The Pits

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2011 by StangStar06

Sex Story: Love is the Pits

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   .

Five a.m. approximately an hour before I'd rouse my tired bones from bed, and I felt a stirring on the king-sized mattress next to me. It could have been a snake winding its sinewy body towards my loins, but it wasn't. I tried to think about ice bergs, baseball and 500 lb. 87 year old women with yeast infections; anything to keep my dick from reacting to my beautiful wife's charms. My battle was lost though as soon as those manicured fingernails that I'd spent so much fucking money on touched my legs. My penis started to inflate like a weather balloon.

Okay my will power was not great, so I took the better part of valor. Pretending that I didn't know the bitch was trying to give me a blow job I got out of bed and headed for my morning shower, leaving her dazed and confused in my wake. Outwardly no sign of what I'd missed showed. But inside I was laughing my ass off at the silly bitch's transparent attempt at seduction.

Okay I know you're confused. I just talked about turning down the classic early morning blowjob from a truly beautiful woman didn't I? Something about that just seems crazy, doesn't it? Well don't beat yourself up over it, until a few days ago it would have seemed foreign to me too.

My name is Anthony Blake, my friends call me Tony of course, I'm 5' 10", brown hair and eyes, a little on the slim side, but no one so far has complained about it.

I'm 36 years old so I'm still young enough to start over I guess, but I wonder why I'd want to even think about it.

My wife Jenna has super human skills and abilities. She can disguise her true form and make you think she's something that she isn't. Don't worry she got me too.

You see for the past 6 years I've thought of and saw her as a goddess given human form, but she's actually the most venomous fucking snake, that I've ever run into. Jenna is five feet and nine inches of absolutely unbelievable feminine pulchritude.

I know what you're thinking. No one appeals to everyone. There are guys who like legs, guys who like big tits, guys who like big asses, and so on and so forth. When it comes to Jenna there are only two types of guys, the ones who like her, and the ones who aren't breathing.

Imagine that perfect girl next door face, long pretty blonde hair and big green eyes. The girl you could bring home to mom, but at the same time have your dad green with envy. Can you see her? Now take that girl's head and put it on the body of that porn star Sarah Jay, now you have Jenna. She has it all, the innocent but gorgeous girl next door charm, backed up with a body created just to make men do really stupid things. Her breasts are so large that it looks like she has three heads. Her ass launches boners from fifty yards away, whether it's covered by a skirt, shorts or even long pants. Okay by now some of you are thinking that she's a fatty, nope her waist is only 22 inches. Her body is certifiably incredible. And up until a few days ago I thought it was all mine. I was also stupid enough to believe that I had her heart was as well.

Let's go back to Tuesday of last week so I can bring you up to speed. You're going to hate me when I tell you this but I don't do shit for a living. I grew up in California. Right now you're thinking I'm some rich kid, who grew up near the fucking beach, and I really hate to disappoint you but I've barely ever seen a beach. Most of the time when I did, I was watching it on TV, like you do.

I worked my ass off in college, in Michigan of all places. I majored in Business, at U of M, Go Blue!

Anyway I came home and had a couple of really shitty assistant manager jobs until my Grandfather died and left me what had been previously thought of as worthless land. My dad didn't want it, so it passed down to me. It was arid scrub land, not usable for farming or raising cattle. The location sucks so none of the movie companies were interested in it, and I originally tried to sell it myself. Luckily for me I couldn't find a buyer. Now I'm worth a little over 5 million dollars and climbing. I run one of the most successful Ostrich ranches in the state.

The worldwide market for Ostrich hides, feathers and meat is exploding. Gram per gram ostrich meat is higher in protein and lower in fat than beef or chicken. Compared to cattle, the gestation time is far shorter.

I did have a few problems getting started and learning the business, but I've hired and fired enough experts until I know the business quite well now.

One of the first things I did when I became financially secure enough to start hiring people, was to hire and train my best friend. Dave Rhinehart. Dave and I went all the way through school together, finally splitting up when I went to college and he went to Afghanistan. Dave and I were so close growing up that a lot of people thought we were brothers.

