The Promotion

by Dark Paladin

Copyright© 2011 by Dark Paladin

Drama Sex Story: Desiree is enjoying her new promotion. Only issue is with a new coworker who she can't intimidate.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Spanking   Pregnancy   .

Desiree sauntered down the stairs into the bright foyer, her heels neatly clicking on the rich hardwood. Summer had just started after a prolonged rainy spring. The new weather made her feel great. She wore a new outfit with freshly styled hair that matched her mood. As she entered the room, she could feel the approving gazes of the attendees. She could see their heads slightly turning out of the corner of her eye. Since it was so warm, she opted to forgo nylons. With every step, her silky legs swept and brushed together under her skirt. Bare thighs almost soundlessly appeared and vanished beneath the light fabric. Her simple and elegant blouse was perfectly appropriate for a weekend business function. Perhaps it was a bit thin and a little tight; but the top was intended to highlight her youthful energy, slender waist, and firm breasts.

“Ms. Simmons?”

Desiree turned. Aaron waved at her. He was just one of many likable but ignorable guys that she worked with, maybe a couple inches taller than herself. “Wow, you look great! I mean - uh - nice outfit!” His eyes flicked up and down her body. It was so cute - he was trying to act like he wasn’t looking.

She turned to smile and feign an exaggerated runway pose. Moving one leg out and tilting her hip to one side, it made her skirt ride up a little. His eyes started to move down, and then snapped back up to her face to maintain decorum. “Aw, thanks, Aaron. You don’t look half bad either!” She leaned forward, adjusting his tie a little. He actually blushed as she touched him.

“Uh, thanks. Hey - I was wondering -”

“Actually, hold that thought,” Desiree said. She finished smoothing out his tie. “I know this is short notice, but could you do a favor for me?”

Aaron drew himself up. “Oh, sure! Anything!”

Desiree pouted. “You know the Carson account? I need some work done on it before Monday. It’s really important that I start off the week at a run - and you’d be a big help if you could finish up your report early.”

Aaron’s mouth hung open. “Um - I guess. But I thought it wasn’t needed until Friday -”

Desiree glared up at him. “I know it’s not due. But if we want to make our division stand out, we need to show that we want it.” Her features softened as she leaned close enough to allow him to smell her light perfume, letting him feel her body heat. “Please, Aaron. I know I can count on you.”

From his viewing angle, she knew he could peek down her blouse. His eyes bobbed up to hers as he tried not to look. He swallowed. “Sure - not a problem. I’ll head over after the party’s wrapped up.”

She squeezed his arm. “I knew I could rely on you, Aaron. You’re the best. I won’t forget this, when I am shopping for new staff.” Leaving him standing there dumbfounded, she left to mingle with the important people.

“Aw - there’s my girl!” Her father held out his arms to her. “I was wondering if you’d ever get around to us.”

“I was just talking shop with the boys, Daddy,” she said, giving her father a kiss on the cheek. “You know I wouldn’t miss a chance to see you, especially here at Mr. Johnson’s retirement party.”

“I should hope not,” Mr. Johnson said. The elderly man could easily play the role of the grandfather complete with the kind eyes and white hair. “Besides, I hear you’re taking my office next week with your big promotion. I just hope you give me enough time to get my fishing rod off the wall, before you start putting up new curtains.” He gave her a wink to show he was only jesting.

“Are you kidding? You’re too late. I stole your big old pole and I’m keeping it all for me.” Desiree enjoyed the double entendre, flirting with the older man. It was all harmless fun.

“Well, if that’s the case, perhaps I could show you how to use it,” a new voice added. Desiree didn’t recognize the younger man standing next to Mr. Johnson. He extended a hand toward Desiree. “Hello - I’m Jason Johnson.” He patted the older Johnson on the arm. “Granddad here, had his fishing gear all ready for me, but -” He shrugged. “I guess you beat me to it.”

Smiling cheerfully, Desiree looked at him. Jason shared his grandfather’s sweet, bright green eyes. She was slightly fazed with how calmly they remained fixed onto her soft brown irises. She had heard of this Jason guy - scuttle butt around the office was that he was the next mover-and-shaker with a reputation for fixing troubled projects and turning them around. Desiree had actually been surprised, along with most of her coworkers that she had been selected over him for the promotion. She had assumed that he had some personality flaw or annoying tic. Or, perhaps Daddy had “helped” the outcome in her favor. She was certain the office rumor mill loved to grind on that possibility.

