How It All Started

by petite-princess

Copyright© 2011 by petite-princess

True Sex Story: Every event in life starts someplace. My becoming a horny housewife and slut started in my early 20's and has continued on to today with many of interesting sexual events. This story is how it all started for me and I'm hoping someday to be able to re-live this experience.

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In my early 20's I was having a birthday party for my 1st husband, with 3 other couples he invited from work. We had already started out the night at the house getting stoned on pot and having a few drinks before we moved to the local bar/pool hall down the street. We mostly had the place to ourselves except for some out of townies. The drinks flowed and party went on. I was playing pool with his work friends in a loose ruffled skirt, black panties, boots and spaghetti string T-shirt, with no bra.

The more we all drank the more his guy friends tried to feel me up. Hubby was too wasted to stop them and I was having to good of a time teasing them. At some point somebody place a cue stick between my legs while I was taking my next shot at the cue ball. I missed the shot, as I suck at pool, and then back up onto the cue and started to hump it while the other guy took his shot at the balls on the table. Again it was my turn and again somebody placed the cue against me, I was getting horny now and was a bit more drunk, so I hump it even more. I took my next shot and the game went on. The cue between my legs happened about 5 times over the next two games and each time I worked it even harder.

That set of games ended and a few of us duct outside for a quick pot smoke, the night was cool and my nipples became very hard which was quite obvious from pressing against my tee when we came back inside. The bartender noticing all the early action from before had moved us 4 couples into the back pool room. We started up another game, this time doubles and another round of drinks. Once again a cue was placed between my legs when I took my shot, but this time it was the thicker end not the middle section as before. Again I worked my clit and ass over the cue after the shot. My husband was now passed out from all the beer and pot and just laid in this large leather chair.

After the other players played there rounds it was again my turn. As I got ready to take my shot a pair of hands grabbed my hips from behind, I did not think anything of it, as the guys, where touching me all night. But this time it was not the end of the cue stick rubbing my clit and ass crack through my panties. It was a very thick warm cock. I tried to pull away but I was up against the edge of the pool table readying to take my shot, I was pinned in.

As the cock rubbed in and out along my lips the wetter I became. At this point I was nearly bent over at 90 degrees to the table and was not able to move forward or backward. From my right one of the wives of another couple came over to me and said to relax as it was just her husband who was behind me with his cock. Next thing I knew she had pushed my skirt up around my hips, then pulled my panties aside with one hand while wetting my clit with the other from spit on her fingers. The huge thick cock slipped right into my hole with every little trouble. This cock was huge, larger then my husband's could have ever hoped to be and it stretching me out like no tomorrow.

Slowly this guy, a long time and good friend of my husband, was fucking me over the edge of this pool table. As he moved in and out the other couples gathered on both sides of the table to watch. I guess since I was only 5' tall and 90lbs it was a sight to see this monster in my tight, but wet cunt. While all this was going on another woman from the group reached up under my tee shirt and started playing with my nipples, at the same time she started kissing the first women while they both watched this guy fuck me with his tool...

At some point in all this, with my head spinning from the pot and the drinks, a cock in my hole and hands I my nipples I told them all to stop and allow me to get up on the pool table on my back. As I pushed away from the table with the huge cock still inside me, two of the women on either side of the table grabbed my tee-shirt and swiftly pulled it over my head exposing my very hard pink nipples to the bars smoky air. As they became uncovered each woman pinched and tweaked my nipples making them stand up even taller.

Still being somewhat bent over, topless, my skirt around my hips, my panties part way down my thighs I pulled myself off the massive cock and nearly collapsed to the floor. From out of nowhere the other 2 guys grab me and helped me up onto the pool table, as they did I notice each one of they had their pants off and there cocks were semi hard. No sooner did I lay down on the table the guy who was fucking me early was back in me and on top of me. He quickly slipped his tool back in and was working it ever so slowly, his wife again was right there helping him open my lips and clit to receive his cock. I was now in total shock that I was the object of all this attention from these 3 couples that were supposedly friends of my husband.

The other two couples where now standing on either side of the table and the wives were holding, stroking their husbands now hard cocks from watching this massive tool go deep inside my cunt while being guided by the man's wife. With the exception of my moans of pleasure I did nothing but lay there and watch and enjoy the show. At some point in what seemed like hours of fucking and in a daze I reached out to the other guy's cocks and began to play with them along with their wives. Soon the wives climbed up onto the table and began sucking and kissing their husbands cocks while I stroked them.

So there I was topless on top of a pool table, being fucked by one of my husband's work friends, while stroking the cocks of his other two buddies, and their wives were playing right along with the whole affair with nobody concerned as to what was happening. As the guy who was fucking me picked up the pace, I wrapped my legs, boots and all around his hips giving him deeper access to my now stretch and sloppy hole. As this happened I picked up the pace stroking the other two cocks, along with my un-controlled moans of pleasure increased, during all this the wife must have known how stretch out I have become, and with that she carefully managed to slip in several of her fingers between her husband's cock and my cunts otter walls.

This quickly made me tight again and I was able to feel his tool banging away at me. Within a few strokes I felt both my clit tighten and his cock swell to what was to be a massive orgasm for us both, he pumped me full of his hot cum just as I came too, he then slowed the pace of his fucking down and his semi hard cock and his wife's fingers slipped out of me at the same time.

While all this was happening I stopped stroking the other two cocks as the other wives had each taken them into their mouths for a heavy duty blow job. As things came to a slow stop and the puddle of cum formed on the pool table top I was in for another shock. The woman who had just helped her husband fuck me and slipped her own fingers into my cunt was once again between my legs. This time she was scooping up the cum as it ran out of me and was licking it off her fingers. She asked the other two women if they wanted some but got no answer as they had their mouths stuff with the husband's cocks. She then offered some to me and I declined, she said that's good as you'll need it to keep your cunt sloppy and wet.

In a somewhat loud and drunk voice she told the other women to stop and asked the other two guys who is fucking me next? I was not really surprised, nor was I going to refuse, I kind-of wanted this orgy to continue. Without much thought I rolled over and got up on my knees, and stuck my well fucked cunt up into the air. I hooked each boot covered leg into a ball pocket and waited. Soon I was impaled on another cock but this time I was meeting every trust rocking back and forth pushing against it as hard as I could, but all I could feel was the guys' cockhead hitting the back wall of my hole. I was still so stretched out that I had no feeling again on my sides, top or bottom. Somehow as if it was natural to me I took my hand and slipped in a first one finger, then another and another till all four of my own fingers were up inside my cunt next to the cock pounding me like no tomorrow.

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