Getting Greased

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Sex Story: A young couple sets out to swing with their friends.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Interracial   White Couple   Oriental Female   Petting   Size   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   Military   .

We were over at Joe and Liz's house playing double deck Pinochle with Larry, Marti and Hal and Tina. We split up and two of the wives sat one table with their husbands sitting at the second table with the other two wives. It was said that separating the spouses eliminated some friction when a hand didn't go right

Joe, Larry, Hal and I (My name's Eddy) all worked in the same section at a missile site. We had just come down from a week of 24 on, 24 off readiness watching air space over a demilitarized zone across the world.

You would think that we had had enough of each other at our duty station but our wives hadn't. They stayed at home being bored out of their minds. The good news is that at least we got home to them every other day. The bad news is that we were bone weary with the continuous duty the night before. This made us not so frisky when young people like us should be.

Being in the military, we were all stuck with a budget that pre-empted any heavy partying at the nightclubs in town, only going there on special occasions. So we banded together for some fun and games, and it turned into a weekly ritual. The girls, being deprived their date around town, dressed for the occasion, wearing dresses and heels with nylons. They all looked good when we were together with makeup and hair do's to finish the illusion that we were really out on the town.

Each week a different couple would host and we would get together for whatever the theme was that we all picked the week before. Usually, it was a Pinochle tournament that finished up with a few hands of poker. Occasionally we played some slow music and danced with each other's wives. All of us guys spent hours in the Ready Room on the site with this game and we were all almost pros at it. We found out early that we would have to carry the wives as they didn't play at all unless they played with us, so they were pretty happy with the diversion of the poker and dancing at those get-togethers.

About six months of these parties, it started to become the same routine of cards and then more cards or dancing. No one was saying anything but I think that we all were getting bored. The women decided on a different activity to spend our time, board games. We gave that a try and started with Monopoly. It took us all night to play the game and sometimes, it still wasn't finished when we called it quits. Anyone that was eliminated just sat around and waited for the outcome or the time to go home came around. So we tried playing the shorter version and the results were the same. We all could see that the game would have to change. The next week, someone brought a drinking game to the party and we eagerly tried to master that game. But the focus was drinking and we all got drunk. Some of us couldn't make it home and slept over at the host's house. We all got hangovers and decided that a little of that would go a long way, since we all had to work the next day.

The theme was still left at games for the next party and we all went home to contemplate what game would be fun for all of us and keep our interest, while at the party.

The following week we each brought a board game for each of us to try. With an assortment to look over, we were bound to discover something that we could have fun with.

The first game that we tried was an adult game called Tourista. It was played by a couple that was wandering the streets of Mexico, trying to get to the border. As they progressed through the passages, they encountered challenges. Some of the scenes were tame like getting lost, and losing a turn, and progressed up the scale like getting arrested and going to the police station for an interrogation and, most likely sent to jail. On each turn the opposing players became bandits or cops and resided in various parts of the board. Different landing squares immediately sent the victimized tourist into a bandit's lair to be their prisoners for ransom. It was cleverly thought out and it didn't take a genius to see the sexual implications that awaited each player. No one got bored since nobody could be eliminated from the game. And it looked like the game had little chance of producing a winning couple as the passages became increasingly difficult to navigate, the closer that a couple got to the border.

I think that we were all excited at the prospects of playing this game with each other. We made up teams, the same way that we did when we played Pinochle. We started the game with a roll of the dice, there were two die. The dice were contained in a sealed container that was activated with a button. When triggered, the dice would bounce in the cup and display the value on the top of each one. The couple would advance their tokens to the position indicated on the board by the di value. The position that the first couple landed required the pull of a peril card. It read that one of the team would be separated from the other and held in a bandit's lair. The bandit occupying the position drew a bandit's card; this card mandated the activity that the bandit would perform on the hostage. There were three classes of activity levels for the bandits to exercise, ranging from a kiss in the lower class to rape of the hostage in the extreme class. Looking at the range of activity in this game, the women were all very silent as we continued to play, moving our pieces around the board.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the women were shocked about the possibility of rape in this game. Even if it was all in fun, I saw that they were unwilling to play into that extreme. The rest of the guys seemed oblivious to the women's unstated concerns. I called a halt to the game. As I explained my concerns about progressing into this game the women all joined in agreement with me and the game was set aside.

We were all charged up with the unspoken thrill of playing around with each other's spouse that Tourista promised, I know that I was. Like I said, the women were all gorgeous, dressed in their party dresses, showing their stocking legs and high heels.

