A Dog Day in Thiefville

by Donna Pet

I edited these stories years ago and have permission to post them. I did NOT write them myself.

Sex Story: A woman gets caught breaking intoa rich man's house. As typically happens, she gets blackmailed into being his sex slave.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Slavery   Zoophilia   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Bestiality   Transformation   .

Mindy Paterson slowly worked the dial on the safe.

"Come on, you bastard," she whispered to herself.

A million thoughts ran through her head. If she got this weirdo's rare stamps she could stop robbing houses and live the easy life. The weirdo she was talking about was John Marge. According to her he was just some nut job who hid in his nice rich house with all of his millions. She didn't even know if he had a rare stamps but that was the rumor around town. So for a month Mindy had been casing his house. By the end of the month she knew his habits. She knew when he watered his lawn, cleaned his windows and even when he went to bed. She had discovered that the nut job didn't even have an alarm system so it had been child's play to get in through the window. She had made her way to the den and instantly had recognized the fake stack of books that covered his safe. This was great. A few more seconds and those stamps were all hers. Finally, she heard a faint, 'Click' and to her joy the safe door opened up. She looked inside for a long time, hardly believing what she saw. Nothing! There wasn't a damn thing inside!

"What the fuck?" she said to herself, a little too loudly.

"Don't worry. You can stop looking. It's empty," a voice from behind her said.

Mindy flew around and stared at the man who had made the statement. It was John Marge, leaning against the doorframe. In his hand was a gun and on the other side of him were two very big and pissed off looking dogs.

"You think I'm dumb, you stupid girl? You think I haven't seen you watching me for so long? It wasn't real hard to figure out what you were planning to do. What were you looking for? My money? The rare stamps?" He made that last statement sound like whoever had first offered it was an idiot. "You don't have to worry yourself about those rare stamps. There never were any. Rumors sure can fly around a small town like this one, can't they?"

Mindy closed her eyes and balled her hands up. There never were any fucking stamps! And now she was here, caught, and on her way to prison. She opened her eyes and looked at the bastard who had caught her. She guessed he was close to six something maybe 6'3, short brown or black hair. She had never been able to tell because she had been too far away and now she was close enough to him but the only light was the moonlight coming through from the other room. She could make out his pajamas though. They had bunnies on them! This guy was a real fuck up she thought to herself.

He piped up again. "You see, I've been staying up till morning these past few days, waiting for you to come and you did. I don't have an alarm; I just have my dogs here, Ovid and Virgil. Do you read the classics? This is so exciting. I can tell from your look you're surprised to see the dogs, well I keep them inside."

Mindy couldn't believe that he kept them in all the time. They looked very big like German Shepherds or something, easily a 100 and something pounds ... They stared at her with their teeth bared.

"What to do, what to do. Well I could just blow you away right here but that would be messy. Have you ever killed anyone before? Probably not, just being a petty thief and all. Hmmmm, I could let my dogs rip you apart but that would be even messier. I guess I could just call the cops but that's sooooo boring." He looked like he was debating with himself whether or not to buy a certain type of vegetable at the supermarket, not deciding someone's life.

Mindy hated games, especially when she was on the receiving end. The last guy to play games with her was her ex-boyfriend and he ended up going to the hospital with a broken arm. "What the fuck are you going..."

"Shut up, little thief. I'm in control here. ME!" he screamed at her. With that Mindy actually started to become a little scared. This guy was a total wack job.

"Hmmmm," he mumbled, tapping the gun against his temple. "I got it!" he yelled. He made Mindy jump. Walking further into the room he stood in the corner farthest away from Mindy. The dogs followed him. He pointed at the door with his gun.

"Go out through the door and turn right. Walk down the hall until you reach my living room and stay there. Don't run because if I don't get you Ovid or Virgil will. Oh and keep your hands up."

Mindy raised her hands and began to walk. When she got to the door she looked at the window in the other room that she had come in through. If she didn't try to run out through there she'd be screwed because she didn't know the rest of his house on the inside. As if knowing what she was thinking one of the dogs behind her let out a deep growl. She froze.

