Asian Warrior

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Action/Adventure Sex Story: A mercinary adopts and teaches a couple of young sisters retribution for the abuse at the hands of pirates. Caution violent torture ensues. Avoid if you object.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   White Male   Oriental Female   Petting   Size   Slow   Caution   Military   .

It isn't often that one walks through a small village on the other side of the world and catches a glimpse of a familiar face. I saw this face in the doorway of a small hut on the outskirts of a village in central Thailand.

I was part of a contracted peace keeping force that was occupying this zone to protect the people from the bandits that robbed and raped the people of the small towns in the area. Their drill was simple, they took anything that they could find that was of value and sold it in Bankok to other bandits and thieves, that would in turn supply it to the world market.

We're talking about female flesh here. Pretty girls were their target and they combed the countryside in search of young, healthy, beautiful women for their profit and pleasure. These bandits were ruthless as they would abduct these young girls from their families and take them to their compound and abuse them, turning them into slaves by constantly raping them and dominating their life in any way that would force the girls into servitude. For instance a bandit would hold captive a girl's sister and threaten to subject her to vile things if she did not give herself to him without reservation. They didn't bother to free the captive sisters, they just gave them to someone else to abuse or else, kill them outright.

The prettiest ones became personal slaves of the gunmen until they were tired of them and sold to a bordello. Then the cycle would begin again.

So seeing the familiar face of a girl from back home wasn't likely, and when I did, I took immediate action.

I burst into the hut to confront the people there to find the face that I was sure that I had seen in the confusion of the moment. They all looked terrified as I searched their faces for a hint of betrayal of my target's hiding place. I pushed each of the family members aside and searched through the stacks of woven baskets and hats that lined the walls and floor of this hut.

So far, I was unsuccessful as I searched the hut. But I knew that my luck was changing as I approached an older woman and started to look in the pile behind her. As I moved her aside, she cried out and started talking in Thai to the others in the room. I promptly uncovered a small young woman that was cowering on the floor, under a stack of inverted baskets. I pulled her up and discovered that she was indeed someone that I recognized from the States. Her name was Lisa and she and I were associates for about five years. I was stunned as I stood in front of her, holding her by her shirt. She was still cowering, terrified beyond belief that her life was ending. I shook her lightly and called her name a couple of times before she registered that I was not going to hurt her. She stepped up to me and threw her arms around my waist, clutching me like her lifeline I stroked her back as she nestled her face into my chest and began crying massive sobs as her petite body shook as she held me. When she finally calmed down she explained that the bandits had indeed visited their hut this morning. She and her sister hid nuder the baskets, but her sister was captured. Two of the bandits brutalized her in front of the family and finally raped her on the floor. She told me that they took her away, only partially dressed and herded her onto a truck. The whole time one of the bandits who raped her continued to molest the beaten young woman. She went on to say that they last saw her sitting in this bandit's lap as he sucked her exposed tits and held his hand between her spread thighs, as the truck pulled away. I had to ask but I thought that I knew the answer to which of your sister was it? She answered my greatest fears by telling me that it was her sister, Natalie.

Natalie was Lisa's younger sister and they both were beauties. They both were the same height, but Natalie had longer, tapering legs, that made her look more like a runway model. While Lisa was the one with the girl next door look. Both women were fine examples of Americanized Asian women. They were outgoing, friendly, and amazingly beautiful.

I knew right away that I would have to stop what I was doing to retrieve Natalie from her abductors. From what Lisa told me I thought that in the short future, she would be groomed as a slave for the bandit that took her into the truck. I asked Lisa to describe her abductor, his clothes, weapons that he carried, any tattoos or body piercings. Anything that would make him identifiable to anyone searching for him. Lisa consulted with her family for quite a while as they told her what they had seen. Other villagers came into the hut to offer their prospective of the incident. It seemed that the rapist was quite well known by the women since he liked to rape some of the older women in the village, older bring in their late twenties and early thirty's. Anyway, he regularly stopped by and raped one or two of these women in front of their families every time that he came to the village, and they could describe him well.

The meeting went on for a couple of hours and Lisa took notes of what was said. By the time they were finished, I had a complete description of the thug and even knew where he lived.

