The Geek Gets Freaky

by Veritas

Copyright© 2011 by Veritas

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Sam Weir comes home to find his sister and her friend Kim passed out in the living room and can't pass up the chance to explore. A Freaks and Geeks fan-fic.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   First   .

Sam Weir calmly biked down the dark and empty street towards home. It wasn't every day that he got to ride around so late, so he was taking his time, enjoying the look and feel of the neighborhood at night.

His parents had gone away for the weekend, visiting some ailing distant relative, so he had spent the evening at the Haverchuck home with Bill and Neal. They watched Saturday Night Live, played a little Dungeons and Dragons, ate some junk food, and talked about girls. All in all it had been a pretty good evening, but it was way passed his usual curfew, and he was looking forward to getting to bed and sleeping in late tomorrow morning.

As Sam drew near to his home he saw someone exit the front door and make his way stumblingly towards the street. Getting closer he could see that it was Daniel Desario heading for his parked car, fumbling with his keys on the way.

"Hey kid, how're you doing?" He called out, his voice slurring slightly, upon finally noticing Sam's presence. He squinted at him for a moment, swaying slightly on his feet. "Dude, you've grown! You've got to be as tall as your sister now."

It was true. Thankfully, Sam had gone through a serious growth spurt in the last few months gaining height and a decent amount of muscle. He had really hated constantly being the smallest guy in his age group. On the other hand, his parents weren't all that happy, since he was constantly outgrowing all of his clothes.

"Hey Daniel." Sam responded with a smile, nodding his head. He could tell that Daniel was drunk by his slurred speech and uncoordinated movements.

"Seeing as your folks are gone for the weekend, we sorta decided to have a small get-together here." He gestured back to the Weir home with his head. "Nick and Ken left early on, but ... hmmm. Listen..." He continued in a bit too loud whisper, with a goofy conspiratorial smile on his face. "Your sister and Kim had a bit too much fun tonight and have ... well ... gone to sleep. I cleaned up a bit, but the place is still pretty messed up." He chuckled a bit, then shrugged. "Sorry about that. Well, see ya later kid." He patted Sam on the shoulder and continued on towards his car.

It took Daniel a while to unlock the door, but he eventually opened it and practically fell in. He revved the motor a bit too noisily and sped off down the street leaving fresh tire tracks behind, with Sam waving goodbye. As the car turned the corner, he could swear that he heard a crash of trash cans off in the distance. Maybe he should have stopped him from driving off, but he honestly doubted that he could have persuaded Daniel to give up his keys, no matter how friendly they might have become.

Sam walked up the drive, and then into the house and turned on the lights, freezing in surprise. There, in the living room, he saw his sister Lindsay and her friend Kim Kelly apparently passed out. The place was a mess, with junk food and empty beer cans on the coffee table as well as all over the surrounding floor. The air was thick with smoke, but nothing seemed to be burning. Had they been smoking? He took a tentative sniff of the air and immediately felt lightheaded. It definitely didn't smell like tobacco; it seemed almost pleasant.

There was no way he was going to clean this mess up now. It could wait until tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the girls would be able and willing to help by then.

Speaking of the girls, upon entering the living room, he got a better view of them. His sister was lying on the floor, face down, with her long dark hair covering most of her face. By the soft snores she was making, she was sleeping deeply. Sam wasn't sure he could carry Lindsay to her room, or wake her up enough for her to make it on her own two feet, so he decided to simply leave her there. She seemed comfortable enough.

Even though she was his older sister, he occasionally thought that she could be incredibly immature, especially since she had started hanging out with her burnout friends, some time ago. Still, she was his sister and he loved her. Sort of...

On the couch was Kim. She was lying on her back, her arms up above her head, with one leg straight over the couch's armrest, and the other on the floor. He was about to leave, when he did a double-take and took a closer look at her. Her shirt was pulled up and stretched tightly across her large breasts, revealing her flat belly. Her rhythmic breathing simply tightened it even more, straining the buttons. Her jeans seemed incredible tight on her hips and legs, almost as if they were painted on.

Sam couldn't help the raging boner now straining the front of his slacks.

Even though she had always acted like a tough, hostile and short tempered girl, Kim was undeniably hot, with a nice curvy figure, and very beautiful, with her pouty lips, blond hair and blue eyes. More than once she had been a performer in his nightly sex fantasies. Now here she was, unconscious and easily accessible to him. The things he could do to her...

But he didn't give in to those strong impulses. He was a good kid and would never actually take advantage of a girl. He kept repeating that to himself, over and over again, just to make sure.

He reluctantly left the living room, glancing back at the sleeping teen as much as possible, and making sure to turn off the lights behind him. In his room, he changed into some comfortable pajama pants and an old t-shirt, and then got under the covers. He was determined to put Kim Kelly and her exciting but forbidden body out of his mind and get to sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep wouldn't come with the constant thoughts of sex running through his head. His cock stayed rock hard, as if mocking him.

This was not really an uncommon occurrence now a day – ever since his first sexual experiences and his following growth spurt, he had found himself thinking more and more about girls and sex. His erections had also started to come more often, last longer and be powerful. Not exactly a bad thing, but it could be awkward at times.

Thinking about sex, his mind inevitably went to Cindy Sanders.