"Keep going thief. Turn right and straight till you come to the living room," he said from behind her.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! This is bullshit! Mindy thought to herself as she turned into the hall and made her way down to the living room. She could hear the guy walk gently behind her and the panting of the dogs as well. She stepped from the hallway into the living room. This room was lighter than the one she'd been in due to the windows all round. She could make out a loveseat and a couch and a few lamps and tables.

"Just step over there by the loveseat, thief," he said. Mindy walked around the couch and stopped by the loveseat. She turned and looked at him. She watched as he stepped around the couch and walked over to the tall lamp. He turned it on. Mindy flinched since the light hurt her eyes. He stood there with the gun pointed at her. She could see him clearly now. Yeah, he was a little over six foot. His hair wasn't black but dark brown. He wasn't that bad looking she thought to herself but look at those pajamas! They were bunnies like she had thought.

"There we go. Much better. Now I can see what my thief looks like. Oh, you're pretty. Don't you think Ovid?" he asked the brown dog. Mindy could see their colors now. Ovid was completely brown and Virgil, the other dog, was half-brown and half-white. Ovid looked up at John and then at Mindy.

"What do you think Virgil?" he asked his other dog. Virgil just lay on the floor and stared at the ground.

John looked back at Mindy with a dumb grin on his face. "Sorry. Virgil isn't as smart as his namesake. Oh sorry. You can put your hands down now. I can see you better now. But keep them out of your pockets." Mindy lowered her hands to her sides,

"What the hell is going on? Why don't you call the cops?" she blurted out.

"Shhh," he said with his finger to his lips. "You don't talk until I tell you to. I'm the victorious war chieftain here." Mindy was really confused now. Why wasn't he calling the cops? What the hell was he talking about? War chieftain? She watched as he set the gun down on one of the lamp tables next to him. He started to walk towards her. He stopped about a foot away.

"Ok, first things first. What's your name?" Mindy stared at him. He got an annoyed look on his face.

"It's easy to answer, even for as stupid thief like you. What's your name?" he asked again.

"What does that have to do with anything?" she asked. His face contorted into anger and he shouted at her. "ANSWER MY QUESTION WHORE! I CAN KILL YOU IF I WANT! THE POLICE WILL DO NOTHING! I AM IN CONTROL HERE, NOT YOU! I'M THE WAR CHEIFTAIN AND YOU'RE THE SLAVE!" Mindy was really scared now. She had backed up so that the backs of her legs were touching the front of the loveseat. "Mindy. My name's Mindy," she said very fast. He calmed down immediately.

"Mindy. Mindy. What a nice name. Mindy. Hmmm. Ok, we're going to act out a scenario. This is the scenario. All around my house is my war camp and my house is my war tent. I'm a great war chieftain and I have conquered your small tribe. Now you will be playing the part of the conquered war chieftain's daughter, ok?"

Mindy couldn't believe this. He wanted to play games? "I don't want to," she replied. He got a pissed off look on his face. "I don't give a damn if you want to or not. When Attila was going to have a slave he didn't ask her if she wanted to. He just took her. That's what we're going to do here." Suddenly the realization of this hit Mindy like a hammer to the head. This crazy fucker was going to role-play with her and fuck her! She was speechless.

"Now take off your sweat jacket," he ordered. Mindy stared at him with an open mouth.

"Damn you. Stop making me tell you twice. I'm sick of that. Take off the jacket. Now," he yelled. Slowly Mindy lifted her hands up and pulled her arms out from the sleeves. She let the jacket drop. He stared at her body up and down.

"Very good. Ok, how old are you? She was silent for a second but then when he started to come unglued again she blurted out, "19."

"Ok, how much do you weigh?" he asked. She answered. "115."

"And you're about 5'3?"

"5'4," she corrected him.

"Oh good, good. You are perfect. Pretty body. Pretty brown hair. You are a perfect conquered slave." She tensed up but held her tongue.

"Ok, how about you take off your clothes for me. All of them." With that, he walked back to the couch and sat down, casually watching her like he was watching a game on TV.

Mindy was tempted to fight and tell him to fuck off but how could she fight? He was obviously stronger than her and plus he had that gun close by and those dogs were right there too. So instead of fighting she sat down on the loveseat, bent over and started to untie her shoes.