After returning from honorably serving our country, things weren't going so well for Dave, so I hired him as any friend would. Over the next few years Dave became my right hand man, and we had always been friends. Dave made a great living working with me, and I thought that everyone on the ranch was happy. As a matter of fact I'm sure we were until she came.

Going to school in the Midwest just naturally gives one an appreciation for the finer things in life, like muscle cars in general and Mustangs in particular. I was at the SEMA show in Vegas 6 years ago in late 2004. I was absolutely gob smacked by the 2005 Mustangs they were showing then. I just had to have one. The ranch was doing well enough that I could pretty much have any car I wanted, but that Muscle car thing is hard to get rid of. It's especially hard, when it's been gestating since birth. I was looking down at the sticker in the window to get an idea about pricing and options, when something else came into my field of view.

"Are you looking at the car, or my boobs," giggled a really sexy voice.

I looked up at Jenna and we've been together ever since. We have our differences, but we've compromised and meshed our lifestyles, to create a really great marriage or so I thought. It turns out though that we do after all have something in common. We both want my fucking money but she doesn't want to share it with me any more.

Since then a few years have passed and though we haven't been blessed, I thought, with children, we have more than enough creature comforts to make up it. Jenna has nearly everything she has ever asked for that can be bought and paid for. And I now have quite a few Mustangs and a couple of other cars as well. As a matter of fact it's my obsession with my cars that may have saved my life.

I usually pick one of my Mustangs, drive it for a few weeks and keep the others in storage under their covers until I want them. I had been driving my 08 Roush Black Jack Special Edition, and I was thinking I wanted to play with my Saleen for a while. So I went into the Garage I'd built to house all of my cars. I was looking under car covers and heard someone else come into my garage. This garage had been built specifically for my cars, so though the door was never locked, it would be strange for anyone else to be in here. Then I heard voices. It sounded like Jenna and Dave. I listened in to see what they were talking about.

My suspicion was that they had ducked in here to plan something for my birthday in a few weeks. They were always trying to do spectacular things to celebrate my birthday each year, so I wondered what they had in mind.

When I didn't hear anything I peeked around the corner and saw them engaged in a rather vigorous lip lock. Jenna finally pushed Dave off and asked him if everything was ready.

"Are you sure we really need to do this?" asked my lifelong best friend. I've got plenty of money saved up, you know."

"What the fuck are you talking about? What have you got 40 or 50 measly thousand dollars?" snapped Jenna. "Baby you have to look at the big picture, what you have is chicken feed, and I'm not a hen. We need more money than he would ever give us. Don't you want us to be together?"

"Why can't we just tell him about us and move on?" asked Dave again.

"Because you don't know him like I do Dave. He'd never let us be together. He'd use all of that money that should be ours to hunt us down and destroy us. I don't like the idea either. You know me, I don't even like to kill ants, but he just has to go."

I couldn't believe it, my wife and my best friend were fucking each other and they were talking about killing me. Dave seemed to be reluctant, but Jenna was the one pushing it. I continued to listen while they made their plans.

Finally Dave said that he'd tell me about some phase of their plan, and they could start today so it would be over soon. Jenna seemed to be really happy about it, but Dave just looked at the ground.

After Dave left the garage, Jenna pulled out her cell phone and called someone. Apparently she couldn't get through and had to leave him a message. She left the garage in a huff.

Two hours later Dave came up to the house to see me. He said he had something to show me so we should take the four wheelers.

"Sure Dave, let me go get a jacket just in case," I said. It was a warm day but I wanted the jacket to cover what I really wanted; my HK 9mm, in a paddle holster. Dave was only wearing a t-shirt, so he probably didn't have any weapons on him. On the other hand while I was in college learning how to make and keep money, Dave was learning how to hurt and kill people. I wanted to even the odds.

Dave wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but up close he could probably kill me pretty easily. I however had no intentions of letting it get that close. At the first sign of trouble, I'd shoot my best friend, with no qualms about it.

