My Friends Wife

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2011 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Sex Story: A man returns home after a short absense. He goes to visit his friend and meets his new wife. Over the course of several years he falls in love with the wife and when the friend asks him to help him turn her into a slut he decides to steal her from the friend and make her his own. Follow his Journey through the part of his life as he woos, steals and makes this woman his own.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Swinging   .

"Oh, come on. You know we can do it and I am getting so damn tired of the same ole stuff. Hell, I've been married three years and I am tired of the same pussy day after day. She won't try anything new, just missionary and occasionally cowgirl or doggy. I think I'm going to die if I can't get her to loosen up. You know you can do it. Hell you've done it to dozens of women before. Please, as a favor to me?"

I sighed and looked at Gene. He had been my best friend but right now I was soooo pissed at him. Before I had graduated college (he never went to school past high school) we were a wild team. We had been growing apart for the last several years but we were still friendly. We were neighbors and he helped me on my farm. Annie was the only one of his girlfriends we hadn't shared or double-teamed. I did keep a few of my girlfriends away from him-the ones I thought were 'good girls', that I thought might be wife material. Most of the time until I was in my junior year of college we dated for one reason and one reason only-to get laid.

As I sat listening to his proposal and his ranting about Ann I began to reminisce. I remembered nearly three years back when I first met Ann. I could still remember my shock at seeing her in the house blowing Gene. My first thought had been he must have gotten lucky and picked someone up the night before. God she was beautiful. I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. It had been nearly a week since I had gotten laid and I was hoping Gene would share his woman like we had in the past.

I had been away for the summer in the Army when he had met and married the love of his life Ann Bolin. I had entered the reserves when I was released from active duty and found that I could get several months a year active duty doing special projects. Since I was a self-employed farmer and had no family ties I took every tour I could get. I loved the excitement and the different posts as well as the world travel. Of course the women I managed to tap while I was away helped too. I will admit I was getting tired of living alone, tired of the one-night stands or the short intense love affairs. Normally I did not bed married women however-at least I didn't if I knew they were married.

In any event one time while I was gone on one of my longer tours Gene met, fell in love with and married Ann. I had never met her before and when I got home one of my first stops was at Gene's home. He and I were comfortable enough friends that we never knocked on each other's door when we visited. We just opened the door and walked in. Everything one of us had the other could use and up until he married (with the few exceptions I mentioned earlier) that included women. Share and share alike.

Anyway, the morning after I got home from my latest tour I did my morning chores, checked on my cattle and fields to be sure Gene and my hired help had everything up to snuff then I started for his house. Like normal I just opened the door and walked in. I stopped in the kitchen and stared around me. I didn't recognize this house! It was neater than I had ever seen it even when his parents were living there. There were frilly looking female type decorations everywhere I could see.

It was early but I opened the fridge and got out two beers. I opened one and began slugging it down as I walked into the family room looking for Gene. I knew he was home because his truck was there and none of the tractors were missing. As I walked through the door I yelled, "Hey Buddy. Ya here?"

What I heard was a very feminine yelp. A nice-hell no, a vision of loveliness had raised her head from his lap where she had been enthusiastically nibbling and sucking on his deep red cock. Somewhere she had lost her skirt and panties and her button front blouse was totally undone letting her braless tits flop free.

Ann as I later learned was her name pulled her top closed and asked in an angry tone of voice, "Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to just walk into our house without an invitation?"

Gene groaned when Ann stopped sucking his cock then got a large shit-eating grin on his face when he saw me. "Damn George ya finally got back didja? God buddy I sure have missed ya." He was smiling as he held his hand out for the first of many beers we would drink that day.

He saw me watching Ann as she grabbed her skirt and ran from the room toward the bedroom. Just before she disappeared from sight he said, "Hey Annie. This is my best Bud I've been telling ya about. This is George Kirk. George that vision of loveliness strutting past ya is my new wife Ann. We've been married a whole two weeks. Ain't she the prettiest lil thang?"