As I was leaving, a noticed that I had acquired another companion. Lisa was within an arms reach of me and when I questioned her, she explained that the bandits could return at any time and she did not want for me to be concerned with rescuing her as well as her sister. She kept on about understanding the language and the customs of the country, she succeeded in convincing me that I needed her and she would take care of me. I didn't need any more reason than that as I would be crazy not to let this beauty take care of me. We walked down the dirt road that led back to the compound that I was staying in. It was nothing more than a tent city that was erected as a mobile police station of sorts. We were contract soldiers, all ex military, and most Special Forces. We all had our specialty at any rate and were not the average combat soldier. I led Lisa into my tent and started to undress. I first removed my battle equipment, handing each piece to Lisa as I removed it. She took it from me and examined each piece as she found a place in my tent to store it. She had it all as I stood in my underwear and watched as she removed her clothing to her underwear as well. I grabbed two towels and threw one to her as I walked towards the shower to scrub off the grime of the day. Lisa was right behind me as I shucked my underwear and proceeded to a shower head. Lisa was right there with me, adjusting the water to the prefect temperature to cool and clean our bodies. She turned to soap my body with that familiar smile and the sparkle in her eyes that in my mind she was so famous for.

I looked down at her naked body to see that she was a perfectly proportioned young beauty of about ninety pounds and sexy as hell. Having finished washing my chest she reached down and cupped my genitals, sliding her soapy fingers around and between my balls and finally grasping my hardening cock. As I was responding, she looked up at me as she sensuously stroked my hardening rod to it's maximum extension. Looking down again, she gasped at the elongated penis that she uncovered with her attention. Lisa moved up against my hard cock and reached around to wash my back with her soapy hands, while she pulled me into her front and undulated her petite body into me.

She finished my soaping and guided my excited body by my member, under the streaming water to complete rinsing me off. She backed away from me as I displayed my hardened my manhood gently bobbing in time with my heartbeat towards her naked body. She stood mesmerized at the sight of the snake between my legs as her eyes were locked to the hypnotic stare of it's single eye. I stepped towards her and she turned to retrieve our towels and came to me to begin drying my dripping body. I took the other towel and dried her body as well, paying special attention to the junction between her smooth legs, and up the crack between her taught globes. Lisa stepped away, giggling as she wrapped the damp towel around her small body. I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed the young beauty back to my tent. Taking note of the gentle sway that her petite hips produced.

Upon entering my tent, Lisa dropped her towel and jumped into my sleeping bag, sliding over to allow me to enter behind her. Once I was down, she covered me with the light weight bag and then pulled the mosquito net around us. Before she finally sealed our sleeping area, she reached out and turned off the lantern that sat on the trunk next to our cot. Lisa turned her naked body into mine as she placed her arms around me and drew us together for tonight's sleep.

We awoke the next morning with both of our thighs between each other's crotch. My morning wood was evident and laid on her upper thigh ready for action. Lisa, just awakening looked at the creature resting on her thigh and flexed her thigh muscle, as she increased the pressure of her leg on my balls. I did the same with my leg that was resting against her moistening crotch. We looked at each other, both smiling, Lisa bent towards me and landed a kiss on my lips as she started to untangle herself from our sensuous embrace. We got up and I dressed in my combat gear.

I told Lisa to wait and I went off to the supply tent to retrieve some jungle wear for her. I came back with a full issue of BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) to include body armor. I dressed my little guide, taking time to inspect the fit of the chest protector around her petite tits, before I voiced my approval and moved lower to confirm that her bubble butt was well protected from the jungle daylight.

I smiled at her as we proceeded over to the arms room where I presented her with a Walther PPK and a holster that mounted on her hip. I gave her four extra magazines to carry on her pistol belt, then I slipped a Kevlar hard hat on her head and we were ready to pursue the abductor of her sister. Lisa looked cute as she was dressed in full battle gear but I knew that I would need to watch her closely to be sure that she didn't get us into trouble.