“Hopefully, I can do as capable a job as your grandfather,” she replied. She took Jason’s hand. His grip was firm - not some macho hand crusher, but a solid squeeze and shake. He was cute, smoothly filling out his dark suit.

“I don’t know - the way Grandpa talks it up, he invented half of the tricks in this trade.” Jason released her hand. “But let’s not talk business. Could I get you a drink - a cup of coffee perhaps?”

“It seems like this is the first time a guy has asked me that, instead of the other way around.” Her line was delivered with a smile. As one of the few female executives here, she knew she had to fight for every advantage she could get.

Jason chuckled. “Should I ask how you’ll take your coffee? With sugar?” His eyes glittered, and for a moment - just a moment, the kindness vanished. “Or cream?” Those green eyes became hard chips of jade.

The sudden change caused Desiree’s breath catch in her throat. However, she was able to laugh it off and recover her composure on the next beat. “Oh, I always enjoy a good shot of rich cream.” Her brown eyed gaze challenged him.

“Cream it is, then.” He turned, walking away without a second glance. A couple minutes later, he returned with two steaming cups. He held one out to her. “Here - just for you.”

“You are too kind.” Desiree took a sip. “Mmm - I should steal you away for my team - I could use someone who knows how to serve a good coffee.”

Jason let out a rich, throaty laugh. “Are you sure you’d want me working under you?” He peered at her over his drink. “Don’t you have other positions that I could fill better?”

A buzzing noise interrupted their banter. Nearly a dozen hands went to their nearest pockets or closest hips. Desiree’s fingers slipped into her purse as Jason pulled out his corporate phone to look at it. “Ah, it’s me.” he said. He tapped some buttons. He waved the phone at the senior Johnson. “Bet you won’t miss having to check this bugger every 5 minutes, huh, Grandpa?”

Everyone chuckled - except Desiree. She opened her purse and rummaged around. Her own phone was missing. She thought back to the last few places she had been with her phone. Shit. The bathroom - she remembered getting a text message while fixing her makeup before her grand entrance. She must have left it in there.

“Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” she said. She weaved her way back through the crowd. She walked right past the main bathroom on the lower floor. That one was for the common people. She had come in through the kitchen and, instead, had used her father’s master bathroom upstairs. Her skirt bounced along her thighs as she climbed up the stairs. She knew if any of the party goers looked up, they would catch a glimpse of her narrow silk panties. The idea gave her a thrill and she slowed down her pace, just in case.

Desiree stepped into her father’s bedroom and detoured around the large bed. She glanced about the bathroom, biting her bottom lip. She remembered reading the message, then washing her hands. She peered at the floor - had it fallen from the counter?

“Hmm.” No sign of it. She wondered if it had slipped out of her purse somewhere along the way. She started to make her way back to the party to backtrack her steps from earlier. Her whole life was in that pesky thing - from contacts to calendar and even her private health information. When was the last time she copied her address book and schedule out of there? What a pain.

“Desiree?” Jason’s voice came through the open door. She stood inside the master bath, looking out across the bed. He stood at the entrance of the room, looking in at her there standing by herself.

Desiree felt a sly grin spread across her face. “So do you always follow women into bedrooms?”

Jason held up a phone. “Only when I’m returning lost smartphones.” He gestured it at her like he might be selling it on television. “Sorry - I figured this must be yours when you rushed away so fast. I found it on the stairs.”

“Oh.” Desiree blushed. She gave Jason a look up and down. She was relieved about the phone and its handsome rescuer. A naughty notion ran through her mind. She relaxed, sitting down on her father’s bed, crossing her legs, and allowed one foot to waggle at him slightly. With the position and motion of her legs like that, the long inches of her creamy toned calves and thighs would entice Jason to her great advantage. Jason’s eyes moved to her legs. He didn’t disguise the fact that he was looking, unlike other men. She could almost feel his eyes, sliding down to her legs and back up again without hurry. Her thighs actually started to rub against each other, as if his gaze was a physical force. “So, do you plan on giving it to me?” She playfully tilted her head at him.

