Bob Takes Over

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2011 by SW MO Hermit

Erotica Sex Story: A young man leaves home for the Navy. While there he embraces a different outlook on love and life. Follow his life as he leaves the service,builds a harem and becomes successful in his life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Ok, I admit it. I am a very lucky man, lucky in many ways. I like to believe intelligence, education and good planning have enhanced much of my luck however. Of course being willing to push the envelope helps also. I grew up on a small farm where I learned early the importance of work, planning and attention to detail. My grandparents operated the farm as their sole source of income but my parents both worked for the postal service and farmed as a sideline. At first as I grew I wanted to be a full time farmer, then as I went farther in school I read history and decided I wanted to be a naval officer. Accounts of past battles by the USS CONSTITUTION, Admiral Dewey, the great naval battles of the two world wars intrigued me. To a lesser degree I was intrigued by the Revolutionary war, WWI and WWII land battles. I admired the Army Officers that had won them also.

The year after I graduated high school I began building my cattle herd on the old home place while I attended college. It was at that point that real life raised it's ugly head. Our country was embroiled in a little "police action" called Viet Nam and I found I had lost in the draft lottery. Back then they drew numbers corresponding to your birth date and the lower the number the faster you would be drafted into the armed forces. Of course since that was a land war guess where most of the draftees went? Oh hell yeah-the Army and Marines.

Unfortunately I had become way too fond of sitting in the Student Union and playing spades or shooting pool. This resulted in grades poor enough that I could not get a student draft deferment. I decided I would enlist in the Navy, which I did just after my first year of college was over. This, of course, removed me from consideration for the draft but it was not a step toward my goal of becoming a Naval Officer. At least I was in the navy however, a not entirely bad thing.

Now while at home during high school and my first year of college I had made several close male friends but had very few dates. To my ever-lasting shame I went into the Navy still a virgin. I was great at working and learning (when I put my mind to it). I had proven that by graduating in the top ten percent of my high school class. Hell I had won a full ride scholarship to college that I threw away by not going to class and not studying.

When I entered the navy I had aptitude scores high enough I was selected for training in electronics. I did well and was advanced in rank very rapidly. I made more friends on the ship to which I was posted and they helped me lose that pesky cherry rapidly. They taught me how to drink and how to please the ladies-or at least how to talk the ladies into my bed. The ladies made sure I learned how to please them and I was an avid learner.

One other thing I did in the navy. I saved money. A lot of what I saved was from my salary but I also joined a group that was engaged in an activity that was a little contra regulation. We operated what was called a "slush fund". This was basically a loan shark operation. To the best of my knowledge we did not engage in the strong-arm tactics most loan sharks used to collect bad debts but that does not mean we didn't have to persuade delinquent borrowers in another manner. Some of our principles were high-ranking enlisted men and when they let a debtor know they had better pay right now they tended to do so. The navy still paid in cash back in those days so our collectors would stand near the end of the pay line and collect. In many cases those who paid off the loan on payday would borrow again the next day. Hell we didn't care. We loved repeat business.

We were generous in our terms. We were on a two-week pay cycle. No matter when during that time you borrowed money it was due on payday. We loaned at 50% interest. I.e. if you borrowed ten dollars you owed fifteen dollars on payday. As you can see that could become very lucrative for us very rapidly.

During the ten-month cruise we took to Viet Nam our little group of seven managed to make a killing. I do not know how much money some of the guys made because we all shared equally based on what we had put into the kitty when we opened the little business. I know I personally put $300 into the pot for use and when we returned to the USA I was given my share of profits that totaled just under $7000.00

As luck would have it I made an intelligent, no a brilliant decision when my ship returned to the states. I remembered some of what I had learned in the first year of college. I also had overheard some of the officers talking about stocks and remembered some of what they said. I wandered into a brokerage office just after we returned to the states and put a little over $9000 into the stock of one company. At the time no one had told me not to put all your investment eggs into one basket. Now for the luck. That day the broker was trying to sell stock in a new start up retail operation and had a lot of it to unload. I ended up buying 1000 shares of Wal Mart.

