Marie Seduces My Wife

by billinhr

Copyright© 2011 by billinhr

Sex Story: True story about the time a female co-worker of mine seduced my wife. It was the first time my wife had ever had sex with a woman.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Swinging   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

I first met Donna in the Spring of 2001. We were both living in different Southern cities at the time, about 130 miles apart, and we both had an ad on the same dating web site. She evidently liked what I had written in my ad as she responded to it one day in late April. I liked her introductory note and replied to her and we began emailing, instant messaging and talking on the phone. I learned that she was an RN and had spent most of her career in either the OR or ER, working in the OR at that point. She was 48 and I was 56 at this time and was working in Human Resources Management for a manufacturing company.

We quickly realized that we had an unusual connection with each other, often ending each others sentences, etc. We just sort of seemed to be on the same wave length. After about 3 weeks, I proposed that I come down one Saturday and we spend the day together. She agreed so that next Saturday, I drove down and met her in person for the first time. She was absolutely adorable. Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, 5'2", 36 B perky tits, nice curve to her ass and lovely legs. I was, by contrast, 6'2", about 190 lbs with grey hair and blue eyes.

We really did hit it off and spent the day going to the botanical gardens and wandering around there and then out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner that evening. We had a great time together and enjoyed each others company a lot. I gave her a chaste kiss before leaving late that evening and driving back home.

During the days that followed, we spoke often on the phone and agreed that we really did enjoy each others company and wanted to see more of each other. She then proposed that she come to my place that Friday and spend the weekend with me. Of course I readily agreed.

She drove up after work on Friday and I had booked a dinner cruise for us on a riverboat. After dinner and a few drinks, we were feeling very mellow and spent time wandering around the deck, pausing in dark places to make out. Kissing, groping each other intimately, dry humping - just generally getting worked up and hot. On the way back to my place, I drove with one hand and fondled her tits and rubbed her pussy through her slacks while she was fondling my rock hard cock.

When we got back to my apartment, we started stripping as soon as we got in the door and by the time we hit the bed we were both naked and all over each other. I was finger fucking her soaking wet pussy while french kissing her and then kissing and licking and sucking on her tits as she was stroking my cock. It was then that I learned how easily she could cum as she started cumming not very long after I started finger fucking her. We twisted around and I got on top of her in a 69 and started eating her pussy, licking and sucking and tongue fucking her wet, juicy pussy. She was eagerly licking and sucking my rock hard 6 inch cock and she was damn good at it, as well as very enthusiastic. In no time, she was cumming over and over as I ate her pussy and, to my surprise she started squirting, as well. I readily and eagerly drank her girl cum as she filled my mouth with it.

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and I spun around and got between her legs. I drove my cock into her wonderfully tight pussy, fucking her hard and fast and deep. She wrapped her legs around my back and locked her ankles together and she was fucking back against me and cumming almost continuously and screaming out her joy with each cum. Finally, I couldn't hold back and, as she urged me to cum in her pussy, I lost it and started shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her tight pussy, filling her full. By then we were both exhausted and it wan't long before we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I was up before her and had made a pot of coffee and was drinking my first cup when I heard her stirring around. She came in, still totally nude, got a cup of coffee and snuggled up to me on the sofa. It didn't take long before we were both at each other again and this time I fucked her as she was bent over the arm of the sofa. I loved the feel of her tight pussy around my cock and really liked the fact that she was so vocal during sex as well, begging to be fucked harder, crying out as she was cumming, urging me to cum in her pussy.

After that first weekend together, we spent most weekends either at my place or hers. The sex was incredible and we also shared our pasts with each other. I admitted that I loved fucking other women and had fucked somewhere around 60 or so women over the years. She also admitted to me that she totally loved fucking and had fucked in the neighborhood of 70 to 80 different men. After 2 or 3 drinks, if she was the least bit attracted to the man, it was no trouble at all for him to get her to bed. I also discovered she was an outrageous flirt and an exhibitionist as well. She often was nude around the apartment and more often than not she never wore a bra when we went out. She favored loose, low cut tops and enjoyed leaning forward or bending over and letting men look down her top at her bare tits. I have to admit that it amused me to watch her flirting and seeing other men looking at her bare tits. It also was a little bit arousing as well, knowing she was mine and that other men were attracted to her.

We got married in the summer of 2002. Then, in early 2003, I took a job with a big box retailer and we moved to the Atlanta area. In the spring of 2005, they transferred me to a new store that was just opening in Northwest Alabama. Being an RN, Donna never had trouble finding work when we moved.