He took a step forward, and then inched toward her as she spoke. She placed her hands behind her on the bed, leaning her chin and relaxed neck slightly back. Her breasts pushed up against the fabric of her blouse. “Perhaps we can discuss one of those positions I could offer you.” Her voice grew sultry.

Jason’s lips parted. His sharp, white teeth gleamed. “Are you sure that’s what you really want, Desiree?” The way he pronounced her name made her shiver. “I’d hate for you to regret anything that I do in here. We wouldn’t want you running to Daddy afterwards, would we?”

Desiree’s eyes narrowed. “I’m a big girl,” she said. She uncrossed her legs, and then crossed them back the other way. A little fun, a little making out, and then she would leave him and rejoin the party. Maybe later, see him on a real date and decide then if she would give it up.

Her panties grew warm as she looked at him. Her nipples crinkled.

Jason shrugged. “I guess you are.” He stepped into her father’s room.

With three quick strides, he was at the bed. He took her by the hand, lifting her into his arms. “I should mention I’ve wanted to do this from the first moment I saw you,” he said.

“Meet me in my father’s bedroom?” She teased him with a hand on his chest.

“No. This.” He kissed her. It was not the expected gentle peck on the lips, not the chaste timid first kiss of new lovers, but the deep soul-searing kiss of possession. The hand on his chest clutched at his shirt and tie. Her toes actually curled as he wrapped his arms around her, crushing her to his chest. And those lips - oh, God! They were soft, hard and sweet all at once.

Desiree pulled her hand from in between their bodies, putting it on the back of his neck. His hands slid down her body. There was no hesitation or shyness as he palmed her ass cheeks, pulling her against him.

She felt him. His hardness dented her, even through his slacks, her skirt and her panties. It homed in, right onto her slit. He ground it against her. The friction was both tantalized and frustrated her. “You feel so toned,” he told her. “I like a woman who keeps in shape for me.”

“Oh, really?” she breathed back. She looked up at him, pushing her hips playfully forward. “How do you know it wasn’t for someone else?”

“Because they’re not here, and I am.” He kissed her again, all but lifting her off the ground. That thickness pressed against her again, seeking a way through the layers. Her toes left the ground for a moment as he pulled her squarely against his erection. The sudden image of his manhood bursting through his zipper, ripping through her dress and plowing into her pussy jumped through her mind. She could feel her body preparing itself at just the thought. It wasn’t unlike her tummy getting the rumbles and feeling warmer in anticipation before she would eat a nice meal.

He pulled back, their lips parting with a light pop. “If we’re going to keep doing this, perhaps you should close the door.” He turned her in his arms, holding her and supporting her from behind.

She looked over her shoulder; the bedroom door was wide open. The music from the retirement party drifted inside, mingling with the buzz of conversation. She shivered at the thought of someone coming up and catching them. A delicious, wicked thrill of someone witnessing her - Miss Young and New Executive making out with some guy she had hardly met 15 minutes ago like a horny teenager in her parent’s bedroom.

“Go close the door,” he murmured in her ear, nibbling on the lobe, “And I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.”

She turned to him, and this time, she kissed him. “I fully expect you to,” she told him. She pictured herself, on the bed, him on his knees pleasing her. It would be the perfect way to take the edge off before she went back to the party - and insure his loyalty to her as the company bid farewell to his elder relative.

She moved away from him, hips swaying. She could feel his eyes on her backside as it moved to and fro. She almost laughed at the mental image of him kissing this ass of hers.

Oh, yes - she was going to enjoy herself.

She pushed the edge of the door to the jamb. The door snicked as it closed. She turned around, leaning against it. “Now what are you going to do?” She ran her tongue against her bottom lip.

His eyes narrowed. The kind, sweet eyes vanished, replaced by hard lumps of shiny jade ice. “Wrong question.” His voice roughened. “What YOU’RE going to do is come here.”

She arched an eyebrow. “And if I don’t?” Something had changed. The air seemed to crackle between the two of them. Behind her, the music drifted on. Changing, becoming faster. Perhaps someone had requested a dance number. The wooden door vibrated lightly with the beat.