I watched as a very embarrassed, very red Ann rushed past me and down the hallway to get dressed. I moved to a chair across from Gene and we sat talking. He never bothered to dress and when Ann finally walked back into the room she began to chastise him about his nudity. "Damn it Gene what are you sitting there like that for?" She rushed to him and tried to pull his pants up. He smiled and pushed her away, pushing his pants all the way off him and pulling her into his lap.

Ann fought him but naturally he was too strong for her. He pulled her down and began kissing her as he ran his hand under her skirt. I could tell when he pushed it up that she had not put any panties on. Soon he had her top mostly unbuttoned and I could see those wonderful tits once again. She was getting angry with him for showing her off to me and finally she managed to get away from him and move back into the bedroom once more. Gene was rock hard. He grinned at me and as he walked past me for the bedroom he said, "Get yourself another beer if ya want. I need to get back there and take care of some things. I'll be back in a few."

I did as he suggested and got another beer. From where I sat I could hear a short argument coming from the master bedroom. "Gene, NO! You've got company. Now stop it. We can't do it now. Ohhhhh. Aiiiiieeeee. OH GOD."

From the Den all I could hear for a few minutes was the slap, slap, slap of bellies slamming together along with the squeak of his bedsprings and the slamming of the headboard against the wall. Finally I heard Gene yell "UNHHHHH", his trademark sound when he would cum. Along with his UNHHHHH I heard a high-pitched keening then more rapid slaps and a very feminine squeal and several Unhhh's in a row. I heard Ann giggle and several kissing sounds. Shortly afterward Gene wandered down the hallway wearing only some loose cutoff shorts. He had a huge satisfied grin on his face as he returned to the room and asked, "Well, ya wanna grab a couple more beer and sit out in tha yard?"

I said, "Sure" and we were off. As we were drinking I got the low down on his whirlwind romance and marriage. Several times during the morning he would yell out for Ann to bring us more beer. The first time she came outside she was still dressed in her short skirt and the top she had when I entered the house. She had tied the shirttails under her breasts and looked soooo hot! She was blushing when she came out and couldn't look me in the face.

It was the end of the summer before Ann and I became comfortable enough with each other to visit. We slowly became friends but I never again just walked into their home without an invitation. I would always knock on the door and yell out before I was allowed to enter. Gene always told me to just come in like I used to do but I refused. One time after he had berated me once again because I had stopped just walking in I was in the kitchen getting another beer when Ann came up to me. She put her hand on my hip and leaned to me and gave me a gentle kiss. I was shocked to say the least as this was the first time she had ever done that. I looked down at her face and saw the tears brimming in the corner of her eyes. She looked up at me and said, "Thanks George. I think Gene wants you and his other friends to see me naked. I think he would be very happy for you to catch us screwing or me sucking him like you did that day you came home and we were newly married. I appreciate your concern for me."

As the years went by Gene and I grew farther apart. I was getting angry at the way he was treating Ann. She was little better than a gofer for him. I watched and he never hit her but I think he was verging on the edge of mental cruelty. He always ordered her around and acted as if her desires and needs were of no consequence. Several times I would try to run interference when I was visiting and I could tell it made him angry.

I sighed and let my mind return to the present. Gene had not managed to keep the farm successful after his parents died. He had always needed to be told what to do and he needed someone to watch his finances. He had been running the family farm now for almost five years since his parents had died in an auto accident. He finally admitted he couldn't continue. He was so far in debt he was verging on losing the farm. I had agreed to buy him out for what he owed and $100000.00 in cash. I was getting the farm for about two thirds what it was worth and felt good about the deal.

I was here this day to make good on the rest of my deal with Gene. As part of the sale agreement I had agreed to help him and Ann move from the farm to a town about 50 miles away. He had taken a job working in a feed mill and grain elevator. If he kept his nose clean-something I had my doubts about-he would make a little more than he had been clearing (HA-he was going farther into debt because of mismanagement) on his farm. I suppose I should say he would make a little more than his net sales from the farm.

