Sliding Down the Slippery Slope

by Milan Tusk

Copyright© 2011 by Milan Tusk

Romantic Sex Story: Mike is about to marry the love of his life, when a night out with his younger sister takes an unexpected and flirtatious turn. Will the relevation about a past tumble in the sheets with an Ukrainian call-girl lead them down a somewhat slippery slope?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

I've always had a thing for my younger sister Melanie. Sure, in our childhood days we had our fights and disagreements, but in our teenage days we finally came around. She's always been the wild one. Being four years younger than me she always went head-on into trouble first, damn the consequences. And there were plenty of consequences as our parents tried to compensate with strictness what they couldn't cure while they were busy running their own company. In those cases I often acted as mediator, smoothing out things and often providing a shoulder for my sister to cry on.

I think during that time I eventually realized that she had become a very attractive woman. She had an athletic figure, small pesky breasts – just the right hand full. Also firm legs, small hips and a flat, but heart shaped ass. Her smile and looks also could turn my legs into rubber, but she also had the wits, smarts and loose mouth to quickly ground any ambitions one might had. Often when she cried on my shoulder I and when I was holding her close, stroking her hair and shoulder I couldn't help to shift my legs awkwardly, as I was growing a serious erection. She probably never noticed, or if she did, then she said nothing about it.

A few times we slept in the same bed, mostly after heavy drinking or when we were both too stoned to find the way back into our own rooms. I fondly remember waking up in her room one late morning, wearing only my shorts, with her slender back pressed against me, her firm behind pressed against my hips, my hand on her naked stomach, mere centimetres above her slip and the thumb resting just above the lower line of her bra. I would have rather cut my arm off than to wake her up, as I was really enjoying her comforting – and arousing closeness. Then again, I also hoped she wouldn't wake up while I still had that morning hard-on, which was really raging now due to this overwhelming experience. But lo and behold, eventually she woke up, started to yawn and put her hand onto mine, which was still resting motionless on her stomach. She shifted uneasily, rubbing her butt on my hard erection and then slowly started to sit up in bed, her back towards me.

"Oh man.", she moaned. "I had a really hot dream tonight." She then turned her head and smiled at me. "But I'm apparently not the only one. But tell you what, brother mine: I need a shower. See ya!" And off she went to the bathroom.

We never spoke about that morning again, but I can't tell how often I fantasized about the possibilities in a thousand different variations. So that got me started on the idea of incest. I started reading a lot about it, from psychological analysis's, classic literature all the way to porn and back. My personal point of view is that if it involves two consenting adults of legal age, then why the fuck not? But still, being a coward and a very understanding considerate male, who often happens to be "just good friends" with a lot of women I never acted on my desires – until many years later.

I was turning 35 and about to marry a gorgeous and very sexual young lady of 24 years. We were soul mates and shared a very healthy appetite for sex. Until the marriage we couldn't live together and the long distance meant that we were only able to see each other every two weekends. The marriage drew closer and my sister was my choice for my "best man". As there was lots of planning to do for the decoration and flower arrangements (at which she'd help) I was supposed to meet up with Melanie at her flat to talk things through. However, a call from an important client had ruined my schedule and I had to call Mel and told her I'd come a day later. She was happy about that as her boyfriend was in town and she'd then be able to hook up with him instead.

Anyway, two hours later I unexpectedly had finished that business for my client and decided to call Melanie again to find out if we were still on, or if she'd be out on her date instead. Her boyfriend was a dodgy figure and had often let her down in many regards. I never managed to find out what had attracted her to that crook in first place.

When I called her I found her in a bad mood. Her looser had first agreed on a date, but once she had pimped herself and was ready for pick-up, but he didn't come, citing other obligations when she eventually phoned him impatiently.

So my call came just right and she said: "You know what, I'm sitting here, all touched up, ready to roll and starving for some Chinese food. How about you taking me out some? We can talk about everything over a good meal and some whine."

I hadn't eaten much all day and the prospect of Chinese food and such lovely company was quite thrilling. So I drove over and picked her up at her flat. Melanie hopped into my car, all smiling and I was stunned speechless at what she had called "all touched up". It involved a black leather mini-skirt, a black tank top that accentuated her flat tummy and firm breasts. To that she whore matching black leather shoes which ended just briefly above her ankles. I really couldn't help but to admire her beauty and was unable to say something smarter than "Wow! You look great, sis."

She threw me her best smile and politely said: "Thank you."

