The Friend

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Drama Sex Story: A true friend interceeds to save the day.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Coercion   Wimp Husband   Rough   Group Sex   Black Male   White Male   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Violent   .

A guy that I conversed with quite often mentioned in conversation that a straight guy couldn't have a female friend. All they would want to do was to eventually fuck them. He went on to say that all guys are the same. That we're all wired that way.

As I contemplated his remarks, I thought back over the years of my own life to determine if there was any truth to his convictions.

Had I only been nice to women that I wanted to bed? Had I ever had a relationship with a girl or woman that was platonic? This bothered me for some unknown reason, and I wanted an answer.

Of course, there were people that I was not attracted to both men and women alike. If a person was unkempt or in some way foul, that was a turnoff to me, I was not inclined to be on a friendly term with them. But isn't everybody like that?

Upon thinking it over, I thought that my colleague was wrong. Most of the women that I ever met came and went from my life without being fucked by me. That indicated that I had a pissed poor scoring rate and pissed off most of the women that I met or I have made quite a number of friends that are female?

I even thought of the women that came on to me and blatantly offered up a pleasure ride. How many of them did I decline? Most of them. Were they all dogs? No, but some of them I considered to be my friends.

That brings me to Louise and Natalie. I've known them for years, and yes, they were truly my friends. Yesterday morning, Natalie came to me before work started with tears in her eyes. She looked like she had cried all night. She was totally distraught with her face a crimson blush. She started babbling trying to tell me of her distress, but I couldn't understand her. I got her to slow down and start over, telling me what the problem was.

"It's Jason," she began. "He was playing poker at a crooked table and lost heavily. The gang gave him time to repay his losses, but not much, and after the second week they came over to his house to collect their debt. My husband Jeffery and I were there too as we live in the flat above and often are invited over for dinner. When Jason didn't have the money, he probably should have got the clue when one of the guys with the collector grabbed Louise and gave her a kiss as he groped her tit. She struggled like a rag doll as he held her long enough to show everyone his mastery of my sister."

I expressed my sympathy to Natalie as I put my hand on her thigh. She seemed to welcome the intimate touch and did not push me away. I encouraged her to continue her story.

"They left," Natalie went on, "telling him that he had better pay up next week or they would get into their 'collection mode'. Jason didn't seem to know what was meant by that statement, but I don't think he wanted to find out either. Another week went buy and the gang showed up again while the four of us were having dinner. This time they walked right into Jason's house. Turning to Jason, the leader commented about Jason's toys, that were spread around the room, he was referring to the big screen TV and all of the electronics, and then asked for his money. Jason still didn't have it and without another word, one of the guys with the leader snatched Louise without warning and taped her mouth as she struggled and started to scream. The thug lifted her without any effort and carried her out of the house to the limo waiting outside for them. Louise was carried across the grass with her arms flailing and her legs kicking like an ornery school girl. Natalie said that she made quite a fuss about being loaded into the car until three loud slaps on bare skin resulted in silence."

I tried my best to comfort poor Natalie at this point. I put my arm around her shoulders and said 'that must have been a very hard thing for you to see!"

"About the hardest thing I ever had to witness. I heard the boss tell Jason that they would take care of Louise until either one of them came up with the money plus interest before he left for the limo. Then the other two guys joined them and the car sped away. Jason, my husband and I all stood there stunned as we looked at each other. After some pointed questioning, Jason finally admitted to us that he had a gambling debt that he owed to the gang. It was substantial, and he didn't know how he could repay it."

It was at this point that Natalie broke down, sobbing at the abduction of her sister. It was clear to me that Jason was the odd man out in the house as, under more normal circumstances, Natalie and her husband, Jeffery nearly ignored him.

Natalie went on to relate how two days later, Jason received a DVD in the mail, and how reluctantly, he put the DVD into the player and watched the images unfold on their big screen TV. She continued, telling me how she had cried silently as she watched what she knew was coming shortly.

"As we sat there, the scene opened to show a large, erect black cock, standing like a pole in the middle of a bed. It was difficult to determine the size with nothing on the screen to compare it to, but we all thought that it was massive. It looked long and extra thick as well. The whole screen was filled with this image as the camera slowly moved around it with purpose. The zoom opened up a little as a white female leg stretched across the pole and the ass connected to it hovered over the black monstrosity. A black hand steadied the massive phallus and raked it across the hovering crotch above it as the white pussy tentatively impaled itself on it. As the plumb sized head penetrated the white cunt I remember that I gasped and started crying in earnest now as I recognized my sister's voice in the video. My sister gasped repeatedly as the thick cock plunged its way into the seemingly little pussy perched above it. As the cock seated itself completely, into the clutching cunt her gasping turned into a defeated moan as she sat there, acclimating to this new invader. They watched as two black hands clutched the ass around her hips and started the raising and lowering of that impaled pussy on that dripping wet prick. More sounds of gasping and sighing were heard as the pace was quickening. The sounds were getting louder and louder culminating into moaning and screaming at the rapid pace of insertion that was being witnessed. As the sounds increased, the camera started rotating slowly around to the front of the joined interracial couple to show a shaven crotch that was split by the massive cock that was pummeling her. The black hands slid possessively down the smooth thighs as the woman above was being bucked by the violent strokes. At the same time, the camera zoom opened slowly to reveal Louise's face in a mask of ecstasy as she experienced a massive orgasm. At about the same time, the cock ceased its movement, thoroughly skewered into the little pussy of the petite woman with the assistance of the large black hands as it spewed its boiling cum into her clasping cunt.

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