by Jenny Anderson

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Erotica Sex Story: Thrown out of home and living in my brother-in-laws house, his estranged wife calls in while he isn't home. What happened when she did was something to remember.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   .

My Sister-in Law

After 23 years of married life, and my wife with a new lover, I moved out of home to live with my brother-in-law. His wife had moved out some time ago, and he'd found himself a new girlfriend. Consequently, he wasn't spending much time at home, electing to spend his nights with her. This left me to fend for myself, something that in my current mood suited me.

This night I had been at the pub longer than I should have, and I came home a little the worse for wear. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed there was a car I didn't recognise in front of the house. The house was in darkness so I assumed Fred had brought his new friend home for the night.

I crept inside, trying my best not to disturb anyone, and went into the bedroom and undressed down to my jocks. About to get into bed, I needed another drink. As quietly as I could, I went to the kitchen, poured the drink, and was heading back to the bedroom.

"You don't have to be quiet. I'm still awake," said a voice from the darkness.

I didn't recognise the voice and became defensive, "who in the hell is it?"

"It's me - Erica," came the disembodied voice.

"What are you doing here?" I said, "Fred's not home."

"I know, but my car isn't running well, and decided to stay here and fix it in the morning."

I'd turned on a subdued light, and while she explained her presence, I sat with her. We chatted about our respective spouses, then decided that they weren't really worth talking about.

We sat in silence, and then unexpectedly, "you haven't seen me since I've had my breast reduction."

"No, I heard you'd had it done. Are you happy with the result?"

"More than happy, you've no idea how hard it was carrying those melons I had on my chest."

Erica's breasts had been huge, and looked abnormal on her small frame and was probably the reason she had become round shouldered. Now my attention had been drawn to them, I was surprised by the new look.

"From what I can see, they looked very nice," I told her. Then in my inebriated state asked, "what do they look like in the flesh?"

With no hesitation, she lifted her top, and exposed them to my appreciative gaze. With the reduction, she no longer needed a bra. She was right; they looked superb. The marks from the operation had all but gone, leaving two perfect globes, each supporting a lovely erect nipple.

"Wow. They look great. Can I have a feel?"

"You can if you'd like."

Erica was half sitting, half lying, on the lounge. I moved closer to her and her magnificent breasts. My cock responded to the closeness, demanding to be set free. My hands moved to her breasts, and I began massaging them, moving ever closer to her nipples. She behaved as I thought she would. Her breathing quickened, and her arse squirmed on the seat. My fingers found her nipples, but her response demanded I do more.

"Suck them."

My mouth replaced my fingers, kissing, licking, and sucking them in, teasing them with my tongue, my teeth nipping. All the time her arse squirmed on the seat.

While my mouth was busy with her tits, my hand went between her legs. She did little to hinder my approach to what I hoped was a very wet and willing slit. I wasn't disappointed. As my hand moved closer to her cunt, her legs parted, and soon discovered she hadn't bothered with panties. She lifted a leg, allowing my fingers instant entry to her waiting and willing hole. She was as wet and open as any female I had ever played with. Two fingers slid into her; she was big enough for an extra, so a third found its way into her. She pushed down, wanting more, and I stuffed her as full of those fingers as I could. Her hips continued to squirm, grinding my fingers deep into her hungry cunt.

"Get your cock out. I want to play with it." She panted.

My pants found their way down to my knees, and Erica played with me, slowly and luxuriously. This little girl definitely knew how to handle a stiff cock, and mine was as stiff as they come. I made a feeble effort to mount her, but she stopped me.

"Let's go into Fred's bedroom," she said. "I want to fuck on his bed. It will serve him right," with that said, she took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

We stood by the bed and with little preamble removed what little clothing we still had. Then, with both of us naked, I lay her on the bed, parting her legs as I did. Erica pulled me to her, grabbed my prick aiming it at her cunt. I fell onto her, and as I did, I slid into her welcoming body.

"Oh that's so much better than fingers," she said as I buried myself in her. "Now fuck me."

We fucked each other as though there was no tomorrow. Every time I rested, she took over, not attempting to make it last. She wanted to cum, and to take me with her.

That is exactly what happened, we hadn't been at each other for more than five minutes when her orgasm hit her, and as predicted, her sucking tube took three-month spunk into her hungry body. The wonderful sucking, sloshing sounds coming from between her legs driving us both to new heights.

We lay coupled for a while, and then moved onto the bed properly.

