Caught With Timber II

by Donna Pet

I edited these stories years ago and have permission to post them. I did NOT write them myself.

Incest Sex Story: Girl gets blackmailed after getting caught with her dog. Part 2. Part one is "Caught with Timber" here on SOL

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Zoophilia   Incest   Brother   Sister   Humiliation   Interracial   Bestiality   .

One photo, taken by my brother in the woods, a witness to my indiscretion with Timber the dog, an ever so small 35-mm negative, has turned my life upside down. In less than two days, I have gone from an innocent sixteen year old girl to a slut for use by anyone that my brother, Chester, gives me to. I am riding next to my brother from the sawmill where I have been rented and used in the most depraved fashion. My panties and bra were taken as souvenirs and I am left with only my short skirt and blouse to cover myself with. My long brown hair, wet from being rinsed in the cold river, is drying in the wind from the open truck window. I can feel the soft fiber of my cotton blouse slap with the wind against my small breast as they bounce all most painfully with every bump on the gravel road. The air from the floor vent gently lifts my short skirt and caresses my bare damp bottom, chilling my other lips as the men's wetness evaporates and dries, a constant reminder that my body has been used. My breast are cold under my summer blouse, I look down and can see my hard nipples outlined under the thin material.

Chester parks the pickup camper next to the picnic table that my mom and dad are setting at. The blood drains from my face as I become aware that I will have to climb down from the truck's cab in front of mom and dad without exposing myself to them. I carefully step out of the cab, holding my skirt down so my parents will not see that their little girl is not wearing panties. I quickly turn my back to mom and run to the back of the camper. I climb in and grab a pair of panties and a bra. In a rush, I put the bra on then pull up the panties as I place a panty liner in their crotch. I just have time to catch my breath when I here dad asking if I am OK. Every fiber in my brain is screaming for help. OK? No, I am not OK. I have just been degraded as a slut by my brother, sold to the men at the sawmill, raped repeatedly and forced to have sex with a junkyard dog. Yet, I answer in a forced natural voice, that I am OK, every thing is just fine, that I just tore a hole in my skirt and needed a new one. I climb out of the camper shell, glance over at Chester then drop my head and walk on shaky legs to the latrine. Inside, I pull my panties down and set on the wooden seat. I cry softly as I look down at my panties and see the mixed excretions from the men and the dog mingling in the panty liner. I push down trying to squeeze out the last drops of their vial seeds.

What am I going to do? I should tell dad that Chester climbed into the camper last night and raped me, that he drove me down to the sawmill and sold me to the men working there, that he forced me to have sex with their dog as he and the men laughed. I should tell dad the whole story that Chester surprised me in the woods yesterday and has pictures of me giving myself to Timber our family dog. My tears just will not stop. What am I going to do? I could take a rock and pound Chester's head with it until he stops laughing at me, but the pain it would cause mom and dad is more than I could bear. Slowly I decide to do nothing, resigned to the humiliation, what can I do. I pull up my wet panties, wipe my eyes and leave the latrine.

I walk back to the campsite, grab Timber's leash and head down the river. I walk for about an hour, just pulling the poor dog along, not even stopping when a rock or bush tries to get his attention. After an hour, I stop and set on a large rock jutting out into the river, that the sun has warmed. Timber knows that something is wrong, he lies next to my feet and is looking at me with his sad green eyes. "Timber, how can I hate you for this? I know it's not your fault that I am in trouble and my brother is black mailing me into doing disgusting things." I reach out and slowly stroke my only friend, on the head. Timber shifts his head to lay softly on my lap. I gently pet Timber and lean down to brush my lips over his soft fur. Timber raises his head and licks at my face. The abuse I suffered this morning is slowly slipping away. I open my mouth to Timber and feel his warm tongue caress mine. I feel tingly and soft all over. A knot forms in my throat, then the tears start to fall again trickling down my cheek to drip off my chin. I must be some kind of a freak, my brother has just horribly abused me, the seeds of strangers still wet inside of me and yet I feel myself responding to the dog. How can I be having these sexual feelings for Timber? I tentatively press my hand under my panties and start to touch myself. I lift my hand to my lips and taste my wetness. The taste is bitter, salty and not mines. It is the taste of strangers seeping out of my womb. Deposited inside of me by the abuses of strange men and their dog. In despair, I hold onto the only one that cares about me and gently caress his ears as he licks into my mouth. Tears are in my eyes as I climb down the rock, pushing the humiliating desire out of my mind and reluctantly start the long plod back to camp.