I started the engine and pulled into the traffic. Often drawing glimpses at her, totally mesmerized at her display of sensuality and sexuality. Finally I said: "I can't believe that looser ditched you for tonight. There's no excuse for that and I couldn't think of something more pleasured than your presence."

Melanie smiled reluctantly and adjusted the folds of her skirt. "That's nice of you to say. And I can tell you that I've really had enough of him by now. He screwed with me one time too many."

I chuckled at her usage of that euphemism and couldn't help but to say: "I certainly wouldn't mind screwing you, sis. Whoever turns down such a hot date is a fool, tell you that."

She threw me a small smile and changed the subject. "So tell me about your fiancé again. Aren't you getting nervous now that the big day is finally so close?"

I was thankful about the change of subject and confirmed that I really was getting a bit nervous. After all, it was a big change for both of us. But the prospect of living together and having her finally that close was something to really look forward to.

We finally arrived at the Chinese restaurant and I pulled into the parking lot. When we approached the front entrance of the restaurant he hooked her arm under mine and snucked up closer to me. I looked at her quizzically and she just answered in a hushed voice. "After all, it's a date. Better start behaving like it's one." I opened the door for her and responded smiling: "Do I get a good night kiss if I treat you well and deliver you back to your place after the dinner?"

She chuckled silently and threw me that odd smile of hers. "In your dreams, maybe." She then sat down at a nice table near the windows that faced the nearby river. Re-arranging her small skirt and pulling the pack of smokes from her small purse she added: "I can tell it's getting close to your next weekend stay with your fiancé. You have that hungry look, you know?"

At that I couldn't help but to smile and unfolding the menu I said: "Of course. I mean just looking at the delicious presentation here in front of me... " - I raised the menu to make my point - " ... is enough to get the juices flowing. Can't help myself, sis."

She picked a cigarette from the box and offered me one, which I gladly accepted. She tried to lit it with her lighter and I could see her hand tremble just a little bit. When I steadied her hand with mine she threw me a long glance, which I held. And it wasn't the least bit uncomfortable. But I could tell that her mind was working hard on something, but when she lowered the hand with the lighter and the touch ended, I could see that she had apparently made up her mind. I wasn't surprised that she continued the play, although I knew that the night would just end with us two getting awfully worked up and attending our bodily needs in the confinements of our own bedrooms – separated by twenty kilometres and the usual brother- and sisterly ethics.

"You know", she said, "I never understood what draws you to your young fiancé. Sure, she's certainly a nice woman and all that. But isn't she a bit young, really? Is it that maybe?" Melanie smiled and added with a hushed voice: "I mean her youth, firmness, innocence and inexperience?"

At that I couldn't help but to laugh. But before I could answer Mel's question the waiter approached us to take our orders. When he noted down our choices I noticed that he was checking out my sister and when he turned to hurry off he gave me that "Man, you're lucky, dude!"-glance. I hardly noticed it while I was trying to formulate my reply.

"You know, sis. She's not that innocent." I let that sink in for a moment and glanced over to the spectacular riverside view out of the window. "I got to know her during my studies and she was one of the youngest woman in the dormitory. Despite that she'd probably – even at that time – screwed more guys that all the other few women in the dorm together. She was a really wild one in her early to late teens, but eventually she settled down."

My sister looked a bit surprised at that revelation. "Wow. I didn't know that. That's for sure."

"Ah, it's OK. I mean I know quite a few guys back from the University who managed to get into her pants. And whenever something didn't work out, she came to me to cry on my shoulder."

Melanie laughed at me. "Hah! So she and I have something in common. I can't remember how often I cried on your shoulder, brother mine. So eventually you got involved due to that?"

I gave that some thought, but then I shook my head and said: "Not back then, although there was a lot of temptation. We just were friends and kept it at that, although she revealed to me that more than once she then said to herself: 'And I'll get you as well, mate!'"

My sister threw her head back and busted out laughing loud, which drew quite some heads towards her. Most of the males kept staring at her for a bit longer, though. I couldn't blame them.

"That's lovely. But still hasn't answered my question, Mike. So what is it what draws you to her?"

"Ah, you know", I mumbled, "a friend of mine once said this about his girlfriend: I don't know whether we love each other so intensely, because the sex is so good. Or if the sex is so good because we love each other so much."

I let that hang in the air for a moment and then continued: "I really don't know, sis. But I never felt this way before and I want it to last for a lifetime. So that's my reasoning for tying the knot. I think she's the best thing that ever happened to me." I looked into her hazlebrown eyes eyes and added: "Besides you, of course."

