LaGuardia and almost a s soon as I got off the plane there was a young gay waiting for me with a sign that said my name on it. It turned out he was my limo driver. I introduced myself and we talked a bit when we went to

the baggage claim. I pointed out my bag and he reached for it but I stopped him I told him I could carry my own bag. He shrugged and let me carry it. We worked out to the parking lot and got on shuttle that took us to his limo. He opened the door I tossed my bag in then got in myself. He closed the door behind me.

We drove for about 20 minutes till we got to a set of hotel right next to each other. I was set to spend the week at what appeared to be the fancier one. The other one was where the millionaire's meeting would be. I checked I and because the meeting wasn't for a couple days I was allowed to take some time and see the sites of New York. One of the places I had always wanted to visit was the baseball hall of fame at Cooperstown so we were off. About an hour later we arrived. I walked in and decided to take a tour that was offered and the tour guide spent most of the time taking about former Yankees like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio to name a few. That was a bit more enjoyable then hearing about the steroid using Yankees of today. Once we reached the Cubs section I decided to hang back seeing as I had been a Cubs fan my entire life.

After seeing the Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls and other things New York had to offer I decided to get a nice suit for what I began referring to as the 3M for monthly millionaires meeting. There were several stores where I could buy a suit but I did end up settling on Gucci. Everyone expects New York and all those high end stores to be so expensive but I found it reasonably priced. Maybe it seemed that way because I was a multi millionaire or maybe it wasn't that high priced. While I Gucci I decided to have them basically dress me from head to toe. After all I had the money and because they were experts I'd wear whatever they suggested although I didn't tell them that cause the almighty dollar has ways of diminishing peoples morality. They brought me shirts, pants, socks, shoes, a jacket or two and lastly underwear. They brought me several types of underwear including boxers, briefs, thongs and boxer briefs. I was vehemently opposed to wearing a thong ever and hadn't worn briefs since junior high. I decided to take the boxers and boxer briefs. To this point I had never worn boxer briefs but I decided I'd give them a try. I was about to leave when they stopped me and tried to get me to buy some ties. I never wore ties and figured there was no reason to start.

Friday came and that day I decided to spend the whole day at the hotel and just relax. About 3 o'clock I got stir crazy and because I was still in pretty good shape I decided to head down to the gym and work out. I headed down and entered it. It was well equipped but also like a ghost town. No one was down there and I was kind of happy about that. I headed in and took a look around. I had read recently that the best way to lose weight and strengthen your body was to start with weights for about 5-10 minutes and then move on to cardio.

I realized it was a bit later then I thought when I finished up. I left the gym without taking a shower figuring I could take one in my suite. I went up stairs and entered my suite without even seeing another person which is good cause even though I may never see them again it could have easily been one of my fellow millionaires I would like to make a good impression and a sweaty stinky guy would not be the impression I wish to make. I got to my suite and as soon as I closed the door I stripped and turned on the shower. I let it get to the temperature I wanted while I went to get some clean clothes. I had trouble deciding on sleep clothes or not. I decided I wasn't gonna go anywhere else that night so I opted for sleep clothes. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt and socks. No underwear cause I find that to be too restrictive during the night. I went in to the bathroom and got into the shower the water temperature felt great and I could feel myself get somewhat cleaner right away. I started by cleaning my hair and then let some conditioner go in it too. I let the conditioner sit for a bit while I lathered up my body. I rinsed my body of all the soap then rinsed the conditioner from my hair. I then felt the need to re wash my hair. As the saying goes lather, rinse, repeat if desired. I washed it and then got tout and dried off. I wore a towel.

I walked out to my bed and picked up the phone to order room service as I was quite hungry. I typically would have gotten a cheese pizza but I was feeling a little crazy so I ordered a Hawaiian style pizza (ham and pineapple). I went back to the bathroom and brought my clothes out to my room. I brought them out and put them in a dirty clothes hamper I had brought so that I could bring the dirty clothes home and wash them after my trip.

Putting the dirty clothes in the hamper left me naked. I grabbed some more clothes to change into but before I even began getting dressed there was a knock at my door and they said room service I looked and saw that it was a cute 16 looking red head. I weighed my options and decided to give her a bit of a thrill. I opened the door and she walked in and stopped in het tracks when she realized I was complexly naked. I could tell she was trying her hardest not to look at my dick but finally her gaze dropped down to it and she starred. I felt a little embarrassed but not overly so. After all it was my decision to remain naked with someone entering the room. She took the pizza box and with out moving her view from m hardening cock she placed it on a table near the balcony of the room. I grabbed my wallet and tipped her with a $50 bill. Normally I'd never tip a pizza delivery person with a $50 dollar bill but I was a new multi millionaire. When she saw the $ 50 she looked around like she was looking for someone. Then she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. She was okay but not great. Any time you get your dick sucked it feels pretty good but for some reason this felt different better somehow. She stood up after I came said her name was Maria and I should call her more next time I wanted room service. There was no doubt I was going to call her again.

I called the wake up call service and asked them to give me a wake up call at 7:30. The millionaire meting started at 10 I wanted to be awake for this and not just waking up. I climbed into bed naked and incredibly happy. I had slept naked before but it had been quite a while. I had the best night sleep of my life that night and I knew why. Even though I had gone to bed at 11:30 I woke up at 4 in the morning incredibly well rested. I was half tempted to get out of bed and start getting ready but If I did I would be up for several hours before the party even began. I lay in bed trying to get some more sleep but it wasn't coming. I guess I did doze off cause I was woken up at 7:30 with my wake up call. I answered the phone and thanked them for my wake up call. I got up and walked towards the shower.

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