As night falls and the air is filled with the sound of crickets and toads, I lay in the camper alone; fearful that the next sound I hear could be Chester. Several times I awake with a start, at the sound of a rock rolling in the river and then set waiting, listening and hoping it's not Chester. I strain to see through the screen window into the dark. The moon cast faint shadows around the campsite. I can see the dark shape of Timber sleeping under the picnic table. I gape outside until my eyes weight me down and I slump to the mattress asleep. In the morning I wake tired, yet thankful not to have been molested during the night.

I dress in the only clothes that I have packed, a short blue skirt and a red pullover blouse. I climb out of the camper to the smell of bacon and apples cooking on the camp stove. At the latrine, I check my panties and find that I have finally stopped leaking the strangers' seeds and no longer need a panty liner. After breakfast, we pack and head back down the river. It feels so good to be going home, Timber sleeps near the tailgate and I set looking out the windows at the green trees and rocks. In two hours, we are at the head of the Gully River where the Cherry River joins. Dad pulls off the main road and drives a short distance to a small picnic area right on the Gully where the Cherry rushes in.

I climb out of the truck and I'm met by Chester carrying Timber's leash. "Dad says we need to take Timber for a walk, so come on Peewee." I glance at dad who nods and then I follow Chester and Timber down the bank and across the shallow Cherry. Once on the other side Chester leads us up the bank through some trees and into a clearing. Timber sniffs a large rock and then cocks his leg and paints it yellow. "This will do just fine don't you think, Peewee."

I look around and see that we are in a small clearing surrounded by trees. I ask, "Will do for what?"

Chester intones, "Oh, come on peewee, don't play hard to get. You know you want Timber. I was watching you yesterday letting Timber lick your mouth."

My legs quiver, as I look at Chester with my mouth open. "What? Do you follow me around all the time! Look I am not going to participate in any more of your sick games. You can just go to hell!"

"Look peewee, here's the deal, you drop your panties and get down on your hands and knees and let Timber fuck you. If you don't, you know what will happen with the photos, don't you."

My heart stops at his cruel words. I look around for someone to appeal to and see no one. I beg. "Chester, please don't make me do this!"

Chester snarls. "Time is wasting peewee, you don't want to take so long that dad gets worried and comes looking for us and finds you stuffed full of Timber, do you. Now, drop your panties and get down on all fours, like the bitch, you are!"

My hands work there way up under my short skirt and slowly hook my panties. As if being controlled by some unknown force, my hands slowly slide down along my thighs, until softly, my panties drop to my feet from just below my knees. I stand pleading with my eyes my panties down around my ankles, my knees trembling under my own small weight. Chester yells and gives me a shove. "Get down on all fours!" I trip in my panties and land in the soft grass on my hands and knees. Chester lifts my short blue skirt over my back. I hang my head in shame and stay on my hands and knees feeling the cool mountain air kiss my bare bottom. Timber trots behind me and starts softly licking my downy hairs. His tongue laps wetly, gently dampening my openings. Abruptly, Timber starts licking harder at my bare bottom; he digs his hot tongue dripping with lust between my soft lips, virtually prying his jaw inside of me. I open my wet eyes, look between my legs and see that Chester has grabbed Timber's tool and is working him into a fever pitch. I gasp then grit my teeth as Timber pounces on my back; grabbing my hips with his strong front legs and hammering at my bottom with is engorged weapon. I cry out, as Timber misses his mark and pokes me repetitively in rapped succession. I jump forward. Timber jerks me back and this time his aim is true. I am driven into hard and fast. I just have time to gasp for air as Timber jackhammers me again and again. My bottom is hot from the friction. Sweat is pouring down my chin as I am rocked back and forth, over and over again. As Timber pulls me up tight to his hind legs and starts pumping his seeds into me, I here a clicking sound and through the tears I see Chester recording my humiliation on 35-millimeter film.

