by Dr Lotto

Copyright© 2011 by Dr Lotto

Erotica Sex Story: I know how you feel...on the other end of the screen as I type this fantasy...fucking wild fantasy. My words working your brain, bringing out the animal in you. I have fantasies too...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   .

I know how you feel ... on the other end of the screen as I type this fantasy ... fucking wild fantasy. My words working your brain, bringing out the animal in you. I have fantasies too ... about you and me. I see us together. You in your office, sitting in your chair, dressed in a suit on a hot day. I knock and open the door. I'm wearing a white shirt with no bra, my nipples visually pointed and a pair of very tight skinny jeans. My brown hair pulled back in a ponytail swished to the side, sexy pink lipstick and smoky purple eye shadow with intense dark black eye liner. I strut in, high heels clicking on the floor.

"Fuck," you smile, "You're sexy."

I stand in front of you, your blue eyes sweep over my curves as you unbutton my shirt. You grab my breasts, squeeze them hard, flick my nipples, rub them with your thumbs .3

"Mmmmmm that feels good."

"I heard you've been a naughty girl, what sort of punishment should I give you?"

"Whatever you like Sir," I smile.

You undo my jeans, pull them down to my thighs and rub your hands over my silk pink panties. Your large fingers tickle between my thighs and pull my panties down. You lick your lips at the sight of my lush pussy.

"Now bend over bitch," you command in a sexy harsh voice.

I bend over, my white rounded ass in the air, raising your hand you slap it hard.

Whack! the sound echoes around the room and I moan.

The sharp pain arouses me, Whack! again.

"More Sir!" I beg.

Another slap harder this time, I can feel my ass going red and it aches. You slap it several more times then push your middle finger up my crack while your thumb teases my slit.

"Oh baby I want your cock in me," I moan.

"Not yet my pet you must learn to be patient."

You pull your finger in and out of my crack and then go to work on my hot pussy. Insert your middle and index finger lightly inside, running them up and down my slight, following the wet line. I wriggle, wanting a lot more. I want to thrust but as soon as I do you slap my ass again.

"Stay still."

Then you thrust your fingers deeply inside me, I moan loudly.

"Mmmmm oh yes!"

With your other hand you grab my enlarged my clit hood and start flicking and rubbing it.I feel myself getting hotter and wetter. Your fingers massage my pussy walls then push into my G-spot, thrusting them harder and faster.

"Oh God!" I groan resisting the urge to move, you tap the area with your fingernails making me want to cum.

Pulling your long large fingers out you spread my wetness to my clit. Grabbing the hood you rub and pull at it, then press it hard finding my sensitive bead of a clit. I lean down and kiss you passionately; you kiss me down my neck to my breasts. Suck my aching tits which are now very hard, you lightly bite them. You slip your middle finger back into my ass crack and your thumb into my pussy, thrusting both at the same time.

"Oh Sir I really want to CUM!"

"No baby doll, not yet but you can thrust now."

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