I still had a large nest egg in my bank so when I left the brokerage I returned to the ship and my life of drinking, fucking and having fun until I was discharged from the navy. This was in the early 1970's and the Hippie Drug Culture was still running pretty rampant in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was stationed. I never got into drugs-oh sure I did smoke a little weed but didn't ever take any of the "hard" stuff. What I did do was learn that women were to fuck, to take care of men and do their bidding. The men I ran around with looked at women as sex objects pure and simple. They for the most part did not care at all about anything but fucking their women. You shared women if you had one or you "borrowed" a friend's woman if you didn't have one of your own with you at the time. Only if you were serious about your woman or when you married did you not share her. Oh, sure some of the men shared their wives but it was more of a 'trade' basis then. If you didn't have a wife to trade then you were out of luck with that crowd.

Before I was discharged I went to many parties in the Bay Area and they all were sexual in nature. People back in the Midwest would call them orgies. Two in particular have stayed in my mind for years. At the first one a friend took me and a couple other men we worked with to his girlfriends house. There were supposed to be friends of his girlfriend there. Unfortunately when we arrived the only women there were his 22-year-old girlfriend and her 41-year-old mother and her mother's boyfriend.

Needless to say my friends and I were slightly upset there were no girls for us but the party was not a total bust. We had all the free beer and hard liquor we wanted to drink. There was also the obligatory Mary Jane for those who wanted it. As the night wore on we became more and more "mellow" as we said at the time. We became more and more horny too because we were watching the mother and daughter get felt up, kissed and displayed by their men. By the time we were all wasted neither of the "ladies" had any panties on and both their tops were unbuttoned showing off their beautiful braless breasts.

My friends and I wanted to return to the ship but we were so drunk we couldn't even walk down the stairs to my truck. We let "momma' talk us into crashing on her living room floor. (I don't know if I ever did know that woman's name. We just called her Momma or Mom.)

We were so out of it we just stripped down like we would to go to bed on the ship-down to our skivvies. I remember lying there with my boner sticking out of my fly and looking up at "momma's" pussy as she stood beside where I was laying. She told me where blankets were if I got cold. Then she asked where Pete and her daughter were. My other friends and I got really worried and I said, "I don't know. I think he said they were going out to get something."

"Momma" looked around then saw her daughter's bedroom door was closed. She smiled down at us and walked to the door. She threw the door all the way open and we saw Pete between her daughter's legs laying pipe. He was grunting and groaning and the daughter was moaning and clawing at his back as she thrust her hips up to meet his downward lunges.

Pete didn't even miss a stroke as Momma said, "Oh, there you are kids. I'm going to bed now. Be sure the doors are locked and the lights off when you go to sleep." She smiled at me and winked as she walked past me. I was lying on the couch horny as hell and hoping things might quiet down enough I could beat off before I went to sleep. I watched Mom's beautiful ass wiggle as she walked into her bedroom.

Momma left her daughter's bedroom door and her own opened so we could see inside. We watched as Momma's man ate her out then fucked her. After he had finished he dressed and left Momma's bedroom. He stood and visited with us in the living room while we each enjoyed another drink then he left. He said he had to get to work early the next morning. As he was leaving he turned back and I still remember how scared and how surprised I felt when he said, "I didn't have time to completely fuck her out. If you boys want some prime pussy why don't you go in and fuck the slut."

We sat and looked at each other for a moment then Harley Crider, a big happy go lucky guy from Nebraska grinned and got up. He started walking toward Momma's room as he said, "Hell you don't have to tell me twice. You guys coming?" His boner had fallen through the opening in his boxer shorts and was leading the way.

The other two guys and I looked at each other then without saying a word we, too, rose and followed Harley into the bedroom. We were almost at the door when we watched him push his shorts down and crawl into the bed between Momma's still splayed thighs. She did not say a word. When she saw us she smiled then turned her head to look at Harley and raised her arms toward him.