"I'm going to report this," she said to the ground while she untied her shoes.

"What was that?" he asked.

"I'm going to report this to the cops when I get to them," she replied.

"Oh please. Excuse the cliché but whom do you think the cops will believe? Me with my money or a thief like you? Now shut your mouth and get undressed."

She undid her right shoe and pulled it off. She was pissed now. He was going to fuck her but she'd be damned if she didn't get some words in ... With great speed, she flung her right sneaker in his direction. He easily batted it aside and laughed.

"Are you going to fight me the whole time I am fucking you? Are you going to make me earn my pussy?" he asked.

"Fuck you, you creep. You might be able to fuck me but you haven't beaten me," she replied, turning her attention to her left shoe. He laughed again.

"But I haven beaten you Mindy, my little whore-thief. I have. When we're undressed I'm going to put you on your knees, bend you over that loveseat, mount you and fuck you till you're red and sore. I'm going to take you and you're going to like it. I have conquered you. Your body is mine," he replied.

Mindy finished untying her shoe and kicked it off. She could feel her insides churning and her body starting to get very warm. She had always just stuck to the guy-girl, plain old lights off, sex routine. She had never done any of that Domination and Submission stuff but his filthy talk was making her horny. A mental image flashed through her mind of her on her knees, bent over the loveseat with his body firmly on top of her. It made her pussy tingle and her nipples start to harden. Damn it! This creep was going to rape her and she was kind of looking forward to it!

"Ok, my little slave-thief. Stand up and take off your shirt and pants," he instructed.

Mindy hesitated for a second then stood up. Her hands went to the bottom of her shirt and stopped. This was it. I should try to run ... fuck it. With that she quickly pulled her light blue shirt over her head and off. Quickly after she reached down and undid her button fly and shrugged herself out of her jeans. When they reached her feet she stepped out of them. Now she was standing there in only her yellow bra and panties. She watched as his jaw slightly dropped and his gaze worked its way up and down her form. She looked down at his groin area and saw a nice bulge pushing up the bunny pattern on his pajamas. The thought that her body was arousing him made her feel even warmer. She was fiercely independent and in any other circumstance she would have rather died then be exposed to his eyes like a choice piece of meat but for some reason right now she didn't mind. She actually liked his perusal of her body.

"Very, very good," his voice was raspy. "Now take off your underwear."

At this point Mindy hesitated longer. She didn't really care if he saw her pussy but she didn't want him to see her tits. She hated her tits. They were small, almost indiscernible from the rest of her chest. When she laid down they practically disappeared.

"Take off your underwear now slave. I command you," he restated in a deep voice.

Reluctantly she reached behind her and unfastened her bra and slipped it off of her shoulders. Keeping her arm in front of her tits she reached down with her other hand and quickly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. With that done, she stood there, staring at him with her left arm still covering her tits.

"Put your arm down," he ordered, staring at the brown hair above her private area.

"I don't want to," she replied.

"Why not?"

"Because my tits are really bad. They are too small and I don't want you to see them," she replied.

"I don't give a damn what you do and don't want me to see. I own you and you will show me your tits. Now," he ordered.

Slowly she lowered her arm to her side. Her little tits barely poking out from the surface of her chest, her nipples red and hard.

"I think your tits and the rest of your body are beautiful," he said, still staring intently at her pubic area. He quickly stood up and stepped towards her. She stood there looking at him. Then before she could react he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. She yelled out in pain and grabbed onto his arm.

"Let go!" she yelled.

"I'm punishing you because you didn't listen to me. I said 'take off all of your clothes'," he snickered and with that he pushed her so that she landed on the loveseat.

She looked at him with hatred in her eyes but desire in her body. This submission stuff was to her liking. She looked down. Her socks! She had left her socks on. She quickly reached down and pulled them off and threw them at him. They hit the ground and Ovid began to chew on them.

"Hey, keep your dog away from my stuff," she ordered.

"You be nice to my dogs," he replied. "All right, now get on your knees and suck my cock."