I'd been busy over the past two hours though. I'd called another childhood friend and gotten taps put on all of the phones in the house and on Jenna's cell phone. I also had an "exterminator" coming out later that day to put cameras in every room in the house and all of the outbuildings while they looked for non-existing infestations.

Thank god for pre-nups I thought; then again maybe not. Maybe the fact that Jenna knew she wouldn't get shit in the event of a divorce was the reason she wanted me dead instead of just gone.

I rode behind Dave for a good 15 minutes before we came to it. One of our birds was lying still on the ground. It was dead from the looks of it. As I got closer to it I was shocked. There were a couple of our workers beside the body of the animal, and they looked up as we approached.

"What did this?" I asked. We'd never had a problem like this before. Maybe a couple of birds got loose or got sick, we'd even had one, get his neck tangled up in the fence and choke himself to death, but this was different. This one had been torn up. It was almost shredded and it looked like something had eaten part of it.

"Mountain lion, probably," said Dave.

"We've never seen anything like that around here," said Ernesto, one of our older workers.

"Well, we'll have to track it down and shoot it," I said.

"Won't work," said Dave, "We won't ever find it. They're too good at hiding and camouflaging themselves. Plus they can sense us coming from miles away. They're also smart enough to hide from men. Cougars almost never attack humans. But it'll sit back and pick off the herd one by one and turn this place into its own private feeding ground,"

"Okay Mr. Expert," I said, "What do you suggest?"

Dave put his head down as if he was thinking. Then he looked up and said," Pits would probably be the best bet. We put some kind of small animal in them as bait and have relatively long sharp spikes at the bottom. Once it jumps or falls in, the spikes and the distance back out either trap, or kill it. More than one, in different areas would enhance our chances of catching it."

"Do it," I said. To tell the truth, my head was still reeling from finding out that Jenna was cheating on me, and that she was cheating on me with Dave. I don't know which one hurt the most.

I drove off on my four wheeler, leaving Dave there. I went back to the house and got into My Saleen and headed for town. While I was there I wandered around the small town and looked into windows. I went and saw a movie at the theater, "The warrior's way," It was about a killer who tries to reform and live a quiet life. In the end he got drawn back into what he did. I wasn't a killer. I was a fucking Ostrich Farmer. But even in college, in business, what I was good at was solving problems. I had a problem, so it was time I solved it.

Both my loving wife and my best friend had to go. When I finally got home, Jenna was distraught with fake worry.

"I didn't know where you went," she cried. This bitch truly deserved the best actress award. "You didn't take your cell phone. How many times have I told you to always take your phone with you?"

I walked right by her as if she wasn't even standing there. I went up the stairs and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, I went to one of our guest rooms to sleep.

"Honey, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I think I'm coming down with something," I lied. "I don't want to risk giving it to you."

"I'll risk it," she said dramatically.

"I won't," I replied.

She left and went back to our room. She seemed to be really upset. But her level of distress couldn't come anywhere close to mine. I just couldn't figure her out. I gave her anything and everything that she asked for. All the way up until I found out she wanted me dead, we had what I thought was a great sex life. I was attentive to her, Shit I was too good to her. What more could she have wanted?

The next morning came and Dave was surprised when I told him that I'd have to pass on our daily run. He and I often ran around the property to look at things and to stay in shape. I always enjoyed our conversations during the runs. We talked about things we'd done when we were younger and things we'd like to do in the future. I was still having trouble believing he'd betray me the way he was going to.

At just after 9 a.m. long before Jenna was awake the "Exterminators," arrived. Before Jenna came downstairs they'd done their work and left. All of the house phones and Jenna's cell phones were now bugged. There were tiny cameras all over the house and grounds. Jenna couldn't fart without me knowing how it sounded and what it smelled like.

I got on an ATV and took a trip around the property, I checked with my farm hands on the state of the birds and their food. The funny thing was that if there was a predator around the birds should have sensed it and changed their behavior. They hadn't which led me to believe that something was going on.