I felt sorry for Ann. She was a trouper and I think if Gene had listened to her they might have made it on the farm and even had a good life. She was now a totally different woman from the one I first met three years ago. She seemed beaten, listless.

In any event, what Gene was trying to talk me into was to help him make a slut out of Ann. He knew I had been the one with the knack of getting most of our other women to share when we had been younger. I kept telling him not only had I grown out of that phase of my life but also I didn't think it was right to do that to Ann. I even told him I had too many feelings for her but he was insistent. He said, "Hell George. I know ya like her but so what. Ya liked a lotta tha other wimmen too and we turned them into our fuck sluts. What's tha difference this time?"

"Gene," I said. "We're talking about your wife here. The others were just some bimbos we picked up to fuck and have fun with. It's different. They got what they wanted just like we did. They were up for it almost without us having to ask. Ann is different."

Finally he played his trump card. "Well," he said. "If you don't want to do it I'll have some of the guys I'm going to work with in town help. I just thought you might want to help and do it either for old times sake or just because ya wanna fuck er. Hell I know ya wanna nail tha bitch. I've watched ya for tha last three years. It's getting to where ya caint keep yer hands offa her. Now whatcha say?"

I felt my guts clench when he said he would have someone else help him if I didn't. I was afraid he would hurt Ann and I didn't want to do that so I finally gave in. "OK," I said. "I'll do it but there's conditions attached. When we get her she becomes MY SLUT. You can use her some and she is your wife so when we're not together you can do her but if I ever hear of you mistreating her or letting anyone else do her or touch her I'll tear your balls and dick off and feed them to you. If we succeed in turning her and I want her to spend a night, a day, a weekend or even longer with me she does it and you have no say in the matter. Do you understand me?"

Gene smiled and held his hand out. "Shake," he said. We shook and sealed the deal but then I had a brainstorm.

I said, "Shaking's fine but before this goes too far I want it in writing. I don't want us to be hanging out on this. I want the $100000.00 cash I am going to pay you to be put up against your failure to follow through. That means if you renege on the deal you forfeit the money and I get it back. We will treat it as a loan until the end of the year. I will have to countersign large withdrawals and you can only draw $300.00 a week unless I authorize more."

Gene looked sick at that and I thought I had read him right. He had planned on me helping turn Ann then he was either going to use her as a bargaining chip or whore her out. I know he had done that with some of the women he had dated before. After we had turned them into our sluts he would have them fuck some of his other friends for favors or merchandise. That was why I quit doing things like that with him before I got out of college. That was also why our friendship had began to die even before this thing with Ann came up.

Well, anyway Gene and I went into the house and I placed my arm around Ann's waist and pulled her next to my side. I turned and looked down into her eyes. I felt myself falling into them and my heart lurched once more. I just said, "Well, I've got to go back and make sure things are ready for tomorrow. We have a long day ahead of us and will have to get an early start. Are you near enough done packing that we can begin loading early?"

Ann smiled and gave me a little nod yes then she said, "Yeah. I have everything in the rest of the house packed in boxes and labeled. All I have to do is the kitchen and we will be done except for the things I have to leave out to use." She smiled up at me, rose to her tiptoes and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. "See ya in the morning."

I let my hand drag across her back and hips as I turned to leave. I thought I heard a small gasp as I did so but I wasn't sure. The game was afoot and tomorrow I would begin my seduction. A seduction I felt so badly about. I felt too much for Ann to want to treat her like this yet I ... OH, hell, admit it, I LOVED HER so much I just had to have her if I could.

When I got home I wrote up the loan agreement for the $100000.00. I placed an ambiguously worded statement in the agreement to the fact that the loan would be forfeited if Ann and Gene did not perform any agreed upon services for me over the course of the year beginning the next day. In the event their services to me were completed in accordance with the agreement as executed below the entire $100000 would be considered as payment for those services and the loan would be forgiven. I then wrote out the following on the bottom of a legal sized piece of paper: 'I, Gene Simmons agree that my wife Ann Bolin Simmons will become George Kirks personal servant, catering to all his needs and desires at his convenience for the year beginning August 4 2009 and ending August 3 2010. This includes any type of personal service that a wife might perform to include, but not be limited to cleaning, cooking, washing and other domestic and farm duties. She is subject to his call 24/7 for the above mentioned year.'