Harley slid his cock into her cunt and they began fucking while one of the other guys guided his cock into her mouth. My other friend and I were standing watching, playing with our steel hard cocks while we waited our turn. We both jumped when Momma's daughter came into the room. Once again, I can remember what she said as if it was happening as I relate this tale. She said, "Damn it Mother why are you hogging all the men? Pete's worn out and I still need some dick." She rubbed her glistening cunt and continued, "Well, are you guys going to stand here and watch Mom get fucked or are you going to come with me and get fucked?"

Of course we turned and followed her back to her bedroom. Pete sat and watched as the two of us used his girlfriend then he took another turn. The three of us spent the rest of the night fucking her. The second time I fucked her I did something I had no idea was even possible. Pete was lying on his back and she was on him cowgirl. She had leaned forward so her nipples were grazing his chest as she rocked back and forth on him. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Well, don't you want some of this ass?"

I didn't even say anything I just moved toward her and began rubbing my cock around her cunt. I found out later she thought I was getting it wet to take her anally. In my naiveté I did not even consider she wanted me in her ass as she had invited. I thought she wanted two dicks in her cunt and that is what she got. When I thought my cock was wet enough I put one hand on her hip and continued to use the other to guide my cock to her cunt. I pressed and she grunted. I pressed again, harder and felt a little lurch and a tightness that was almost painful. That young woman screamed and tried to lurch away from me. I held her and fed more cock into her sliding next to Pete's. A couple more lurches and I was fully seated inside her and we held still a moment for her to get used to the feeling of two cocks in her cunt.

She began moaning and rocking her hips back and forth once more. Pete and I began thrusting. Very, very shortly it was feeling REAL good. I had never been in as tight a hole as that one was stuffed with two dicks. I felt her cunt begin to pulsate and she screamed and slammed back against me a time or two. I came. I mean it felt like my whole insides came out the tip of my cock it was so intense. She lunged back against me and I lost my balance, falling back from her. My last squirt or two landed on her ass cheeks. She sat up and continued to thrust downward on Pete. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tightly against him as he slammed his hips upward. I watched his balls draw up and contract repeatedly as his load shot into her still pulsating cunt.

With a sigh and a giggle she looked over her shoulder at me then relaxed against Pete's chest. Shortly thereafter she rolled to the side and lay, legs splayed, cunt gaping open as our combined seed drained from her and ran down her ass cheeks to puddle on her bed. Pete looked up at me and grinned. He said, "Damn Clyde (for some reason that was my nick name in the navy-I suppose because I came from a rural area) why the hell did ya stick it in her cunt? Most normal people get a little brown eye when it's offered." Then he laughed and continued, "But I gotta admit I'd never done that before and it was tight. Definitely gotta do it again sometime."

During the rest of the night we changed rooms so we each fucked both the women several times. Finally as dawn was breaking we drifted off to sleep sprawled in a tangle of legs and bare flesh in whatever bed we happened to be in at the time. We spent the whole weekend in that apartment and I don't remember how many different women we screwed. The girls we thought that were going to be there Friday night began arriving in early afternoon Saturday and we had a constant orgy until late Sunday when we had to return to the ship. Since I was the one with the truck I did have to make a food and booze run a time or two. We ordered pizza in once and the women paid for the pizza with pussy! SWEET!

The other memorable time in California some of my friends and I decided to go to Reno and get rich. Like most military men we gambled a lot on the ship and thought we were good. Well, thankfully I insisted we each put $20.00 in the glove box of my truck to pay for fuel to get back to the ship. That is the only way we managed to get out of town. We also paid for our motel room when we arrived or we would have been in a world of hurt. We ate supper Friday evening and hit the casinos. By midnight we were broke and all headed back to our room where we finished off the hot beer we had left in our ice chest.