Dave had hired some guys with a backhoe to dig the pits and they were nearly done with the fourth of the large excavations. What I didn't know at the time was that they weren't really intended for a mountain lion. They were meant for me. Love really was the pits.

To avoid Jenna I decided to spend another day in town. This time I drove the Blackjack. My Blackjack is a limited edition high performance Roush Mustang. As I parked it in the lot in the town square, I just beat a woman in a cream BMW to the spot. I looked at her face, she was pissed about losing the spot but she still managed to keep her face composed. I blew my horn at her and waved and then backed out of the spot, letting her have it.

I found another parking spot a little farther away from where I wanted to park, but since I didn't have anything to do anyway, it really didn't matter.

While I was sitting in the car I checked the phone taps. Jenna hadn't called anyone that day. Then I checked the voice recorders around the house. They were voice activated and only recorded when they picked up voices. For a while I was going nuts. I couldn't imagine how mundane some of the things that people talk about are.

Apparently my maid is a closet product tester. She had an entire conversation with herself about how scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner is much better than Ajax even though they cost almost the same amount. I need to give that woman a raise and find someone for her to talk to.

Finally I picked up a conversation between Jenna and Dave.

"What do you mean he didn't go out running with you this morning?" asked Jenna.

He said he had something else to do," said Dave. "Maybe he's sick or something. You said he didn't want to sleep with you last night. Shit even if I was dead I'd want you next to me."

"Well don't get your hopes up," said Jenna coldly. "Until he is dead, you won't be next to me either."

"This really isn't that easy to do," snapped Dave. "He's been my best friend for most of my life. I don't understand why we can't just sit down and have a talk with him and tell him how we feel. I know him, he'd be pissed and hurt, but he wouldn't stand in our way. This just isn't right. When I first got back from the service and no one would give me a shot, he took me in and taught me the business. He just doesn't deserve this."

"Boo fucking Hoo," said Jenna. "It actually is that easy. You just need to make up your mind what you want. All you have to do is go out running with him, like you do every God damned morning anyway. You run by one of those stupid pits, and accidentally bump him into it. Then you help me get over the tragic death of my husband and we live happily ever after." she stopped talking for a moment.

"Maybe I was wrong about you," she said. "Maybe you're not the guy I thought you were. You told me that over there in Afghanistan you killed people all of the time for nothing other than because you were ordered to. I guess I thought that the idea of you and I settling down and being happy together was a much better reason. Maybe, you really don't want to be with me after all."

That was all that I could stand listening to. I got my iPhone out of my pocket and called my lawyer. Since I was in town, it just made things easier. He told me that I didn't need an appointment, to just come on over.

Jerry Cantrell had been my lawyer since I first started the ranch. I'd known him longer than I'd known Jenna. Fortunately he'd never trusted her. He'd been the one to suggest and draw up the pre-nup.

"Well Jerry, you were right," I said sadly.

"Be more specific, I'm right about almost everything," he smiled.

"Jenna," I said, as if her name alone was enough. His eyes got bigger and so did his smile.

"She wants a divorce doesn't she?" he said. "I knew she wouldn't last too long. I could tell by looking at her. She's just not a real woman. She looks too much like a fucking porn star. Don't worry about it, just throw her ass out. The pre-nup is iron clad. If you divorce her for any reason, any reason. She only gets five grand and the clothes on her back. Boo Ya!" Jerry pumped his fist like he'd just scored a touchdown.

"Shit, I should have put a clause in there that says that in the event of a divorce I get twenty percent of the marital assets. I'd be fucking rich, you're raking in cash over there," he said. His happiness faded when he saw the look on my face. "Sorry man, I sometimes forget that there are real emotions attached to these things sometimes. I guess I've come to expect that everyone sees these things the way I do. It's so easy to forget that divorces usually come from someone getting hurt."