The next morning before I began helping load out my farm trailer and truck I made sure Gene and Ann signed the papers. Ann was a little skeptical about signing something with such an ambiguous statement of services required but she finally agreed to do so when we convinced her it was worded that way because we didn't have anything specific in mind at the time. I told her I knew I would want her to clean my house two or three times a week, do laundry and help around the yard, garden and maybe some in the fields but I just didn't know what, exactly, I would need help with. Since Gene now had a full time job much of the help I needed would have to be done by her with him coming down evenings and weekends from time to time. That was the way we would make the hours somewhat come up to the $100000 I was to write off on the loan. I told her we were trying to make the loan look like wages for tax purposes. She looked worried but finally signed.

Well, now we began working in earnest. I saw Ann blush several times when she would be helping and her top would gape opened or her short skirt would ride up and I could see she had no panties on. Finally I began my move. I made it obvious I was looking for Gene then when I didn't see him I grinned and walked up to Ann. She had just sat a box down inside the enclosed trailer when I walked up to face her.

I put my hands on each of her hips and said, "Damn woman you look good enough to eat. Did you wear that for me? Are you trying to get me in bed or something?" As I was saying that I ran my hands up her sides and under her top. I just followed her sides and stopped with my hands on the outside of her breasts. Ann blushed and bit her lower lip. She pulled her elbows tightly against my fore arms to hold them.

Ann looked me in the eyes and said, "Gene made me dress like this. I told him it wasn't any way to dress for this type of work but he got so angry with me I just gave in. So what is this? Is this some of the service I have to provide for his damn $100000?" I could see the hint of tears in the corner of her eyes.

I bent and gave her a small gentle kiss then pulled my hands back from under her top. "No Annie it isn't. I'm sorry if you got that impression. I just couldn't help myself. For the last three years I have been getting improper feelings for you and I guess I just ... OH, Hell, I'm sorry."

I turned and walked rapidly out of the trailer and back into the house. I could hear Ann make a little crying sound but I steeled myself and didn't look back. I thought 'All's fair in love and war' and this had just became both to me. I knew I loved Ann and I was going to war with Gene, he just didn't realize it yet. He had let the enemy through the gate into his compound.

For the rest of the day Ann and I kept looking at each other and I made every effort to touch her. Several times I gave her a gentle kiss and I complimented her on her work. If she did something to help me I said thank you. I never once saw Gene do any of those things. I did notice him watching us and his cock was hard almost every time I looked at his crotch. I knew he was anticipating our time with Ann. I was having trouble psyching myself up to take her, to share her with her husband. I didn't want to do that. I wanted her all for myself!

We loaded out the trucks and my large trailer in what I call a combat load. We used the old "Last in, First out" load out. When we got to Gene and Ann's new home I was shocked and disgusted. It was not much more than a shack. Well, not really but it was a small two bedroom house in an older part of town. The houses around it and it were in low average repair and the yards were poorly maintained. Ann saw me looking at it and turned to me. I could once more see tears in the corner of her eyes. She said, "It's not much is it?"

Ann heaved a deep sigh and muttered, "For better or for worse, in sickness and in health" then bent to begin carrying a box into the house. I was thankful they had already cleaned the house so all we had to do was carry in the items we moved and place them where they belonged.

We worked until nearly 8 p.m. before everything was inside. We were not going to put anything away this evening. We just placed the furniture and made up the beds so we could quit and relax. I unhooked my trailer and ran down town for some burgers and fries to bring back.

When I got there Ann was in the kitchen putting away dishes and Gene, the asshole, was sitting on his ass in the living room watching TV drinking beer. I saw two empty bottles on the floor by his chair. He grinned at me and said, "Annie's in the kitchen. Why don't ya leave a couple of those burgers here and go on out to get you a beer. We can eat in here while she works in the kitchen." He grabbed the sack and took his food then handed it back to me. I just glared at him and walked into the kitchen.