His hand went to his waist. His belt hissed as it freed from the loops. He held it, folded it in half, his hands loosely holding each end. “You will, Desiree.” His gaze bore into her. Through her, as if she was nothing now.

The belt cracked on itself as he jerked it taunt with two fists, as if he were stretching a handlebar. Desiree jumped in surprise. “Over here. Now.” He didn’t shout, didn’t raise his voice - but the iron in his words had her feet moving before she knew it. She crossed the room to him.

“Or what?” Her voice quavered a little, but she looked up at him in defiance. “What are you going to do? Spank me?”

He flicked his wrist, and the belt swung behind her. With his other hand he caught it as it snaked around her trim waist. It pulled her to him. “I’ll do whatever I need to,” he growled. Holding the belt ends in one hand, his other hand went to the back of her head.

He seized a first full of hair. “Ow, wait you-” she started, silenced as he kissed her savagely.

Her lips parted instantly as he possessed her mouth. His tongue slid across hers, rolling about her mouth. He uncaringly tasted her. She couldn’t believe the rudeness. He pulled on the belt, pressing her closer to him.

His hardness pressed against her thigh. Desiree’s hands came up against his chest to push him away. This was too fast - too soon. Instead, he squeezed her hair harder. Tendrils of pain shot through her scalp. “NNmmph!” she protested into his mouth. The effort made her gasp for air through her nose. The belt slid down to her hips where it would control her escape attempts and he pulled on the belt from behind her. Her breasts pushed against his chest even though she was resisting.

“Nice,” he groaned around her mouth. “Soft lips, trim little body - I am going to enjoy what you have for me, Desiree.”

He sucked on her tongue, making her moan. His hand slid up the back of her panties, the fabric warm against the skin of her ass. Between the fist in her hair and the belt around her, Desiree was trapped; only able to move where he wanted her to go.

Jason pushed her away. The belt hung loose at his side, swinging like a snake ready to strike. “Take off your skirt,” he ordered.

“What?” Desiree’s mind floated in place adrift. The kisses, the sudden change, his taste - everything disoriented her. Her words perked up in her mind again. “What? No - I hardly kno-”

His hand shot out. Fingers like an iron clamp closed on her left nipple. Desiree gasped. She started to reach for the hand. Jason’s fingers turned slightly. Sharp pain shot up and into her breast. “Ow! Ow!” she cried.

“Hands down,” he barked.

Desiree obeyed, whimpering. He loomed over her. “I didn’t tell you to argue.” He turned his hand a fraction of an inch. Desiree’s knees buckled. “I told you to REMOVE your skirt.” He released her nipple. Desiree clutched her teeth together as the sensitive nub refilled with hot blood. Her breast throbbed. Jason’s eyes bored into hers. “Now.”

He didn’t raise his voice, but Desiree flinched as if she had been struck.He’s insane, a voice in the back of her head howled at her. He’s some kind of sick freak! Just get out of here, before things really get out of control.

But there was something else. The pounding beat in her pussy that matched the loud thumping of her heart in her chest and throat. No - she was supposed to be in control here. She got to say “Yes” and “No” and “When”, just like with all of the other men she had taken on her own terms and for her own amusement.

Only this wasn’t her safe bedroom in her cozy apartment. This was upstairs in her father’s house, at a party, in dad’s room, with this man who hurt her, and - gripped that belt so tight in his fist. Her eyes fixed on the belt, then looked to Jason’s face as if to plead for the kindness to return. There was no pity to be found there.

“No!” She didn’t shout, for fear that someone downstairs would hear. “You can’t tell me what to do -”

Jason didn’t say a word. He seized her by the hair, shoving her head against the bed. She flailed her arms helplessly as he held her down with one hand. In this position, her ass stuck in the air, her skirt rising so high she hardly felt it covering her legs. Jason flipped it up the rest of the way. “Hey - Oh!” She protested, struggling. “What are you - Stop! Stop!” “No!” His hand pulled her panties down to her knees. Cool air drifted over her bare ass. She had the sudden horrified thought of someone opening the door, seeing her bare ass and winking slit greeting them. Why didn’t she lock the door? Did she sense that something dangerous might happen? So she left it unlocked? Is this what she wanted all along? Why didn’t she lock the door?