"It's worse than that, Jerry," I said. "Listen to this." I pulled out my phone and played him a copy of the recordings. I didn't know how to cut through to specific sections so he had to listen to my maid proclaiming her everlasting love for scrubbing bubbles too.

"Jeezus, your maid really loves her job," he said. "Tony, don't tell me you're screwing the help. Is that what this is all about? How many times has she caught you?"

"Jerry, just listen," I said exasperatedly.

"Holy shit!" he said a few minutes later. "The bitch wants to knock you off. I told you that pre-nup was good. She realizes she can't get a wooden nickel out of you. That token five grand won't keep that bitch in shoes, let alone give her something she can live on. That's why she wants to off you. Sorry bud, I'm just too good."

I had to laugh. Only Jerry could turn something this bad into a ringing endorsement for his skills.

"Naturally you can't go back there," he said. "Let me make a phone call."

Jerry picked up his phone and called a number he knew by heart. "Hey Ted, this is Jerry Cantrell, can you come right over?" he asked the person on the other end of the phone. "Yeah I'm not going anywhere before then and probably even later than that. Nope she hasn't shown up yet but I'm expecting her. She lives right down the frigging road from my office. She could show up at any time.I'm hoping I don't have to call the police on her ass this time though."

Jerry put the phone down and looked up at me smiling. "That was Ted Frances, he'll be right over."

"Where do I remember that name from?" I asked.

"You voted for him for Sheriff," he said. "That is, if you followed my advice to you at the time."

A few minutes later a very tall, rangy guy came into the office. He looked like one of those Marlboro Man cowboy types. I instantly liked him, as he shook my hand and clapped Jerry on the back.

"So Why am I here?" he asked getting right down to business.

Jerry played him the tape. Like everyone else he was amazed by my maid's love for scrubbing bubbles. "There's no crime in someone loving their work," he smiled.

When we got to the good part, he clicked into a different mode. He whipped out an iPhone 4, just like mine and started taking down information on the notes program.

"Mr. Blake, can you please identify the parties I'm listening to on this tape?" he asked.

"The female voice is my wife Jenna, and the male is my best friend Dave Rhinehart," I replied.

"Damn," he said. "You sure can pick em." I nodded my head in agreement.

"What made you decide to bug your own home?" he asked.

I told him the whole story starting with what I'd overheard in the garage. "Well," he said. "Hearing this gives me ample evidence to have them removed from your home. It would also serve as grounds for you to seek a divorce. We could also get you a restraining order to force them to stay a certain distance from your property. But that's all."

"What are you getting at?" I asked.

"Well all they've done so far is to talk about doing something. As far as we know this could simply be a joke, or a prank. In order for us to really act, we'd have to have some kind of proof, or..." he lifted one eyebrow.

"Or?" asked Jerry.

"Or catch them in the act," he said.

As he was beginning to tell us what he was thinking Jerry's secretary knocked on the door interrupting us.

"Jerry, your next appointment is here," she said.

"Oh shit," he said. "Have her wait in the lobby." Jerry's entire demeanor changed. He went from concerned buddy, to nervous and fidgety in the blink of an eye.

He, Ted and I agreed to meet later in the day after Jerry's business was concluded. Ted quickly marched out of the office, and on his way. "Are you going to be Okay Jer?" I asked.

"Do you remember when you wanted to get married, and I told you to skip it and just kick yourself in the nuts instead?" he asked.

"Uhm yeah," I said. I'd always thought that Jerry was kind of crazy back then.

"Are you beginning to see what I meant?" he asked.

"Unh huh," I replied.

"Good, because the person who gave me the experience to give you that advice is waiting for me in the lobby," he said. I just shook my head and left the room. I did notice that Jerry was pouring himself a very stiff drink as I left.

As I left Jerry's office I almost bumped into a slim, tiny woman with a determined expression on her face. She had waves of chestnut brown hair that nearly obscured her big blue eyes. A pinched expression on her face and her lips pressed together completed the look of determination.

She was moving forward so quickly that she didn't see me until she was driving her breasts against my stomach.