When I got there Ann's shoulders were shaking with silent tears. I sat the bag of food on the table and walked to her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her gently to my chest. I kissed the top of her head as she silently cried into my shirt. I waited until she regained control then placed my fingers under her chin. I gently raised her head until she was looking at my face. I moved my hands down to her waist, fingers resting on the top swell of her fine ass as I began giving her a gentle kiss. I touched her lips with the tip of my tongue and felt her shiver. She gave out a gentle moan and pressed her body against mine.

I heard a noise and looked over at the door into the living room. Gene was standing there with a noticeable hard on. He was grinning and giving me the thumbs up signal. I used one of my hands to make a 'get out of here' motion. He started to move farther into the kitchen. I pulled my head back from Ann and shook it 'NO' then said, "We better get out of here before anything bad happens." As I said that I stepped back from Ann but prevented her from turning toward the doorway Gene was in.

Gene gave me an angry look and turned, walking quietly back into the living room.

Ann seemed to take an involuntary step toward me. Her arms reached out for me then she got a scared look on her face and stepped back also. She whispered, "Thank you Hon, Uh George." She turned to the sack of food and took her order out. She placed it on the table and unwrapped it. She took a big bite of the burger then turned to begin unpacking again.

I grabbed Ann and pulled her back against me once more. "Ann that'll wait until tomorrow. You're tired and hungry. Now come on and let's go into the other room and eat and relax for the rest of the evening."

She looked up at me then at all the boxes she had to unpack. I watched her shoulders slump then she sighed and said, "OK." Ann picked up her food, opened the refrigerator and took three beers out. She handed me one and took hers and another for Gene into the living room. I followed her admiring that nice trim ass all the way.

I was lucky, or perhaps Gene planned it that way. I don't know. In any event the only place to sit was a love seat in front of the coffee table so Ann and I sat side by side while we ate and relaxed. After her meal she sighed and leaned back. In a few minutes she was leaning against me and I had my arm around her. From time to time I would nuzzle her hair and give her a gentle kiss. Every time I looked at Gene he would be smiling and give me the high sign. His cock was still hard. Of course I had to admit mine was too.

Finally about 930 pm Ann yawned and said, "I'm beat. I think I'll go in and take my shower then you men can get yours out of the way." This was an old house. A section that included the closets and the bathroom separated the two bedrooms. The bathroom had a door into each of the bedrooms and into the living room.

After we heard the toilet flush Gene grinned at me and made a gesture for me to go into the bathroom. I frowned then he grabbed his crotch and winked. I finally decided to go for it. I walked into the room and up to the toilet. I saw Ann with her back to the toilet, her hair soapy as she washed it. I could see the side of her beautiful breast shake and wobble as she vigorously massaged her scalp. When she heard the door close and me start to piss she brought her elbows down to cover her breasts and turned to see who was there.

She gasped and said, "George what are you doing? Couldn't you wait until I was done for god's sake?"

I turned to look into the shower at her and said, "No Annie. I'm afraid I couldn't wait. I had to piss and I just had to see you again. Your husband is passed out on the chair and we have time to talk."

As I was saying that I undressed and walked into the shower with her. I reached out and pulled her tightly to me then bent to give her a kiss. I felt her resistance. She moved her arms between us and tried to push me away. I resisted and kissed her again. She moaned and pressed her naked body against me, wrapping her arms around me to pull me tighter to her. I don't know how long we kissed but the water was beginning to cool so we rapidly soaped each other, rinsed off and stepped from the shower.

We dried each other then I took both towels and threw them on the floor. I pushed Ann back against the sink and stepped between her legs. I once again kissed her then ran my hands down her sides, over her hips and grabbed the outside of her thighs. I gently lifted and pushed until she was sitting on the edge of the sink. I pulled her to the very edge and stepped closer to her until our privates were rubbing against each other. She moaned as her clean shaven cunt wrapped itself around my hard cock. I was nestled in her cunt like a wiener in a hot dog bun. Whenever I moved I would rub against her clit.