She looked at him and then slowly got off the loveseat and lowered herself down onto the floor, staying on her knees. He walked up to her. She stared at the bulge pressing against his pajamas. Finally she reached up to the sides and tugged his pajama bottoms down. He was wearing boxers so she reached up again and tugged them down to his ankles. His legs were hairy as was his groin area. His penis was a nice size, about seven inches she guessed. His balls were very fat. She stared at his cock. He stretched out his hand and put it behind her head. He gathered up her hair in his fist and tilted her head back till their eyes met.

"Ok, I want you to jerk me off while you suck on my cock. I want you to take as much as you can into your mouth. I'm going to hold the back of your head and fuck your face. I'm warning you right now, I haven't had sex or masturbated for over 5 months so I'm going to have a lot of cum. I'll tell you when I'm going to come and I want you to just put the head of my dick on your bottom lip because I want to see my cum spurt into your mouth. After I pump it all into your mouth you're going to swallow it all, ok?" he instructed.

Mindy stared up at him and replied. "I don't want to swallow it." He gave her hair a yank and her face contorted in pain. "You will swallow it all and any other load that is pumped into your mouth. Understand? Now go ahead, start sucking it like a good slave-thief." She slowly opened her mouth and he stepped forward. Using her hair as a handle he guided her open mouth onto his throbbing cock. He pushed himself inside until she gagged and he pulled out a little. Her mouth closed onto his cock and slowly he began to thrust in and out, using her face as his fuck hole.

Mindy was really getting into this. She had only sucked one cock before and she hadn't been into it. But now, with John's good-sized cock pumping in and out of her small mouth she felt really hot and turned on. Her left hand roamed down her body till she reached her pussy. Using her fingers she spread apart her outer lips and found her clit. She lightly started to tug on it and rub it. A groan rose up from her body and escaped trough her mouth, around the piece of meat buried inside. As her left hand played with her pussy her right hand reached up and wrapped itself around the base of his cock. She slowly began to jerk her hand up and down on this part of his cock that couldn't get into her mouth. Her face was so close she could smell the sweat from underneath his ball sack. Her eyes looked up and she watched him as she sucked his cock. His eyes were closed and he was making low groaning sounds. She looked back down to the cock thrusting into her mouth. She began to jerk her right hand harder and harder.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah. That's it slave-thief. Use your hand to play with my balls," he groaned.

She took her right hand away from his dick and reached underneath it. Gently she latched onto his ball sack and rubbed his hairy balls. He groaned. "Oh yeah. Massage those balls slave. Massage them. Make that cum nice and ready to come out."

She rubbed all over his swollen nut sack, now wanting that cum to come out inside her mouth. This was such a turn on! Her left hand was rubbing her clit furiously and she could feel her own orgasm coming through her body. Just a little more, a little more. There! She shoved two of her masturbating fingers up inside of her twat as her orgasm rushed through her. Her mouth closed down tightly over his plunging cock then opened again as she let out gurgled moans. The spit that had accumulated inside of her mouth drooled out at the sides and ran down her chin and her throat. His cock and balls, which were close to slapping against her chin, were soon saturated in her saliva.

He groaned louder as her mouth closed and opened on his cock. "That's right slave-thief. Keep sucking. Take your hand and play with those little tits for me now," he ordered, still with his hand behind her head, still with his cock thrusting away into her mouth.

She took her hand away from his balls and grabbed onto her right nipple. She started to tug and pinch the red, swollen nub. She squeezed it and worked her way over to the left nipple and did the same with that little tit, her left hand still plunging away at the wet mess that her pussy had now turned into.

"There you go, play with your pussy and tits for me while I fuck your face, you little cunt," he panted. He was getting close to his eruption. She still slobbered away at his cock, her tongue running up and down its flexible skin. She didn't care that her spit was coming out of her mouth and running down her chin. This was the most fun she'd ever had. He looked down at her, her eyes staring back up at him. "Oh man, you look like a $20 whore. On your knees, one hand in your pussy and the other on your tits. This big cock pumping in and out of your whore mouth. Spit dripping off your chin," he laughed.

Mindy thought about that as the piece of meat pumped into her mouth. Yeah, she probably did look like a cheap whore but who cares? This was great and she had never been more turned on.

