Freedom for Melanie

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Sex Story: With the help of her inlaws, a young woman escapes her rapist husband.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Horror   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Petting   Body Modification   .

My younger brother, Jacob was a piece of work. He grew up as a juvenile delinquent, stealing cars and robbing housewives in our neighborhood. He soon found out that stealing cars was not as exciting as robbing women.

Melanie was married to Jacob. She was 5'6" of beauty. From the very first time that Jacob brought her to one of our family's get together, I was attracted to her. And who wouldn't be? She was a trim one hundred thirty five pounds. She could have been a Victoria's Secret model to look at her. She had short blue-black hair that was cut in a pixie style, and displayed her long porcelain neck. She always had a smile on her face, at least whenever I saw her. And it was all I could do not to show too much interest in this beauty.

Jacob caught on to our mutual attraction and took steps to flaunt it. He did what he could to humiliate Melanie when the family got together and also he became very possessive of her. He never left her, and if he had to go somewhere, he took her with him. He fondled her as he was socializing with us, especially if I was there. He was to the point of reaching into her blouse to fondle her tits in front of us. She stood there ashamed as he grinned and groped her. When anyone said anything to him, he just got more abusive to Melanie.

I held my temper, but just barely, whenever he was near. His attitude was just wrong and I couldn't guess what made her marry a guy like Jacob.

Things started to unravel when Jacob pulled Melanie's tit out of her dress for us all to see. A couple of guys took issue with Jacob's idea of fun and games. He ended up taking Melanie with him and left the party.

After that altercation Jacob only came to our get-togethers by himself. Whenever he was asked where Melanie was he would always say that she was off visiting her family. I don't know about the rest of the family and friends, but I didn't believe him since he never let Melanie out of his sight, previously.

I tried to stay out of the situation, since I felt that I was too invested to justify sticking my nose in his affairs. After a number of missed parties by Melanie I started to get concerned. I was contemplating getting some outside help to check on Melanie's welfare when I received a DVD in the mail. It was in a blank shipping container with no postage on it, so I knew that it was locally stuffed into my mail box by some local person.

I popped the DVD into my player to see the scene open up before me. It was a shot of a nude woman tied to a St. Andrew's cross taken from the back. As the camera moved into the room, it slowly rotated around the trussed female form with a deprivation hood strapped onto her gagged head. Although I have never seen Melanie nude, I immediately thought that it was her on that cross. There was a dildo taped to her crotch and the sound picked up its muffled buzz as the video panned the bound form, zooming in and out, displaying the victim's private body parts.

The video changed to show the same woman laid out on a stretching table. She was screaming as her bound ankles and wrists were being stretched by some unknown antagonist. The video faded again to show the nude woman set in wooden stocks. Her head and wrists were bound to a vertical stock, while her thighs were bound to a horizontal stock. She was still nude but bent at the waist at 90 degrees, with her butt the prominent target. The camera zoomed to her hanging tits as it panned back and around to reveal her exposed butt and pussy. The loud crack of a spanking switch reported as the device was evident on the screen striking the ripe ass that was displayed. A muffled scream accompanied the strike. The video played on, illustrating nipple torture as well as clit clamping and about any deviant thing that one could think of to inflict on this bound slave.

Jacob's Story

My adventures just sort of escalated from one thing to another. Stealing was fun. Stealing from women by breaking into their homes was even more fun. At first I snuck into their homes when they were away. But one day I was surprised by a woman being at home. I thought she might recognize me and report me to the police, so I hit on an idea to keep her quiet. Sexual humiliation. I discovered that torturing her was much more to my liking than merely taking her money. If I raped her and degraded her in every way possible she would be so ashamed to have her husband and neighbors hear about it that she would not report me.

Soon I made this part of my routine. I found that sexually blackmailing women was more fun than breaking into their homes when they were away.

None of the women I targeted ever reported their episodes with me. Yes, I said episodes. You see I almost always came back to rob them again, sometimes for over a period of a month. Naturally I would continue to rape and humiliate them on each visit. I took photos and videos that showed the women having orgasms with me.

Their husbands never found out because the women were too ashamed to tell them. I developed a method that proved perfect for my new hobby. I would stalk them and attack as they were entering their house, usually holding a bag of groceries. Of course I wore a mask and otherwise camouflaged my appearance. This was so effective that most of my victims didn't have a clue as to my identity when I attacked them

My favorite activity for the captured women was to hang them by their wrists in the garage, naked. I thought that I would find much excitement watching a husband witness his own wife's debasement as he returned from work. The first time that I did it was after I spent most of the day abusing the naked housewife. I dragged her all over the house and mercilessly fucked her in every room. Every time I raped her, the wife was begging me to let her go and not let her husband find out. That just spurred me on more and I continued to fuck her until I was exhausted. I was looking for a way to perform my final humiliation on the hapless housewife when I thought of a final degradation. Even though I was exhausted, I still found the energy to fuck the woman one more time as she hung helplessly in the garage.

I really wanted to see the expression on the husband's face as he came home and entered the garage. But of course I also wanted to see the expression on the young woman's face as she watched her husband's reaction. So I set up two micro cameras – one aimed at her face and another aimed at the husband's face as he approached to within ten feet of her. These would transmit their images by radio to a recording device I had hidden in a nearby accessible location.

I soon discovered that the threat of the humiliation was much worse to the women than the actual execution of the deed. All of the raping in the neighborhood was silenced by my threats of exposure and the victim's idea of the photos and videos I had. And I became addicted to the power that I felt dominating the submissive women.

In due course I decided it would be fun to try out some of these same techniques on my wife Melanie.


The woman in the video I had just watched had bruises and whip marks over her body. I prayed that it wasn't Melanie.

I made up my mind to check up on Melanie's welfare and developed a plan to get Jacob out of the house. I had a friend call Jacob and offer him a trip to Las Vegas in exchange for which he only had to sit on a panel at a downtown advertising agency and help evaluate some consumer products. It was a slam dunk and he accepted the opportunity immediately. My friend set up the meeting of the panel right away.

As soon as Jacob had left for the downtown advertising agency, I made my way over to his house and snooped around to find nothing incriminating by looking into his windows. Most of them were covered on the inside to prevent someone from looking in. I was getting nowhere until I spotted a baseball in the neighbor's yard. I got it and threw through one of the basement windows. This enabled me to unlock the window and enter Jacob's house, through the basement window.

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