Chester gloats. "Oh god, that was hot peewee! What a contrast, your white skin against Timbers dark brown fur, all set in a background of green trees under a blue open sky. What a slut you are to be locked by the dog, out in the open. Who knows who will come along."

I can only gasp for air as I feel Timber swelling larger inside of me. I am caught fast to Timber and he pumps his seeds to overflowing deep inside of me. I rest my head on my forearms and pant to catch my breath. Chester is reloading his camera and I here dad calling from the distance. Timber lifts his leg over my back and pulls free, with a soft pop. My legs are wet with Timbers surge. Again, I here dad calling, this time he is closer. I jump to my feet grabbing my panties to use as a rag and wipe streams of goo off my legs. I stand on wobbly knees, feeling more fluid drip from between my stretched other lips to trail down my thigh and soak into my socks. Resigned to my fate, I step into my wet filthy panties and pull then up quickly to stop the dripping. I shiver as the cold embrace of the dog-soaked cotton warms to my skin. Chester finds this particularly funny and is standing laughing as dad walks into the clearing.

"OK guys, let's go, we have a long drive ahead of us," Dad says looking at me, as I blush redder than my blouse. "Well, come on."

I ride in the closed camper surrounded by the smell of sex. My panties, slick with dog seeds, slides uncomfortably up into my crotch, their wetness leaving little damp marks where I set. The smell of sex does not go unnoticed by Timber. After sniffing the air, he gets up and walks over to me and pushes his muzzle under my skirt and tries to add his slobber to my sodden panties. I look in panic to the front seat and see that no one is looking back into the camper, then with all my strength I push Timber away. He keeps trying to push his nose up under my skirt and I keep pushing him back. After an hour, I am exhausted. I slump down on the bench seat, tears running down my face, crying softly as Timber digs his tongue under my panties and probes at my wet soft hair.

My eyes are glued to the back of mom and dad's head, praying that they will not turn around and see me setting with my legs spread and Timbers head bobbing under my short skirt. I moan in fear knowing that at any moment one of my parents will look back and see me degraded by Timber. Time craws as the truck follows the rivers down the mountain. Lap after lap Timber works at my crotch until beads of sweat form on my brow and my hips rock on there own accord. I briefly shut my eyes, lost to the intense sensation between my legs. Suddenly, my stomach muscles rhythmically contract; I thrust my hips up against Timber. I plummet out of control, my heart pounding loudly in my ears, as all my senses explode, rocking me to my core. I hear myself yelling with each breath. I freeze, quickly glance into the front of the truck to see the back of everyone's head. Oh god, Timber will not stop licking. I push him back and he jumps on top of me, wrapping his legs around my hips, humping at air between my legs. I shove him off and he returns pushing his snout between my legs. At least he is not jumping around, I think to myself, as I once again resign to his licking.

An hour later, the camper truck crosses the largest river and we are home. As the truck lurches to a stop in the driveway, I shove Timber back and he falls to the camper's floor. I leap up, heave open the camper's door and jump to the ground. I run to the back of the house with Timber at my heels. I open the gate and Timber rushes through, I turn quickly and slam the gate shut trapping the dog in the backyard. I stop and catch my breath. As Timber jumps up on the fence barking, I see that his member is poking out, its tip a glistening bright red in contrast to his mat brown. I turn away, adjust my uncomfortable panties and slowly head for the basement door. Mom calls for me to help unload the truck but I pretend not to hear her. Once in the house, I head for the basement's bathroom and its hot shower.

In the bathroom, I strip. My panties are wet at the crotch with dry yellow stains on the sides and back. I set on the toilet and release a long stream of fluid that mixes like a cloud in the toilet basin. I kick my panties next to the trash and step into the shower. In the shower I try to wash off the long scratch marks on my sides and hips. I scrub at my privates in a vain attempt to regain my virginity and dignity. I rinse off the soap and let the hot water stream on my back until it starts to turn cold.

Stepping out of the shower I examine myself in the full-length mirror on the door as I dry myself off. The scratch marks on the front of my thigh are in groups of little lines, some groups of three and deeper ones of four. On both my sides are long deep single scratches that feel tender to the touch. I look at my back and I can see more scratch marks there also. I shudder to think of what my mom would say if she saw the dog's marks. I pull on a clean pair of cotton panties with a panty liner tucked in its crotch, a white cotton sports bra and my longest summer dress. I run a comb through my long brown hair, I step out of the bathroom into the basement and smack into Chester.