The next morning we dejectedly got into the truck without breakfast. We had no lunch. We finally got to Walnut Creek California and one of the guys with us-good ole Harley in fact said, "Hey, I know a woman that lives here in town. Let's see if she can feed us before we get back to the ship." Harley directed me to her house and we all jumped out of the truck. He didn't even knock on the door. He just slammed open her front door and walked into her living room.

As he entered he yelled, "Hey. Where are you?" By then he was opening a door into what I saw was a bedroom. A really chunky gal came running out of the kitchen and up to Harley. She had one tit hanging out of her top with a baby attached to it. She gave Harley a kiss and stepped back looking at us.

Harley looked at her and said, "We been in Reno all weekend and we're broke. We've not eaten since last night. Go to town and get us some burgers."

The woman (I can't remember her name to save my life) looked at us and said, "Sure Honey. Can I wait until the baby goes to sleep?"

Harley said, "Yeah, but bring us some beer while we wait."

She smiled and ran back into the kitchen and returned with beer for all of us. By the time the baby went to sleep we had each drank a couple or three of her beers. She put the baby into a crib in her bedroom, came into the living room and kissed Harley then left for burgers.

When she was gone we all began questioning Harley. We knew he always danced with the pretty women at the bars when we first got there but he always changed to the fat or homely ones about midnight. When he left with a woman it was always a chunky, homely or fat one. I don't remember who asked Harley about the woman we were visiting but I know I was the one that asked, "How can you treat her that way?"

Harley laughed and said, "Hell guys that's why I go home with the Ugly ones. Pussy is Pussy and since I'm not going to marry any of the sluts I go with the Ugly ones. They're easier than the pretty ones. They are so desperate for a man they will put up with a load of shit just to be able to say they have a boyfriend. I can fuck them whenever I want and get them to do almost anything I want. When I get sick of them I can move on to another pig. Most of the time I don't even have to spend my own money on them. They pay for our food, beer and movies just so they can say they and their boyfriend went out or something."

About that time Harley's woman rushed back in with the burgers. I still remember her almost trembling as she stood beside him. She said, "Honey I didn't know how many burgers you wanted so I got you each two and an order of fries. I'm sorry I didn't have enough money for drinks but I still have some beer left.

Harley just took the sack of food from her and pulled his two burgers and fries from it. He handed it back to her and she rushed to the rest of us passing out the food. After we all got our sandwiches she sat on the footstool in front of the couch. She had on a dress and we could see she didn't have any panties on. She only had one burger and she ate as if she was starved. When she finished she was watching the rest of us as we finished. I felt as if she was still hungry and gave her almost all my fries. She started to protest and I told her I wasn't hungry any more and she should eat them so they didn't go to waste. She dove into them like a starving dog.

Harley finished his food and stood up. He walked to the bedroom door and turned to look back at us. He said, "Come on." Then turned and went into the bedroom. He was taking his clothes off as she scuttled into the room behind him. She started to close the door and Harley told her to leave it opened.

"Oh, please Harley, I don't want them to see..."

Harley laughed and said, "Hell, they've all seen a woman get fucked before. Now leave the door open and get on over here."

We couldn't see the action because of the way the room was arranged. From were we were sitting all we could see was Harley laying between her legs and thrusting into her. They were both moaning and groaning. The bed was squeaking and the headboard was thumping against the wall. Finally Harley slammed into her and groaned out his climax.

We all heard some talking and whispering then we heard the woman say, "No Harley, please don't do that."

Harley said something else to her then got up from the bed. He walked into the living room still naked. His now soft cock was swinging back and forth glistening with their juices. He bent near the bedroom door and picked up her dress. He wiped his cock clean and came on into the room. He picked up his unfinished beer and said, "If you guys want some of that go get it."

We all looked at each other then finally one of the men looked at the door. She was still on her back in bed with her legs still pulled up and spread. He licked his lips and said, "Hell, it's been a while since I got any. Guess I'll take some."

