Celebrating My Third Decade

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My girlfriend planned a special evening for my thirtieth birthday. A nice dinner and a brand-new adventure in bed. Wait until you read what she gave me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I majored in Marketing in college and got a job with a medium-sized toy company, of all things. It has, I suppose, in some ways, allowed me to remain imbedded in my childhood but, if you know anything at all about the toy industry, it's strictly a grown-up business, dead serious and high stakes.

So, I'd been with them a while, gotten two promotions, and had also found a girlfriend in the process. We worked in different departments which was a help realizing the somewhat oppressive state of corporate rules and state and federal laws that tend to temper the hormonal happenings in the workplace.

It was rather odd the way we got together, we first met at a company meeting which was supposed to foster interdepartmental communication and, for Carrie and me, it really worked well.

It was a series of three afternoon and evening get-togethers that included social time and dinner and the first night I was seated next to a woman, a quite petite woman, perhaps a few years older, but really quite pretty.

Carrie was five-one, one hundred and six pounds with, from the top, curly blond hair, gray-blue eyes, cute nose, pink luscious lips, nice chin and a pair of knockers that were impossible to hide. The rest of her was also curvy and she had my attention as soon as we all sat down.

Our conversation, as with most, began with life's generalities and went right on into the more specific areas when you know you're being attracted to the person.

I was twenty-six, almost twenty-seven, at the time, and I figured she was maybe twenty-nine or thirty. The meetings lasted three afternoons and evenings and we both began switching our place cards so we were always seated together. By the last dinner, I told her I would like to see her outside of work.

"Carrie, this is our last meal together and it's really been fun."

"It has, yes, really nice."

"I'd like to see if we might carry on having supper outside of work, maybe like this coming Saturday?"

"Oh, Scott, that's so nice. Um, before I say yes, can I ask you something?"

Well, I pretty much knew I was STD-free, my credit was good, I was heterosexual, and I liked dogs, what else could it be? So I said sure.

"Do you have an idea what my age might be?"

"Oh, thirty or so, something like that?"

"You are a very sweet man, Scott, are you trying to be nice?"

"No, that's what I figure you for, maybe twenty-eight to thirty-three, tops, why?"

"I'm forty, almost forty-one and have a daughter going into college this fall. How old are you?"

"Twenty-six, almost twenty-seven, nearly thirty," I told her trying to stretch the years forward a bit.

"I was fourteen when you were born, Scott."

"I'll bet you were pretty cute at fourteen," I answered, still rather smitten with my dinner companion no matter what her age might have been.

"Thanks. I'd actually had my first kiss before you were even born."

"If you think I might change my mind about taking you out to dinner, you're wrong. My invitation still stands," I told her and we ended up having a rather wonderful date that following Saturday.

I also asked her out for Sunday, then the next Friday. During that date, I asked her, "At the risk of making myself a pest, would you accompany me to dinner tomorrow night and I've been invited to a party next Saturday, a week, would you come with me?"

"Scott, are you kind of dating me up?"

"I sure hope so," I said grinning.

"And, it's what you want?"

"It's what I want."

That led right into Carrie's small house and into her bedroom where she quickly had us both out of our clothes and onto her bed.

She might have been forty but she had an exquisite body. Being small in stature was of great benefit, she surely could have posed for any men's magazine as her breasts were perfect, firm, round, each tipped with a pretty, pink nipple.

We got on her bed and she pushed me down, then swung up over me turning around and sliding her lips over my hard cock bringing her pussy down to my face. She was shaved smooth and I was in heaven licking her juicy slit while she sucked me like no other ever had.

I'd been to college, then into work for a few years, so I was not new to getting a blowjob. But I was new to getting such an enthusiastic and expert blowjob, Carrie took it to a whole new level.

I was rubbing my fingers along her labia, the whole area underneath her was just soaked as I licked and tongued the plump crevice leading to wonders up inside her I hadn't explored yet. I was horny, of course, and it wasn't surprising that I felt myself getting close as she sucked me on and on.

She was sucking the tip as her tongue circled around and around it when I cummed. It was just irresistible, I couldn't have held back if I tried. I was going to break off from pleasuring her to warn her in case she didn't want my cum in her mouth but it was just too sudden.

But, it mattered none, she sucked and kept on sucking as I licked and tongued her from below. I did everything I knew to do with my head between a woman's legs and pretty soon had her writhing over me, sliding her wet slippery pussy over my mouth as I tried tonguing her, my fingers spreading her open and also taking some detours up to her clit to rub and lick around.

"Mmm, mmm, UMM, UMM, OOH, OOH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, Scott, mmm, so good, made me feel so good, mmm, here I come," she said as she turned around and lay over me kissing my wet, happy face over and over. She lifted up, reached between us and next I felt her pussy easing down over the tip end of my cock and up into her warm depths.

Then, her small frame began rocking up and down over me, drawing my cock in and out of her. She was forty she had said but she was as tight and lithe as any girl or woman I'd ever had. I just lay there being completely and totally pleasured as never before. This woman is not just all that I'd seen and heard before, she was miraculous in bed.