"It's nice of you to get all cleaned up for me and Timber" Chester says with a nasty grin. "Mom and dad are in the kitchen making coffee and talking, I let Timber in and locked the door. So," he turns to the dog, "Timber your mate is waiting."

I back away from my brother until I am against the pool table. "Please, it's over, we are home now, you have already made me act like a slut, can't you just leave me alone." My voice is shaky and my eyes are pleading. I can feel the cool wood of the pool table press into my lower back.

His eyes sparkle as he laughs. "Leave you alone, I thought we settled that already. But as it turns out peewee, I am not going to touch you." With that he turns and walks over to the cabinet where he keeps his cameras and takes out a movie camera and sets it up on a tripod.

I watch him move around lights and cameras, until I feel like I am going to be sick. I slump against the pool table and ask in a shaky voice. "What do you want? I am your sister, what's wrong with you. You raped me, you sold me to God knows how many men at the sawmill and you gave me to Timber in the woods. What do you want from me?" I lean my head down into my hands and softly cry.

I am nearly in hysterics as he turns to me and in a low voice says. "Quite down, do you want mom to hear you and come down here while you are giving yourself to Timber? Now take off your clean clothes, we don't want anything to get ripped do we." I lean against the table not moving, Chester walks over and unbuttons my dress. I slap at his hands as he pulls my dress down to my hips revealing my white sports bra. "You smell nice, Timber is just going to love this. Now don't be modest, you have done this before, I know, I have the photos. Standup straight and take off your bra and panties."

"Please," I plead. "Don't make me do this, you just can't, please." My protest trail to soft sobs, as Chester slowly reaches between my breasts and unhooks my bra, lifts it off my shoulder and lays it on the pool table. I stand shaking, my breast jiggling as I tremble from the effort not to run, Chester slowly pulls my panties down my hips to my ankles. A small push and I stumble out of my clothes, which lay in a puddle near my feet. I stand completely exposed to the harsh lights of the cameras, my face red and hot, my nipples flushed with shame, my eyes red from tears.

"Oh peewee, look, there is a spot of blood in your panties. Now lets see, it's been three days since you gave yourself to Timber, two days since you were taken at the sawmill and just hours since Timber took you on the way home." He pauses, holds up my panties so I can see the small dark reddish brown spot on the white panty liner. "You know, I don't think this is from a period. No, with the timing, I think that a fertilized egg has just been planted in your womb! If I am right, then you not only gave your virginity to Timber but it looks like you are giving him puppies, too!" Chester makes a show of holding up my panties and exclaims, "No wait, maybe it's mine or better, one of the dark men from the sawmill! Hold on, maybe it's that junkyard dog that got to you. OH hell peewee, who cares! It looks to me like you got yourself knocked up and I can't wait to milk you like a cow." He turns to me as if seeing me for the first time. "What's wrong peewee, you look a little sick. I know it's too early and you are worried that this is the start of your period. Well, don't look so glum peewee, if it is, it won't last long. Timber will have you knocked up quicker that you can say puppy."

I stand and stare at my panties, the little spot of blood holds me transfixed, as Chester's cruel words echo in my head. Period, I should not be starting until next week. OH God, this is too early to be my period, I am always regular, every twenty-seven days. Fear and despair grip me in a tight vice restricting my breathing. Wait, I know, it is just some bleeding cause by the ruff treatment I got two days ago. This morning at the camp when I changed panties the only thing in the liner was clear and yellowish, not a trace of blood. The only bleeding was after the first time with Timber and that stopped during the night, sometime after Chester took me. My thoughts are interrupted by a command from Chester. I jerk up straight, my breasts bouncing reminds me that I am standing here naked in the harsh lights of Chester's camera.