It had been a great fuck, but not all that satisfying from my point of view. Sex to me wasn't something that had to be hurried, for me it was something to savoir, something you took your time with. Under normal circumstances, I only had one cum in me, and felt let down; I would have liked it to continue for much longer.

Erica though, had other ideas. After a bit of fooling around with our fucked bits, her mouth found its way to my cock. The poor thing was lying slack across my leg, still covered with our juices. She took it in her mouth and began running her tongue over it. In a very short time, it began to show signs of life, and soon after was as hard as it had been earlier. Needless to say, we were both pleased with her efforts.

"I knew I could get it up again," she said as she looked at her handiwork, she then gave it a good lick, before she straddled me.

With her immediate lust satisfied, this time she took me slowly, satisfied for the moment to tease us both by running the slippery head between the lips of her equally slippery slit.

Happy she'd teased us enough, she began to take me, setting up a slow steady rhythm as I penetrated deeper into her cum laden cunt. Fully coupled, she screwed me deep, grinding our pubes together. Her vaginal muscles working away at me, until I was ready to blow. Just in time, I managed to pull away from her, turning her so we could settle down for a quiet sixty-nine. Her fucked, spunky cunt tasted great. I licked and sucked at her juicy hole, while she sucked my equally soggy cock. She would take it out every now and again to rub its wet head over her lovely new tits.

We were having a wonderful time.

As though our minds were synchronised, it was time for a change. So with a final lick inside her, we changed position.

"You want to fuck me doggy?" she asked

"I'll fuck you any way you like."

"I like it all ways. Take your pick."

With her on her hands and knees, I gazed down at her abused cunt, then on up to her other hole, aware now she liked it there as well.

I mounted her, feeling her slick cunt encase my now raging cock.

"Fuck the bloody thing," she screamed as I ground hard against her arse. "Fuck it, and don't be gentle."

For the next few minutes I did as she asked, at times lifting her knees from the bed, then settled for a slower pace.

"So you like getting fucked, do you?" I asked, knowing it was a silly question.

"Oh yeah. Two, three times a day if I could. Shithead can't keep up with me, but if I get a bit on the side, he gets shitty."

"You've had a couple on the side?"

"Not many. I have to be content masturbating."

"Have you ever had more than one at you at the same time?" I asked, aware now that the talk was turning her on even more.

"Once. Three of them. That was fun."

"What did they do to you?"


"By everything do you mean there as well?" I asked as I probed her butt with my wet thumb.

"Yes there as well. They used my mouth, my cunt, my arse, as well at my big tits. I had their cum in me, and all over me"

My thumb had penetrated her easily. It was now time to see how she liked taking a man in the bum. She knew what was coming when I pulled out and she spread her butt cheeks. I took my time, knowing this place shouldn't be hurried, but by the time we were fully coupled, she was nice and slippery.

One thing I noticed over the years was that while talking sexy turned me on, it kept my orgasm at bay. For now to orgasm was the last thing on my mind. I had a sexy, willing partner, and if I had my way, I'd still be fucking her well into the next day.

"You like getting it in the bum, do you?" I asked as she began to moan in time with my thrusts.

"Sometimes. When I'm horny."

"Are you horny now?" I asked, which had to be another silly question.

"Oh fuck yeah."

"And I can do anything I like to you?"


For the moment, I couldn't think of anything I hadn't already done. I'd been in her mouth, her cunt, and now her arse. What else was there?

Then I remembered something that I'd been told made a female feel vulnerable.

"Lay on your belly while I fuck your sweet arse."

Gradually she slid her knees down the bed until she was laying flat, in a sort of a back to front missionary position.

"Oh this feels so naughty," she said as I began using her again.

"Now when I lift my legs, you put yours together."

She did as I asked. "Oh fuck, I'm so tight in there now." She said as I fucked her.

"You like me in your tight slippery arse do you?"

Erica was so far into her orgasm she whispered something that sounded like, "shut up and fuck it," but I couldn't be sure.

For the next fifteen minutes I used her as she wanted, then it was time for another change.

"Lift up so I can get a pillow under you."


"You'll see, now shut up and do as I say."

With some reluctance, I pulled out of her butt and she did as I asked, unsure of what I had in mind.

I gazed down at her exposed cunt and arse, for the moment unsure which to use first. Her cunt won, and I plunged effortlessly into her. My angle of attack was perfect, the head of my cock pushing against her G spot. What I had under me now was an uncontrollable female in the throughs of what must have been the grand-daddy of all orgasms. Incoherent prattle came from her mouth, as she seemed to try to eat the pillow.

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