I felt her lubricate more as I continued to run my cock up her cleft. I continued kissing her and gently rolling her nipples between my index finger and thumbs. All at once I heard her moan loudly and she grabbed me, pulling me tightly against her. Her mouth smashed against mine muffling her moans as her tongue invaded my mouth. Her hips thrashed against me rubbing her cunt lips and clit up and down my cock.

Shortly she relaxed and slumped down somewhat. She looked so soft, so relaxed. I looked into her eyes then reached down to grab my cock. I ran into her hand as she beat me to it. She took hold of my love stick and gently pushed the head down until it nestled between her well-lubricated cunt lips. I could feel it socket into the entrance to her love tunnel. She smiled at me and I felt her ankles hook behind my thighs. She was looking me in the eyes when she tightened her leg muscles and pulled me into her cunt.

I heard another moan then Ann leaned to me for another kiss. When she broke the kiss she asked, "Well, is this what I was supposed to do? Am I earning part of our $100000 now?" Ann began to thrust against me and I began to thrust against her. I put my hands on the cheeks of her gorgeous ass and pulled her to me. I held on as our thrusts became more rapid, harder until we were slamming against one another. Her moans were coming with each time I was fully embedded in her gushing cunt. I could hear the slap, slap, slap of our loving.

Finally with a groan I felt my balls pull up against the base of my cock and I emptied myself into Ann. My orgasm seemed to set off another one for her. She screamed and clamped her legs pulling me tightly against her crotch. I could feel the flutter, the tightening and relaxing of her cunt muscles as she, too, reached her final peak.

I heard a sound and looked into the mirror. Gene was standing in the crack of the door beating off while he watched us fuck-NO, while we made love. I bent to kiss Ann and the next time I looked up Gene was gone.

I tilted Ann's chin up to me once more and answered her question. "No Annie. This is NOT how you earn that money. I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself. You are so beautiful, so sexy and have such a wonderful personality I just had to love you even if it is only this one time, even if it is wrong."

I felt like a total asshole when I said that but I realized it was the truth. I wasn't doing this for Gene. I was doing it for me because I loved this woman. I was now firm in the decision I had made three days before when Gene first talked to me about turning Ann into our slut. I was going to take her from him and try to make her my woman, my wife. I had never met anyone like her before and I was sure she was the woman I wanted to grow old with and have a family with.

Ann looked at me with a slightly disgusted look on her face. She said, "George I know what Gene is trying to do. He has tried to get me to fuck several of his friends and I refused. You are my last chance. I heard him talking to some of the men he is working with at the feed mill. He was telling them that I was a good fuck and that if they played their cards right he might let them have me. I figure he made the same deal with you. Well, I do like you although I can't say I respect you much any more since you took him up on his deal. At least I know you won't physically hurt me and will be gentle with me. I'm pretty sure those animals at the feed mill will be much rougher than you will. I'm going to get my share of the $100000 and I'm going to divorce that looser. I would have been gone by now but I need something to make a start and if I have to whore myself out to get a stake at least I want it to be with you."

Ann was crying once again as she talked. I gave her another gentle kiss and said, "Ann, you're right. He did want me to help him turn you into a slut for his friends. When we were in high school and when I was in college we used to share a lot of women. I never shared anyone I cared for but if we were just out for fun and I didn't think I was serious about them I would let them fuck Gene if he could talk them into it. Many times I dated skanks because all I wanted was pussy so they were easy pickings. I did have several girl friends that I didn't share with Gene but I don't think he knows that. Before you do anything will you promise me you will come to my place early next week for us to talk? It will be OK because Gene expects it. You have to live up to the bargain to work off the money don't you?"

Ann sighed and whimpered, "Yeah, I guess I do. He finally did it didn't he. He turned me into a whore."