"Turn around for the camera peewee." I slowly turn not looking at the camera or Chester. My knees are weak and my movements are unsure. "Your paw marks look really hot, maybe we can add more today. Now get down on your hands and knees and lets see what Timber does." Slowly I am pushed to my knees; I look up and see Timber walking towards me. He lumbers over to my face and licks my closed mouth. Chester gloats as he adjusts a camera and some lights. "Open your mouth peewee." I open my mouth to yell at Chester and Timber presses his tongue inside. I am beyond humiliation and would gladly die now than to continue this degrading act for my perverse brother. I start to pull my mouth away from Timber when my brother pushes me over to my hands and knees. Timber pushes his jaw into my mouth. A shiver runs up the back of my neck and I feel tingly, my belly fills with butterflies. My mind is spinning with mixed feelings of desire and despair. My tongue is urgently chased by Timber's, the top of my mouth tingles as Timber examines every inch of my mouth. My nipples harden to a dark rose color and the blood runs to my pubic area. In an effort to console myself of the humiliation, I gently move back and forth causing my hips to rock slowly. He chuckles. "I see you are in heat peewee, are you getting good and wet," I flush with shame knowing that I am to be taken again by the dog.

Chester grabs Timber's collar and pulls him around and up on my back. "OK Timber, she looks ready, it's time to breed her, knock her up boy!" Timber needs no other encouragement and starts to hammer at my bottom as his legs wrap tightly around my hips. His weight is holding me down and his strong forelegs are pulling me back into him. I jump and cry out as his pointed tool jabs me on the bottom and then rapidly again, high and to the right. His next jab hits my wrong hole and he plows into me about two inches before he jerks out and jabs me again. On his next drive I rise up my bottom in self-defense and am rewarded with his entire length stuffed into my maidenhood. No sooner do I feel him hit bottom, than he jerks nearly out then jams me harder and jerks me up and back to meet him. I jump forward as his member stabs too deep inside of me only to be whipped back harder on the next stroke planting him up past his root.

His speed is nonstop; I can only pant in quick gasp as he hammers the air out of me with thrust after thrust. I squeeze down hard to slow him but the friction causes my whole body to jerk wildly under him, driving my small breast madly back and forth to slap together loudly. I lift a hand to stop my breast from slamming each other and Timber's driving weight pushes me down to my elbows. My breasts slap against my arms and the floor; I turn my head to one side and let my weight be carried on my chest. I grit my teeth and pant, I force myself to relax, and I feel my grip loosening on his swelling just inside my battered opening. I cry out, as Timber makes one final deep jab into me and pulls me up hard on his thick root. I feel a pulse at the base of his tool where I am stretched tight to accommodate his invading member. Each pulse injects his hot wetness into me and with every pulse comes more swelling stretching me to the point of pain. I moan in despair with the knowledge that I am in truth being bred to the dog. The fullness just inside my opening tightens to the point that I can only breathe in deep gasps. I am pumped full, past the point of overflowing. The warm sticky goo is running from between my legs, down my breast, drips off my nipples and is pooling under my chin. The pressure is driving his dog seeds deep, up to my womb, I pray that no egg is waiting to be taken.

Just as I think it could not get any uglier, I feel Timber step off my back, lift his hind leg over my hip and painfully twist his tool inside of me. I scream as Timber drags me backward with his engorged weapon ripping at my insides, until with a pop, he gushes out of me sending globs of goo to the floor. My knees slip in the slick mixture. I sprawl, with a gasp, on the wet floor, dripping Timbers issuance trying to get my knees back under me. Chester is laughing himself sick. I collapse nude covered with the dog's sticky wetness. The room is filled with the smell of sex.

"What in the world is going on down there, Chester you open this door." Mom shouts from the kitchen. I quickly scramble to my feet and flee to the bathroom, at the sound of mom calling.

Chester calls back, "every thing is fine, we were just wrestling with the dog, I'm putting him out now. A vase got knocked over, that's all, peewee is going to clean it up." Satisfied with Chester's answer, mom returns to her work in the kitchen.