During the Summer of '05, we bought a web cam. Initially we got it so Donna could cam with her daughter and see and chat with her and her grand kids. But, it wasn't long before I stumbled across an adult web cam site. We quickly got into that big time and enjoyed going on cam, either together or singly, and being watched masturbating and watching others masturbating. Donna really got off knowing other men, in particular, would jack off watching her as she finger fucked her pussy or fucked her pussy with a dildo and and she adored seeing them shoot their cum, knowing it was her they were cumming for.

Somewhere around April of '06, I discovered that Donna had been visiting several different dating sites on line. I finally asked her point blank one evening if she was unhappy with me as her husband. She replied that no, that I totally satisfied her sexually and that she was still totally in love with me and had no desire to leave me. Then, bluntly, she said: "I'll be honest with you, I miss fucking strange men. I miss that sexual rush I get knowing a man I've just met is going to fuck me. I miss making out with a strange man, of seeing his hard cock for the first time, of tasting it and feeling a strange cock entering my pussy for the first time. And the thrill I get from cumming over and over on his - hopefully long and thick - cock and then finally hearing him groan as he slams his cock deep in my pussy and I feel it twitching as he shoots his hot cum deep in my pussy."

I sat there somewhat dumbfounded for a bit but also feeling a twinge of arousal. I finally asked her did she really want to fuck different men and she said yes. So, I told her, being honest as well, that I would totally enjoy watching other men fuck her and I had no problem with that or with her going out with other men as long as I could fuck other women when the chance presented itself. She agreed and admitted that she would get a thrill from seeing me fucking another woman. So I suggested we put together an ad and post it on an adult swingers web site and she thought that was a good idea.

I took some pictures of her wearing black lingerie with little red bows on the bra and panties, thigh high black fishnet hose with little red bows at the top and wearing her black, open toed, 4 inch stiletto heels. The pictures included her taking off her bra and finally taking off her panties, spreading her legs, still wearing the fishnet hose and high heels, and showing off her bare pussy. We posted our ad and the pictures and in it we were blunt. We mentioned that we were a happily married couple who were seeking other men to fuck my wife while I watched.

Well, we got far more responses than we had anticipated but she finally settled on a guy for her first who was 15 years younger than her. While she was now 54, she could, and did, easily pass for a woman in her late 40s. Thus began our journey in this alternative lifestyle. I was hooked from the very beginning. The sexual thrill I got from seeing a man we had just recently met take her in his arms was indescribable. Watching his lips capturing hers, seeing glimpses of their tongues dueling in each others mouths. Watching as his hands caress her body through her clothes, squeezing her lovely ass, caressing her tits.

Watching as he undresses her, exposing her naked body to his gaze, his hands caressing her breasts before dipping his head down and capturing them with his lips as his fingers move between her legs to explore her pussy and hearing her moans of pleasure as he does so. Seeing him strip his clothes off and watching as my wife fondles his hard cock before going down and licking it all over and then opening her mouth and taking him inside, her lips spreading around his cock. Hearing his groans as she orally worships his cock and then takes him all the way into her mouth, deep throating him.

Then, seeing my wife laying on her back and spreading her legs as her lover slips between them, her taking his cock in her hand and rubbing the head of it up and down her pussy lips before pushing it into her pussy. His cock head entering her, her labia spreading open around his cock as he pushes into into her welcoming pussy. Her gasps of joy as he enters her all the way, her arms going around his neck as she pulls his face down to hers and kisses him, her legs wrapping around his waist. Hearing them both gasping and moaning with pleasure, watching my wife's face as it contorts with pleasure as she cums over and over on his cock. Begging him to fuck her harder and watching as he complies with her desires. Pounding his cock into her soaking wet pussy harder and harder until at last they both scream out as they cum together, his cock shooting his cum deep inside my wife's pussy. Watching as he pulls his cock, slick with his cum and her pussy cream, out of her pussy.

My wife laying there with her legs spread open, a slight smile on her face which is covered by a sheen of perspiration, her hair in disarray and matted with her sweat. Seeing the rosy red sexual flush still glowing on her neck and upper chest. Her nipples puffy and distended. Her labia still swollen with her arousal and a dark red in color from the pounding her just gave her. His cum slowly oozing out of her cunt and dripping down across her ass hole, joining her juices which already soaked the bed. Smelling the heady, intoxicating, aroma of sweat, cum and pussy juices. Being unable to contain my lust any longer, climbing between her legs and shoving my cock into her pussy filled with his creamy cum. Fucking her, loving the feel of her slick pussy but unable to last long and crying out as I add my cum to his inside her pussy. Seeing her with a lover has never once failed to excite me and provide me with wonderful sexual fulfillment.