Ann looked so dejected, so vulnerable standing there. I wanted to cry for her. Instead, I said, "Why don't we play this like Gene wants it? I'm sorry, but for a time or two let's give him what he thinks he wants. Go back out to him and let him think he has won, that we have turned you into that slut he wants. I think I have a plan if you can just hang in there for a while."

Ann wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "Ok, I guess I have to trust you for a while. You know what's sad? I trust you more than I trust that Bastard I'm married to." She turned and walked into her bedroom. She put on one of Gene's shirts, buttoned two buttons and walked into the living room. I heard her wake Gene up (as if he had been asleep) then I followed her into the room.

Gene was sitting looking at Ann and smiling. I looked at her and she looked embarrassed, sad, a little angry but very relaxed. She looked like a woman who had been well fucked and I felt sad and pleased with myself as well as a little disgusted at what I had done. Yes I was going after the woman I wanted but I was not sure this was the proper way to do it. I knew it was not the ethical way to win her away from Gene. I had, perhaps, lied to myself when I convinced myself that I had to do it this way to protect Ann from Gene and the men he had threatened to have take her if I hadn't agreed. If I had thought for a minute I could win her hand if I told her what he had planned I would have gone that route, taken the high ground. Now I was not sure I was any better than he was but I had to play the hand I had dealt myself now.

I walked up beside Ann and rested my hand on her shoulder. As I bent forward to kiss her I let it run down inside her shirt to cup her breast. She moaned and gave me tongue as we kissed. When I rose I sat on the love seat beside her. I turned to face her and Gene. I placed my hand on her thigh. As I ran it upward toward her crotch she pulled her leg up onto the seat and rested it against the back as she leaned on the arm. Her glistening cunt was on display to me. I watched as a glob of my sperm drained out of her and ran down her leg onto the seat.

Ann smiled and winked at me then turned her head over her shoulder toward Gene. "Honey we've had our shower. Don't you need to clean up so we can get to bed?" She gasped and turned her head back to face me when I began rubbing her clit once more. Her hips were making gentle thrusting motions to help me in my endeavors.

Gene was out of his chair in a flash. He walked toward us and stood watching for a moment. I could see his cock rising once more in his pants. He reached out and rolled one of her nipples while he stared at my sperm draining from her pussy. He bent to kiss her. I never stopped playing with her clit. I heard her moaning into his mouth as their kiss continued. I felt a flash of jealousy and forced it down. It WAS his wife after all. I was the one taking inappropriate liberties but damn it...

After Gene got into the bathroom Ann climbed over me and opened up my robe. She straddled me and inserted my cock into her glistening cunt once more. She leaned into me and began kissing me while she worked her hips, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone as she pleasured herself.

Ann stopped moving and leaned back to look into my eyes. She said, "George I don't know why but I trust you. I trust you to get me, to get us out of this mess you and Gene have gotten me into. I won't lie. It hurts, it hurts a lot but I have liked you a lot. You aren't like all the rest of his friends. They're almost like animals. I feel like I'm a piece of meat they are trying to decide how to devour. With you I have always felt safe, secure, even loved in a way until you got involved in this, this whatever it is."

All the time she was talking she was gently moving, thrusting, building the need and desire within each of us. We heard the shower cut off and she started to dismount. I held her hips gently but tightly enough to let her know not to. She looked me in the eyes and I shook my head no. "We have to do it Honey," I said.

Ann bit her lower lip and nodded her head yes then she picked up the pace. Just as Gene walked up beside us grinning like a jackal she came once more. She moaned and collapsed against me, slamming her lips onto mine. We got lost in the deep sensuous kiss. This time her orgasm, her clasping cunt triggered mine and I slammed my hips up thrusting as deeply into her as I could.

When we were completely finished and relaxed we looked up at Gene. He was grinning bigger than I have ever seen him grin before. He had his thin, average sized penis in his hand and was slowly wanking it as he watched. He reached for Ann's hand and said, "Come on Bitch. Let's take this to bed where I can pound your slutty ass."