That broke the dam and before we left that evening we had all fucked the poor woman at least twice. Her bed was a mess. I swear the wet spot was three feet in diameter and her pussy was a swamp. She had cum so many times she couldn't move. She just lay there and moaned as we fucked her. I think she may have even slept through some of the sex.

The next morning and throughout the week I felt terrible about how we had treated that young mother. I could see her going hungry since she had said she didn't have enough money to buy any more food for us that night. I even asked Harley about it. He said he didn't know anything about her finances but that he thought she had a job somewhere. Finally I asked some of the guys if they thought we shouldn't take up a collection and at least pay her for the food. They all laughed at me.

I couldn't take it any longer. I was invited to another weekend fuck fest with the guys but I told them I had made other plans. Harley was going with them and when I asked if he wasn't going to see his woman in Walnut Creek he laughed and said, "Hell no. I only go there when I can't get pussy anywhere else. We're going back to Pete's girlfriends house this weekend and you know those bitches are a hell of a lot better looking than she is."

Pete looked up at me as I turned to leave and said, "Yeah, Clyde. If ya get bored with your weekend why don't ya come on over too? You know what the weekends are like over there. There will be plenty of food, booze and pussy. Mom got paid today so she'll have plenty of bread to get things."

After I left the ship (back then we got off at noon on Friday) I went to my bank and took $200.00 from my account. I drove up to Walnut Creek that evening. It took me a while but I finally found the woman's house. I was lucky. She was home when I knocked on the door. She looked tired, worn down and scared when she opened the door. She just looked at me, not saying a word.

I said, "I'm Bob. I was here last weekend with Harley and a bunch of guys."

She stood looking at me a moment then said, "Oh, yeah." She stepped back from the door and held it opened. I walked into the room and just stood. She looked at me and said nothing. I noticed she wouldn't look me in the eyes.

Finally I broke the silence. I said, "I heard you say Sunday evening that you had spent all your money on the burgers you bought us. Look, I was really, really hungry and I really appreciated it. I'm sorry for the way Harley did you too. Look, I know it's not much but I wanted to pay for our meal and the beer we drank. I handed her the ten $20's and started to leave.

She slowly took the money from my hand. I could see tears in the corner of her eyes. She said, "Thank you. I didn't have much to eat all week. I spent almost all I had left on food for my baby. I got paid Friday and I bought some food but I had to use a lot of my pay for rent and utilities. This will really help."

When I started to walk out the door she reached for my arm and said, "Will you stay a while? I still have some beer if you want."

I tried to tell her I had to go but she looked so sad I finally agreed to stay and have a beer with her. While we were drinking and I was trying to figure something out to say we heard the baby crying. She jumped up and went into her bedroom. She walked back into the living room naked to the waist and nursing the baby. I watched her other nipple leak little drops of milk that ran down the swell of her breast and onto her abdomen.

As the baby nursed, first on one tit then the other we talked. I watched as her neck and upper chest began to turn crimson. She was sitting on one end of the couch and I was on the other. She turned to face me and drew one leg up onto the couch. I could see her bare shaved beaver, as she had no panties on.

She looked into my eyes and smiled then glanced down at my crotch. She had seen me rearrange things a time or two already. She said, "Nursing always makes me so horny. I haven't been laid since you guys were here Sunday..."

When the baby finished she changed him burped him and took him back into the bedroom. She came back into the living room and I gasped. She was completely naked. My cock became so hard it hurt as it got bound up in my pants. I adjusted things and watched her walk up to me. She didn't say anything and neither did I. She reached her hand out and I took it. I allowed her to lead me back into her bedroom where I spent the rest of the evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning fucking my ass off.

Yeah, she was chunky (NOT fat) but I think for pure raw unadulterated sex she was the best I had up to that point in my life. She wanted to please me and she was HORNY. I left totally drained mid afternoon Sunday and never returned. I felt a little guilty about the way we treated her but I did try to make things right by taking her some money. Back then the $200.00 I took her was half of my monthly take home pay so what I gave her did hurt me a little.