Again she gave me that thankful smile and blew some smoke out of her nose. She pushed the cigarette out in the ashtray and nestled with her pack of cigarettes, apparently undecided if she should light the next one already. "It must be nice for a man like you to have such a hot young lady in bed, who knows what she's doing." She sighed and pulled the next cigarette from the box. "I only appear to be drawing the looser." After lighting the choke-stick she added: "You know, the kind of dudes that get one worked up to no end, but which unwind on the first opportunity."

I leaned back in my seat and softly said: "Now that sucks."

Melanie smiled and retorted. "No, usually I suck. A lot. To get them back into action. But not that it really helps, you know?"

At that I was more than a bit baffled and before my eyes I pictured her slim figure, bending down over a naked body, her long brown hair falling down onto the hips of a quite lucky guy and her firm lips closing over the tip of a cock, which her slender fingers carefully try to stroke back into firmness. Not that my cock needed that kind of encouragement, especially not now, with that thoughts on my mind.

But fortunately the waiter approached us with our meals and started putting the hot plates in front of us. It looked and smelled delicious and soon we were both hungrily picking away at the food with chopsticks. Naturally the conversation died down, but I couldn't help but to take glances at my beautiful sister. She was a bit uncomfortable at eating with chopsticks, that much I could tell. Often something fell down back into the small porcelain dish. Then she managed to drop some rice over her black top and hurriedly brushed it off with her hand, at which her small breasts started to bounce. Two or three rice corns still stuck to it, glued to the tissue by some sauce.

"Just leave it, sis and let me lick it off." I said lewdly over my fried duck slices. She paused for a moment, her hand hovering over her left breast and threw me an odd glance. "And I thought you prefer younger beef, bro."

I shook my head and said: "No, sis. Despite your thirty years you look good enough to eat. In fact you don't look like thirty years at all. More like twenty five, really."

Melanie brushed the rice off her breast with her thumb and when she pressed down on the fabric it really accentuated her nipple through it, which was quite an arousing sight. "Gentleman-like compliments like that probably get you into a lot of pants, my brother. But don't forget that I'm your sister, so that certainly won't work with me."

"No, I said it because I mean it. Really." I set down my dish to take a sip from my wine glass. "And besides that, the last time I enjoyed the company of a beautiful young lady – other than my fiancé of course – was company I paid for."

Melanie looked up at me with a quizzical look and it took a moment until she had digested that information. Then she leaned forward and whispered: "You mean you went for a hooker? Wow. I didn't think that you were that type of man. Surprises me a bit."

I looked at the table and as we apparently were both done eating, I picked up her pack of cigarettes, offered her one, lighted it and took one myself.

"Ah, you know, I usually ain't. I'm not into sex without love. I need deep feelings to really enjoy sex. Which means I usually take my needs into my own hands – so to speak" - she smiled at that - "if I'm alone." Exhaling some smoke I added: "But once in a while and when I'm really in the mood and not in a relationship, then I may rely on the aid and comfort of a professional."

Melanie gave me a long glance while she laid back in her seat and played with the seam of her skirt. "Tell me a bit more about that. Like the last time you did that. How was it?"

I closed my eyes for a moment, savouring the memory and then I started to tell her about my business trip to Prague and the stay in the Marriott hotel. After a long business day with lots of long conferences I had retired to my room and was really worked up and certainly in the mood. I turned on the laptop and started browsing some porn. Of course I didn't tell Melanie that my first stop was the usual incest related sites. But then I fired up Google and searched for "call-girls Prague". There were plenty of results and among the usual duds there was a site of an escort agency and night club in Prague. The link "our girls" looked intriguing and there were about ten girls listed. I glanced at the pictures and one really stood out. Compared to some of the babes on that site she wasn't a stunning beauty, nor did she have the biggest breasts. Also she looked a bit too young for my taste. But she had a very lovely body, small and well rounded breasts, awfully small hips, a very flat and muscular tummy and a radiant, if not boyish look and smile. The moment I saw that picture I wanted her and on a subconscious level I knew exactly why. I browsed over her bio, which advertised her in the warmest words and also mentioned that she'd liked kissing and frenching. The thoughts of kissing her really got me worked up and I looked at the prices. 360 Euros for an all nighters (seven hours). Which was quite affordable compared to what I was used to pay the occasional professional that I've been with before.

