Incest in World War Two

by guesswho

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Erotica Sex Story: Young man finds his grandmother's diary learns a few family secrets.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Pregnancy   .

My grandfather died and since I lived in town my mother asked me to go through his things and sort them as to what we were going to give away sell and keep. Since she offered me her father's house as well I went along.

The first day I boxed up his cloths and put them and some old furniture out to the curb to be picked up. I went through the garage and sorted his tools and tossed all the garbage and some moldy books in the trash. I climbed up in the attic and I found some old trunks that had belonged to my grandmother. I started to sort through them when I came across some diaries. I took them downstairs and began to read them and it changed my understanding of my family.

Spring 1942:

May 5th

Albert will be going into the army soon. He will be eighteen at the end of the summer and I have decided that I want to talk to him about us. I think it would be good for both of us. I only hope he will go along with it.

May 7th

I told him last night and his response was everything I had hoped it would be. He said yes and we made love all night. I will remember the feeling of his penis entering me forever just as I previously remembered giving birth to him eighteen years ago.

That passage sent a jolt to my penis. My grandmother was really my great grandmother and my grandfather was mom's dad and brother. To weird too hot, I skipped forward to see if there were more.

Summer 1942:

June 10th

I told Albert that I was pregnant last night and he showed me the ring he bought me. We said Vows and made love we are together forever now. I really want him to give me a big family. I am only thirty-six so there is hope.

June 29th

Sex was good last night Albert will be eighteen in five days and by the end of August he will be gone. I love him more then I loved his father. I hope he comes home to me.

September 5th

May Belle Reins was over today. Her son Daniel left for camp the week after Albert she misses him as much as I miss my Albert. May as I like to call her came for coffee as she does every couple weeks. We talk and gossip but this morning she had something really interesting to tell me.

The minute she arrived I knew she had news you can always tell when she has something she wants to share she fidgets. Well what is it I asked as I poured the coffee and she spilled. I'm pregnant. Really I commented whose the lucky pop. My son she answered. We were intimate all summer and he got me. I know it is crazy but I had to tell someone and you have a son you must know what a temptation that is besides he says he loves me and wants us to live as man and wife when he gets back.

I smiled and told her it was fine and if she would keep my secret I would keep hers. What secret she asked. I am pregnant to and for the same reason. With Albert, With Albert I confirmed. Aren't we a pair screwing our sons? But oh so hot and so good yes it was and we can't let anyone find out. That's the truth but thanks for sharing now I do not feel so alone May belle said and neither do I.

October 21st

Well what started out as two became ten as both May Belle and I found women in the community that had done as we had done. Most of them were pregnant and others would be once their sons came home again or they went to their sons. Agnes was waiting for her son Jeb to get leave so they could procreate before he went over seas. Martha was going down to Biloxi to get bred all the rest were already carrying the fruit of their naughty unions and were happy about it.

Mary Beth was the greatest surprise in our group as she was a member of a devout religious sect in town and incest is a no-no in the bible. But there she was almost four months along with her son's child and content with it. She told me that they said vows before she lay with him to her he was a husband not a son but being her son made things so much better. We just kind of went all the way one evening and then he asked me to marry him and I didn't see any reason not to. I loved her logic. Incest is really all about loving someone more then you are supposed to.

After reading the first of the diaries I just had to try something. I got in my car and drove the fifty miles to my mother's place. I arrived around dinnertime so even though she was surprised to see me she asked me to stay for super.

After dinner she served ice cream and she asked me why I had come. I went out to the car and brought in the first of Grandma's diaries and handed it to mom. Have you ever read this I asked? No, I don't think I have ever seen that book before. You should I told her. Right now. Why not? Okay she agreed and I sat back to eat my ice cream.

After a little bit she came to the part about her father having been her brother. Wow she said that is weird but now that I know I mean I think I always new something was different about them. But this I would have never guessed. It is a kick I told her and Kind of sexy don't you think. Well she said I don't know about that. Come on mom they violated the oldest taboo and you are a product of it. Yes but that is not my fault. No it isn't but don't you think there is something remotely erotic about it. Then it dawned on her where I was going. Wait you want us to do this don't you. Well I have always had a thing for you and I thought if you saw how your mother lived. I am your mother young man and I don't think that is ever going to change. That is what makes it hot because it is so naughty. Just think about it that is all I ask because to tell you the truth, I have never met a woman that I would want to say vows with except you. I finished what I had to say and thanking her for dinner I drove back to Grandpa's. I never expected anything to come of it but then on Friday she pulled into the driveway. When she got out of her car I could see that this was going to be serious. She was dressed in a low cut evening gown that was split up one side revealing a well-formed leg without a hint of cellulite. She had her hair done and she was wearing her war paint. I met her at the door Hi mom. Hi sweetie she said giving me a hug. Lets go inside she insisted.

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