I saw the tears glisten once again as Ann let Gene pull her from me and lead her toward their bedroom. I watched as more of my seed drained from her deep red cunt and flowed down her beautiful thigh. I felt like such a big pile of shit.

I sat there nursing a final beer and listened to that asshole that had once been my friend fuck his wife, the only woman I had ever wanted enough to ask to be my wife. I wanted to beat the crap out of him but I couldn't if I had any chance of winning the woman.

After Gene had finished I walked into the bedroom. He looked up at me and said, "What do you want now?"

I held my hand out and held Ann's hand as she trustingly placed it into mine. I pressed my fingers closed then relaxed them as I said to Gene, "I heard you finish now I'm taking my slut to bed."

Gene started to rise from the bed and I just glared at him. I pulled on Ann's arm and she came from the bed to stand beside me in all her naked glory. She looked down at Gene and said, "Honey isn't this what you wanted me to do? You've been asking me to fuck your friends now for over a year."

Gene looked at her then back to me. I shook my head 'no' and pulled Ann next to me so I could wrap my arm around her waist. I gently guided her from the room and into the guest bedroom I was to use.

Ann looked at me and turned the covers back. She crawled onto the bed lay on her back and spread her legs. She drew her legs up and looked at me. I felt like shit again. I shook my head 'no' and crawled into bed beside her. I lay next to her and pulled her tightly against me. I gave her a gentle kiss and said, "No Honey. I want you so badly I hurt but I just can't. I feel like shit for what I've done to you already today and ... I just want to hold you and sleep. I want to pretend you want to be with me and we belong together."

Ann let her legs back down on the bed and pulled the covers over us. I felt her crying once more. She turned to me and grabbed me in a tight hug. We drifted off to sleep not waking until the sun was well up the next morning. Gene woke us slamming things around in the kitchen as he made coffee.

I leaned forward and gave Ann a soul-searing kiss then said, "Well Sweetheart I suppose we had better get this day started. If you're willing I want to take you home with me tonight so you can begin performing those services you promised to perform for me."

I felt Ann stiffen when I said that but all she said was, "I don't suppose I have much choice do I?" She looked so sad when she walked into the bathroom.

We worked as fast as we could and had most of the household items put away by three thirty that afternoon. We were sitting drinking a beer and resting when I turned to Ann. I said, "Well I guess it's time for me to get back home. Why don't you run into the bedroom and get enough clothes to last the week? We'll get on the road as soon as we can. There is a lot of work to do at my place. I have to start repairing a lot of the fences and buildings on your old place so we'd better get hopping.

Ann looked at me a little sadly I thought and rose to do my bidding. When she left Gene looked at me with an angry expression. "Hey Buddy," he said. "I guess we'd better check the trucks and trailers for anything we missed if you're going to leave this early."

As soon as we were outside and away from the house he turned to me. Gene walked up to my face and said, "What the hell's the idea asshole? I thought we were going to fuck the slut and have some fun. Now you're just taking her back to your place just like that! This isn't part of the deal and"

I stepped up to Gene and grabbed a handful of his shirt. I slammed him back against the side of my trailer and snarled, "Yes Asshole this IS part of the deal. I have your signed agreement at home and a copy in the glove box. You agreed if I could do it that Ann would be MY slut and I could have unlimited access to her. If I remember how it was worded you agreed to have her subject to my call 24/7. Well, I'm taking you up on that deal. We turned her into a slut last night and now I'm taking MY slut back to my farm to play with. I'll let you know when your turn comes. OK Asshole?"

Gene looked at me and I could see the fear in his eyes. He sagged against my hand and I heard him say, "Yeah, Ok. That's what we agreed to."

When I released him I looked up and saw Ann standing about ten feet away. I had been so focused on Gene I hadn't heard her come up. Her face was white and she was shaking. I pushed Gene away from me and said, "Well, come on Honey. We need to get on the road." I opened the passenger door and waited until Ann entered the truck. I closed the door and walked around the vehicle. When we drove off Gene was still standing watching. I could hear his cursing before I closed my door.

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