The sight of her on her knees in front of him was too much to handle and John was ready to come. "Ok cunt. I'm ready. Remember what I told you and remember, I own you so I want to see you swallow it all," he instructed again.

He let go of his hold on her hair and she pulled back a little. A glob of spit came off on his head and made its way down her chin to her neck. She let the head of his swollen penis lay on her bottom lip. His fists were clenched at his sides and his eyes were closed. She looked at his swollen penis lying on her bottom lip, watching his veins and skin.

"Massage my balls again with one hand and play with yourself with the other," he ordered.

Mindy kept her left hand at her sloppy pussy and raised her right hand back up to his ball sack. She lightly rubbed the sweaty, hairy sack between her fingers. A thought ran through her mind that in a second the contents of that sack would soon be in her stomach.

John opened his eyes and stared down at her. He saw his penis resting on her bottom lip and an expectant look in her eyes. The feeling of her smooth fingers on his heavy ball sack was too much and so with a yell, he erupted into her waiting moth. The first spurt hit the back of her mouth and she almost gagged because it was so fast. She didn't though and held the head on her lip. He started to groan as a feeling of pure pleasure raced through his body. He looked down and watched as his sperm began to fill her mouth. Mindy was confused. She had only sucked one cock but she had seen enough guys blow their loads to know that they spurted cum but this one was just pouring it out. She could feel it fill her mouth with its salty taste. He watched as the white fluid pumped itself out of his penis and coated the inside of her mouth. Soon the cavity below her tongue was submerged and she had to tilt her head back so that none of his semen spilled out. He groaned and watched as her little mouth took all of his cum. Thirty seconds later he grunted and ejaculated the last of his semen into her mouth. He pulled away and fell back onto the couch. He looked at Mindy on her knees, her mouth filled with his thick semen. "Ok thief, swallow it," he panted out. Mindy couldn't believe this. How could she possibly swallow all of this? Her whole mouth was almost filled.

"Come on, swallow it now," he ordered, getting off the couch. Mindy closed her eyes and her mouth and swallowed his sperm that he had ejaculated into her mouth. It felt like glue, pouring down her throat till it finally came to rest in her stomach. She fell back onto her butt and groaned. She lay back against the loveseat.

"What's wrong?" he asked, smiling.

"Too much. It was too much," she panted, holding her stomach.

He laughed. "I told you I had a lot of cum. You suck cock so good I just had to give all of it to you," he replied. "You better get ready for more because you're going to be drinking a lot more before you get out of here."

Mindy just held her stomach.

"I'm drained for now. It will take me awhile to fill up again so you need a new dick don't you?" John asked.

Mindy stared at him. "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? I mean that you need another cock inside of you. I won't be ready again for at least 20 minutes. The only other cocks here are on my dogs. Pick which one you want first," he explained.

Mindy stared at him hard. Had she heard him right? He wanted her to be with a dog? She had never even heard of such a thing. She looked at the dogs. Ovid was still busy with her socks and Virgil was sleeping by one of the floor lamps. She looked back at John.

"That's possible? People can be with dogs?" she asked him.

He smiled. "Sure they can. They can be with just about any animal. People find ways. So which dog so you want?" he asked, pointing towards the two dogs.

Mindy looked back towards the dogs.

"Well I guess I have to take that one (pointing to Ovid) since the other one is asleep," she said.

John walked the few paces over to Ovid and grabbed his leash and pulled him up. Ovid dropped Mindy's sock and stood up obediently. With a gentle tug, John pulled Ovid over to where Mindy was sitting on the ground.

"Ok, I'm not going to have him eat you out since I might do that later. I don't know, but still I don't want to be eating dog spit," he told her. "Now reach under him and stroke his sheath."

"I don't want him to bite me," she said, staring at the big dog.

"He's not going to bite you. Besides, I'm holding him so get down there. You need to stroke his sheath and then his cock will come out and then you stroke that, ok?" he told her.

Mindy stared up at him and then at the big dog. Slowly she crawled over to the dog and tentatively reached underneath him. Her fingers came across his bulged out sheath. It was covered in soft fur. She held it, thinking about what she was doing.

