My Friend Nicole

by BlackStallion21

Copyright© 2011 by BlackStallion21

Erotica Sex Story: A trip to the movie theater turns into a little bit of something more!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

To my friend with the middle name Nicole! A man can dream ... Now if I could just make that dream come true!

MWAH! Enjoy

"Oh My God. Fuck me harder!" Nicole exclaimed. The sound of our bodies slapping into each other was echoing off the wall, and tuned to a half a second a piece. (Look at your watch. Now watch the second hand, and divide that in half ... clap your hands to the beat, and close your eyes and imagine a sweet girl moaning as I pounded my thick meat hammer into her tight pussy.)

Her right leg was spread along the counter in the ladies bathroom and I was standing behind her with my nine-inch cock, pummeling into her sweet twat. Her beautiful B-cup tits were bouncing freely, and her rose colored nipples were hard as pebbles and sticking off of her tits about an inch. She was panting heavily as she stared into the full-length mirror that was splayed before us.

Her neck, so white and creamy, that smelled like Victoria Secret's Amber Romance, was on display as she hung her head to the left side, and her brown hair fell from her head as if it were straining to touch the floor. I started by placing kisses on her neck, but the salty taste of her skin was electrifying and kisses just weren't enough. I sunk my teeth into her flesh and sucked a hunk of flesh into my mouth.

"Ah, no marks! No marks!" she moaned.

"Why? Afraid he'll find out?" I asked.

"Just shut up and Fuck Me!" Nicole said reaching around to grab my ass cheek. She pulled me in closer by my pants pocket, since our frantic animal lust kept me from pulling my pants fully down.

Her black cotton skirt was up around her waist, and the black thong panties that had covered her freshly shaven twat were pushed to the side, and I was working up creamy lather by thrusting over and over into the hot pussy that I had craved for the past year. The thwap, thwap, thwap of our lovemaking was piercingly loud as the echoes bounced off of the restroom walls, and Nikki's moans were music to my ears.

"Oh God Mike. You feel SO good inside me." She cooed. I wrapped my thick arms around her tiny waste and kissed my way from her neck up to her right ear, and breathed hot air into her ear, and snaked my thick tongue into it. Shivers racked her body and her sparkling brown eyes rolled into the back of her head. "You've GOT to stop that!"

I didn't answer, but kept flickering my tongue across her ear, and into her ear canal, as I felt my orgasm building strong inside of my body. I inched my hands up her sides, and to her right tit, and onto the pebble shaped nipple and pinched it. Her body stiffened up and although no sound escaped her mouth, her face showed the pure ecstasy that was traveling through both of us.

I pulled my cock out of Nicole, and she turned around to face me. I bent over to her shorter frame and planted a wet kiss into her mouth as our tongues found each other. She sucked my tongue further into her mouth and bit down on my tongue ring. My dick jumped and throbbed between us, and poked into her stomach.

"He wants more," she whispered once we broke the kiss. "Put him back into me."

I grabbed Nicole around her waist and lifted her onto the counter, and walked closer and slid back into her. Kisses were flying all over the place. Mine were all over her little face, and hers to my neck and chin, and lips and everywhere else she could add them.

The door opened to the restroom and a middle-aged woman walked into the restroom, and into the first stall. Neither of us saw her, but I heard her. My orgasm was too close for this to stop now, and the pussy that was wrapped around my cock felt too good to leave it. Nicole's hair bounced around in time to the steady slapping that the contact that our bodies were making, and she dug her fingernails into my back as her first orgasm exploded through her body.

"Make me cum again!"

The toilet in the first stall flushed and there was a slight stirring, and then the door opened and the woman came out and walked up to the counter and turned on the water with out looking at either one of us. She was a very attractive woman, looking to be about in her early to mid thirties. Nicole looked at me, and looked at the woman, and then back at me.

"Hey, Excuse me." She finally said to the lady.

The woman looked up, but didn't answer.

"Come here please," Nikki asked the lady. She was a bit hesitant, but walked up to Nicole and I. "Can I kiss you?"

The woman's eyes got as big as fifty-cent pieces, but she leaned forward to Nicole as I pulled my cock out, and my friend and this complete stranger locked lips. Nicole wrapped her arm around this lady's neck and leaned backward onto the counter, and the lady walked up and in between Nicole's legs, kissing her deeper.

The sight of this display was so electric that I grabbed my cock and started beating it like it stole something from me. Up and down the shaft, I pumped my hand as I watched these two hot ladies lip locking, and feeling all over each other. The strange woman reached down between Nicole's legs and once again pushed her panties aside and put two fingers into her cunny. Nicole moaned into the woman's mouth and thrust her body her hand as if to drive her fingers deeper.

My orgasm was building and a moan too escaped my lips. "oh God ... this feels so good."

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