by Trace Ekies

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Erotica Sex Story: [7th in the 'Kara' series] Turbulence provides Kara with an excuse for sexual adventures at 33,000 feet. During the flight's periods of calm, she recalls a sexy experience with her boyfriend and the manager of a swimsuit store.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   .

Kara got to the airport late. By the time she cleared security and got to the gate there were only middle seats left. She didn't mind however; it was a short flight. At least she didn't have to drive; that would take over nine hours.

Final boarding was announced as her seat assignment was being printed. Apparently she was the only passenger for that flight not already on the plane. She walked quickly down the jetway and onto the aircraft. The gate agent closed the door behind her.

With most of the passengers seated, Kara's trek down the aisle took her through a sea of mostly male eyes whose featured view was from her knees to her neck. Since she was taller than average, her high heels and mid-thigh skirt made quite a spectacle.

Kara was slim and nicely proportioned so no matter what she wore she was attractive. At work she had to dress conservatively and disguise her love of male attention but this weekend she was going to be on a sailboat at the island and had dressed more provocatively.

In addition to bare legs and short skirt she left the top three buttons on her blouse undone and didn't wear a bra. She thoroughly enjoyed the elevator looks she was getting. The short skirt and barely hidden nipples were real attention grabbers and Kara loved attention.

Near the back of the plane she found her assigned seat. It was between two men, both nice looking, seemingly business types, about ten years older than Kara, probably mid thirties. Kara's mind conjured the possibilities. She guessed the flight would be just long enough for her to have some fun without getting into trouble.

Kara deliberately let her skirt ride up as she stretched to put her carry-on in the overhead compartment. She went up on her tip-toes and reached to the back of the bin, pretending to adjust the articles there. She held the pose as long as she thought she could without appearing too obvious. The bottom of Kara's skirt was high enough to afford those nearby, including her future seat-mates, a tantalizing look at her panties.

Her silk covered sex was only inches from the face of the man on the aisle, the one she would be sitting next to, and she knew he could smell her arousal. Kara closed the compartment door and tugged her skirt down. Her seat-mates were giving her a very thorough once-over. When the one on the aisle finally looked up at her face Kara said, "I believe that seat is mine."

"Uh ... Oh sure, please sit down," he stammered.

Kara squeezed past him and took the middle seat. As she sat down she once again let her skirt slide up her bare thighs. She pretended to push it down but made sure that most of her thighs were left deliciously exposed and her blue silk panties barely covered.

Kara took a magazine from the pocket in front of her and feigned interest in it as she waited for the plane to depart. The flight attendants checked the cabin and made their announcements as the aircraft taxied to the runway.

After takeoff the Captain spoke to them and apologized for the fact that it would be a bumpy flight. He asked the passengers and flight attendants to remain seated and keep their seat belts fastened for the duration of the flight.

Kara realized that a bumpy flight would give her an opportunity to disguise some intimate touching. Kara pretended that the Captain's announcement made her afraid. She noticed happily that her seat-mates exhibited a nonchalant attitude. Kara put the magazine away and closed her eyes, trying to give the appearance that remaining calm was going to require some effort.

The flight was relatively smooth for some time but then there was a strong jolt and Kara quickly seized on the opportunity to reach out on either side of her and grab the men's legs. She pretended to be scared and kept her eyes tightly shut, acting as if holding on and keeping her eyes closed would protect her.

As the turbulence subsided, Kara opened her eyes and looked at what she had done. She had both hands clamped firmly onto the men's legs. She looked first at one, then the other and decided they didn't mind. She turned to the man on her left, the one next to the aisle, and said, "I'm sorry for grabbing you. I was really scared."

"Don't worry about it," he said. "Whenever I fly with my wife, she holds onto my leg the whole flight. She somehow thinks it makes her safer. I'm used to it."

"I don't mind either," said the man on her right. "Actually I kinda like it," he added with a grin.

"Well I'm counting on you guys to keep me safe until we get there," Kara said, ignoring the suggestive remark. It looked as if each had bought her story of being afraid and neither seemed to mind having her hand on his leg. She squeezed each one gently to seal their pact.

With everyone belted in, including the flight attendants, Kara didn't have to worry that someone other than the men on either side of her might see what was happening. She squirmed a little in her seat, making her skirt creep up until her panties were showing. She could tell she was having the desired effect. Both men had their eyes glued to the little patch of blue satin between her legs. She closed her eyes to hide her excitement and thought about the time Dylan had taken her to buy a bikini.

Kara had graduated from law school three weeks before. Working for Grayson and Locke was professionally fulfilling but personally she missed the freedom of the college town. To get away from Dallas she visited her sophomore college roommate Ashley who lived at nearby Padre Island. On her first night there Ashley introduced her to Dylan. Although he officially lived in Denver, he stayed at the island on his sailboat for weeks at a time and got treated by the locals as if he were one. It was lust at first sight and Kara spent the rest of the weekend with him on his boat.

On Saturday Dylan took Kara to a shop that sold swim suits and other island type clothes. The summer season hadn't really started and even though the weather was pleasant enough the island was deserted. Business was slow and the only one in the store was the manager who was a few years older than Kara, probably thirty. Dylan didn't seem much older, but he probably was. Kara never asked but she guessed he was in his early forties.

Dylan took her there to buy a new bikini. Kara had several but wanted a real show stopper. Dylan liked to say, "If you got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it, flaunt it even more." Kara wasn't sure which he thought applied to her but it didn't matter - she just liked to show off. In fact she liked it so much she could almost orgasm from that alone.

They looked over the assortment and Kara found a string type that looked like it would raise a few eyebrows. It was definitely the kind men would like and other women would hate. Dylan and Kara both thought it was perfect. She went into the changing room to try it on.

Kara's daydream was interrupted by turbulence. Her eyes were still closed and she moved her hands a little higher on the men's legs and squeezed again. Her hands had only reached mid-thigh and she only felt their muscular legs. As the turbulence subsided she resumed with her reminiscence.

When Kara came out to show the suit to Dylan, he was with the manager. She felt herself get excited. On the beach, wearing a bikini would have seemed natural, but in the store with just the two of them, it felt a little naughty.

The guys certainly liked what they saw, and it was exciting for Kara, being nearly naked in front of a stranger. She was getting turned on and quickly got over her embarrassment. Kara teasingly rubbed her hands on her breasts, pushed them together and asked, "Wouldn't this look better if it was the next size smaller?"

"I agree," said Dylan. Wearing nothing but the skimpy bikini, Kara wandered around with the store manager looking for a smaller version of the same suit. When they found one she went to the changing room to put it on. She opened the door and stepped out to "wow" from both of them.

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