An hour later she arrived at the hotel and the pictures in the internet really had not done her justice. She was marvellous and quite stunning. With the exception of her blue eyes maybe, which looked like they had already seen a lot more than they should have seen. Although I took note of that, the prospect of her company and bedding this young beauty overrode all guilt that I might otherwise have felt. But before we reached the elevator a muscular guy from hotel security approached us and politely, but insistent demanded to see her passport. They exchanged a few words which sounded like Russian to me. When I took offence at the hostile tone and demeanour of the bouncer. He replied stiff lipped that it was for my own security. Meanwhile the escort had already handed him her passport and he hurried off to the front desk with it. I looked at her and softly said: "I'm sorry, my dear, that he's treating you that arrogantly. A beautiful lady like you should be treated differently."

The prostitute looked at me kindly and said: "I'm used to it. Because of what I am and what I do. That's the way it is." Eventually the bouncer returned with her passport and gleefully wished us a good night. Up in the room we quickly had the initial talk to settle the modalities and after taking my cash and the usual phone call back to the agency we slowly got to business. We took a long bath together, enjoyed some wine and a conversation while feeling each other up in the tub. I learned that she was younger than I even had thought. A mere twenty. She was from the Ukraine and told me a bit about herself, her home and her hopes for a comfortable living in the west. "You know, I'm young, I enjoy sex, so why not use it as means to an end? But speaking of sex, how do you want me and how soon?" She threw me a smile and although I already had said what I wanted earlier, I repeated it to her. "Just pretend to be my girlfriend and that you want me to make love to you in a loving and sensual way. Kissing, touching, some frenching and then I want to make love to you slowly, unhurried and certainly more than once."

"Oh, this sounds just like my kind of gentleman." She then leaned into me and her lips met mine for a first kiss. It felt a bit weird at first. A bit too mechanical and lacking the emotions, like just going through the motions of kissing. But eventually I got into it and soon we were on the bed, still all wet. She pushed me back and without much hesitation started to French me without condom, which surprised me a bit. But eventually, when she had me all hard and aroused she pulled one from her purse and skilfully – using hands and mouth – rolled it over my manhood. She wanted to continue sucking me off, but I held her up and said: "Now it's my turn." She looked at me quizzically for a moment, but then laid back on the bed and spread her legs a bit. I admired her small hips and her trimmed snatch, which looked awfully tight. But then I started planting small kisses on her shoulders and neck and slowly worked my way down over her body. Caressing, kissing, squeezing, giving her small breasts and large nipples quite some attention. But then I worked my way down over her flat tummy towards her hips and tights. Caressing her strong leg musculature I circled the warm flesh around her snatch with my tongue. Licking, kissing and blowing my breath over the skin that my saliva had wetted. So far she had been lying motionless, but I could feel that her breath began to come more irregular now. I looked up and saw that she had started touching her breasts, caressing and squeezing 'em. Finally I let my tongue slide over her pussy lips, at which she started to exhale sharply. When I used my fingers to spread her lips, I could see that she was starting to get wet. When I licked her clit for the first time, she moaned softly for the first time and it only got louder once I sunk my mouth fully onto her snatch and brought my tongue fully into play.

I was really enjoying tasting her, when all too soon something happened which was a real first for me with a hooker: My consort had an orgasm. I was stunned and unbelieving for a moment, but later on she confirmed that it was quite unusual for her to come "with a John". She held my head for a moment, stroked my hair, but stopped my movement. Then she said softly: "Wait. Give me a moment, please. I'm too sensitive right now."

I stretched out and lay down besides her. She looked at me for a moment, letting her hand glide over my chest and to my neck. Then she pulled me closer and gave me a long and sensual kiss, that felt a lot different than the ones that we had shared in the bathroom. Soon afterwards she directed me to take her and I was more than eager to accommodate her whims. However, when I looked at my rock hard member as it rested against her glistering pussy lips, I wondered if and how easy her small hips could accommodate me - not that I'm of spectacular built. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her entrance, spread her lips and slowly and reluctantly pressed into her. I felt her holding her breath and stopped. But she raised her hip a bit and pushed up on me, so I continued to sink in deeper and deeper. Her snatch was very tight, the tightest I've ever had and once I was fully into her up to the hilt, I was so aroused that I almost blew my load there and then.