We both leaped back from the unintended contact and blurted out hasty apologies. In the second that it took her to mumble her remorse for almost knocking me down. The mask disappeared and I got a quick glimpse of the woman behind it.

"I'm so sorry," she said. Her voice was high pitched, almost more befitting a girl than the woman standing in front of me. True she was tiny, but she was generously proportioned for her size. Her breasts though not huge seemed large for her frame. Her waist was so tiny that I was sure I could get my hands around it and have them touch. The tiny waist ballooned out into generous hips and long tapering legs. I think the thing that made her so attractive to me though was the fact that everything about her was real and natural.

After spending the last few years with a woman who was as big as I am, where everything was surgically enhanced, natural was a breath of fresh air.

"No, it's my fault," I said. "I tend to get clumsy around pretty women."

She reddened a little at my compliment, and then recognition hit us both. She was the woman from the parking lot that I'd given my spot.

"My God, you really are a gentleman, aren't you?" she said shyly. I really couldn't think of another word to say so I just smiled at her and went on my way. I couldn't help turning back to look at her on my way out the door though. She looked as good going as she did coming.

I had a couple of hours to kill before I went back to Jerry's office. I checked my phone and I had messages from Jenna and Dave as well. Dave's messages were full of things about the ranch and business. He also wanted to know how I was feeling since I'd missed our morning run. I filed all of it away, and decided to talk to him about the business things later on. I also wanted to spend some time with him, just talking.

He and I had grown up together. We'd been best friends for life. As far as I knew I had never done anything bad to him even accidentally. I wondered what would make him even think of going along with killing me, let alone him being the one to actually do it.

I guess deep down inside I wanted to believe that our friendship meant something to him. I still didn't believe that he could go through with it. We were as close as brothers so I had serious doubts that he'd actually be able to look me in the eye and then push me into that pit to my death.

The messages from Jenna were all about her worrying about me. She didn't know what I'd been doing the past couple of days. She wanted to know where I was, what I was doing. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do for me. She even hinted that she missed us fucking for the past couple of nights.

I really felt sorry for her. I just wished that there was some way I could explain to her that our current sexual problems were all me, not her. Hallmark needs a card that says, "Sorry, I just found out that the woman I loved, married, and have supported and taken care of for the past few years is a cheating homicidal bitch. So I barely want to look at her let alone have sex with her."

As I thought about my situation, I realized that I also needed to find out who else was in on Jenna's plan. How many of the people who worked for me were on her side in this. I really didn't think there were many, but then I never thought that Jenna would do this either.

I remember falling head over heels in lust with her. All of my guy friends told me I was the luckiest man on earth. Most of my female friends didn't like her. I put it down to jealousy, and fear. Jenna was after all a walking wet dream. Very few women could compete with her in terms of pure physical beauty and raw sexuality.

But realistically, her appearance besides just the gift of good genetics was a part of Jenna's job. Car show girls and models had to look a certain way to attract customers. Even while we were together there had been face lifts, Botox, Liposuction, maintenance on her breast implants, micro-dermabrasion and other procedures done just to keep Jenna looking like my wife the porn star. It was no wonder the average woman felt out of her league in Jenna's presence.

I found myself thinking though about the tiny little woman in Jerry's office. Though smaller, she stacked up well against Jenna, at least appearance-wise and I had the feeling that she didn't need all of the fakery. I wondered who she was. She was probably one of Jerry's clients like I was. I knew that I couldn't ask him anything about her, because that would probably go against his attorney-client confidentiality rules, but I was intrigued.

I mentally slapped the shit out of myself for even thinking about it. Here I was contemplating divorce from one woman, while thinking about another. I also had to contend with the fact that Jenna hadn't actually done anything yet. Right now I was as guilty as she was. All she had done was to talk about, or plan on doing something to me. I was already imagining doing something with someone else too. We were definitely a pair.

Time gets away from you while you're crying in your beer. I was so busy ruminating on all of my problems that I didn't realize how late it was. I got out of my car and started walking back to Jerry's office when I saw the stunner again. She was walking or staggering back towards her car, with her head down. She was obviously distressed.

