The Friend-3

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Romantic Sex Story: More than a friend is what she needed. Part 3 of a series.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Petting   Leg Fetish   .

We stayed together a couple of years and Louise's recollection of her ordeal seemed to lessen as time progressed. We still slept together and her nightmares diminished into rare occurrences. As we continued our cohabitation, I found that our actions were less friendly and more intimate. We would make out on the sofa or in bed before sleeping. Louise refused me nothing as I was the one that set limits on our activities. Occasionally, I would awaken to her kissing me while she slid her hands all over my body in a gentle caress. I enjoyed it and would join in kissing and feeling her as well. It became more frequent and progressed to her managing my morning wood as she pressed her hot lips to my body.

We were best friends now and she accompanied me everywhere I went. She had her beautiful smile on her face most of the time that we were together. But I could catch her deep in thought with the serious expression of deep contemplation written on her face. Initially I thought that was the memory of her abduction but as time progressed I realized that it was something more. I questioned her about it one day and was surprised at her response.

"Mike, you know that I love you more every day. You have stood up for me and protected me for these past couple of years. You have stood by me and helped me overcome the monsters in my mind that kept trying to devour me in the wickedness that those animals subjected me to. Your friendship transcends anything that I have known. There still is a monster roaming my brain. It is the demon that screams that I am a second class woman, incapable of keeping and satisfying a man. I am an unworthy slut that is only fit for low life scum. I cringe at the thought, and try to bury it, but it will still not go away. I look at my life with you and see the love in your eyes as a friend, but I do not see the look of my soul mate. The one who adores me and makes me his woman in every manner of possession that is possible. I want to be that woman for you; I must be that woman for you! Without you, I am a worthless slut. I'm frustrated that you don't know this and are satisfied just being my friend. A friend should know that a woman needs more than friendship to survive, to be healthy." Louise closed her eyes and held her head in her hands. I knew that she was waiting for my response. I felt as though she was waiting for my rejection of her, my steadfast position that friends don't fuck each other, that I was making a statement that a man and woman could be only friends and not cross that line into intimacy.

I could no longer go there. I adored this woman who wore her heart on her sleeve, professing her love for me and begging me to return the love that she so desperately craved. I would deny her no longer and I took her petite body in my arms, pulling her to me as I kissed her sweet lips. Yes, we had kissed before, even on the lips, but nothing that we ever did before this compared to the rapture that we were engaged in on this occasion. She opened her mouth and I pressed my tongue through her lips, exploring the hot, moist cavity within. We entangled our tongues as we sucked the sweet juices from each other's mouth. As we kissed, I started roaming my hands over her body, unfastening every button that I encountered as I took possession of her young body with my searching hands. Louise pressed her body into my touch as I sought button after button to release and explore further in towards her core. Reaching her bare skin, I fondled her firm breasts as I moved my lips from hers and arrived at her elongated nipple to gently suck it into my hot mouth. She let out a moan as I gently nursed at her throbbing tit, while kneading the soft flesh of her petite bosom. I switched from nipple to nipple, increasing the suction on her trembling boob as I slid my hands to her nether regions, fondling the joint between her soft thighs. Slipping my finger

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