The sensation was just too overwhelming and I really wanted it to last. So I carefully laid down on her, but tried not to crush her petite frame under my weight and looked her deeply into the eyes. "You're so beautiful." I said. She parted her lips, threw her hand around my neck and pulled me closer for another kiss, which we held for a long time. Eventually she started bucking her hips, eager to get some friction. I started pulling in and out of her, slowly, shifting speed and angles, mixing long strokes with short ones. Interrupting our movements off and on for some really deep and lasting penetrations. She nibbled my earlobe and then whispered: "Raise your leg for a moment." I did and she shifted one of her legs inside mine. "Now the other one." I did as she said and now she lay below me, with both her legs pressed together and my legs being on the outside of hers. I was still buried deep in her marvellously tight pussy. When I started to pull out of her again I noticed the difference that the leg position now made. She was even tighter than before and each time I sunk into her wet velvet glove the sensation was even more mind blowing than before. She apparently also was more receptive to that and her breathing became more laboured. She raised her chin a bit, drew my head in for another – deep – kiss and groaned: "I envy your girlfriends. Keep this up for a bit longer, if you don't mind." I sure didn't mind and my lips found hers again, parted them and my tongue went for hers, while I continued to push deep into her, without ever pulling out more than a centimetre. My pelvis pressed hard against her clit each time I went all the way in. Suddenly a new sensation: My consort started to work on me with her vaginal muscles and pushed back against me, trying to work herself up more and more. "I'm not sure about you, but I want to come soon. Please make me cum, will you?"

I stroked her cheek lightly and looked into her eyes: "Baby, you're so lovely, I want it to last a long time this first time around. But your wish is my command." So I picked up speed, pulling out almost all the way until only the tip of my cock rested at her pussy entrance. Then I pushed back hard, sinking deep back into her until I was unable to press deeper for another millimetre. She moaned into my mouth, forced her legs back onto the outside and then wrapped them around my hips. I began fucking her in earnest and suddenly she began to buck under me and I could feel how a powerful orgasm washed over her. The milking sensation of her vaginal contractions was it what pushed me over the edge and I exploded hard and in long spurts into the condom I was wearing. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I've had so far and left me totally drained.

Still resting my cock deep inside her womb I waited for her to gather her breath, then I kissed her lovingly on the lips, with our tongues wrapped around each others.

Melanie interrupted me with a sigh and said in a hushed voice: "You know what? I never thought I'd envy a hooker. But you got me there, brother mine."

I laughed at her revelation and was not sure what to say. But Melanie turned around and waived the waiter over, which surprised me. Politely she asked him for a paper handkerchief or two, which the waiter returned with a few moments later. She waited until he was gone, then she took one off the table and it disappeared under the table. Looking down she shifted a bit while she was using both hands to sort something which was apparently under her skirt. I couldn't really make it out from where I was sitting and just looked at her with the unspoken question of what she was doing. The crumpled handkerchief appeared in her hand again on the table and quickly got stuffed into her purse. Melanie noticed my inquiring look and shrugged. "So what? I'm dressed up for a hot date, you forgot that? For me that means no panty." she said with a wink. "And your hot story got me all worked up."

She looked down between her legs. "Am just glad it's leather, otherwise the wet spot would show."

I could fully understand her in that regards, as I was rock hard, worked up and leaking some pre-cum myself. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to continue with my story – here in the restaurant – or at all. But she apparently was curios and wanted to know more.

"So you really screwed each others brains out that night, huh?"

I nodded and said: "Yeah. I had taken a full pill of Viagra before. Not that I need any, you know? Usually half a pill is more than enough to give me a quite some staying power, but with a whole pill it's enough for some serious action."

Melanie laughed. "Hah, another thing I'd never have suspected about my brother. What was your biggest turn on during that night? What really got you going?"

I looked at her for a long time and she returned the stare, eager to find out what it was. I wasn't sure I'd tell her. Not now, certainly never. That would be crossing a line a lot deeper than anything else before – all sensual and sexual playfulness we had shared so far fully aside. Melanie wasn't indifferent towards my silence and she pressed on: "Come on now. I'm a grown woman and can handle it. Tell me what it was, stud."

"You know", I said softly, "she reminded me a LOT about you. And during our lovemaking that night I could guiltlessly pretend it was you, even call her your name."

There. I had said it. The truth was out and on the table, damn the consequences. For a long time she just sat there, looking at me. Her facial expression didn't yield any light on what she was thinking or feeling. Even I – that usually could read her very well – just had to sit it out and wonder at what would come next. She finally drew in some breath loudly and said: "Wow! And I thought I was the black sheep of the family."

We both laughed at that, partly out of relief that the tight spot had been circled without running aground. "But I tell you what, brother: I'm glad I just bought new batteries for my vibrator, because once you've dropped me off at home I'll really need to work myself out." She gave me a wink and added: "And I think you'll also have some serious business at hand – so to speak."

I playfully lifted the table cloth, looked down into my crotch and then up to her again: "You bet."

We shared a laugh at that play and she quickly suggested that we'd pay up and head home to "attend our individual business". Stressing individual.

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