“You closed the door, Bitch.” Jason told her, his tone addressing her as if she were an unruly child. The word hit her face. The insult made her face flush. Cool leather drifted along her thighs. Her skin was goose bumps as it slid upwards. “I told you what to do.” Her hair partly covered her face, but through the strands she could see his belt dangling and doubled in his hand. “Next time, you’ll remember to do what you’re told.”

“Wait- please - don’t -”

The belt whistled through the air. Leather met the white skin of her curved rump with a crack. Desiree felt a howl rip from her throat. But before it escaped, she clamped her lips shut, so all that came out was a weak mewl. “I make it simple, Desiree. I tell you what to do... “, the belt came down again. This time it came across her upper thighs. Desiree bucked, fire searing her skin. She muffled her mouth into the mattress, howling in pain. “ ... and you do it.” Again the belt snapped painfully across her ass. “If I say drop your little panties, I expect you to do so.” Crack. “If I say spread, then you spread.” POP. “If I tell you to suck, you say ‘Yes, sir’ and open wide.” PRACK!

Every statement was punctuated by the pitiless strap against her skin. Desiree could have just screamed, and a dozen men and women from downstairs would have rushed to her aid. But she didn’t. She couldn’t be seen like this: shamefully bent over, with her ass open and butt with red welts.

The undeniably telling, weeping and gushing pussy would ruin her reputation.

Her clit throbbed. Her breasts ached. It seemed with every strike of the belt, her sex grew wetter to help put out the heat that spread out on her tender cheeks. She felt her hips pressing forward, pressing her drooling pussy against her father’s velvety duvet. She was wiggling from side to side, to avoid the pain, to extinguish the sting; to hide her horribly embarrassing arousal. Or perhaps the pain was simply increasing the pleasure.

Jason pulled up her panties. The thin material felt cool against the throbbing skin of her ass. He brushed her skirt down into place- and Desiree shivered as his large palms caressed her backside. “Stand up,” he said, pulling her back into upright position.

Tears stained her face. They continued to fill her eyes and roll down her cheeks as she trembled, looking up at him. “Let’s try this again, from the beginning. Skirt. Off. Now.”

“OK! Please!” Desiree’s fingers moved before she willed them, moving to her waist. Just as she started to pull them down, Jason grabbed her hair, forcing her back into that humiliating pose. Panties came down to her knees, skirt over, and the belt whipped across her raw ass. She jerked in place, unable to escape his grip. She tried to reach back, to cover her butt like a child would. He simply seized both wrists in one hand, holding them against the small of her back. “It is: Yes, sir!” he snapped at her. The belt cracked again. And again.

Panties up, skirt flipped back down, and she was standing before him again. Her eyes darted warily to the belt. “Now, Desiree - skirt off.”

“Yes, sir.” The words tumbled from her mouth like dropped coins. She undid her skirt. The fabric whispered on its way down her legs to pool at her ankles.

Jason shook his head. “No. Pull the skirt back up.”

“But you said -”

His hand gripped her erect left nipple again. This time he pulled it out before cruelly twisting. She actually covered her mouth with her hands to keep the screech from escaping out. “You’re going to figure it out, Desiree. Now, pull your skirt up.”

He released her.

What the hell are you doing? that voice in the back of her mind screamed at her. Get the fuck out! Tell him to fuck himself and call for help- for anybody! For your father, for the cops! -

Desiree knelt down, lifted her skirt back into position. She knew she could leave. But she didn’t want to. She couldn’t say why. She felt helpless to do anything, except what this strange man had ordered. The raw fear made her feel alive.

“Look at me.” Her eyes snapped back to his face. “Listen. Can you hear the music?”

She could. Barely, it was little more than regular deep thrumming beats. Her racing heart slowed, as if matching them.

Jason sat at the edge of the bed. Not as if he was a guest in the room, but as if he owned it, like he owned everything inside of it - including Desiree.

“Skirt off. Slowly. Desiree, listen to the music.”

“You want me to strip dance for you?” He shot up. “No - no, sir - “ Too late. Again she was bent over the bed. Her abused ass felt the lash of the belt again. Her reddened thighs flinched again as he renewed the angry red patterns on her skin.