Sam had been so in love with the popular cheerleader. At least at the time he thought he was in love. Now he knew that it was just a teenage infatuation and a healthy dose of lust. His mother had talked to him about it. In fact, the incredibly embarrassing episode was permanently burned into his mind. At least the talk hadn't involved his father – otherwise he probably would have been forced to either run away or kill himself.

Sam had wanted to be with her so much and for so long that when they finally started dating, he was crushed when he discovered the real her. A boring, shallow, egotistical, and rude girl, as well as annoyingly opinionated about her political beliefs.

That didn't stop him from getting to first and second base with her, on several occasions. Not long before he had broken up with her, he had even gotten pretty close to third. She was pretty upset after the breakup, but only until she had found the next guy who would faun all over her.

He started unwittingly comparing Cindy and Kim in his mind. Cindy was slim and athletic, with a firm body that he had truly enjoyed exploring. He still loved watching her tight ass in her cheerleader uniform and her slight jiggling breast. Kim on the other hand seemed definitely more mature, with larger and softer, yet still firm curves, which flowed and bounced enticingly as she moved around. But were those curves actually better ... the doubt began slowly gnawing at him.

'This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.' An inner voice whispered to him. 'I only have Cindy as a point of reference, why not get another. Just so I can gain the experience and put my doubt to rest, of course.'

The reasoning was undoubtedly flimsy, but it was enough for him.

Sam practically leapt out of bed, letting his hardon guide him back to the living room. The smoke had dissipated some, but he was getting used to it. He didn't bother turning on the lights – his eyes had adjusted well enough that the star and moonlight coming in through the windows were sufficient to see by. The two girls obviously hadn't moved and were still in the same place and position as he had left them.

He approached his sister quietly until he was right beside her. He softly called her name several times and even shook her shoulder with absolutely no response. She was passed out all right. Good. The last thing he wanted was for her to wake up and catch him feeling up her unconscious friend.

He next tiptoed over her, towards Kim and the couch. He called her name and shook her shoulder also, but the only response was a mumble, an arching of her back and stretching of her arms. This did some very interesting things to her chest, and he felt his crotch lurch in response.

"Oh yes, this was a very good idea," he whispered to himself, his voice trembling with excitement. "Just a quick, little feel..."

Sam got down on his knees beside the couch, leaning over the sleeping girl. He wanted to make this last, so he started slowly, by tracing the lines of her face and jaw, lightly at first, but gently increasing the pressure. He particularly liked how it looked and felt when he stuck a finger or thumb inside her mouth. Even in her sleep she would lick and suck at the digit slightly.

He let his hands flow lower, feeling and massaging her delicate neck and shoulders. He watched her face closely for any kind of response, but there was none. He reached lower still and felt her breasts through her shirt and bra. They were so soft yet surprisingly firm ... Sam knew that he would never get enough of this feeling. As he kneaded her tits he couldn't help but notice two hardening points in the middle of his palms. A low 'mmmm' of obvious pleasure startled him into quickly removing his hands.

'She's enjoying this, ' Sam thought to himself astonished while making sure that Kim gave no signs of awakening. 'Even out of it, she's getting off on me touching her.'

Any chance of Sam giving up and going back to bed was now crushed. His rational and moral selves had taken a back seat to his libido, and at the moment, he was completely OK with that.

He got up from the floor and positioned himself on his knees on the couch, between her spread legs. He reached down once again and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, eventually opening it and revealing a powder blue lace bra. Starting at her flat stomach, he slowly slid his hands upwards over her soft, pale skin. He carefully slid his hands under her bra and cupped her breasts, caressing them and occasionally circling her aureoles with his fingers and pinching her nipples. These hardened even further and her breathing started getting noticeably deeper. Her slight smile and parted lips were an obvious sign that she was enjoying this treatment, so he increased the strength of his kneading.

Sam eventually and quite reluctantly released Kim's tits and encircled his arms around her searching for the bra's clasp. The mere thought of seeing and handling Kim's bare tits was making his hard cock throb in time to his heartbeat.

He fumbled with the clasp for some time, but he didn't get frustrated. On the contrary, it was time well spent in his opinion. He simply enjoyed the proximity to her body, feeling her warm breath on his skin, the sweet smell of her skin and hair, and the feel of her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. He was so excited that he couldn't help himself - he started grinding his erection into her crotch and eagerly kissing, sucking and nibbling on her neck. He must have been doing something right, seeing as her breathing quickened into panting, her murmurs of pleasure turned into low moans, from deep in her throat, and her own hips started to grind slightly against his.

He leisurely moved his kisses up her jaw and toward her lips. This was complicated by Kim slowly shaking her head side to side, but she stopped as he clamped his mouth on hers. Sam had been prepared to simply kiss and taste her lips and mouth briefly, so he was pleasantly surprised when she started to respond not only actively, but quite passionately. Their lips mashed together and their tongues explored and tasted each others mouths. He enjoyed making out with her, almost more than feeling her breasts.

He only stopped to take a deep refreshing breath as he finally managed to unsnap her bra. His lips tingled and he had a feeling that they would be a little sore, but he didn't care. Almost any price would be worth this.

"Fuck Daniel, baby..." she whispered with a groan, her eyes still closed and humping gently against him.

Sam almost bolted in shock, but managed to control himself. 'She thinks I'm Daniel... ' he though to himself. 'Maybe he warmed her up before leaving. That would definitely explain how excited she is. This could definitely come in handy.'

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