A few weeks after the weekend trip to Reno and the gangbang of Harley's latest "Chunky Gal" I was discharged from the Navy. I returned home and immediately enrolled in college where I finished my degree over the course of the next four years. My first year of college before the Navy was almost a total loss so I got a degree and actually had five years of college under my belt.

Somehow in the process of partying hard before I got out of the Navy and going to college I managed to forget about my Wal Mart stock. I had never even given my broker a change of address. Back then no dividends were being paid so there was no tax to worry about. Since the money I used for the stock was from the slush fund and a good night of poker I never missed it either. It was money that I would not have normally had so...

When I returned home I rented a small house near the college I attended. I had resumed operation of the family farm also but stayed in town about forty miles from it. My parents still lived on the farm but they worked in town and didn't want to do any farm work so turned it all over to me. I drove to the farm several times a week to check on the animals and stayed there a lot in the summer to do the fieldwork. The farm income along with my VA Benefits for education allowed me to once again save a nice chunk of change and still enjoy my life.

I reverted to my Navy ways with women as much as I could. The Midwest had a totally different view of sex and partying however and I found it pretty hard to have the kind of sexual, friends with benefits relationship with men and women I had in the Navy. Besides, most of the men I had grown up with were very jealous and protective of their ladies be they wife girlfriend or sister. They were mostly upset with my attitude that women were there for me to fuck. We had a saying Find 'em, Feel 'em, Fuck 'em and Forget 'em while I was in the Navy. We called it the four F's. I subscribed to that philosophy and followed it religiously while I was in the Navy and when I returned home. Most of my friends in college were ex service men like I was.

I liked women, hell I loved women but I didn't love a woman. Sure I had one or two I felt closer to but no one special. I did demand that if a woman was with me we were exclusive unless I gave her to someone else. If I found out one of my women went with someone else she was history. By the beginning of my junior year I had several occasional fucks and two women I was much more attached to.

I had turned all the women I ran around with into my own personal sluts. I did this in many ways. I used the psychology I learned in my classes, money, gifts and my "charm". Whatever worked I used to get my way. Sometimes I even used coercion. The most memorable time I had was when I turned Sandy into my slut. She was such a beautiful, fun loving girl I just had to have her and make her into the type woman I wanted.

When I met Sandy she came up to me. She had dated one of my pre navy friends and knew me slightly. When she saw me in the Union she walked up and began talking, as we had never been separated. I found out she still dated my friend occasionally but they were not an item. He wanted her but she just wasn't sure he was the one for her so she still played the field.

I asked her for a date and began my seduction. If she hadn't been so gorgeous we would never have had more than the one date. All I got that night was a feel of her tits through her top. Normally if I couldn't score the first date, or at least touch bare pussy I didn't ask the girl out again.

Sandy could tell I was angry with her when I took her home. She asked me what the problem was. I said, "Sandy you're a special woman and I really like you but you've played with me tonight. I don't take that shit from anyone. You've really hurt me and caused me a serious discomfort. I'm not sure it's a good idea for us to see each other again. I don't go out with cock teases."

Sandy stood looking at me a moment then she said, "What do you mean Bob? I thought we had a good time and I really enjoyed talking with you."

"Yeah, talking," I said. "You talk and tease me kiss and let me touch your tits then shut me down. You have me bring you home and leave me standing on the front steps with blue balls. I don't go with teases and I sure don't put up with crap like you've dished out tonight. I took you out for a nice meal, to the show and then you dump on me. That's bullshit."

I turned and walked away. When I opened my truck door to get in I glanced back at Sandy. She was standing in her door still watching me. I could see her shoulders shaking. I smiled to myself and drove off. I decided I would give her another chance or two because I really wanted to fuck her young pussy.

The next week I saw her around campus a time or two. She would watch me and smile when I appeared to walk toward her but then I would either veer off or just walk past her without saying anything. Once she started to reach out to touch me. I just looked at her and kept moving. I saw tears in her eyes.