If the man was not homophobic, I would join in and often suck his cock as he was making out with Donna or Donna and I would jointly suck his cock. After he'd fucked her, I would suck his cock clean and then go down and eat his cum and her pussy juices out of her cunt. One guy, John, was very bi and he and I would make out and suck each others cocks. Sometimes he would fuck me and while he was, Donna would play with my cock.

Over the course of the next several months, she fucked a number of different men. We also met with a few couples and she got to watch me fucking other women. Also, she had a co-worker who was in the process of getting divorced and had confessed to Donna one evening at how horny she was but that she was afraid to go out with other men for fear her soon to be ex would use that against her in the divorce proceedings. So Donna offered to let me fuck her and that way no one would find out. Her friend was surprised at the offer but took her up on it. So, Donna invited her to our place one evening and let me fuck her while Donna watched and fucked herself with a dildo as I was fucking her friend. Her friend hinted strongly that she would not object to having sex with Donna as well but Donna told her that, while she was flattered, she was not bi and had never had a desire to have sex with another woman.

About 10 months after we started in this lifestyle, I was sitting out behind the store one day in a little picnic area we had back there nestled in a tree shaded area and one of our Associates, Marie, came out and joined me. Marie was 44 at that time and had brown hair with a reddish hue to it, nice tits (which I later learned she was a 36C), good looking ass and nice legs. She and I had become pretty good friends and I had helped her out on a couple of occasions on some issues she was having with one of the other managers and also a couple of personal issues. She asked me could she ask me a personal question and I said sure. Well, she shocked the hell out of me when she told me she was bi and had an ad on an adult swingers web site. She said that while browsing around on there the night before she came across what she thought was our ad as she had met Donna several times and thought she recognized her in our ad. I sort of stammered but finally admitted that it was our ad.

She told me that she had been sexually attracted to Donna the first time she met her and wanted to know could she have sex with Donna. I told her that Donna was very definitely not bi and had never indicated in any way a willingness to have sex with another woman. Marie said she took that as a challenge and she asked me could I set up some way for her to come over to our house and see if she couldn't seduce Donna. Further, she said that if I did, and if she was successful, she had absolutely no problems with me watching her having sex with Donna and that, in fact, the prospect of me watching her having sex with Donna was making her pussy throb and get wet. As a further inducement, she also told me she was more than willing to let me fuck her as well. I admitted to her that I always had thought she was sexy as hell and that I had often fantasized about seeing Donna with another woman and I agreed to see what I could set up.

On the way home that evening, I happened to remember that Donna had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to re-do our master bath, repaint it and add some shelving. So, that evening, I casually asked if she still wanted to re-do the bathroom and she said yes. So, I suggested that we invite Marie over to dinner one evening and have Donna show her what she wanted done and get Marie's suggestions. Donna easily remembered that, when we first moved to the area and were having the interior repainted before moving in, it was Marie who came up with just the exact color of paint that Donna was looking for so she readily agreed to have her help.

So, 3 nights later, we had Marie over for dinner. They both hit if off very well and were soon laughing and giggling and sharing ideas on re-doing the bath, etc. That started a period where Marie was often at our home. She either came over for dinner or would come over and we'd watch movies, etc. Booze flowed freely during all of these meetings so we were often a merry group. I noticed that Marie took every opportunity she got to brush against Donna, kiss her on the cheek, give her a hug or a peck on the lips and that Donna, far from being upset, would hug and give her a peck back.

One evening we were all feeling no pain and, discussing which movie to watch, I suggested we put in the porn classic "The Devil In Miss Jones." The girls, giggling, readily agreed. When the sex scenes really got into full swing, I said to hell with it and stood up and stripped and sat back down on the sofa, slowly stroking my hard cock. Donna and Marie just stared at me and then at each other. Marie just shrugged and said, "Why not?" as she stood up and stripped and sat back in the easy chair with her legs spread and started stroking her pussy with her fingers. Donna was next to me on the sofa and she stripped as well and spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I reached over and knocked her hand away and started finger fucking her pussy, using two fingers to fuck in and out of her pussy. I glanced over at Marie and she had 3 fingers fucking in and out of her pussy. It didn't take long before Donna was cumming on my fingers, moaning and gasping and crying out that she was cumming over and over. The sight of Donna cumming pushed Marie over the edge and she, too, started really finger fucking her pussy hard and fast and crying out as she was cumming as well.

I was totally into lust at that point, and I dropped down between Donna's legs and put her legs over my shoulders and buried my face between her thighs - kissing, licking and sucking her pussy. Spreading her pussy open with my fingers, I attacked her clit and she immediately started cumming again and this time she started squirting as well, covering my face with her girl cum. She finally pushed my head away and I sat back up on the sofa. Marie looked over at us and said, "Is it my turn for him to eat my pussy now?" Donna giggled and said sure.

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