Chester forces the bathroom door open and drags me nude in front of the camera, pushes me down to my hands and knees into the gooey mess. My face is pushed down into the wet smelly deposit, my cheek cooled by the sticky wetness of sex. Chester scoops a handful of slime and forces it between my cheeks and into my tight rectum, his finger working in and out to insure that I am well lubricated. He shoves two fingers deep into my dog used vagina, extracts a coating of dog slime and lubricates his blunt hardness. Tears are dripping down my face as Chester mounts me like a dog; pushes his hard member into my just oiled hole and drives into my bowels, his balls slapping against my other lips. Stab after merciless stab plows my face into Timber's wet goo. I open my mouth to gasp and Timber's pungent taste fills my awareness. I try in vain to keep my lips closed as I pant strings of Timber's seeds. With all the determination I can muster, I relax my stretched muscles. I feel Chester slide in and out without resistance until with a sharp sting Chester smacks my upturned bottom causing my muscles to contract tightening all the harder around his invading probe. I grunt short quick gasps of air as my bottom is plowed. I feel Chester yank completely out and before my bottom can close up, he squirts his seeds into my gaping hole then packs it into me with one hard shove that ends with his balls slapping my crotch area. I gasp and inhale the taste of dog sex as Chester pumps himself into me. Once finished, Chester grabs my long hair and uses it, as a rag, to wipe his dripping wilting tool clean. I am left lying on the floor sobbing, my hair matted with sex, both holes drooling to puddle on my thigh and tears which I cannot turn off.

Chester turns off the lights and lets Timber back in. He leaves me nude, dirty, knocked up and crying in the dark. Timber struts over to me and licks my face and naked back, then starts licking at my bottom. His warm ruff tongue digs at my unprotected nakedness, licking out both deposits. I lay passively as Timber grooms me, a bitch just bred. God, I hate myself for being so weak, I slowly get up to my hands and knees and present myself to Timber on the basement's floor in the dark, hiding from my shame by becoming a dog. Timber licks at my exposed bottom and then satisfied that I am clean he walks over to a corner, lies down and goes to sleep. I sob uncontrollably on my hands and knees, as Timber softly snores in his corner. Of every thing that I have been through over the three days, the most humiliating and hurtful is being rejected by the dog.

I slowly pull myself together, stumble into the bathroom and step into a warm shower. My hair is matted from being used as a rag and it takes some time to wash the mats out. After the shower, I again pull my dress on over my sports bra and a clean pair of white cotton panties, complete with a pad in the crotch to catch the sticky seeds dribbling from deep within my two battered holes. This time when I step out into the basement only Timber is in the room, still sleeping in the corner. I take my damp towel and wipe the floor clean, then climb upstairs to find mom starting dinner. "You look all fresh and clean." She says with a smile. I nod yes, not feeling so clean on the inside. "Chester says that you got tangled in some brush while you were walking Timber in the woods. Do you want me to look at your back and see if any scratches need tending to?"

I almost trip over my feet, as I turn around feeling the blood run from my face. "No! I mean, there are no scratches, Chester is exaggerating. I'm going for a walk."

"Oh, by the way," mom calls to me as I am opening the back door. "Chester asks me to tell you that a puppy works for him. Are you guys looking to try and get another dog, because if you are, your dad would have something to say about that." I slam the door closed behind me. Oh god, I feel sick, this can't be happening. What if I am pregnant, could it be by the dog, oh god.

Walking down the street, I feel a slight dampness at my crotch. "Please god." I whisper. "Let it be my period." The night is cool and as I walk, I keep thinking that maybe I am lucky and have started my period early. I crave to run into the house, check the dampness and see if I have started, but the fear that the wetness will just be dog seeds, keeps me walking. After two hours, I return to the house and when I pull my panties down in the bathroom, I go numb with fear for their on my pad is a large wet clear to yellowish spot, where Timber's and Chester's mixture is leaking out of me. I yank my panties up, denying what I see. The slime rudely chills my crotch with its wetness, I feel so used.

At dinner, I set not really part of the family, praying that my period will start and picking at my food. I blush as mom tells dad about the puppy Chester and I am trying to get. Chester points at me and mockingly tells dad. "If we ever do get a puppy, it will be her fault. My head jerks up and I stare at Chester, who only grins at me wickedly. Any words from me are cut off by my fear of what Chester will do with his photos and movie collection. After supper, I put my light cotton nightshirt on and set in the living room watching TV with mom and dad, waiting for Chester to go to bed, so I don't have to be alone with him. About ten, Chester gets up and goes into his room, I slip in to mine and lock the door.