Finally Friday afternoon I was sitting in the Union studying when she walked up to my table slowly, hesitantly. She just stood there and I finally looked up at her. I didn't say anything for several seconds then I said, "What?"

Sandy slowly sat in the chair across from me and said, "Bob I'm sorry. At first I was so angry with you I didn't care if I ever saw or spoke to you again. Tuesday I was studying and Julie came up to me in the library and sat down. She looked at me for a moment then said she saw me out with you last weekend. She told me how lucky I was that you'd let me become one of your women. I have to admit I was so shocked. I asked her what she meant by that and she smiled and winked."

"Oh, don't play innocent with me. You know darn well what I mean. Bob doesn't do many of the sluts around here. If you can get him you're lucky and you know it. If you are one of his special friends he takes care of you and helps if you need it. I know at least six other girls that are his sluts and he has helped all of them with money or other problems they have. I just wanted to say welcome to the club and to tell you if I could help you in any way to let me know."

Bob we talked all afternoon and she called over some of the other women you have. They all explained how well you treat them and..." Sandy blushed then continued, "and they said you were always so good to them and you made sure your friends were nice to them too. I just wanted to say how sorry I am I acted the way I did. Bob could we please, could I please have another chance?"

I leaned back into my chair and stared at Sandy. I really did want her and she had a roommate I would like to nail too. I decided to gracefully give in to her request. I never did let her know I had intended to make another run at her myself or that I had sent Julie to talk with her. After her little discussion I acted like I was doing her a favor.

I said, "Well Sandy. You hurt me a lot last weekend. I just don't think I could go through that again. If we try again you need to realize you owe me. I don't normally let people walk on my heart then continue like nothing happened. I'm willing to give you another chance though but if you blow this one we're over ok?"

Sandy smiled and nodded her head yes. I closed my books, put my study material in my briefcase and stood. I looked at Sandy and said, "Well come on. Let's get this weekend started." I turned and began walking away. As I turned the corner around another table I glanced back at Sandy. She had a shocked look on her face and was just rising from the table. She then hurried to catch up to me and walked beside me to my truck. This time I did not open the door for her or help her into the tall cab. I just walked to the driver's side and got in. I waited impatiently until she was inside and off I drove.

I took her back to my place and began my conversion of this young beauty into another of my sluts. We carried our books into the house and I led her to the living room. I sat her on the couch and sat beside her. I immediately pulled her to me and began kissing her as I slid my hand under her short skirt. She kept her legs tightly together and looked into my eyes with a serious expression. I began digging with my fingers when my hand reached her crotch.

Slowly I felt her legs begin to relax and I began rubbing her crotch. I kissed her occasionally and nibbled on her nipples through her top and bra. I could feel them getting harder and her panties getting damp. I worked until she was panting and thrusting against my fingers. I pulled back and said, "This is crap. Get that damn bra and those damn panties off then sit back down."

I moved away from Sandy and just stared at her. Her eyes were brimming with tears but she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and did that thing all women can do. She removed her bra without ever taking her blouse off. She handed it to me then pulled her skirt up. She raised her hips and I watched as she slid her panties off. She started to put them on the other side of her on the couch when I reached out and said, "Give them to me slut."

Her eyes got large and her mouth opened in silent protest. I said loudly, "NOW." I continued to hold my hand out and she slowly handed me her panties. I smiled and moved them to my nose to get a good whiff of aroused slut. Sandy blushed and looked away from me. I put the bra down and turned her head toward me with my other hand as I continued to hold the panties to my nose.

I said, "Sandy there's nothing that smells better than a horny pussy and nothing that looks better than a naked woman unless it's a naked woman getting the fucking of her life. I intend to enjoy all that with you honey."

