The Training Process

by Gospodin

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

BDSM Story: A high-priced celebrity kidnapper and slave trainer demonstrates his techniques to a much-admired customer. In monologue, he explains the secret to his success: a duplication device that allows him to copy anything or anyone he desires. But what of his feelings for the domme he is selling flesh to?

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Celebrity   Science Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Torture   Slow   .

Many of the men in my profession successfully train the girls they kidnap, but few ever manage to actually break them. The standard techniques work: keep her drugged and asleep for a few weeks, then use her confused waking mind to assert a new situation and rebuild her assumptions. You can make an obedient servant that way, but a true slave has to want to obey more than anything else. Brainwashing works, but it doesn't stick for long. To break a girl, you need to re-work the incentives in her life completely.

My technique uses despair, primarily. I go for the big name bitches, the celebrities and heartthrobs. I grab the supermodels and the star actresses and the chart-topping singer-songwriter-dancer types. I fish for the big ones, partly because they bring in the greatest possible revenue for me, but mostly because I love to break them.

The blonde in the cage has a lot of fight in her, you'll notice. Her wrists are cuffed behind her back, she's naked as a jaybird, and she's in a cage used as a coffee-table. She has to beg for a bedpan, as well as any food or water she'll be eating or drinking. I always make her work for it, but still she has that fire in her eye.

You see, she's convinced that she's special. The whole world has told her so, and of course she knows I kidnapped her because of it. She knows every red-blooded heterosexual male wants to do to her what I'm doing now, and she's waiting for every last one of them to break down my door. She has money, and money hires people. She believes in the manhunt that must be scouring every inch of this state to track us down.

Let's chain her upright in a sitting position on the padded surface atop the cage-table. You can fit her ankles through these holes and lock them shut like that, and I'll attach her wrists to the back of the thing. I'll show you the device, and she can watch.

That looks like an expensive watch. You only have the one, right? Great, put it in that coffin there, and slide the door closed. Now we slide the other closed, drop the divider, and power it on. Yeah, it uses 220V so I had to get extra wiring put in.

Et voila! A perfect duplicate, atom by atom and quark by quark. It is in fact the original watch itself, existing in two places at once. From now on, time can affect each one independently. Smash this one, and that one will keep on ticking.

Look at her, she's interested, don't you think? Hard to tell with the scold's bridle covering her nose and mouth, but I think she's kind of stunned that her kidnapper would have such an amazing device. Or maybe she wants to know how the trick is performed!

Go and turn on the television. I'm going to have a little fun with her while we watch. God I always love the dancers' bodies! They're so beautiful, but can take such a beating!

Here, you take the tawse and have some more fun with her tits. The interview is nearly on. I hear they're going to show some more footage from her recent tour. You truly are amazing with that. I need to practice more!

Let's get out of the shot. I want to film her reaction when she sees herself on television, She's not willing to admit it to herself, but she knows the reason why she doesn't remember this interview. She knows she was kidnapped before she could go on that tour. She knows the truth, but there's still a chance it's all a trick. Oh that was too much to hope for, but she made for some fantastic movie magic just now!

Wheel in that other coffin there, would you? This is the critical moment.

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