"Come on Mindy, stroke it for him," John pressured her.

Mindy looked at the furry flank directly in front of her face. Then she lowered herself until she could see what she was holding. His sheath was covered in light brown fur, like the rest of his belly. It jutted out from his groin area a good two inches. Slowly she wrapped her thumb and first three fingers around the soft covering and began to stroke. Ovid began to move his back legs, prancing a little.

"He likes your touch, keep going," John whispered to her, smiling to himself.

Mindy kept stroking the soft sheath until five minutes later the tip of his red cock poked through the opening. She stopped and looked up at John.

"His cock is coming out," she informed him.

"Well don't stop. Keep stroking his sheath and when his dick comes out, stroke that," he ordered.

Mindy kept up her stroking and it seemed to her like the dick of this dog was coming out, larger by the second. After ten minutes of sheath stroking over six inches of his cock was poking out. She looked back up at John.

"Is his dick out yet?" he asked, still holding onto the dog that was now straining to get away from him.

"Yes, I think it's about six inches long and I think there is more," she answered.

"Ok, grab onto his cock now and stroke it," John ordered again. Mindy took her hand from the soft sheath and wrapped her fingers around the reddish-purple dog penis. Ovid lurched forward when her hand wrapped around his cock. He began to whine louder. The cock in her hand was very hot. Mindy was surprised. Yes, she knew it was a muscle but it just felt like pure power. She held onto it, staring at it. It looked really weird. The tip wasn't like a man's dick it was pointed almost like the tip of a quill pen. It was a deep red-purple color and that surprised her. She stroked it gently at first but then held onto it tighter. Ovid was staring to whine very loudly and he was really prancing around.

"He's loving this Mindy," John yelled.

Mindy was getting really excited. She held on tighter to the purplish, vein covered dog penis and began to really jerk hard. The penis had grown to over eight inches now.

"Is the knot getting bigger?" John asked.

"The what?" she asked.

"The knot. The bulge at the base of his cock," John replied.

Mindy looked at the base of the cock she was jerking off. Sure enough the skin around the base was bulging out, making a fat ring around Ovid's penis. Mindy took her left hand and wrapped it around the cock. She continued to jerk on the thick penis and with her right hand she slid her fingers around the knot but to her astonishment she couldn't fit them around it.

"I can feel it growing," she yelled. "It's growing under my fingers!"

"Good, good. Is his cock growing anymore?" John asked.

Mindy stared at the cock and kept stroking it. "I don't think so. I think the knot is just growing," she answered.

She kept staring at the cock that felt like fire under her soft hands. Her hands, keeping up a steady of rhythm of stroking and jerking. She could feel herself getting a tingling feeling in her pussy again. This whole situation was making her feel incredibly hot again. She smiled to herself. She had just gotten done sucking a cock and then had swallowed a shit load of cum and now she was on her knees using both of her hands to jerk off a dog! She felt like such a trashy whore. All of these thoughts were running through her head when Ovid jerked froward and a spurt of clear liquid shot out of the tip of his dog penis. Mindy yelled out in surprise.

"What's wrong?" John asked.

"He just came! I saw him spurt out his cum!" Mindy yelled excitedly. She began to giggle.

"No, that's not his cum-shot it's just his pre-cum. Start licking it now," John ordered.

Mindy stopped her hands. Lick it? Hmmm ... She hesitated.

"Do it," John said more forcefully.

Mindy took her left hand off of the dog cock and just kept her right hand by the knot. She leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. Very gently she let the tip of her tongue touch the hot surface of the dog penis. Ovid jerked forward again and whined. Mindy began to run her tongue up an down the eight inches of the vein covered surface of the dog cock. It just tasted like regular skin. Growing a little braver she pushed both of her lips up against the cock and sucked in, still rubbing the tip of her tongue along the surface.

"What's going on?" John asked.

"I'm licking on it and putting my lips on it," Mindy replied, lifting her head out from underneath the dog.

"Ok, you ready to suck on it?" he asked.

"Suck on it? But what if he comes in my mouth?" she asked back.