Sandy's eyes got larger if possible and she blushed deeper once more. I pulled her to me and began kissing her once again. She was moaning and writhing against me as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm with my fingers. Just before she came I pushed her back and said, "Hey, it's getting late and I'm hungry. Let's go out to eat then finish this."

Sandy moaned and her eyes flashed but she got up to go with me. She reached for her bra and panties but I said, "NO. You don't need those damn things. Now let's go before the crowd gets too large."

I pulled Sandy away from the couch and toward the door. We went to a local pizza parlor for pizza then on to one of my favorite bars. We sat and had a couple of beers and I danced with Sandy a few times. I gave the high sign and a couple of my friends came over. They also took Sandy out onto the dance floor several times. She tried to be careful at first but finally she relaxed and let go. When she would spin and gyrate you could see the black hair on her little pussy and her bare ass cheeks. On the slow dances she began letting us pull her to our hard cocks and raise her skirt to show off her ass.

About 11:00 p.m. I decided it was time to take her back to my house and fuck her. I told her we needed to leave. She wanted to go to the restroom first. While she was gone I told my two friends to come by the house about midnight if they wanted to get laid. Of course they were really enthusiastic and agreed to be there. They knew to just come in without knocking.

When we got back to my house I took Sandy directly to my bedroom and began working her up again. I pushed her back on the bed and crawled up with her. I began kissing her and fondling her nice bits. Before long she began moaning and her hips were thrusting against me. I rolled back from her and stood. She watched as I undressed. I said, "Aren't you going to get naked Sandy?"

Sandy sat and pulled her top over her head then lay back and lifted her hips to slide her skirt off. She laid back and splayed her legs as she watched me. I crawled between her thighs and began eating her pussy. I took my time and worked the lips, her hole and slit. I carefully missed her clit until she was crying out begging me for more. After she pleaded with me a while I slid my tongue up her slit then flicked it over her clit. Sandy screamed and her hips thrust upward. I began gently flicking her clit with my tongue until she had her orgasm. I sucked her clit into my mouth and continued flicking and licking it as her orgasm went on and on. Finally she cried out and pushed at my head trying to push me back she was so tender.

I grinned and lay me head on her mound a moment to allow her to relax. About thirty seconds to a minute later I once again began licking her clit. She rapidly rose to another orgasm and I kept licking until she once again became so tender it hurt and pushed me away. I did that three more times then after her last orgasm I rapidly rose over her, aligned my cock and slammed into her all the way on my first thrust.

Sandy screamed and reached for me as she locked her heels behind my thighs and began thrusting against me. I slammed deeply into her as hard as I could over and over. I didn't care if she came again or not. In fact I really didn't want her to cum this time, I wanted to leave her hanging for the next part of her training.

I felt the cum rising in my balls and I slammed into her once more and released. As soon as I finished draining my balls I rapidly pulled from her. She moaned and thrust her hips up trying to keep me inside her. I rolled to the side and began kissing her as she kept thrusting her hips up. I saw my two friends standing in the bedroom door naked, their cocks standing out proudly.

I kept kissing Sandy as I motioned for them to come into the room. Joe crawled onto the bed and up between Sandy's still splayed legs. She jumped when she felt the bed move and tried to rise. I pulled back from her face a little and said, "Shhh. It's ok Honey. I told Joe and Dale they could come over for a little pussy tonight. You seemed to enjoy dancing with them and got them all horny so I decided you needed to take care of them too. Besides you're my little slut now and you fuck when and who I tell you to. You know you like cock. You need cock and I'll make sure you get it."

Sandy moaned "NOOO" as Joe fed his cock into her drooling cunt. Almost before he was fully seated I noticed her pelvis tilt up to assist in his insertion. When he began thrusting Sandy met him stroke for stroke. Her eyes glazed and she got a sultry look on her face. She turned her head toward me once more and wrapped her arm around my neck. She pulled me to her mouth and we began kissing once more. She turned her head to the side and screamed out, "OH GOD YES! Oh shit this feels so damn good. HARDER please Joe. Pound meeeeee."

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