Then, as if nothing had happened, he was back on the bed, and she stood, sniffling. “I told you what to do,” he said calmly. “Now, do it.”

Desiree Obeyed. “Yes, sir.” She listened to the music; let her hips sway from side to side. She felt along the waist edges of her skirt. Her fingers were sliding under the lining of the band.

His hungry eyes watched her as she slid it down. Slowly and teasingly. For a moment, she felt power again, but only because he had allowed it. She had no illusions that if she erred, if she rebelled, she would feel the belt again.

She could leave, she knew. He wouldn’t stop her. Yet she stayed, even as she quailed each time footsteps crossed the hall outside. What if her father opened the door, to behold his eldest daughter stripping for her coworker like a cheap whore?

Her hands slid between her thighs. Her fingers dragged along her skin. Her panties were so soaked now droplets of her own heavy syrup. It glistened on her thighs. The skirt drifted down. Down. Down. She caressed her own calves. She lifted one foot, and extending a long leg into the air, she peeled the skirt off. Slowly swaying, she proceeded to the other leg. She was watching him, as he carefully watched her. She repeated the actions with her panties. The damp fabric falling to the ground with a heavy plop.

“Hands behind your back”, Jason barked.

Desiree felt herself obeying. It was easy. All she had to do is as he told her, and everything was alright.

“Spread your legs, sweetling.”

Her face was burning as much as her abused butt, as she spread her trembling legs. She felt her swollen sopping lips parting, peeking out under the neatly trimmed pussy hair against the cool air.

Jason’s hand slid up her thighs, cupping her mound. His middle finger slid along this private opening to her body, her natural lubrication welcoming it instantly. He slid his hand up, his finger stroking all the way up her groove. “Very nice, Desiree,” he told her. He pulled her closer by her cunt as if it was a delicate handle. He was exploring her as if he had just purchased her. He was sliding this way, then that, then around, then lightly over her clit. He was using three fingers, two on either side of her lips, the middle finger down the center.

The pain on her backside was both intensified and soothed by the rush of pleasure. He kept alternating his touch, until he found a pattern that had her hips hunching down into his hand. She was being played like an instrument. “You love that, don’t you, pet?” he asked her. His other hand delicately stroked her thigh. Her skin had become so sensitive she felt like she could feel the ridges of his fingertips against her.

“Beautiful and soaked, just like you should be.” Jason’s finger buzzed against her clit. It was a warm human probe.

“AAOhh!”, Desiree’s mouth opened with a breathy moan fleeing her lips.

“Is this what makes that pretty pussy feel good?”, Jason asked.

“Yes,” she gasped. His hand smacked against her ass, through her panties. “Yes, sir!” she quickly amended, jumping forward. “But - higher - please - Sir-”

He accommodated her. “Ah - like this.” His fingers strummed, just the way she liked it. “I like seeing you feel good.” He leaned forward. Lips on her throat. His mouth sucked on her neck. She knew she should worry about Jason leaving a mark on her, where everyone could see, but she simply tilted her head back to give him access to the hollow of her throat. “Lift up and down,” he ordered. “As if you were beingfucked.”

The vulgar word jolted her. Her legs flexed up and down over her tiptoes, as if she were humping a phantom dick. His middle finger tip teased her vestibule, rimming the edge, along the entrance to her fertile tunnel. “Mmm - you’re juices are so rich. It feels like summer honey. This is as thick as you’ll ever be, no? I can’t wait to fill this with my dick.”

Desiree froze. Her mouth opened to speak, to protest, to say something at this lewd suggestion. Just then, Jason’s finger slid along the inside of her pussy, right up her tight, slick canal. Her mouth opened as his thick digit bent and spread her walls apart, his thumb rubbing tight circles on her clit as he finger fucked her. As her clit buzzed with excitement, she barely noticed Jason probing and tracing the outer softness around her cervix. His fingertips were petting the surface of her cervix as if he were memorizing the shape. Her hands gripped his shoulders. “Oh - yes - uh - uh - feels good - finger fuck me, Sir - I’m so close -”

“Take off your blouse and bra!”