Hal came up with a rather simple make out game that we all could play. It started off simple and progressed into more risqué activities as the time went on. We all agreed to try it out and the team that was playing at the card table in the living room took their seats. He then instructed the women partners to go around the table and sit in their partner's laps. The two vacant seats were then filled with the other couple teams from the other game table. As we all took our positions around the card table, Hal explained that we could play with or without the table in place. He went on to explain that each couple started out kissing each other on the lips for one minute. The couples would score the kiss from one thru five, and write the score on a piece of paper in front of them. The woman team member would write the score while her male counterpart held her, while she straddled on his knee, with his hands. This seemed like it might be some fun so we all agreed to try a few rounds. Liz ran into the kitchen for a minute timer and returned to start the game.

Liz was my partner; she was Joe's wife and was about five foot six, one hundred thirty pounds, with brown, short hair and "B cup" tits. She was cute and she had fantastic legs and a good figure she set the timer and straddled my knee as we took the first kiss. She was facing the table and had to twist around to perform the deed. I held her tight as we held our position for the required minute, she felt good as I brushed my hands across her breasts as she turned on my knee, Liz turned around to face our judges. Nobody said anything, but wrote our scores on the paper in front of them. And the game progressed; next it was Joe and Marti, she was Larry's wife. We all watched as they took their turn. Marti was the big breasted girl of the group, everyone wanted to get their hands on her bounteous tits, and Joe didn't miss his opportunity when she twisted in his lap. For a minute they were lodged there, lips locked while Joe massaged her big tit. When time was up and Marti faced us I could get an idea of what the group saw when we completed our kiss. Their faces were red and they looked embarrassed from their activity. We scored them and the game progressed to Hal, and my wife, Jo Ann. Jo Ann was the most petite woman of the group and she easily twisted her body while on Hal's lap and kissed him. They also held their position for one minute, Hal freely polished Jo Ann's tits for the minute that they were embraced, and when finished, Jo Ann turned to face us with that familiar blush that we were all sporting after kissing someone other than their spouse. Larry and Tina, Hal's wife quickly engaged in their lip lock and held on for their minute of heaven, and the first round was complete. We all sat at the table with blushed smiles on our faces in anticipation of the round two activities to begin. Hal announced that the next activity was a tongue kiss. The only deviation was that the woman had to twist the opposite direction of the first kiss. That sounded easy enough as Liz turned and landed a lip lock on me, then inserted her tongue into my mouth. Hal interjected that everyone had to see our tongue contact for the entire minute. We were to be judged on creative tongue play. That is the couple that performed the sexiest kiss scored the highest. We restarted our timer and proceeded to tongue each other for the required minute, then faced our judges. We all took our turns tongue kissing each other's spouse, while rubbing their tits for a score. The next activity was even more difficult,

The guys had the toughest part of this round. They had to portray a bra. That's right, an erotic bra that supported their partner's breasts while they were rolling eggs across the table with a spoon in their mouth. Sound easy enough? Let's look at this round carefully. The women are topless and their partner holds their tits in his hands while she tries to corral an egg into a makeshift pen across the table. Her boobs cannot touch the table and upon completion of the task, her nipples must be erect. She has a duty to perform as well; she has to portray a jock. She provides the support of her partner's naked cock and balls in her hands, behind her back while she moves the eggs. The couple corralling a dozen eggs in the best time adds up to five additional points to their score. The male member must be hard when they are finished but if there's evidence that he came during this round, they're disqualified. I was all smiles as I contemplated playing with Joe's wife's tits for a while. I reasoned that the time wouldn't get me off and I had the added pleasure of exploring Liz's smooth tits, while squeezing her nipples during our encounter. We began the rotation and to my dismay, I was hard as a brick, but Liz's nipples needed more stimulation, and we only had a short time to arouse her. I was tweaking her nipples while kissing her neck and extending my kisses up to her ear. Liz was getting into my ministrations now and I was excited as well. She started stroking my dick as I thumbed her hardening nipples, listening to her panting as I goosed and pinched her extending nipples in front of our friends and spouses. When the round finished, Liz proudly showed off her aroused nipples to the group, then turned around and gave me a sound kiss on the lips, as a victory reward. I stood in front of everyone with my hard dick pointing at the card table like a granite appendage. The girls, all giggles, were instructed to remove their panties and hang them on our hard on to use as their banners for the rest of the evening. Of course, we were left all standing as our erections would not falter. Eventually, we were instructed to take our seat for the next round of activities, and our partner took up their seats on our bare knee, straddling it with their crotch. I don't know about the others but Liz was soaking wet as her womanhood rested on my knee. I placed my hands on her knees and raised them under her dress to feel her soft thighs as she squirmed on her perch, I could feel her pussy palpitate on my knee as she continued to leak onto my leg. I continued my journey up her thigh until I reached her junction where I sought out her clitoris for a few strokes with my fingers. As I found it, she reached back and clutched my rampant cock and started stroking me as her breathing increased. We were oblivious to the world as we attempted to bring each other off. When we finally came down from our expedition, I looked around to see that all of the other couples adopted the same ideas as Liz and I.

The next week theme was games again, and this time without underwear. Everyone smiled no doubt with naughty thoughts as we left for our homes.

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