Your Wife

by Wifwat

Copyright© 2011 by Wifwat

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I told my friend PETER that I needed an escort for Friday evening, he assumed that I was going to a function and suggested that I take his lovely wife MARY with me as she does enjoy a night out. When he asked MARY, she jumped at the chance saying that she was fed up staying in, as they hadn't been out for months.

I went to pick her up at 9pm on Friday and explained to PETER that we would probably be very late, maybe 2 or 3 in the morning. He assured me that was OK so long as MARY was enjoying herself. Just then I turned to see MARY descending the stairs. She was gorgeous. A black cocktail dress that showed plenty of leg and a low neckline that displayed her lovely cleavage. I had to turn away from PETER so that he wouldn't notice my aroused state but MARY had noticed. She looked directly at the bulge in my trousers and her lips gave the hint of a smile, then parted and the tip of her delicate pink tongue slid across her full lips moistening them. I thought to myself that we had better get out of the house quick before my raging dick splits my trousers open. MARY offered PETER her cheek saying, "Don't smudge my lips." Then off we went into the night.

When we got into my car I said "You look a knockout in that dress, pity no one will see it where we're going."

"What?" she shouted as I started up and drove down the street. "Where the fuck are we going?"

"To a sauna!" I said in a very matter of fact way.

"You mean I got dressed up for nothing!" She screamed.

"Well, not for nothing. I mean I couldn't tell PETER where we were going, now could I? Look, if you like I'll take you back home." She looked at me long and hard, then said "OK, at least it's a night out away from the TV."

At the sauna it was a real treat watching MARY undress, she just stood there with her hands on her hips dressed only in her high heel shoes and black stockings & suspenders. She looked good enough to eat, and I had every intention of doing just that. I made a mental note that one day I would shave that lovely cunt of hers.

"Everything has to come off." I said.

"But I like wearing heels, they make me feel sexy."

"Sorry but they'll melt in the sauna. Off!"

Reluctantly she took them off. We went to the bar with just towels wrapped around us. MARY looked good; her towel was short enough that her cunt flashed as she walked. I was slightly turned away from her talking to the barman when 2 guys moved in on her. One stood on her right and the other one got between us. They were saying things like. "Come on sweetie; let's go to a private room."

"A gorgeous babe like you needs lots of attention."

MARY was saying "No thank you." and "not just now..." But they weren't taking any notice and holding an arm each, were propelling her towards the passage to the private rooms. She wasn't putting up much resistance so I figured that she really wanted to be talked into it and was probably 'getting off' on being half forced to go with them. I gave them a few minutes start before following to watch the fun. My dick was as hard as rock. I was as turned on as if it had been my own wife and not PETER's wife. Mind you, no one there knew she wasn't my wife, everyone had seen her being taken away from me and it was just as much a turn on being humiliated that way as if she was my wife.

I walked along the passage way looking into the rooms, there was lot's of action going on but I needed to see 'My Wife', 'My MARY' being fucked. Tonight she was mine, she belonged to me, it was my wife that strangers were fucking. She of course wasn't really my wife but the adrenaline pumping through my veins didn't know the difference. My dick ached, my mouth watered at the thought that it would be me sucking her cunt clean.

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