Despite my own current problems I went to her. Since her head was down and she couldn't see where she was going, she bumped into me again before I could say anything.

"Uhm, you're making a career out of trying your best to run me down aren't you?" I asked smiling.

"I'm so sorry," she blurted out. "I guess I wasn't watching where I was going."

I pulled her over to a granite bench that was there for people to sit on while they had lunch or waited for shoppers in the mall.

"Rough meeting, huh?" I asked.

"My ex husband is such an asshole," she spit with more venom than I'd have thought her capable of. "Every time I ask him for something for our son, he refuses. In most cases I have to try to take him to court for every little thing. Even when I do go to court, he keeps everything tied and twisted up in red tape until I either find a different way to get what I need or just forget about it. It's no wonder I don't drink anymore."

Now I knew why she'd been in Jerry's office, or I thought I did. She was obviously having a rough time with her divorce. Well I'd probably be in that club soon.

"I'm going to have to go to court this time though. My son's education is too valuable a thing to take lightly," she spat. She nodded her head and sent all of that wavy brown hair tumbling around her tiny shoulders. This woman was fierce. As I watched she took her dress heels off and started rubbing her foot. As she bent forward her skirt shirt just a bit and I got a glimpse of her long tanned legs.

"Uhm, let me do that for you," I offered picking up one of her dainty feet. "If you lean forward too much, and that skirt shifts anymore, a lot of the guys in this parking lot will be trying to see your panties." As I said it I started rubbing her feet and massaging them.

"So, If you don't mind why not tell me about this problem of yours," I said.

"My bastard of an ex husband pays me child support for our son," she said. I noticed that she was moaning ever so slightly as I rubbed her feet. "That's all I want from him. Even while the divorce was going on I made it clear that I wanted no support for myself from him. I don't want anything from that bastard for myself. But now that my son is four, I'd like to try and find a job, so I can make our lives better. In order to do that though, I need to put my son in a pre-school program. Good ... Oh that feels so good! My God where did you learn to do that?"

"Pre-school program," I said reminding her of where she left off.

"Oh yes, good pre-school programs cost money. Today I asked asshole if he'd pay for it and naturally he said no. I even offered to pay him half of it back when I find a job, but he still said no," as she spoke her whole body had gone limp, her head dropped back and she was barely able to hold herself up. "Oh ... please stop," she said.

"Sorry," I said, putting her foot down gently. "Did I rub too hard or hit a sore spot?"

"No silly," she said. "I almost had an orgasm. It would have been my first one in about 4 years that I didn't do for myself. Besides the way my legs are moving under this skirt, a lot of those men you were warning me about were going to be really disappointed," she laughed.

"Why would they be disappointed?" I asked. She leaned closer to me, as if she was sharing a vital secret.

"You said they'd be looking to see my panties," she whispered.

"Well, yeah," I said. I refused to say, "Duh,"

"I'm not wearing any," she smiled, pulling her legs closed and pulling her skirt down. "Your massage got me so wet I'd have ruined them, anyway."

"Look we don't know each other," I began. "Nah, it wouldn't work."

"No it wouldn't," she snapped. "And just when I was beginning to see you as some kind of knight in shining armor. You turn out to be just like the rest of them."

"Sorry," I said.

"You ought to be," she fired off. "How dare you even think about propositioning a woman you barely know? The whole time that we've been here, all I've talked about is my son and my ex husband."

"What proposition?" I asked. "I was going to offer you a job and a loan. I was only doing it because you seemed nice and I suddenly remembered I need help. Then I realized that it wouldn't work."

"A job," she snapped. "I'm so sorry. I thought that you ... Why wouldn't it work?"

"Because you wouldn't be interested in the type of job I could offer," I said.

"I'll do anything," she hissed. "I'll try anything that gets me a paycheck. As long as it's legal and doesn't involve me taking off my clothes."