My dreams are nightmares. I am giving birth to a litter of puppies on the basement floor. Mon and dad stand watching, as I struggle in pain to push, yet another, fat puppy from my swollen belly, through my stretched cervix. One at a time, each is born, lifted by a vet, wiped with a towel to remove my blood and then handed to Chester. Two puppies are latched painfully to my swollen breast, sucking my dripping nipples. I watch with horror as I see the newest puppy being put to yet a third nipple! As a fourth puppy is pulled out of me, I become aware that I have a total of ten nipples, which have sprouted in two rows down each side of my chest. I scream in horror, staring at my deformed chest, with its ten bloated dripping nipples. I wake with a start, sweat running down my face and stinging my eyes. I yank my nightshirt up and off. My hands find my breast and in relief I sink back into bed, relieved to have just two nipples and normal breasts.

My heart finally stops pounding loudly. I drift back to sleep to dream, again of birthing puppies. I push the last one out, lay back and enjoy the warm fuzzy feel of my puppies cuddling up to me, taking turns nursing from my full breast. I am lying on the floor nursing my brood. Mom is talking to a neighbor, as dad hands one of my puppies to him. I moan with the loss of one of my babies but I still have eight to keep me warm. I wake with a start, realizing that my breasts are being fondled. Chester's hand is milking at one nipple and his mouth is on the other sucking it softly. "Don't yell, I came in here to wake you up, it's past ten. I saw you sleeping with your breast bare and I could not help but to take a taste. It is going to taste so much better when your milk comes in, peewee." He leans down, draws my nipple into his mouth, pulls his head back and with a pop lets my nipple go. I rub my hurt nipple as I watch Chester leave the room.

In the bathroom, I inspect my panties and again find no blood. I guess that it was just a spot, I will start my period next week, I pray. After a shower, I glance quickly into the mirror at my paw marks. Yesterday added more red lines around my hips and side. The inside of each leg, half way between my knees and hips, stings. I look and see two nasty deep four-line scratches, where Chester's pawls grabbed me and yanked me up onto his engorged weapon. I touch the deep scarlet scratches and wince, thinking that this will scar. I look through the closet and find that all my pants are in the laundry. The dresser has the only clean underwear I have available, a white lacy underwire bra, knee high white socks and a silky white thong that I have been hiding from mom. I feel uneasy as I slip into the too sexy undergarments, pull on a short plaid flip skirt and button the front of a near transparent white blouse. I glance into the mirror and see a slut looking back at me. Her breast held up high, her cleavage straining at her buttons, legs bare from just below the knees to the hem of her plaid skirt only inches from her crotch. I walk out of the room hoping that I don't run into Chester.

Mom greets me at the kitchen table with a large smile. "Good morning sleepy head, I was beginning to think that you were going to sleep all day. You look pretty this morning, what's the occasion?"

"Nothing special, I guess the laundry needs to be done, this is all I have left clean. Where is everyone?" I sit at the table in a chair that ensures that mom will not see my scratched legs when my short skirt hikes up.

"If by everyone, you mean your dad and Chester, they drove up the Coal River to help your granddad put a new roof on his house. I don't expect we will see them for a few weeks, you know how slow your brother works." Mom's words take the world off my shoulder, a smile touches my face and the world brightens, a little. I help mom with the dishes and clean up the house. Time goes by quickly, it is almost seven when mom asks me to take Timber for a walk.

Timber is getting harder for me to control. A week ago, he would have obeyed me and let me lead. But having had me, he thinks the table has turned and he is expressing his dominance over me by taking the lead. The night is warm and I don't feel like fighting with him. So, I let Timber pull me down the street, letting him lead, giving up my place of dominance and accepting my new place, three paces behind. Timber keeps looking back at me to see that I am being a good girl and following him as he prances down the deserted sidewalk. I think, Timber is looking at me now as if I belong to him. I feel weak every time he looks into my eyes. The weak feeling fills my heart with a longing to belong to Timber. I step quickly to keep up with him, his pace a half trot for me. In a daze, I follow Timber down one street, into another, until with alarm, I find myself in the vacant part of town, condemned by the city to build a new highway, two miles from home.

