Fast Food

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2011 by Trace Ekies

Erotica Story: The local hamburger heaven was not where I expected to fall in lust, but its also not where I expected to encounter such a sexy teenager. Although enhanced considerably, this story was inspired by an actual event of a few days ago. (Warning: This story is all about sex, but there is, unfortunately, no intercourse.)

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I spotted her when she came through the door. She looked like her name had to be 'Maria', and that was how I immediately thought of her. She had long, dark brown, almost black, hair. Maria's eyes too, were dark, maybe even black. Her complexion was dark, like a carefully nurtured suntan, but in her case, it was not all from the sun. Her features were soft, probably Central or South American, not sharp, like those from the Mediterranean.

Close behind her was the boyfriend, over six feet, over two hundred pounds, solid muscle. He had to be a football player, she likely a cheerleader. Age? Maria, maybe sixteen – the boy-friend, probably a year older, but both definitely high-school. In fact, he was wearing a local high-school team athletic jersey.

Maria was attractive to say the least, but it wasn't only her beauty that caught my eye, it was also the exposed skin, and the way she was dressed. Eye candy for sure, in any man's book.

As they joined the waiting line at the counter, my girl-watching talents kicked into high gear. I was having a late Saturday breakfast in my favorite hamburger/fast-food type restaurant. It wasn't crowded, but it was busy. Maria and friend were in the ordering line, maybe six people back from the counter.

There was a planter dividing the bulk of the seating area from the serving counter. There were, however, a few tables on the serving side of the divider. I was in my favorite spot, seated at one of those, facing the serving line and the counter. I stopped eating and slowly sipped my coffee as I devoured the gorgeous sight that I called 'Maria'.

I was definitely in elevator mode, looking her up and down. There was so much about her appearance to enjoy that it was hard to know where to start.

Certainly, Maria's bare legs weren't to be missed. The sandal-type platform heals she was wearing made her appear taller than her actual five foot three or four inch height. The heals also accentuated her calf and thigh muscles, which would have looked great, even with bare feet.

Maria's shoulders were bare too, except for the spaghetti-straps supporting her camisole, tank-top, blouse or whatever it was called. The top edge of the ... blouse, I'll call it, was no more than a couple of inches above her nipples, exposing most of her chest, including some delightful cleavage.

I thought she might have been careless when she adjusted the straps while dressing, allowing it to hang so low, but there were no adjustment ties that I could see, and when she turned away from me, I saw there were no adjustment things on the backs of the straps either. Perhaps she had borrowed it from a slightly larger sister, or even her mother.

Standing in the line, Maria, as I continued to think of her, was directly across the table from me, maybe ten feet away. Had she been facing forward in the line, I would have had only a profile view of her, but she was turned partially toward me, away from the counter, so she could talk over her shoulder to her boy-friend, who I had begun thinking of as 'Jock', because he looked like one.

As she swiveled her head from side to side, toward the frying foods behind the counter and over her shoulder toward Jock, her long hair would flip over her shoulders and come to rest on her chest, partially obscuring her magnificent tits. But Maria did not seem willing to allow the view of them to be spoiled and repeatedly brushed her hair back over her shoulders.

Maria soon enough tired of fighting with her hair and took what appeared to be an elastic band from the pocket of her shorts. With both hands behind her neck, she gathered her hair in a sort of pony-tail and slipped the band over it. It wouldn't be blocking the view anymore.

When Maria put her hands behind her head, her breasts strained against the fabric of the blouse. I of course was fixated on the tantalizing sight. But as Maria adjusted the elastic around her hair, she looked right at me. It was dreadfully obvious what I was looking at, but she didn't seem upset in the slightest. She pursed her lips while looking at me, then turned to say something to Jock.

Although it probably had no real purpose, as Maria talked with Jock, both of her hands remained behind her head and continued to fiddle with her hair. She glanced briefly in my direction several times, clearly knowing what she was doing to me. The looks she gave invited my continued attention, which of course, I dutifully offered.

I watched, mesmerized, as she brought her hands forward to the tops of her shoulders, hooking her thumbs under the tiny straps that held her blouse. As she continued looking over her shoulder, carrying on a conversation with Jock, she used her thumbs to slowly raise and lower the blouse, perhaps a half inch or so.

At first I didn't understand the purpose, but as the front of the blouse became even more interesting, I realized what she was doing. Apparently, she was not wearing a bra, and the slight movement of the blouse against her nipples was exciting them and causing them to harden.