"Well the three things I have right now are cleaning, farm work, or book keeping," I said. "And the way you dress, and the car you drive puts you above that type of work."

She got the evilest look on her face. "Go call the police," she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"There's a black guy over there," she said pointing at a man in a business suit, talking on a cell phone. "He must have stolen something. And look over there, foreigners." She pointed at two Asian college students.

"They're students," I said. "And the black guy is probably a lawyer. You can't jump to conclusions about people just because they look a certain way." even as I said it I realized how stupid the things I'd said to her were.

She stood up in front of me tapping one tiny foot on the sidewalk. She was obviously pleased with herself for proving her point. "How did those words taste on the way out?" she asked. She smiled and her whole face lit up. There was a fire in those eyes and it made her even prettier. God I'd hire her just to look at her.

"Okay," I said. "I'm actually late for a meeting." I grabbed a piece of paper out of my wallet and wrote down the address of the ranch. "Meet me here at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. And you can look the place over and decide which job you want. Bring me an idea of how much your son's pre-school will cost, and the hours you'd like to work and we can work something out."

"I'll be there," she smiled. Then she reached up and kissed me. The contact was electric. I hadn't felt anything like that since I'd first started seeing Jenna."Your armor is shinier than ever," she said. Then she turned and walked towards her car, leaving me stranded in her wake. All I could do was watch the gentle twitching of her hips as she glided away from me. Suddenly I realized that I didn't know her name, and I was very late.

As I ran down the hall near Jerry's office, I saw a tall stocky woman emerging from his office. Okay I'm lying she was a big fat evil looking woman with an unpleasant expression on her face. I generally try to refrain from judging people until after I've met them. My experience earlier in the day should explain why, but this woman, besides her almost masculine appearance and nearly freakish size, smelled extremely bad.

"Fucking Bastard," she mumbled, looking through her purse and extracting her keys. She turned back to look at the door and then noticed that she was blocking my way. "Sorry," she smiled with a quickly hoisted angelic expression on her face.

I found myself marveling at her quick change. Let's face it; women simply confused the shit out of me. I decided that for the good of my own mental health, I would never allow myself to become involved with one again.

I knocked lightly on the inner office door and walked in to find Jerry drinking a full glass of scotch.

"I can't believe the giant balls on that bitch," he shouted. "First she takes advantage of me while I'm drunk. I'd never have touched her if I'd been sober. Not in a million fucking years would I have inserted my dick into that diseased cunt. Then she turns out to be a fucking virgin. Boy did I have to hear about that part forever. I think she was only a virgin because nobody wanted her ass. Nobody, that is except for poor drunken dumb assed Jerry. Next thing I know she's pregnant," he ranted. I wasn't sure that Jerry even knew I was in the office. I think he might have been drunk. I had heard for a while about Jerry's marital problems, but seeing that woman in person simply scared the shit out of me.

No wonder Jerry was so God damned miserable. It also explained why he'd never wanted any of his friends to meet her. Shit, he was prettier than she was.

"So naturally I ask for a DNA test, and guess what?" he asked whomever he was ranting at. "It was my fucking puppy. I had no choice. Honor decreed that I had to marry her and try to make a go of it. That bitch did everything she could to make my life miserable. I bought her a fucking townhouse in the very heart of the city. She wanted to live in the country. I bought her a really nice car. The bitch wanted a 4X4. Why the fuck would the bitch need that kind of vehicle?"

Jerry's drunken rant was interrupted by Ted rejoining us. Amazingly Jerry pulled himself together and began making sense again. After seeing that monster of a woman though, all of my problems seemed small. That is unless my own monster managed to succeed in killing me.

"Okay," said Ted. "We've monitored your phone all afternoon and your wife's cell phone as well. There seems to be another player involved as well. Do you know a gentleman named Fred Mertz?"

"Yeah," I said. "He's a real dickhead. He owns some property that adjoins mine and tried to buy me out after I became successful. He's one of those entitled guys, who seemingly, walk around on rose petals. We don't really get along."

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