"Well then you're going to swallow it. Everything that he squirts into your mouth. Understand?" John replied.

Mindy looked back at the quivering dog cock. She looked at the quill-like tip and the clear liquid dripping from it.

"Get up," John said.

"Get up?" she asked.

"Yes, get up and go to the loveseat. This is what I want you to do. I want you to sit on the floor and lay your back against the loveseat cushion. I'm going to have Ovid stand on the loveseat above your head and fuck your face. He's going to be pumping out a lot of pre-cum and you're allowed to let some of it dribble out onto your body but when he comes for real I want you to swallow it all. Understand?" John explained. "So get up and go over there now, slave-thief."

Mindy understood and was excited by the prospect so she got to her feet and walked the few feet to the loveseat. She sat down on the ground and leaned her back against the loveseat cushion as she had been told. She kept her legs spread apart. She stared at the dog that she had just been beating off. His tongue was lolling out and he had a fire in his deep brown eyes.

"Ok, I'm ready. Um, will you still hold onto him to make sure he doesn't get wild?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll watch him so he doesn't fuck your brains out, literally. Now when he's fucking your face I want you to use both hands on his cock too, ok?" he answered.

Mindy wasn't too happy about that. Her pussy was very hot and slippery and she wanted to play with herself again. "I want to play with my pussy," she complained.

"Shut up whore and brace yourself," he answered. With that he began to walk Ovid up to the loveseat and the waiting mouth that was going to suck him off. When Ovid was close to Mindy his large pink tongue snaked out and gave the girl a wet doggy kiss, thanking her for what she had been doing. At first it surprised her but then she laughed and gave Ovid a big hug.

"Ok, lay your head back against the cushion," John ordered.

Mindy did as she was told and waited for the cock. John led Ovid to the side of the loveseat and pulled him up. Ovid got the idea and jumped up onto the cushion. John then dragged him over and pulled his left leg over Mindy's head. So now Mindy's head was directly under Ovid' belly and prick. John then lifted his collar up and Ovid placed his front paws on the back of the loveseat.

"Everything's in position. Now go ahead and suck on his cock," John said. Mindy stared at the dog penis that was pointed down at her face. Slowly she opened her mouth and raised her head from the cushion. Gently she let the penis enter her mouth. When she had about five inches in her mouth she closed her lips and began to use her throat muscles to suck on the thick muscle in her mouth. She began to pump her head up and down on the cock. She wrapped her hands around the last three inches and the knot, which had swelled to a huge ring.

Ovid let out a bark and using his powerful back legs he began to ram his huge penis in and out of the hot hole that was around his cock. The force of his taut muscles slammed Mindy's head back against the cushion. The dog's thrusts into her mouth grew in intensity as the large dog tried to fuck his whole cock inside of the hot, gripping lips.

Mindy felt like her head was being torn off. The cock fucking her mouth was ripping in and out. Her hands held their grip on the base. She was still using all the strength she had in her forearms to hold the rest of his cock at a distance so that he didn't ram all eight inches plus the knot into her small mouth.

Ovid was in heaven. He began to bark and whine at a constant rate as his animal instincts told him to fuck this hole for all he was worth. John held onto Ovid's collar using all of his strength. He wanted to keep the dog in control. Although watching Mindy getting pummeled by Ovid's cock was turning him on more than anything, he didn't want the big brute to hurt the girl so he tried to hold the dog's front body still.

Mindy was in the zone now. She had closed her mouth enough to keep pressure on the thrusting dog cock but it was opened enough to allow precious air to enter in. The air coming into her nose was not enough but she didn't think about that as she let her head and neck relax on the cushion. She still held the cock and she felt great. She had this down and then Ovid added a surprise. A spurt of his pre-cum erupted from his quill-like penis and shot against the back of Mindy's throat. It took her by surprise. The dog had already shot his pre-cum when they had been on the floor and then he had dried up but now Mindy actually had the pre-cum in her mouth. The taste isn't so bad she thought to herself and so she swallowed it along with the saliva that had accumulated in her mouth.