Her trembling fingers made undoing the buttons difficult, but she hastened to obey. “No - do it right!” He lifted her by the hair. When her hands went to her head, his hand smacked each breast - first the right, then the left, then the right again. He let her go. “Slowly. I want to feel every second as you expose yourself to me. You are a beautiful woman and you need to treat yourself so, Desiree.” His wolfish smile melted her. “And I want to enjoy you.” His hand slipped down to her panties, through the crotch, inside of her again. Desiree moaned. “And you will enjoy me.”

“Yes, sir.” This time, she went slower. She turned for him in time with the faint music downstairs. She teased her fingers in between the placket front of her blouse as she slowly undid each button. His eyes drank in the beauty of her skin as she exposed herself to him. She had almost wanted to giggle and say that he had gotten to third base before second, but the finger inside and the thumb outside of her juicy snatch kept any comedy just out of her reach. She peeled off the blouse, reaching back to pull apart the hook of her bra.

The cups fell, and she paused. It was silly - he had finger up her cunt, and she was afraid of exposing herself to him. She straightened, letting the cups fall. Now all she wore were her strappy heels and her gold earrings.

Jason lifted her, laying her on the bed. He kissed her, fingers in her slit mirroring his tongue in her mouth. She greedily sucked at his lips, panting into his mouth. “I’m going to taste these wonderful tits of yours,” he told her. His mouth descended on her right nipple.

“Oh - hm - suck me - yes - hard, sir!” He did as she asked. His tongue swirled around her nipple as his lips closed around it. He pulled his head back, gloriously stretching it. He ran the flat of his tongue against the bottom of the sensitive bud, and then scraping it along the roof of his mouth.

Desiree lay in a daze. His finger fucked. His mouth moving to pay homage to the other nipple. The sore nipple he had abused just a few minutes ago. It felt like a lifetime ago since she started obeying the orders of this man. But here she laid naked and open, spread out in obedience to his body. Crying out as he bit and sucked and loved her breasts. Her legs. Her pussy.

He stood, his steady eyes pinning her to the mattress. He started to undress. Desiree’s mouth ran dry as she watched him. She should get up, get her clothes, and go with what little remained of her dignity. She should flee to the bathroom and lock the door. Scream or cry or beg or anything.

She did none of these things, merely lay there, panting for breath. Her thighs squirmed as she watched him. Jacket and shirt tossed onto the floor. He was lean, smooth, not an excess inch of flab. His shoes were kicked off, followed by his socks. His trousers fell to the carpet.

She couldn’t help but stare at the tight black jockeys that bulged at the crotch. He took her by the hand, pulling it to his waist. “Take them off.”

Desiree jerked her hand away from the swollen fabric as if she had been burned. Jason grabbed her wrists, lifting her up. The back of his hand slapped her breasts again. The demeaning sound of her tits being abused was much worse than the pain. Red prints of his hand appeared on her tits. Desiree jerked, any disobedience would be punished. She was reminded again. She would Obey.

“Let’s try again, Desiree.” He let go of her wrists. The tented fabric pressed out at her, pulsing at her. “Take off my shorts.”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered. Her hands felt the elastic, tight against his trim waist. She peeled down the fabric. It caught on his dick, bending it down as she pulled. Lower. His pubic hair started to appear. She could smell him - the light, musky smell of cock.

Lower. His cock flexed down, then slapped upwards, nearly smacking her against the chin. It was long and thick with the tip purple and throbbing. It looked dangerous.

Her eyes drifted down the length to his testicles. Swollen. Full of sperm that she knew was aching to escape. Into her. Those balls looked heavy.

She finished shakily pulling the black fabric off of him. He stood before her, naked and unashamed. He took her hair again, kissing her. Devouring her mouth. His naked cock touched her thigh. The skin so hot it nearly burned. Her legs were closed tightly, as if she might escape this tool from eventually lodging between her legs.

Jason stood. “Kneel.”

“Yes, sir.” Desiree Obeyed. She rested on her knees. From this position, his cock looked even bigger.

He picked up his belt again. Desiree trembled. His dick twitched. A single, clear jewel of pre-cum oozed from the tip, sliding down the length of his shaft.