"Mmm, mmm, I've been wanting this, Scott, I hope you have, too?"

"Oh, you are incredible. Every time you pull up, you tighten around me like I'm being clenched so tight, it's incredible. Oh, Carrie, you are just so wonderful," I groaned as I thrust my hips up emptying my semen into her, every single drop I had in me.

She rocked up and down until she had a beautiful, shaking, trembling orgasm that was the strongest I'd ever seen a woman have.

After, we were laying there, our arms entwined, kissing, talking, enjoying this wonderful new phase of our relationship.

"It was wonderful Scott, you're a wonderful lover."

"You did it all, well, just about all, and I've never seen a woman have such a strong orgasm before. Is that just the way you are?" I asked with a small hope that it also might some of my doing as well.

"Well, I always have had strong orgasms but this one was special, yes."

As we lay there, she suddenly raised her head up and said, "Sounds like Terri is home from her date. Wanna meet my daughter? I suppose it's appropriate that you be introduced to family after what we've been doing," she said saucily.

We got up and got dressed, each tidying up, combing our hair and such and went out to the kitchen where her daughter was sitting eating a few cookies and having a glass of milk.

She was seventeen and a slightly smaller clone of her mother, just as pretty, also petite but very curvy as well. I stayed a bit longer, then left to drive home a happy and oh, so satisfied man.

That was how Carrie and I became involved and became a couple. It's now been four years, I live with her and couldn't be happier. We mostly had the house to ourselves, Terri was away at college, so the sex we were having was both frequent and in just about every room, often on the spur of the moment, especially when we would decide to skip getting dressed on the weekends.

We often came home from work and just changed out of our work clothes, maybe had a quick bit of fun, maybe a little oral sex, a quick roll on the bed, whatever, then make dinner and just play with each other until we were both crazy-hot for each other and off to bed for a wild and hot fuck until we just collapsed in a happy heap.

Carrie was now forty-three, not looking a day older than when we first met, and I was rapidly approaching my big three-O. Yes, thirty. I knew I could never catch up to Carrie's age and didn't care. She was so pretty and so lively and so much fun, especially in bed, always enthusiastic, always ready for whatever I wanted.

I don't know about you, but I'd always dreamed about finding a mate who was as easily aroused and as horny as I was. Then Carrie came into my life and I've simply not had a horny moment since. She never lets my cock rest long enough for that. She's even said that she's always been horny but now, in her forties, she's just insatiable. And I'm a happy man.

So, she had told me that she had made reservations at our favorite restaurant, a many-starred place that excels on service, food and ambiance with a huge wine list that we enjoy when we've saved up enough for a grand night out. She also told me I should save up my cum and forego sex the night before, that we both would, a rarity in our time together.

Well, the day did finally roll around and she drove me to the restaurant where we started with a bottle of champagne and ended with a 'mile-high apple tart' covered with the restaurant's own vanilla-cinnamon ice cream, yes, a perfect meal with my perfect lover, Carrie.

"Later, when we get home, you get an extra-special present, one I just know you'll adore," she said enticingly as she paid the check.

We got in her car and as she put it in Drive, she asked, "Would you take out my favorite body part of yours so I can play with it on the way home?" See why I love this woman?

I slid down my fly and reached in to wrestle out my stiffening member as she reached over to caress it with her hand.

"Nice and hard, just what you'll need this evening," she teased me.

"So, you've got big plans for what you have in your hand?"

"Oh, the biggest plans ever. You just wait, Scott, this will never be the same after tonight," she said as she gently squeezed it. I looked down and there was a small drop of precum hovering in the slit.

We drove into the garage and, as the door was coming down, I began putting my cock away when she said, "No, just leave it out. It's just you and me and I like to have it close by."

As we went in the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of champagne, then took my dick in her hand and said, 'Follow me, ' and she led me upstairs to our bedroom.

She had me open the bottle and pour some in the two champagne flutes that were there on the dresser as she went in the bathroom to change.

It was champagne my favorite way of drinking it, with a lovely woman dressed in a super-sexy outfit with openings for all the wonderful bits you might want access to.

We kissed and sipped some, her dressed so sexily, me with my cock out, when she began making me naked. We got into bed and enjoyed each other and the rest of our glasses of bubbly.

She bent over me to suck me in the wonderful way she has, by now, my cock was raging hard, swollen tight with anticipation.

Carrie then got up over me, squatting above my cock, holding it fast as she lowered herself onto it, working back and forth getting it deep inside her and then went up and down a few dozen times. Carrie was tight, she did pelvic exercises and fucked herself on a stick-on dildo in the bathroom, something I loved to watch as I would slowly masturbate to cum on her or while she sucked me, usually the former.

Then, she raised up, almost to where I would fall out of her and began clenching tightly as she moved just a few inches at a time, up and down, over and over, just on the top few inches of my cock, something that I've only gotten from her, never from any other woman, but it always gave me the most explosive and erotic orgasms.

"Mmm, good, Scott, is my pussy making you feel good?" she asked knowing the answer, of course.

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