John had seen her surprised reaction and guessed that Ovid had squirted some pre-cum in her mouth. He just smiled and held the thrusting dog firmly. Mindy kept sucking the dog, waiting for his real cum. Then she felt the quill tip-like ending on the penis begin to squirt more of the same tasting liquid into her mouth. Some of the pumping pre-cum squirted against her throat and that she swallowed but when the dog penis started to really gust out the liquid she just opened her bottom lip and let it splash out down her chin and down to her neck and tits.

John watched as the clear liquid flowed out of Mindy's mouth. He laughed with pure excitement.

"Come on Ovid. Come on boy. Fuck her mouth! Fill it with your load! Drown this bitch in your dog cum!" he yelled out.

Almost as if they had this planned out when John yelled that Ovid thrust forward and with a bark unleashed the torrent of dog cum that was trapped in his balls, into this waiting hole. His hot dog semen began to squirt out in thick streams into Mindy's mouth.

This took her by surprise again but she remembered what John had said about swallowing all of the dog cum so she held her lips firm around the red dog cock that was ejaculating its contents of stored dog semen into her mouth ... The semen tasted a little different than Johns but it didn't make her gag. If she could take John's huge load then she could take this dog's load too. Ovid held firm and pumped everything he had into Mindy's mouth. Mindy stared at his hairy belly as the thick dog semen pumped into her, coating her mouth.

Finally Ovid began to pant and his tool stopped supplying its cum. John saw this and then looked down to Mindy whose cheeks were bulged out. He pulled up on Ovid's collar and helped raise the dog's left leg back over Mindy's head. The dog penis slipped from her mouth but she held onto the dog's seed that he had deposited inside of her hot mouth. John let go of Ovid's collar and the dog jumped off of the loveseat and settled on the floor. He began to lick at his used cock. "Open up your mouth and let me see what the dog gave you," John said to the girl.

Mindy leaned back further on the cushion and opened her mouth. John peered down and saw the light white colored dog semen that lay resting in Mindy's mouth.

He smiled, "Ok, now swallow it."

Mindy closed her eyes and her mouth and with a deep breath she gulped the dog's cum back and swallowed it all. She groaned again like she had when she had taken John's load.

"Man, I wish I could see a cross section of your stomach, filled with two loads, a man and a dog's," John laughed.

Mindy opened her eyes and stared at John. Her eyes drifted down to his cock, which was completely hard and straining out. "Are we going to fuck now?" she asked, pointing to his engorged organ. John looked down and then back up again. "Oh no, not yet. I'm going to fuck you after the dog gets done fucking you so we have to wait a little until he gets ready again. I guess it will just be Ovid, you and me since Virgil is still out of it," John said, pointing to the sleeping dog. True enough Virgil hadn't moved even when Ovid had been busy with Mindy's face. The two humans stared at Ovid while he cleaned off his penis.

"Just think, in a few minutes that big cock of his is going to be fucking that sloppy little pussy of yours. He's going to make it even sloppier," John commented while he stared back at Mindy.

Instead of being scared at the prospect of being impaled on that huge slab of meat Mindy was excited. She needed a dick inside of her burning pussy and she needed one now. She didn't care if it was John's, Ovid's or a fake dick as long as she got one. Her pussy was juicy after the erotic blowjobs that she had just performed. She needed to get fucked. Getting onto her hands and knees she crawled over to the dog. With now practiced hands she latched onto his cock and began to stroke it hard again.

Ovid reached his head over and began to sniff at Mindy, sniffing under her arms and trying to sniff behind to get to her backside where he could smell the pussy in the air.

John smiled and walked over to the dog masturbation scene. He watched as Mindy's small hands brought his dog's cock back to its full erection. He watched as the dog started to get up and force his way behind Mindy.

"I think he's ready," he said, pointing to the horny dog.

Mindy let go of the veined piece of meat and Ovid immediately jumped up and made his way around Mindy and started sniffing her body.

John laughed, "Look's like he's ready to breed his bitch." He stood up and grabbed Ovid's collar and pulled him away from the woman. "Ok, whore. Go back over to the loveseat and bend over it. I want your knees on the floor and your legs spread. I want your face against the cushion. This dog is going to fuck the shit out of you," he laughed, almost too excited to fathom an instruction.

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