It was working. What I had seen earlier as nicely rounded, probably c-cup sized breasts, were now suggestively decorated by noticeable protrusions, growing in size as I watched. I looked toward Jock. He could not see what I, and probably others, were seeing. Maria's exhibition was not for him.

While listening to Jock, Maria looked my direction once again. Seeing that she had my undivided attention, she smiled slightly and lowered her hands from her shoulders. Her nipples were now rock-hard and knowing that I was staring at them was likely all the stimulation she was going to need to keep them that way.

The line moved forward. Of the six people in front of Jock and Maria, four had been together, and now moved away from the counter, leaving only a single couple ahead of them in the line. As Maria stepped forward, she offered me a nice look at her butt. It might have been properly described as a bubble-butt. Although it was not ghetto sized, it was still deserving of attention.

As I had observed when she first walked into the restaurant, Maria's looks invited attention. Now believing her to be actively seeking male admiration, rather than just competing with other females, I was drawn to further observation.

Of course I had noticed the legs, shapely, toned, definitely not sticks, but not flabby either, the kind you would like to run your hands over or have your head between. When she came in, I had also noticed that her shorts were short, but hadn't paid much attention to the shorts themselves. Now I did.

Maria glanced at me and saw where I was looking. As before, she seemed appreciative and showed it by turning her body first one way, then the other. She faced me and did a couple of deep knee bends, appearing to ease the stiffness from standing in line. She bent away from me to adjust her sandals, stretching the material of her shorts tightly across her butt and into the crack of her ass.

Maria's shorts were white, soft and stretchy, probably cotton, and fit her like a second skin. The legs were tight too, and extended only an inch or two down her thighs. I didn't see any panty line, but I didn't see any camel-toe either. She was probably wearing a thong,

The elderly couple in front of Maria and Jock finally moved away and the teenagers pressed forward to the counter to place their order. Maria shifted her butt slowly from side to side as she studied the menu on the wall. When she and Jock had ordered and paid - yes she paid for her own order, strange, but she did – they moved on down the counter to the pickup area.

While Jock remained facing the food preparation area, Maria turned to look over the other patrons in the restaurant. She didn't look in my direction, but I'm sure she knew I was watching. Her headlights were still very much on. She leaned back against the counter, displaying her breasts proudly. Jock was focused on the food preparation and didn't notice what his girl-friend was doing.

A tray was set on the counter in front of Jock. Kara turned at the sound and seeing they had only brought Jock's, and that hers was still being prepared, said something to Jock, probably telling him to go ahead, and motioned him to the table next to mine. Jock replied to her, then picked up his tray and walked my way.

Jock sat down at the next table, opposite me with his back to the counter. I doubt seriously if he had given any thought to the seating arrangement as he was unaware of Maria's antics. It did concern me though. If I continued watching Maria at the counter, it would be obvious to him what had my attention. Also, when Maria came to sit down, she would be next to me and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the close-up of her without being obvious and turning toward her.

I solved the immediate problem by getting up from the table and serving myself more coffee. The dispenser was close to where Maria was bent over the counter, awaiting the completion of her order. I walked within a couple of feet of her gorgeous ass and couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have my hands gripping those luscious buns.

Maria was watching the grill chef, who in turn was watching her, at least every chance he got. Neither of them was saying anything, but he kept turning to look at her. I would imagine that with her bent over, facing him, he had a very enticing view of her breasts, maybe even her nipples. Maria seemed unconcerned by what he might be able to see.

As I sat back down at the table, Maria's order was handed to her and she walked my way. She stopped behind Jock and said, "Sit on the other side." It was more a command than a request, but without objecting, he pushed his tray across the table and got up to move.

Maria bent over the chair while Jock's back was still to her and placed her tray on the table. Yes, the grill chef had had a nice view. Maria's nipples were hidden by the blouse, but only just barely. While still bent over, she looked first at her own exposure, then at me, acknowledging with her eyes that she knew what I was looking at. She straightened up and sat down, just as Jock turned to do the same. Again, he was clueless as to what she had just done.

Maria had solved the seating dilemma. Sure, Jock was going to have the same view as me and would have to be blind not to notice her nipples tenting the fabric of her blouse. He would, of course, know that I would notice them too, but being beside me, he wouldn't realize that my interest was not being satisfied by an occasional glance in his girl-friend's direction.

Jock and Maria carried on a light conversation, nothing of substance, though. If one of them had announced that the President just resigned, I would not have noticed. My sense of hearing and comprehension was overshadowed by the sight my eyes were feasting upon.

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