I glance down one empty street after another, hoping not to see anyone. Timber hears a noise and stops with his ears perked. I look in the direction that Timber is staring. I see a large figure in the shadows with a huge dog! My heart leaps to my throat, I back away to the end of the leash but Timber will not move. Timber snarls and leans into the leash. Without thinking, I wrap the leash around my right wrist and pull at Timber. Timber turns, bares his teeth and growls at me! I freeze in fear, alone at night and Timber is growling at me! I glance up and see the shadowy figure walk into the light. Relief washes over me, I can see that the figure is Officer John, a black policeman that works this area of town with his German Shepherd police dog.

My Reprieve is short lived, without warning Timber lunges for the big dog. My wrist wrapped in the leash, I careen down the street towards John and his dog. I stumble at a full run, my breast bouncing so hard that the buttons on my blouse come unfastened. My short skirt flips up flashing my bottom with each step, my breasts work up over the top of my lace bra. The air rushes across my chest lifting and pulling the thin blouse back to flip behind me. I grab at my blouse with my free hand in an effort to pull the thin white fabric over my bare nipples but I am unable to close the blouse without the aid of my right hand, which is tangled in Timber's leash. I glance down at my breast in shock that my nipples are exposed and trip on the uneven sidewalk right in front of John, sprawling to the sidewalk, on my hands and knees. My short skirt flips over my back, baring my near naked bottom. My open blouse drapes my disheveled bra and breasts. My breasts are half in and half out of my demi bra, my bare nipples pointing to my chin. The leash falling free of my wrist whipping like a snake as Timber continues his approach to the big dog. I am frightened, more than I am embarrassed, and quickly crawl to catch Timber's leash and stop him from getting hart. Timber jumps at the other dog and I lung for his leash. I pull up short when I see that I am staring up into the jaws of the large police dog. I am aware that Timber has circled behind me. I freeze, knowing that at any moment the police dog is going to rip out my throat.

Timber stops his attack on the larger dog and turns his attention towards me. He must think that my being on my hands and knees with my dress flipped up over my back is an invitation for sex and his chance to dominate me in front of the larger dog. Before I can size up my position with the larger dog, Timber jumps on my back humping madly. I scream wildly as I feel Timber's wet pointed weapon slapping between my thighs. Completely red from my head to my toes, I cry out. "Help! Pull the dog off of me! God, John he is trying to breed me!" I try to climb to my feet, the humiliation adding urgency to my struggle with Timber but before I craw a foot, a large hand lends weight to the back of my neck, keeping me down. I look to my side and see a bulge in the officer's pants. Oh god, no, is all I can think as I feel John hold me down. My thong panties offer no protection from Timber's jabbing and before I can raise a hand to block him, Timber has pushed past the thin silky nylon and gets the tip of his tool between the soft folds guarding my passageway. I shake my bottom wildly trying to remove the dog's intruding member. My effort only excites him more. I gasp as Timber launches himself forward. I moan as I feel Timber plant himself up to his balls inside of me. I grunt, my eyes bulge, I am impaled by Timber. All rational thought slips from my mind as Timber starts pounding with lightning strokes jerking me back and forth, both breast flop out of my bra and swing wildly. Timber climbs high on my back his back left foot digging into my thigh. I yell with each quick gasp for air. Slam after slam, Timber pounds into me again and again. A quick firm jerk and I am pulled up tight to his balls and pumped full of his seeds.

I whimper as I feel every drop of Timber spewed into me. The act of sex has not gone unnoticed by the huge German Shepherd. At first he just watches with an intense look. Then after Timber stops humping at me, the German Shepherd presses his nose under my belly and sniffs at the union between Timber and me. His tongue laps at the conjunction between Timber's tool and my tightly stuffed hole. His warm wet lapping tingles and causes my lips to tighten around Timber, holding him firmly inside of me. My hips start to rock and I hear my voice moan as if from a long distance away. My breath is coming in deep gasps; the Shepherd keeps licking at my over stimulated bud until his tongue is under the little flap of skin covering it. Like a fall from a large cliff, I scream and jerk my hips wildly, my eyes shut, my heart pumps loudly, my nipples pucker to a bright rose. At length, Timber steps off my back and pulls himself free of my extended opening with a splatter. I am horse from yelling and crying, my dignity shattered. Taken in front of a near stranger and licked to orgasm by his police dog, what could be worse!

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