The Proposition

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2011 by Victor Echo

Romantic Sex Story: To the cute blond IT guy. I have a proposition for you. Meet me at Ontario Place and all will be revealed. The Blusher

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

The wind blew in off the lake, clean and crisp, a gentle breeze cutting through the coming heat of the day. I had forgotten that the summer could be anything other than a wet blanket of humid air wrapped stiflingly around your head. It was already hot and humid in Washington when I had left. There should be some sort of law against temperatures above 80 before breakfast. Landing two hours later in Toronto was like landing on a different planet, one where the temperature was not only considerably cooler, but where the humidity was simply non-existent. Standing at the railing, looking out over Lake Ontario, I was convinced that I was in a fantasy land, even if, over my shoulder, there was a giant ball that I knew as well as any Toronto native.

To the cute blond IT guy. I have a proposition for you. Meet me at Ontario Place and all will be revealed. The Blusher

It was a simple shout out, buried among the various other attempts to be cute, or express opinion in a society that, despite all of the various outlets for saying what you felt, many were continually denied the vary basic ability to speak your mind. I had actually missed it the first time though. It took several minutes and reading a couple of others before I realized it was directed at me. Initially I just sat back. You might say I was stunned. But I did smile. And then, turning to my computer, made some rapid arrangements.

Standing at the railing, looking out at the lake, I was home. Now to discover what her proposition was.


"Hello," I said.

"Hi!" You could hear the smile cross her face as she realized it was not a client or a salesman calling her. "Why are you calling me?"

"I can't just call you? Pick up the phone and ask how you are doing?"

"What is going on?"

I never could put anything past her. "You intimated that you had a proposition for me. Are you going to meet me?"

I could hear the confusion in the silence that followed before she responded.

"You're here? Now?!"

"Yup, Cinesphere in the background, looking out at the lake."

"Don't move, I am on my way."

I did not even get a chance to say goodbye. I put the phone back into its case and pointed my camera at the skyline. I knew it would take her about twenty minutes to get down from her office, so I sauntered around and tried out my new toy. I had shot film for so many years; this digital thing was new, at least with a real camera. I was not even comfortable holding it anymore.

There were a number of people out enjoying the day. It was sunny, not too hot and with the schools out for the summer, more kids than adults running around. I had spent many a summer day here myself, usually riding down from my home. Two hours downhill, lunch and then three hours back, mostly uphill all the way. It was a good workout back then. Today it would have killed me.

I saw her coming long before she saw me, but then there were only two approaches and I did have a telephoto lens. She hates it when I take her picture, which means I have so few of them, but at this distance, I could capture her image without her knowing, yet still know who it was in the shot. I took several as she got closer, and was rewarded with a smile when she finally saw me before her face went sour when she realized I was holding a camera.

"Hello love," I said as she walked up to me.

She did not bother with words, instead she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth with vigor as she molded the rest of her body against me, my hands automatically wrapping around her to hold her close, the camera forgotten off to one side as we renewed our acquaintance.

It felt wonderful to hold her again after so long an absence. Her dress was a simple affair, plain and understated for the office. And since I was not expected, I knew she had not dressed for me, which did not bother me at all as I moved my hands to squeeze her ass gently as she continued her assault on my mouth.

I brought one hand up to cup the side of her face, feeling her soft skin on the palm of my hand, brushing the loose curls away from her ear and trailing my fingers along the side of her neck, causing her to shiver and moan into my mouth before she broke the kiss.

"I've missed you," she sighed, curling her head away and putting it against my chest, holding me closer before looking back up at me.

"I have missed you too love. Think I can talk you into skipping the rest of the day?"

"How long can you stay?"

"I can't. I am back out tonight."

"Then we should not waste a moment," she said and pulled out her phone.

I love a woman who can make a decision.

I caught her free hand and we started to walk along the path, heading back towards the bridge to the mainland as she told her boss an emergency at home had come up and she would not be back to work. It was a short call that seemed to take forever. We crossed the bridge and walked along the Lakeshore as she dropped the phone back into her purse.

"So where are we going?" she asked.

"I think we need to have some lunch, and then we will see where we end up," I said with no solid plan in mind other than spending time with her.

She turned me towards her and kissed me again, hard, her hips pushing hard against my body, my erection being ground between us.

"I think I need to have you for lunch and I know where we will end up," she growled.

I chuckled and pushed back against her, capturing her mouth with mine and bending her backward slightly, thrusting against her. I am sure we were making some of the people around us uncomfortable and I did not care.

"Is that your proposition?" I teased before kissing her neck.

"Yessss," she hissed as I dragged a hand down her side, a thumb pressing into her breast as it went by.

"Then I accept," I said, grabbing one hand and waving for a cab that was coming by.

I gave the driver the name of the hotel I had checked into and pulled her close against me as he drove us away from the lake. She fought me for a second before giving in and letting me kiss her again, her hands as desperate to touch me as my hands were to touch her, but restrained a little from wrapping her breasts in my hands. That would come, though, and the anticipation alone was enough to keep me hard while we kissed.

The trip was short, and after paying the fare, we headed for the elevators. Neither one of us had been a teenager for decades but that did not seem to bother us in the least as we acted more like teenagers than adults at the moment. The doors to the elevator closed and she was back in my arms again, lips pressed tight and tongue fighting with mine as our hips tried to merge through our clothing. We were breathless when the floor chime forced us apart long enough to race down the hallway to my room. I struggled to get the key out of my wallet as she distracted me with hands floating over my body, flicking buttons open at random.

At last I had the key in the door and she was pulling me in as the door swung open and then pushing me back against the backside of the door. Gone was any withholding as she again invaded my mouth and her hands began to undo the buttons of my shirt with determination, her nails raking my skin, heightening the pleasure. It was very hard to focus as her hands slipped across my cock, still trapped in my pants as her mouth captured one of my nipples, her tongue flicking it as she squeezed me though the thin material between us, causing me to moan and my knees to weaken.

Her wicked chuckle told me she had no intention of stopping. And truth be told, I did not want her to.

Her hands were busy working at undoing my belt and opening my pants, slightly frustrated at how hard it was to do this with one hand. She growled, putting both hands to work at releasing my belt and the catches holding my pants together, shoving them down with my underwear in one motion and engulfing my cock in her mouth, her hands moving to squeeze and roll my balls, increasing the pleasure coursing through my body.

"I have missed this," I managed to croak out, my hands moving through her hair as she redoubled the suction on my swollen cock, increasing the pressure building in my balls with her hands.

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