The belt drifted behind her, brushing her ass. She leaned forward, avoiding the touch of leather on her sensitive cheeks. “Now, Desiree, suck me.”

She wanted to say no. She wanted to Obey. As if to decide for her, the belt quietly slid behind base of her scalp, cradling her neck. Pulling her forward.

She opened her jaw as wide as she could and puckered her lips to create a tight seal, and slid her mouth onto his manhood.

Desiree had only given what she called regulated blowjobs before, noisily sucking and licking at just the head of her partner’s penis after they pleasured her to her satisfaction. She thought she could again use this technique. She let her hand come up to grip and stroke the shaft base with her loose fist as she slurped and faked it. This was how she had avoided uncomfortable gagging and choking. “Hands behind you back, Miss Phone-it-in.” Jason snapped. “You’re not cheating your way through your oral interview.”

She glared up at him. Her defiance was short lived as he pulled on the belt, pulled her head towards him. She tried to turn his dick to her cheek, but the guiding belt behind her directed the action the way he wanted it.

His cock slid against the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but the hands guiding the leather strap kept her from moving. Her eyes watered. He was going deeper.

She tried to keep from leaning forward and falling. Big brown eyes looked up at him, pleading.

The belt suddenly disappeared. Only to come back, the tail end cracking on her reddened ass. She jumped, making a muffled cry. This only opened her mouth that much wider just as Jason took one hand to the back of her head, and pulled her to him.

His thickness found her throat, and he pushed inside.

She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t make a noise as his cock stuffed and stretched her throat. The warmth of her gullet surrounded him. His short pubic hairs brushed her nose. Then he pulled back, and sweet air filled her lungs. And forward again. He was violating her as if she was simply a tool for pleasing him.

“Very pleasing, Desiree,” he told her as he raped her face. “You certainly have a knack for cocksucking.” She couldn’t be mad at him. Not when his thrusts were the only thing allowing her to breathe or not keep drowning. “Fondle my testicles - I have something in there that would love to come out and meet you.”

Her hands slid across his balls and fuzzy sack. Carefully she squeezed the weighty orbs inside. Jason felt that his nuts were heavy with wiggling and hot baby-making sperm in her cool cupped hands.

The belt was moved around her throat for a snug fit. Not enough to cut off her air, but effectively collaring her. As if she was a kitten. She was a simple pet for him. He tugged on the belt leash, and Desiree slid her mouth forward. She was so far onto the shaft, if she stuck out her tongue, she could practically lick his balls. He pulled back, and she longingly swirled her tongue around what remained of him for her.

It didn’t dawn on her that he no longer had to force her. He gestured on the leash one way or the other, and Desiree Obeyed. She wanted to stroke herself, to finger herself right now. But she didn’t, because she knew he hadn’t told her to. She wanted him to tell her to. She wanted him to order her to stand or sit or strip or spread or - anything.

Jason pulled his saliva slicked dick from her mouth. It jerked, danced tautly, nearly whapping her in the nose. “Good girl,” he said. He pulled her up by her belt leash, planting his lips on hers. “You almost made me cum when you did that, but there’s something I’d much rather do.”

Jason pulled away from her mouth. “I am going to enjoy fucking you.”

Desiree’s eyes bulged. She squealed as he pushed her back onto the bed. Without ceremony, he lifted up her legs, sliding her knees over his shoulders.

His cock slid along the top of her gash, the gnarled ridge on the underside sliding against her weeping sex. “Jason - waaaaiit - “ Her voice rose as he slid his hardness stroked her soft wetness. “Wait- Sir, please wait- we need a condom.”

“No. We don’t.” he told her. His erection’s length sliding along her clit, making her hips jerk.

“I’m not on the Pill -”

“Yeah, I bet.” he grunted. He kept sliding himself against her. “My, my. Very sticky- someone’s got Grade A pussy juice today, don’t they?” Her sex squealed, her lips rubbing and sucking at his body.

Jason pushed down, nearly folding her in half. She had never felt so vulnerable, so trapped. His cock nudged the opening to her body.

His mouth came down on her left nipple, tongue swirling around the abused bud. She jerked. “I think Desiree’s nipples are extremely sensitive today. Much more so than normal, hmm?” He seemed to be mocking her.

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