I started off her training by instructing her about the gun that she carried. I told her that she could consider it a defensive weapon only. It was designed for a accurate shot across a room or a hut. Any further than that could well be a waste of time and ammo. The hand gun was a double action auto-loader. That meant that if she carried a round in the chamber, all she needed to do was pull the trigger to fire it, no cocking is necessary. I went on to show her how to properly chamber a round and how to hold the gun at the ready and how to fire it. That was about all that I could show her in our tight time constraint. I topped off her appearance by giving her a pair of sunglasses and we headed off with two others to the reported location of the bandits and their captives.

We walked through the village and no one recognized her as she led the way down the road toward the hang out of the thugs.

When we got to within a mile of their compound, we entered the jungle and made our way to the back side of the hang out. We got to the edge of the compound to see that it was surrounded by bamboo and barbed wire. The bamboo was spaced to provide us some view to the inside of the grounds. We looked around for Natalie. We finally found her hanging in a shed by her wrists, barely balancing on her toes, naked while a thug felt her body with his hands as she cried. He was talking to her as he stroked her body occasionally raising his voice and pinching her, eliciting a sharp cry from the naked beauty. I had never seen Nancy in the nude before but she took my breath away as I looked an her trim form. She had mentioned to me that her legs embarrassed her because she thought that she was skinny. She never exposed her legs to my view for as long as I knew her. But she was wrong. Her long legs tapered perfectly from her slim hips and looked marvelous on her. I was temporally lost in my gaze of her trussed form. She was dirty, but she looked to be physically unhurt.

Her assailant continued to talk to Natalie in a low voice. When she shook her head negatively the thug pinched and asked her another question. when she said no he pinched her again. This treatment went on for almost an hour before the young woman finally acceded. The thug turned the hanging woman towards him and penetrated her with his large prick. It did not slide in to her and he bucked his rigid prick into her pussy inches at a time, while she loudly sobbed on each thrust.

Lisa was crying as she watched her sister as she was impaled on this monster's prick. She asked me to shoot him and I told her that Natalie would be killed as sure as I killed the bandit. I told her that we had to be subtle with our attack of the thugs to save all of the women that they were holding. Soon her attacker was steadily pounding Natalie's battered pussy as he plunged into her relentlessly. Natalie cried in dispair as another climax was forced from her over stimulated body.

The sun went down and the taking of the captured women was suspended for the evening. A few of them were cut down and led into the house to be used by the bandits for the evening. Natalie was left in her bonds with a paper stuffed into her pussy as the ground lights were turned off.

We looked across the yard and saw very few lights on in the compound and only a few shown from inside of the house.

We took this opportunity to cut through the fence and edged our way over to the shed where Natalie was kept. I had spotted two guards in the compound, one at the shed and the other walking the grounds. I could see a guard at the gate, and expected another on the other side of the house. We easily took out the guard at the shed and we awaited our chance to equalize the roving guard when he passed by. Three of us entered the shed and commenced to cutting down the naked women that were hanging by their wrists. In the back of the shed we found some women what were hanging by their necks, others that were inverted and hanging from their ankles Some were dead but there were others that were barely conscious. Others were forced into positions where they would slowly impale themselves on poles that were anchored to the ground. The women were dirty and needed care to help heal their wounds.

We relieved them of their torturous positions and lay them on the the floor to relax. I cut Natalie down and held her close to me like the found treasure that she was. She quietly sobbed on my shoulder as I gently stroked her nude body to relax her. Lisa held her naked sister as well, and the three of us shed many tears together.

The girls in the shed were all released and they were talking about making an escape. Lisa explained that we had to make a plan when some of the girls started protesting and raised their voices, alerting the bandits in the house. Six of them emerged from the house and headed towards the shed to quiet the captives in their own favorite way, increased torture.

We had no choice but to confront these thugs and waited for the first ones to enter the shed. The two rangers that we were with stood at the door and slit the throats of those entering. The third bandit that they encountered screamed, alerting the remainder of the group and they started firing their weapons into the shed. Several of the women were hit and they all started screaming and trying to escape the building. Some of them blindly running out of the front door and into the gunfire of the bandits standing there.

We all pulled our guns and started shooting the remaining bandits that were standing in front of the shed as the women all ran into the compound yard, crying and talking loudly to each other in Thai.

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